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10pm April 19th, 2016

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Note: There was a private Conference Call tonight that mentioned  a lot of "Wizard of Oz" references in regard to monetary systems.......Those folks on the call may enjoy these as a follow up to the call:  Per request of the Intel sites Recaps will not post any notes on this call.


Corona79:  The MoneyMasters:  THE WIZARD OF OZ

The following is a compilation of several views of the monetary reform symbolism used by L. Frank Baum in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Interpretations vary, particularly on the lesser figures, but this will give the readers good reference points to begin their consideration of the matter.

Was the symbolism consciously or subconsciously employed? We cannot know with certainty, nor does it really matter. What matters is that Baum understood the issues involved and employed them in Oz. Millions of Americans have seen Oz, generally several times.

Knowingly or not, Oz has given us a key to understanding the solutions to the economic issues we face in our time if we could only accept that we have had the power to regain our bank-mortgaged homes all along, just as Dorothy did. Remember: "There's no place like home."


BLC Admin Shredd Chat 04/19/2016   Part 2 of 2

[SHREDD] finally some leverage to push Iraq into what they CAN do...move to a market-driven currency and start moving out of a dual currency economy which will take away sooooo much corruption and create transparency and fairness in trade. No longer falsely holding down their dinar, sure, it's not at a buck now but it sure as heck is stronger than a tenth of a penny!
[SHREDD] also, good to see a few days ago the push for getting a stronger credit rating as that increases, more investment opportunities at a lower interest rate will emerge which creates lending and then borrowing and then liquidity, it's all connected
[Splatyfish] so good to hear your input Shredd...Thanks!


Zebari continues his meetings in Washington to get financial support
[SHREDD] "according to assurances from close sources meetings, the agreement will contribute not only in Iraq for concessional financing but will significantly help in obtaining financial support from the international community and facilitate entry into the international capital markets.
[tlm724] facilitate entry into the international capital markets
[tlm724] SHREDD what does that mean ?
[SHREDD] this part and another later in...facilitate entry
[SHREDD]  same
[tlm724] great minds lol
[SHREDD] this means the actual move to a market economy


DR. CLARKE: Thank you all for your comments & opinions. They are ALL Appreciated. 

RE: Rebuttal to Dr. Clarke

We just want to say a couple things, then we'll go. With regard to the Banks. They've supposedly been on "lock down" ready to go, on high alert, trained etc. - especially for the past 2 years straight.

That's 730 days straight. Every day. "We're really close, any minute, it will happen at any close, right here, tomorrow, tonight"........over & over you hear this.......2 years - actually much longer. Over & Over & Over. True? Of course it could happen any minute. But has it? No, not even close. ILLUSION.
We will say this. Circumstances we know about, that we cannot say, need to play out. Even if we told you our source of information, you wouldn't believe it......well, a small few of you would.
The month of SEPTEMBER holds EXTREME significance, from not just the political and economic standpoints of currency shuffle - but MUCH MORE.



Islandg1211:  Love this article  (See Article Below) with Keywords needing to delete the zeroes and raise the value to near $1 in combo with the US Sec of Treasury Jack Lew guaranteeing the IMF's loans to Iraq....Jack's action today explains things pretty clearly.

Would you guarantee Iraq's loans without knowing that they are Article 8 compliant? Yeh.... Let that sink in.

Mountainman:  WOW...........This ARTICLE REQUIRES IMO.....CAREFUL READING/REREADING .........What I See is Being said Here Is that In a NUTSHELL.......NO SQUIRRELS....LOL......SHABIBI is Back and As The AUTHOR and FINISHER of His PROJECT to DELETE the 3 ZEROS and IMPLEMENT it NOW is Paramount for their Country in Spite of OIL PRICES.....

And In Order to (Maintain) ORDER/Confidence for ALL PARTIES/ Including the CITIZENS.....It's A BURDEN for their MERCHANTS......and CITIZENS to Use their LOCAL CURRENCY at it's CURRENT VALUE....

.So The SOLUTION that is MOVING FORWARD {NOW}  is to RAISE the VALUE at a Minimal of 1 to 1......and {EVERYTHING} Done Up UNTIL this POINT was to CREATE/HOUSE this REALITY.....for GLOBAL TRADE/CITIZENS/ and INVESTORS......


Wealthwatch Chat Room News & Comments  4-19-16  Part 2 of 2

chattels: We have parliamentary paralysis, a dysfunctional government, and a weak / corrupt Judicial branch. Not a pretty picture, eh ?
chattels: In the middle of a war against occupying terrorist government. How long can a house divided against itself survive ?

Doug_W: great question
Doug_W: time ONLY will answer that
The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

Wealthwatch Chat Room News & Comments  4-19-16 Part 1 of 2

chattels: Former commander of US forces in Iraq: a unified Iraq ended
Tootsie: interesting from guru spot ~ rec'd in my e-mail ~~ -18-2016 Newshound Guru xxxxxite [...I...recieved an email from First Liberty National, its where I bought my dinar, The gal I delt with stated as good news was the DINAR is now listed here in the US as a currency, which is a change is it not?]
Yes, it is...and I had been told by another investor a couple of months ago that his investment adviser had witnessed some changes within the investment side of Chase Bank. But, concerning your information, yes. Continued good news that is in-keeping with what we are seeing. 


Sweetpea:  Does 04/22 ring a bell with anyone?

Omaha:  do remember 4/22 being something - so many dates, they all mull together. I did hope today was a major one to help along the process.

Brigantine:  And also the day yosef predicted China will announce gold backed


Sweetpea:  OK, could the one year anniversary be our date?


Islandg1211:  Frank, thank you for another great CC last night
It was good to learn of the progress our military is making against ISIS.

The progress with the monetary reform is really becoming public as these IMF meetings, loans and the implementation of the Stand By Agreements unfold. The IMF requirements for the Nov 10, 2015 LOI from Iraq, IMO, are being met on time in order for these loans to be going through. Article VIII is center to all the work the IMF is doing with Iraq. 

Frank is correct. Sadre is the originator of the technocrat government idea, and not Abadi. His protests descending upon the Green Zone sends the message that he means business and isn't afraid to confront fellow Shiites that resist his reforms.

clay says to cantwait2rv():why are we still here 8-|
jd says():I think it is Mr.Whites fault.He said end of June did he not??
cantwait2rv says to clay():we're getting closer by the day tho Clay...spring cleaning almost done (v)
Hutch says to jd():all mr white did was quote the imf
jd says():Mr.White did just repeat what the IMF said. 

Read More

Dinar Updates Monday PM Chat  4-18-16    Part 2 of 3

rcookie says to tundra():ARE YOU IMPLYING THE DELETE THE ZEROES IS A LOP....
wmawhite says to rcookie():Very good......!!!
wmawhite says to rcookie():Trick
larrykn says():1 IQD :)
wmawhite says to larrykn():raise your hand please........
rcookie says to tundra():YOU THERE...
rcookie says to wmawhite()::D
wmawhite says():(y)
tundra says():yeah, sorry, my doctor called about an appt.
wmawhite says to tundra():It really is not a trick question.........truthfully, it is a good question to think about.
rcookie says():$415 MILLION USD TO PESHMERGA...
wmawhite says to slh5282():The liberation of Mosul started three weeks ago.
wmawhite says to slh5282():Really?.......a city with several millions of people in it and is the process complete? 


UKfan1972  GM! China its own "fix" as a counterpart to the London fix. The London fix is set by USD, Euro and GBP...the China fix will be Yuan dominated. That is very different from the Yuan being gold backed...... I don't believe that the yuan is gold backed, yet....but I do believe they are going in tbat direction.

BuddyDog   China launches yuan gold fix to boost power in global bullion market    LINK

WTCutter:  Paragraph 4 of CNBC article :The new benchmark may not be an immediate threat to London, but industry players say over time China could set the price of the metal, especially if the yuan become fully convertible."

if the Yuan become fully convertable to GOLD or gold backed.... f is not now according to article.... but moving in gold backed direction

Lyro: What are we waiting on now?

Appaloosa:  I don't believe we are waiting on anything - I believe things are in progress. When I say in progress, I mean that the PTBs of the different countries are doing what they need to do to accommodate a global currency reset.

The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter

Mother: Dr. Clarke Rebuttal

I just wanted to make some thoughtful comments and observations about the recent "piece" by whomever he/she/or they (Dr. Clarke).  LINK

Is it not amazing or rather startling that this "piece" gives a precise month?  We all know that common sense dictates and that whomever in the US or in Iraq is not going to telegraph the date.  That should be your first clue that this is an obfuscation.  

Secondly, all these pre-conditions and circumstances that are alleged to have caused the delay.   What is happening is that the first two predictions have not come to fruition so whomever is the author is on the horns of a proverbial dilemma to explain the delays.

There is always going to be turmoil in the world.


Millionday News 4/18/16
Welcome to for News Time with Millionday!!
millionday: READ VERY WORD >>> HIDDEN INFO >>>>alled economic academic Dr. Majid Baidhani private banks to cooperate and coordinate with the central bank to curb the appreciation of the dollar exchange rate in the Iraqi market.
He Baidhani in an interview with «morning» that the markets have recently experienced an increase is noticeable reason to the importance of expediting control over price exchange for the purpose of re - dollar rate to a normal level in order to be a factor is a matter of stability.
millionday: NOTE >>>>the markets have recently experienced an increase is noticeable reason to the importance of expediting control over price exchange
millionday: the total dinar exchange rate against the dollar in the early hours of the day and on Sunday 1306.50, while the rate was below that until recently.


Dinar Updates Monday Early AM Chat  4-18-16    Part 3 of 3

_firefly_ says to rcookie():Under the support of the private sector .. firing Central Bank loans for projects, industrial and agricultural sectors end of this month
_firefly_ says to rcookie():Supreme Committee for the loans, the Central Bank of Iraq announced the completion of the electronic form to register the amount of five trillion dinars loans,
noting that the launch of rendering it will be the end of the month of April Gara.onql statement of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Municipalities and Public Works for the "completion of the website to register on the Iraqi Central Bank loans ( 5 trillion Iraqi dinars) for industrial and agricultural sectors, which was prepared in coordination with the Office of the Prime Minister, "
noting that he" will be launched Date of loan end of the month after the completion of the final technical procedures required to hold virtual experimentation of the site where will cover all provinces of loans after they have been taking into consideration population ratio and the degree of poverty, agricultural land and rural population as criteria for each province


Dinar Updates Monday Early AM Chat  4-18-16    Part 2 of 3

Holly1 says():It uses the reserve with the support of the Iraqi dinar for the purpose of Ctfad high ceiling at 1118 dinars exchange for every one dollar the price ...
and that uses up to fill the need for banks and institutional traders Iraqis to hold their positions import and supply contracts with overseas reason for this significant decrease reserves Iraq within a year and a half ..
subgirl says to _firefly_():yep esp run by M lol
_firefly_ says to subgirl():Who?


Dinar Updates Monday Early AM Chat  4-18-16  Part 1 of 3

rcookie says():Political parties in parliament agree to end the sit -in and held a comprehensive hearing
18-04-2016 03:50 PM Informed sources said that the political parties in the House, agreed to end the sit-in, in the parliament building ..
The sources indicated that all parties in the parliament, agreed to end the sit-ins, inside the Dome of the Council Altchariaa ,, and decided to hold a joint session, on Tuesday ,, indicating that this session, the differences will be resolved file, witnessed by the political arena, and the House of Representatives specifically ,,



Islandg1211:  After last week's chaos in the GOI, the last few days were filled with meetings. Looking at concessions, money, military aid and future meetings, hopefully things are speeding up. Zebari's meetings look to be successful with the IMF, World Bank, and it appears he will be bringing home the bacon with loans, bonds, and maybe even a better credit rating.

Shababi should be happy not to use any more of the CBI's reserves to pay contractors and bills.

The Kurds got US money for their military, wel'll see what happens to Zebari. The war on ISIS in Mosul got more troops and helicopters. Sunnis got their future independence on the agenda. O is meeting with the Saudis. Iran is making deals and being quiet today.

Curious what is going with Maliki today. Sad that we are still are having to deal Maliki and Obama's State Department. It was great to see that article on the US military strongly supporting the three presidents and Abadi's reforms.