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10pm April 26th, 2016

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Post From  Chat Room
Wealthwatch Chat Room News & Comments  4-26-16  Part 2 of 2

OOTW: yep and here's this
OOTW: Deputy for the National:'re going to vote on the cabinet reshuffle, even if not everyone includes April 26, 2016 Walter History of edits:: 26.4.2016 16:41 * 4 visits readable Deputy for the National:'re going to vote on the cabinet reshuffle, even if not everyone includes [Wayne - Baghdad] confirmed Deputy for the National Alliance, that the House and the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi will go tovote on the new ministerial cabin, even if it did not include all the ministers.
The MP Huda Sajjad told all of Iraq [where] that " the meeting of the House of Representatives, today, is still ongoing, but has been impeded by some lawmakers, according to the law we will vote today on the change, a number of ministers , whether they are 3, 5 or 10 or all of them." the agency published all of Iraq [where] a list of candidates for Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to the new ministerial cabin to be provided to the presidency of the Council of 


Wealthwatch Chat Room News & Comments  4-26-16  Part 1 of 2


Mountainman:  As People Will SOON Realize......These MAJOR Fed Policy Changes are Done Behind the Curtains.......and (THEY) Implement A {STRATEGIC} Plan of ACTION......this in the FEDS is No Different......It will Be Ugly......but it is A NECESSARY Means that Will Bring About WHAT Our Country NEEDS in it's NEW Found GOLD Backed VALUE in the END......and POWER of PURCHASE will RISE From the ASHES of CHAOS....the FACT One Is Seeing this (NOW) Coming to "CENTER STAGE" should Encourage those In this Investment.....IMO

Blessings,Mountainman    (8)=New Beginnings.......for the U S A .....

Thunderhawk:  Backdoc Alert

The Fed Is Meeting in April to Talk About June

The Fed will stand pat this week. We know it, they know it. So what then will the Fed talk about for two days?

Post From Western States Open Mind Network
By Angel
The New Monetary Accord No One's Talking About- Passing along Jim Rickards 4-25-16
Darien, Connecticut    April 25, 2016
Dear Reader,
Two miles from the White House, behind closed doors, the "Godfather" of global finance gathered central bankers, ministers, deputies and leading economists to coordinate a massive shift in the currency wars.
And it could knock king dollar from its throne this year...
Like Don Corleone in the film The Godfather, the IMF can make countries "offers they can't refuse." In other words, it wasn't really an offer; it was a threat. And it is about to affect the international monetary system in a big way.
Behind her Hermès scarf, Chanel suits and French accent, Madame Christine 


The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
Part 2:

Frank26:  I tell you what....oil is going up....up....yep it sure is....Brent was up to $45 I think and WTI was $43.73....told you didn't I.....we told boasting here....all honor and glory to our Heavenly Father....but everything we have told you it is a road map....if you were lost in the Iraqi dinar investment....that road map we gave you should have allowed you to reach to where we are at today.
Now I want you to read the Anvil this article....they are telling you what they are about to the near proximal the anvil article..... LINK

Also there is an article that came out today that caused our teams to laugh....."It is hard to raise the Central Bank's sales of the dollar".....WalkingStick put that article up....well of course it know why....because oil revenues are going up aren't 187.....Iraq dinar caught between the hammer and anvil 225 by WalkingStick....and Mountainman even responded to 227.....

By the way.....I noticed that the three muskateers are constantly talking to after page....


Aggiedad77:  Here are those monumental notes from last night's CC.....frame these...they are worthy....enjoy   .Aloha   Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Monday 04-25-2016

Frank26:  Guess what it is now time to do our study of the Iraqi dinar, and as you know we review just a little bit.....when we get with you before we get into the new material....and another thing....all honor and glory to our Heavenly our God who put together our teams.....who gives us the information that we take to you....and that you take back to God in prayer....see how that cycle works....see how that ring of commitment works between the two of us.

Note: Regarding Intel providers who specifically ask that notes from certain conference calls NOT be posted in public.....Recaps will honor that request....If we receive permission to post, then we will be happy to, but we would hate for these Intel providers to stop sharing with the Dinar community because their wishes were not respected. ~The Dinar Recaps Team


RaginCajun:  Franks call is very good....he likes Tuesday and Thursday .

We need Shabbi to come in and make announcement....

According to Frank CBI emplyees were sent home last Thursday and have not returned....

Dr. Shabibi wanted a three day weekend. Sunday thru Tuesday is a holiday in Iraq

The ones calling it every day for the past three years are about to be correct


Mountainman:  .Well......WHAT this Means is The U S A Is READY......Now.....for The Next Phase of the DOLLARS Move Down In VALUE Before it {TRANSITIONS} to It's ASSET BACKED REALITY......IMO

Blessings,Mountainman   (8)=New Beginnings......

Thunderhawk:   CRASH TIME FAMILY !!!!   IMO

Backdoc Alert:     El-Erian says this week's Fed meeting to set stage for June hike

Mohamed El-Erian, the chief economic adviser at Allianz SE (ALVG.DE), said on Monday he expects this week's Federal Reserve policy-setting meeting to set the stage for a June interest rate hike.

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Monday News Time With RCookie  4-25-16  Part 2 of 2
_firefly_ says ():IMO, this reform will happen regardless of what parliament does
_firefly_ says():Iraq Stock Exchange holiday 3 days
_firefly_ says():Headquarters of the Iraq Stock Exchange for the trading of securities - the image of Reuters shrimp Aye
Iraq is witnessing and the main index at this time, a fall of 0.59%, at 597.2 points, losing 3.26 points.
And the disruption of its stock over three days on the occasion of Eid workers, and other religious occasions, according to the market.
The bourse said in a statement on its website, the last working day is next Thursday, April 28, and return to work on Wednesday, May 4 next year.
Direct: she Iraq Stock Exchange, on Monday, it will disrupt their business in the first three days of the month ofMay.    April 25, 2016 11:48
chickadee says():you think the holiday tomorrow will affect anything?

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Monday News Time With RCookie  4-25-16  Part 1 of 2

rcookie says():Airline Iraq and the international coalition carried out 65 sorties on Daash sites

04/25/2016 - 22:46 Baghdad ASHA  Perform Air Iraq and the international alliance of 65 sorties to organize sites (Daash) terrorist, killing dozens of terrorists and destroyed stores of weapons and combat outposts of regulation mechanisms over the last twenty-four hours.
The military media cell led joint operations today / Monday / the Iraqi army aviation carried out 38 sorties on different cutters operations .. also carried coalition aircraft 27 sorties areas: Sharqat Salahuddin and Tal Afar in Nineveh and the intersection of peace and Alvahilat vine and Baghdadi and Fallujah meal Anbar.
She noted that the sinking coalition killed 23 terrorists and destroyed five centers gathering of militants and weapons, rocket launchers and mortars and combat outposts of regulation and two bulldozers.
And destroyed aircraft "F-16" Amadaftin to militants "Daash" in the humid south to spend in western Iraq, killing nine terrorists, also it destroyed a warehouse of weapons and killed 10 terrorists in the wet. 


R601a:  WSOMN CALL NOTES - 25 April

WSOMN CALL - Notes by me.  Very short call.

 Blondie   Spur-of-the-moment call - short only - lot's happening today. Sincere opinions only - do not use to base decisions.

AdminBill Where we MAY be .... all intel I've received is positive .
Release of bonds (Iraq) on Monday morning - not yet confirmed.

Exchange centers in lockdown. - confirmed

 The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter

Islandg1211:  We used to say that it would get to point where they can't hide it anymore.

Tonight we heard Frank and Delta give their opinions, and I gave mine in the last thread,


And the three Musketeers have been given theirs, along with others, all of us being independent, yet all converging on the same timeframe. There is confirmation of our expectancy going on - very cool.



Dinar Updates Monday Chat  4-25-16  Part 3 of 3

wmawhite says():sleeper article of today???????????? The Chinese jumping into the fight against ISIL......
rcookie says to wmawhite():CHINA JUMPING INTO THE POOL...
rcookie says to wmawhite():PESHMERGA READY TO PLAY WITH ALL THEIR NEW TOYS.....


Dinar Updates Monday Chat  4-25-16  Part 2 of 3

Cricket22 says to rcookie():Sounds good enough for me. I hope it happens this month.
rcookie says():AND HERE IS WHAT IRAQ PLEDGED TO DO IN 2013...


Dinar Updates Monday Chat  4-25-16  Part 1 of 3

larrykn says to rcookie():what do you think about parliment gets all this done this week
rcookie says():IF SADR HAS HIS WAY...
larrykn says to rcookie():I was kind of thinking Adabi won't let it go to long
rcookie says to larrykn():ABADI HAS HIS 3RD LIST READY...IF NEEDED...
larrykn says():I guess it depends how much he wants to put up with Maliki bs