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11am, April 27th, 2014    


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The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
How To Spot A Fake 20 Dollar Bill
Detecting Counterfeit Cashiers Checks
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Saturday Afternoon Dinar Chatter
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Ify:  remember this video posted July 25 2013...

(Note: Please Consider ALL Posts as RUMORS until we are actually at the banks~Thank You)

Update Former CBI Employee

Posted by BoomersStandUp on April 27, 2014 at 9:05am

Iraq Value Increase Is Complete  Posted on April 27, 2014

Salam alaikum brothers and sister,

I have long conversation with Zxxxxxx, deputy at Central Bank Iraq and he say me that the value increase is done and final agreed at 1 IQD to $0.32 with more increase over next days.

I say give me proof it done, Zxxxxx say they make announcement soon with full info for everyone in and out of country to know what happen and what they need do.

I not see any announcement yet, but I keep eyes open all day on media to catch the release. When I was at bank, we put story in our news feed and then local media publish and then big foreign media if interested publish.

This is story that make so many people happy, this going to be global news soon as they publish.

Now I go celebrate with uncle at friend restaurant . We decide to open a project in Iraq for children who not have them parents, this be our first project.

Sxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx
Saturday Night News With BGG 4/26/14  Part 2

    [jtank] some of us do not know about BEFORE can you explain

    [Richard Incrocci] BGG it looks as if the apparent cooperation is tailored to ascension to the WTO and for the attraction of investors and businesses into the newest member of the global economy and Iraqs role in it

    [Richard Incrocci] Not to mention for the overall good of all Iraqi citizens

    [BGG] Richard Incrocci - personally, I think they are far more short-sighted on this... that is sooooo long-term.

    [BGG] jtank - I guess I'm missing - "before"?

Saturday Night News With BGG 4/26/14  Part 1

    Welcome to news time on with BGG filling in for Millionday!

    [BGG] Multiple bomb blasts kill 28 in Capital - this was the headline from today's BLOG

    [BGG] my comment was - how could this have been anyone but Maliki?? Or his Shia Militia faction? it helps only him.

    [Plowboy] BGG how does it help him?

    [fishheads] Plowboy so he can declare martial law

    [BGG] Plowboy - It hurts everyone else... and let me keep going here...

    [BGG] I've got a lot to cover - hold questions please - tonite will take a while to get through.

Update/Rumor   from (supposed-former) CBI employee...

Posted on April 27, 2014

Salam alaikum brothers and sister,

I struggle sleep tonight. I excited and nervous for new phase for my people in Iraq and hope for change in many county around the world. I come to my computer and time now 03:06 AM on Sunday morning.

I not able to sleep because this is the day everything should change and this can be finished.

This is my last job before I retire to my wife and kids in Florida.  I make all preparations before I go public with my information from what I see at the bank.. just safety measures.

aggiedad77 � April 26th, 2014,

Saturday Afternoon News Summaries

Maliki will accepts Kurds' demands after election: official

Don't take me wrong....this is interesting news but I would feel better about it if it had come from Maliki himself....or one of his underlings....not just some MP.....who is claiming that M will grant the Kurd wishes "after" the election....after he wins another four years as PM.....and he claims that M will also withdraw from Anbar.....I find that hard to believe that M is just going to cave in to the my book that isn't how things end....especially since we've been reading about more intelligence people coming in from the US to help the military.....something about that dog....just doesn't hunt for me.

Alliance asks Iraqi officials not to comment on Talabani's health

The Kurdistan Alliance is asking everyone, in Kurdistan as well as the central government in Baghdad to not comment on the health of Talabani.....they wish to have only his doctors to provide any comments that would need to be given to any press...they mention that as of several weeks ago T's doctor said his health was good and should be returning to Iraq soon.

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter


How to spot fake twenty dollar bills   By Sarah McGuire

You can detect fake twenty-dollar bills and avoid being a victim of counterfeit by examining a bill's appearance, security features, and paper. Here's how.

Fake twenty dollar bills

Photo Credit: Stan Rohrer

In addition to one-dollar bills, twenty-dollar bills are the most commonly used bills in U.S. circulation. Three different versions of the twenty-dollar bill are currently in circulation.


How to tell if a cashier's check is counterfeit    By K Sprang

Think that all cashier's checks are safe to accept? Find out how to detect a counterfeit check by reading this informative article!

Counterfeit money

Photo Credit: Arlene Gee

If you've ever sold any item online, you might have taken the "safe route" and only accepted cashier's checks or money orders as payment. That way, you didn't have to worry about accepting personal checks that can bounce, right? Right.


Central bank: seven Lebanese banks have opened branches in Iraq

[tlm724] seven Lebanese banks have opened branches in Iraq

[tlm724] while noting that he and the Iraqi government are keen to embrace the latest banking technology in state banks.

[tlm724] "there are requests from banks to other Lebanese in order to open branches in the country During the next few days.

[tlm724] *hallelujah*


Look out for Sunday morning Iraqi time

Expect to go Sunday

Salam alaikum brothers and sister,

I just finish call with yyyyyy to get latest update on where this happen and go. He say "Sunday morning it is expected to go" he ask me to keep calm, not be volatile with speaking to public journalist and ones i have spoke to keep them from telling story.

He know I shame them by media writing the story so he get his team in order to do what was to be done since January 2014.

Indicated me that we see price increases for first two weeks once is live. I not sure how much but I just care it happens.

Look out for Sunday morning Iraqi time.
zzzzzz  xxxx xxxxxx



Posted on April 25, 2014 by Freewill (NOT Freeway Bill)........Subject: Update

watalady 5:12 am BBC news at 2am said that Iraq currency and other currencies around the world have revalued

 7:24 am I predict all will be hush hush quiet until 12:01 am midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning, because of the double dipping buyers from currency sellers. A matter of International Security-and stiff stiff RULES. Or else a bank run on Dinar Trade places. LOL

5:59 am Remember what Max Keiser said? Some Saturday night around midnight, we will see a Global Reset?

6:01 am Well a bank Manager of TD bank said that whatever month it is, it will always happen AFTER the last Thursday night of any given month. Last night so happened to be the last Thursday night of the Month.


walkongstick wrote on April 26th, 2014, 10:37 am:Bank of Lebanon: Iraqi our banks have entered the market to achieve the quality of financial boom and check frequently to avoid money laundering    LINK:

Frank26:   Well said!   There is Economic ........ BOOM!! ......... Numbers .... GDP ...... Inflation .... Ect.

And there is Financial ........... BOOM!!! ....... CBI ........ Banks ....... Currency .... Ect.

KTFA,   Frank



aggiedad77 � April 26th, 2014,  Saturday Morning News Summaries

Urgent .. Cabinet Secretariat: Disable the official working hours during the week in preparation for elections

I wouldn't expect this any differently....first DELTA reports to us that the COM has announced that Sunday through Thursday will be an official "work week" holiday....then we see WS present the news of the same information.....all in preparation for the upcoming elections on the they also announce that the election will be conducted in three phases, the 28th and 29th will be for the purposes of those abroad, and also the 28th will be a special ballot for those in security forces, the sick, prisoners, and those of universal suffrage, then the main election on the 30th. The holiday this week applies to everyone except those which decides the Minister and conservatives....sorry but you will continue to work.

Central bank: seven Lebanese banks have opened branches in Iraq

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