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11am, April 28th, 2013   


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The below posts were in our 6pm email
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{Midnight Blue Joins Chat at time stamp 11::34}

6:43 PM [Lady Sarah] jonjobe7 12 yrs here

6:43 PM [jonjobe7] statred with vietnam war in 1971

6:44 PM [Great_White_North] Lady Sarah wow Lady...

6:44 PM [Lady Sarah] jonjobe7 Great_White_North enlisted on my birthday in january of 72

6:44 PM [jonjobe7] got out and did 11 more from 1993 to 2004 in reserves

6:45 PM [bigdogmom] jonjobe7 Your funny, but this guy was desparate. I felt sorry for him and we need to treat vets and give them more than what they are receiveing don't you think. I'll never forget the desperate look on his face when he thought he could get his money sooner, just like us.

It is interesting with each article they are going to delete zero's we get articles that state they are not ready to do far the not ready's have won out. 

Do not be fooled the deletion of zero's is about re dominating their currency.  Not unusual for a country to mull over RD's and go back and forth on it.  Japan brings it up now and again, but usually decides it does not want to.  Good reason to think twice about the procedure imo. 

Some make RD's sound so simple, easy but the risk is great if it fails.  If it fails, they may have to do it all over again, and the expense and time involved is no laughing matter, not to mention if the people see the new restructured currency as worthless if not more than the older will continue to use the dollar, and resume their need for the dollar.


Economic indicators
Core inflation (YoY): MAR 2013 3.25%
Inflation (YoY): MAR 2013 1.28%
M2 growth (YoY): JAN 2013 8.43%

2012 Forecasts
GDP - real growth rate 10.2%
Budget deficit/GDP 10.0%
Current account surplus/GDP 0.3%
Net foreign reserves $67B


Frank26:  Yes .......... And You are the first to notice ........ Or do some homework. NOW ... You understand what see are seeing .......... FAST........ ELEC MONEY.......INTO IRAQ BANKS. Monday CC will be informative........... Again.

I just told E1 we needed to see M1 and 3 because we know 2's.Meanwhile............. The rest of the net says bigfoot is cashing in.   :heeheehee:

KTFA,   Frank

Central Bank: currency structure and exclusion delete zeros in current time

2013-04-26 Follow the new morning

Counting the Central Bank of Iraq that there is no intention at this time to restructure and delete the three zeros, denying reports in this regard.  The Bank said in a statement that "some media deliberated statements about the intention of the Iraqi Central Bank restructuring and deleting three zeros from them�, said: �while confirming the Bank that the only reference to declare things like this indicates no intention to restructure the currency and delete the zeros in the moment�.

Local media were covered, a few days ago, news that the Iraqi currency structure and procedures deleting zeros which would soon begin, saying that this will lead to the development of international economic and monetary transactions in a new development in the Iraqi currency.


 This article implies that the local media was told a few days ago that the currency was changing and it would soon begin.   It also sounds like this article is just stating some media got it wrong and said the deletion of zeros and restructoring would begin.  And though that is what the CBI can talk about, they didn't say that.      If true, that means that the currency will begin to rise very soon.

Punisher:  The best news I have seen all day. Let us hope this is true.

Tlar: I agree with you Kap wholeheartedly but would like to see exactly what you see having come to your conclusion.  Can you share it?

The below posts were in our 6pm email

tlm724] Good morning Shredders, in our chat the other nite Bondlady inspired me to look into the past to see the future . You were amazing by the way and thank you ! I was doing some research and came across these two reports from 2003 .

You may have read them already but I thought I would share them with you. You vast knowledge of economics will allow you to fully understand these as my brain hurts just thinking about economics !

[tlm724] The first report is titled : The Benefits of the New Iraqi Dinar Author: Brad W. Setser, Fellow for Geoeconomics August 7, 2003 Iraq Reconstruction Report

[tlm724] and the second one is : Should Iraq Dollarize, Adopt a Currency Board or Let Its Currency Float? Authors: Brad W. Setser, Fellow for Geoeconomics, and Nouriel Roubini May 23, 2003 Council on Foreign Relations

[Shredd] Thank you Miss Timmy. You are absolutely correct about revisiting past articles.

[Robertprofessor] Hi wildduck


[bailey2..] WILDDUCK WILDDUCK hi love I think you may be right

[KajunRedBull] da duck is in da house!!!!

[dwg14] WILDDUCK kinda hard when we dont know all the rules and changes dont ya think lol

[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK I hope you will elaborate on preparedness issues.


[smilestuff] WILDDUCK I KNOW!! My soul is quaking and I thought I was ready!!!

[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK My life could use a seismic shakeup.

[dwg14] WILDDUCK oh i feel ya... but as prepared as possibly as much i can but not know all the facts until after the fact is a bit tricky for all


[IradMax] the only thing I can say is people be smart with whatever you get. Become debt free secure yourself and your family first and then live within your means.
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My message TO COUNTRY AND ITS GOVERNMENT - Bluwolf post emailed to Recaps

Well folks what we are waiting for is actually here. Just a couple of hours, maybe days more or less. Certain political guys got what they wanted, some got what they deserved. No grudges no more holdups. Everything is cool now like they say back in my streets in the Bronx. No more issues on the table no more time for them, changes must occur now for all the world has waited for this moment.

A lot of power moves that have taken years to overcome are finally done and put in place but we still have a few loose ends to pick up on.

Now the focus is on the wealth and health of the people. Funny thing is, and correct me if I am wrong but that is the way it always should of been, the thought that is. It kinda makes one feel for quite a long time now important, yea ...finally we are being focused on and that is the correct thing, the right thing for all governments to focus on its people and their needs and not the rich by power for that formula is non existent as of lately.

Now is a matter of when we receive this blessing, where do you go from here? What will you do with it, and will you actually help some people?

You sure will have a lot of drinking buddys, a lot if alright girlfriends on a budget, heck maybe some financial guru with some very wise ideas on where to place your monies and him being wealthy with it.

But now I will ask you where is Father God and brother Jesus fit in on all this. Yep you haven't received it yet and they have been already forgotten.
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Frank26 � April 27th, 2013, 9:35 am *.
I wish You a day of peace and happiness KTFA Family.

Tink and I missed our grandchildren yesterday due to my doctors visit this week.......... So we go today to recieve their therapy of Love.

Thank You kindly once again for the out pouring of support and love from yesterday........ I will give You a report on Your efforts this Monday's CC.

Continue to pray for peace and stability in Iraq. When playing chess .......... A move may require some time to pass but when executed......... Can be VERY surprising. What I am trying to say is that .......... Althought things are silent and slow right now ........... Do not be surprised of a major move in the GOI.

As for O sending 1500 troops .........LOL......... What for when we have 10 times that already back since he returned them all back home at end of 2011. He just wants to play and AoP will never let him. IMO..........What O dose instead behind our backs is to finish the TAX LAWS he will attack us with post RV. Do not believe me? Write or call Your represenatives. Start with Your state's govenor to Your senator's office.

If You don't ever ask ............Trust me it will then continue to be .......... None of Your business.

Aloha Family ..........KTFA, Frank
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GET: (Late Friday Night)

DQ] Did you hear on a call tonight that a woman said a very close friend said he knew a lady that bought dinar in FL at a WF this morning and went back later and they told her what she had bought is now valued at $285,000. It had revalued and is going up.

[Lady Sarah] DQ hadn't heard that one

[sierra88] DQ which call?

[DQ] Alabamas call.

[lynnieq] I heard it on Batman's call DQ and Lady Sarah

[lynnieq] Not Alabama. Batman

[DQ] Bluedog was on also and stated he had senisitive info and could not share because it would be considered insider trading.

[lynnieq] Although, she might have called in to Alabama as well.

[ateam] DQ thats a hot funny rumor

[EnoughAlready] MBlue...PRAYER services in all ME country's start at the same time, they can have up to 6 a day and some are just a few minutes long... mosque services beginar at Sun-Up and the first service of the day includes all governmnet announcements to start the day...
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