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10am, April 29th, 2013   


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Iraq keeping banknotes unchanged throughout 2013

Iraq's Central Bank will not remove three zeros from its currency, the dinar, a move it had said it wanted to implement in 2013.

The bank had drawn up plans to start replacing current banknotes with new ones, deleting three zeros and reducing the volume of dinars in circulation with each four billion dinars substituted by one billion dinars.

"The Central Bank has announced that it has no intention to restructure the currency by removing three zeros from its value this year," said Abdulhusain al-Yaseri, a deputy who sits on the parliament's Finance Commission. FULL ARTICLE & LINK BELOW

Tgirl:  ty ellie :)  I like this quote:

However, he said the bank had in place a plan to remove three zeros from the dinar, and issue a 100 dinar note that will be equivalent to $100.

Tripphood:  That's not the way I read it fast eddie. Doesn't Kap say that removing zeros doesn't concern us?

pdids: Frank 26 or Eagle1:    During your April 24 CC you had a conversation with Regner in reference to the pending RV. At the end of that conversation you said " I am not going to make a prediction, but a statement and that is that you and Regner were going to be meeting up with each other in the next 2-5 days which would mean tomorrow Monday , April 29th and that it was not directly to do with the pending RV , but indirectly to do with the pending RV and after that there was a lot of laughter of confidence.

I believe that much of that statement was due to the beginning of the conversation with Regner where you both spoke of similiar phone calls that you both received on Wednesday regarding comments in your sources of stating "Very Soon " and " Prepare Now ". Regner also spoke of Shabibi showing himself and making some very positive statements as well as some of our own "Well Positioned Leaders " doing the same. In a previous CC Regner clearly stated that the RV will " definitely " take place before May 1st. My question is do you both still feel the same way and most importantly are you both meeting face to face on Monday?

Good Evening to you -- and to the KTFAlways Family!

Eagle1: I'm just back after leading worship for the past three days at a FGBMFI retreat at the old WW-II Army base at Fort Flagler. (It's out on Puget Sound in NW Washington) I won't take time in this responsive post to talk about that event, other than to say that we had one of the most spectacular displays of the presence of the Lord any of us have ever seen!

Now, to the questions posed here.

I'm still of the opinion -- strong opinion, in fact -- that we are going to see this thing pop by or before Tuesday.  There are many reasons for that opinion.

[bear5642] OK I will be brief I will not here from Iraq until a couple of hours so I will come in the morning let's say 9 am central and tell you everything he says

 [bear5642] I didnt want to leave every one hanging

[arizona49] bear5642 thank you, it was very kind of you to return to keep us up to date.....foryou

[pcbguy2] we are a couple hours from closing bear so you could come back tonight

[toni] bear5642 we will still be here

[bear5642] That would be awesome... I told yall I took my vacation this week to go to the bank

 [wtfnow] bear5642 what do you trully expect to get from call?

 [Ks_dad] bear5642 How is Scottig doing? Is he better?

 [bear5642] The TRUTH about the Qi card the new rate and why the banks were closed for 5 days

[BondLady] Good afternoon everyone, did you see the 100 dinar note article this morning ? I loved that aticle and another article that didn't receive the attention it should have also kind of goes with it too. If you want to be spoon fed or want the Readers Digest version, or want some bs intel or a rumor do yourself a favor now and just X out. We are a learning site, and we study all things that surround this speculative investment.

[BondLady] ok let me start with my favorite one

[BondLady] Iraq keeping banknotes unchanged throughout 2013 By Ali Sahttab Azzaman, April 27, 2013 Iraq's Central Bank will not remove three zeros from its currency, the dinar, a move it had said it wanted to implement in 2013.

The bank had drawn up plans to start replacing current banknotes with new ones, deleting three zeros and reducing the volume of dinars in circulation with each four billion dinars substituted by one billion dinars.

"The Central Bank has announced that it has no intention to restructure the currency by removing three zeros from its value this year," said Abdulhusain al-Yaseri, a deputy who sits on the parliament's Finance Commission. Currently one U.S. dollar is worth more than 1250 dinars and Yaseri said Iraqis needed to carry large sums of currency even for household shopping as payment by credit card is rare in Iraq.

[bear5642] Greetings everyone

[bear5642] I have a call into Iraq and he just told me he was calling me back. Im amazed because it is very late over there. he must have something to tell me

[Agent 007] bear5642 hope all is going well with you today

[Agent 007] bear5642 true - it is almost 4 am Monday

[bear5642] I need everyone to pray for ScottiG he is in a lot of pain with his neck and his head

[Agent 007] Amen

[iamsoready] bear5642 bear5642 just prayed for him

[GloryNow] praying for release from pain and complete healing

[bear5642] I dont know how late everyone will be in here but I plan on coming back after he calls. I also took a vacation anticipating that I will be going to the bank this week to do my currency exchange

[bear5642] NOW that should be encouraging enough

Announcement:   At this moment in time, Bruce from The BIG Call is in need of prayer.  Bruce's wife is in ICU in the hospital.  Please keep Bruce and his wife in your prayers   DinarHunter


[top_gun] hey.. we all want the same thing in dinarland.... Rv ..... so we are all on the same team just playing different sports!!! lol

[tornado] So whats the latest for tonight on this rv????

 [spiritfilled] Robertprofessor I personally think Okie and Poof are both totally worn out with this deal and are so ready to not be involved any more..but both want to see it to the end...IMO

[cashdad123] I believe everyone is tired

[tornado] Do we hold our chins up or down???

[midtex56] tornado Up, it will happen eventually

[cashdad123] Pray for intel provider

[chanan] tornado up always up - looking up is good

Lessons From A Multi-Millionaire!!!

    If there's one thing Bill Marvel knows after 40 years of flying light aircraft, it is this: Never leave the controls of your plane to someone else.

   "You don't start fiddling with radios or fuel systems and forget to fly the airplane," he said. "You might crash while you are trying to solve some other problem."

    Mr. Marvel, 66 years old, is a careful and methodical man who has flown single-engine aircraft across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Yet in 2004, he handed over control of his real estate investments to DBSI Inc., a Meridian, Idaho, company that went down with the market in 2008.

    "DBSI essentially operated like a Ponzi scheme...almost entirely dependent on funds from new investors to pay old investors," according to an indictment from a federal grand jury in Boise, Idaho, last week.

The below posts were in our 6pm email
Greetings and Salutations;

You know the old line, bad news travels fast. It certainly did this past week, Wells Fargo, getting caught with their fingers in the cookie jar. They didn't pick up was the swiss bankers tho.

When the 3 countries issued the bonds to cover everything being released. They made an assumption, they were free to do as they chose with all that money. That brought so much heat down from the rafters, they withered and lost their jobs.

They thought they could do something sneaky but, they are all learning, those days are over, can't hide that stuff anymore.

Where / How Do You Look? What Do You See? What Do you Think? How Do You Think? What Do You Know? How Do You Know?

{Italic portion from User Nelg Dinar Vets - Quotes from Recaps Team}

Short story: There was a man named Hull who took advantage of a controversy over whether there had been giants in America. So, in his effort to make some money, he had a "giant" meticulously carved in stone even to the point of small holds (holes?) in the surface to represent pours (pores?) in the skin.

It became so popular that people traveled all over the world to view the "giant." Hull made a lot of money.

P.T. Barnum tried to buy the exhibit so he too could make some money. His bid failed and the "giant" was sold to a syndicate from Syracuse, NY led by a banker, David Hannum for $30,000, and Hull held on to 2/3s of the profits.

P.T. Barnum was not to be outdone so he had built (carved) his own "giant." He then proclaimed that Hunnum had sold the real, authentic "giant" to Barnum and that the "giant" that Hunnum was displaying was a fake.


Millionday and RobinRedHed Saturday Night at PeopleInvested:

** Be sure to join our daily chats at 7:30 PM EST and our Round Table Chats every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM EST at **

[millionday] Scheduled to arrive in the delegation of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad on Monday to complete talks with his counterpart in the National Alliance and the central government order to find solutions to the outstanding issues between the parties. While sources suggested parliamentary Back ministers of the Kurds and their representatives in parliament to their duties, sources said the National Alliance, the adoption of its leaders efforts to hold a meeting and start a dialogue with the parties to the political process to address the current crisis., and in this regard, revealed the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, the arrival of the delegation of the province on Monday to Baghdad and he began to round of talks complementary with his counterpart in the National Alliance. and Othman confirmed in an interview for "Center Brief for network Iraqi media

[millionday] note -- the activation of agreements

[millionday] There is a common desire of both parties to resolve differences and regulate the relationship between the center and the region and to achieve progress in the talks. "and added that" the talks will not discuss new agreements but emphasis on the implementation of previous agreements under which the formation of the government and parliament, as well as activating a true partnership and the balance in decision-making which represent the demands of Iraq, in addition to the demands of the Kurds relating to entitlements oil companies operating in the region and the Peshmerga and Article 140 and the oil and gas law and the presence of the leaders of the operations in the disputed areas.

[millionday] this is fantastic news
[millionday] and much needed

Read More


[Jester] gm castle mods, peeps, lurkers, and critters! got a little time left before i got to go to the airport... just wanted to stop by and say hi!

[spiritfilled] Jester goood morning ..have a good flight back home brother...

[Jester] spiritfilled thanks man

[spiritfilled] Jester If we are blessed by an Okie post this evening..maybe you will be back in time to celebrate with us

[Jester] spiritfilled i sure hope so.. will be back around 9:30 tonight...

[subnet52] Jester i was wondering.....I used this time to get my property ready to build a house on....I am leaning on the side of this thing popping soon!

[Jester] subnet52 good deal! planning is a good thing right now...

[subnet52] Jester that's what I figured too....just trying to unplug from chat and plug into things I KNOW will help once the RV does happen...

[subnet52] Jester so any news from WD?
Read More

[puppylove] GOD BLESS OUR BRAVE SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN BOTH PAST AND PRESENT ... WE SALUTE YOU !!!! "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

[mack10] I was reading in John 10:10 where Jesus said,"I have come that they may have life,and that they may have it abundantly!"That was good, and then I read it in the Message they can have real and eternal life,more and better life than they ever dreamed!That was surely great!Then I read it from

[mack10] Then I read it from the Amplified Version.. I (Jesus) came that they (You & Me) may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance, to the full, till it overflows. Lord have mercy! To the full, till it overflows! That ought to excite you, if you can read and believe! Somebody is going to have an overflow of life today, I declare, "This is my day!" What about you? What is your declaration for today?

GJHHonor] gm everyone in dinar land labor time for our baby to come out today, release now baby come out you twins, double digits

[burk50] Lets all pray for one another and our families for Gods health,Safety,Financial breakthrough,no more debt ,Wisdom joy ,peace forgiveness ,favor all Gods blessings Amen and that God directs our steps with this Blessing bestowed upon us

[redhead1] Well - its about 5pm in Iraq - hoping we start to hear some news soon.
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