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10pm, April 24th, 2013   


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Memphis / Walkingstick & Member Conversation - Post From KTFA
Jester, PapaBear and I4U Members Chat Wednesday AM
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The IQD Team Connection with LJ~~Conf Call Replay April 23~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Great Night o
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4-24-13 Einstein: There are lots of rumors and speculation on our dinar investment - but, what is reality and what is truth? The first and primary question would be - will the Iraqi dinar ever be worth more than it is now?

The answer to that is absolutely because everything changes over time and clearly Iraq has resources. That only leaves two questions left. When will the Iraqi dinar be worth more and when?

Good questions - glad I asked. Let's put all our dreams, desires, and needs and in some cases prayers aside and look at things logically. Will we make money on this?

Hopefully we will make money on this and most likely will. People like to compare Iraq to Kuwait because their currency is worth $3.51. Kuwait's GDP this year was about 164 billion U.S. dollars.



[Papa Bear] MOST investments are subject to quarterly reports and u are getting the daily ebb and flow thanks to many of our older and newer Gurus

[garfield] Robertprofessor - Good afternoon, just online for today, do you know whether the intel from WF was smoke or accurate. Did it appear that Okie was given some bad information, thanks

 [Robertprofessor] garfield So far as I'm aware, Okie's post yesterday was spot on. I've not been in much today, but I asked Jester this morning if he was debunking any of what Okie said. Jester was not debunking. Now, the stuff about WF bankers doing something M, that was false.

[Jester] hey guys! just wanted you to know that i am going out of town on business for a couple days... i will try and check in as much as i can while i am gone... i will still be able to talk to people and i will bring you what i can... the main thing is to stay positive... take a break.. that is what i am doing...

The below posts were in our 6pm email
If you know someone who as been told by the Dr. nothing can be done then this is the call needed. The great physician wants to touch that person from this call.

Wednesday night 7pm est

530-881-1400    406878#
recorded version 530-881-1499    406878#

Join us and let him heal the body. To God be the glory

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your help
Restrictions on greenback sales in Iraq
23 Apr 2013
For stemming rush on US dollars, the government has restricted banks from selling the currencies in official prices. The trade has been limited in the hands of two branches of the state-run al-Rasheed Bank.

The move has been described by the Finance Ministry as manipulative move, which has increased the demand of greenback. In a statement, it has been revealed that Deputy Finance Minister Ali al-Shukri has restricted all banks from selling the dollar at the rate, which is imposed by the government. The sale of dollar is now only confined in al-Rasheed Bank headquarters in Baghdad and another branch in Shorja, the capital's commercial center.

It is to be noted that before this decision came on the way, Iraqis were allowed to buy as many dollars as they wanted. Since the US-led invasion in Iraq, it is the first time, when the country is taking up such decisions.

Hi good morning. Excellent news regarding the restrictions over the sale of dollar. Measures are being taken in order to avoid the manipulation of the dollar price. Everything is pointing out to a happy ending very soon. Please stay confident and positive because it will happen and the return on your investment will be very high. Stay grounded about the rumors you are hearing about this week. The first half of May looks very promising as per my sources.
Be happy and blessed.
[Adam Montana] morning everyone! Please pardon me while I interrupt the room for a short weekly chat   Things to watch for in the near future:

Elections were held, and it looks like a significant political shift is taking place. Results are not final yet, but it appears that things have moved away from Maliki's camp and that should bring on some interesting developments

Speaking of Maliki, there was some questions about his health and even some speculation that he was dead... this is not true. He is alive, and I don't expect to see him losing his spot.

There is more talk about releasing the smartcards, but I believe they are having technical issues and they will want to have a final rate before going full steam on that issue... so any news about the Smart Cards is GOOD for us, as it brings us closer to the END of this roller coaster.

And finally, the UN is just full of positive energy for Iraq. They are pushing for a resolution on Chapter 7 and HCL. They are commending Iraq on mostly peaceful elections and their progress as a nation. I'm watching for something strong out of the UN very soon.

By AzProf � April 23rd, 2013 *  In regards to WS and the 1000-1 rate. I just dont see the sense in it. Why not just go right to the 1-1. All the prices as I understand it are in dollars still so its just a point of confusion to go the 1000-1 rate as I see it.

  By walkingstick � April 23rd, 2013 *   It makes, perfect sense.. to understand the intent, behind... a re-denomination (Process)...

The intent, behind a re-denomination... is, to draw in, the "000" currency... in circulation. Not only, is it a tool... for the Central bank to do so, it is a tool (process)... to, release the lower denominations, and... paves way, for the reinstatement of the currency... either, at the onset (1000-1) or the conclusion (1-1) .. and, the revaluation to follow...

To suggest a (1-1) exchange rate... at the onset of the (RD) not... possible. As, for the price of goods in the market.. No, they are not, all ... in USD... Although, many... prefer payment, in USD...

[Jester] look guys... one more time... nothing has changed... we been here before... you have to start taking the hype with a grain of salt... realize they may be getting fed disinformation... remember we were told that would happen... it's just another day... i know you are all disappointed... time for a reality check... it will happen when it ready and not until then... just be patient... wait for your email... it's coming...

[oucrazy] From CarrolBeams. . . Now..I have spoken to Mr.Okie..but, I don't talk to him for information..However..what he is saying is what I was also told..SO..IF..they took it away from the lead bank when the clock struck 12...I do believe we are now in a very short holding pattern...

[redhead1] Bloomberg - Wells Fargo added 5,000 jobs in the first quarter of this year

[redhead1] If what we have heard is true - I cannot see WF letting this go - they are apparently ready - have trained and invested in personnel to handle this - signed leases for new locations - this would be a tremendous loss for them.

[#2sister] I dont see how a bank has anything to do with the hold up!

treasure4e] #2sister WELL considering they are the clearing house for this imo I do

Good Evening, Robdel and Family!

I was sent a copy of the complete ruling, which is an addendum to the Dodd-Frank regulations. The wording in this article has caused a lot of confusion for for lots of people here, and it is important to clarify this.

  The phrase which occurs throughout this entire document -- actually more times than I can count -- is "retail forex transactions." Family, this piece of legislation was written for banks that want to begin engaging in retail forex trading (read that, "electronic trading") -- NOT the exchange of IQD/IQN or VND or any other hard currency.

  Let me see if I can explain this another way. As a customer of Wells Fargo, I can go online and transfer funds between accounts. I can even go online from my office (I don't have to go to the bank in person to do this) to wire transfer monies from my bank accounts to other non-WF bank accounts.

I am finished

The other day I wrote two posts. One was to say thank you to the many that have been supporting my wife and I while we are in such a difficult place after the major crash I was in. The other post was primarily to come to the aid of Bear who I believe was wrongfully slammed by someone who should know better.

In that post I also talked about the inability of ANYONE to provide definitive guidance as to when the RV would occur. I firmly believe we are closer than we have been. I also believe what Godsons Iraqi friend always says..."This is Iraq".

I have seen my words taken out of context. I have seen some knucklehead put others words in quotes and put my name behind it. This is WRONG. Grow up and get a life...You know who you are.

I did not give any dates nor did I give any rates. I stated the following when talking about a long standing contact Bear has in Iraq...

"With all the recent information creeping in about lower denoms in the marketplace, we again reached out to him a couple of weeks ago. The businessman responded telling us that he was seeing the lower denoms coming out and was hearing that the Qui cards were suppose to be distributed but he had not seen them yet.

The below posts were in our 10am email
May 22, 2013 will be here before they/we know it and will they be ready in time?

Learn more about what the Obama Administration had to say about this by going here:

Washington worried about the situation in Iraq and abandons the protection of Iraqi funds

Well, that is the 20 million dinar question isn't it. May 22 is the date the Executive Order 13303 expires and if not extended Iraq will need to have all the ducks in order, so to speak.

Learn more about this order by going here: Executive Order 13303

Bush Gives Legal Immunity to Transnational Oil Corporations in Iraq

  Thanks Gamaray for this posting in our Law Library.

The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - April 23, 2013
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

A GREAT night of CBI Economy News & Round Table Discussion Last Night With:
Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team
THE IQD Team Connection 


Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage
for Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I wanted to find out how Iraq's economy is doing now and this also came up in Scooter's chat so I have provided the below. Hope this is beneficial to you all.

Ok, first for some key indicators....some of these numbers are rounded.

Population: 32.8 million

GDP (PPP): $127.6 billion, 9.9% growth, 5.1% 5-year compound annual growth, $3,886 per capita

Unemployment: 15.0%

Inflation (CPI): 6.0%

FDI Inflow: $1.6 billion

An improving security environment and foreign investment are helping to spur economic activity.....especially in the energy, construction, and retail (believe it or not!)sectors.

Iraq's largely state-run economy is dominated by the oil sector, which provides more than 90% of government revenue and 80% of foreign exchange earnings.


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