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11am, April 6th, 2014    


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The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
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        [millionday] Talabani today in Berlin. Despite assurances from the Iraqi presidency and his party on the Kurdish improve his health, but private sources spoke to foreign media indicated that the Iraqi president is no longer able to distinguish between people.

Regardless of whether the president's health is improving or not, you are entitled to a sitting president to disappear from the political scene for a year and a half in the country barely out of a political crisis even enter into the other? And is it not time to waive the job yet? And is not this a democracy?

        millionday] this of course is a very touchy situation with someone they hold great respect for ---jtank] It seems they are against the wall money wise[millionday] yes i would agree -- against the wall with bankruptcy for some provinces

        Welcome to to news time with Millionday!  Part 1

        millionday] here we go  - lets look at this report from another source

        [millionday] Parliamentary Economic Committee low gold prices in the Iraqi market and the high value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar and world currencies after the resort's central bank to buy tons of gold bullion pure With praised the move, said it will boost the national economy and raise confidence in dinars.

Said the decision of the parliamentary Economic Committee Mahma Khalil In a press statement for (Zora) yesterday:

        [millionday] The price of gold in Iraq will fall for several reasons, most notably the resort's central bank to buy gold bullion from international origins, pointing out that "this action is commendable, he will enhance the value of the national currency and central bank policy and to preserve the value of the in front of the dinar currency and precious metals, which means lower prices for gold in the future.

White Hat Auxiliary Q&A from Fact check #115

cascais says:Dear WHA; What about the people who hold no currency other than the US Dollars? Will we be subjected to instant poverty when the dollar revalues?
Many read this blog just to keep up with current events. I have always held the IMF in the lowest regard. Are you saying they are the good guys for promoting the currency reset? Could you clarify please. Thank you so much.


whitehatauxiliaries: Hello, Instant poverty? If by that you mean a crashed USD, I do not think that will happen. The whole idea is to prevent such.

IMF, good or bad, is part of the process. It's all a matter of perspective.

Thank you!


[artmeister2] Poppy 3 made a post this morning and he agrees with Randy K in that the GOI wants the Rv done NOW!@!! However the IMF and CBI want to make sure Maliki does not have a chance to get re-elected and if he Rv's now, he will look good and just maybe pull something they don't want. At least that is the reasoning for maybe Now to the 15th or even end of April. So, just reporting.

[wycoffjul] Could this be what we are waiting for? BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - A member of the National Bloc Cdhir Qais, said deputies bloc led by Iyad Allawi, to attend a meeting on Sunday to complete the quorum and proceed with the second reading of the draft budget.

[mort] anyone know much about cdars

[mort] .How CDARS work:

[Sallypuff] mort - Cdar accounts are where the depositing bank, transfers funds, in excess of the FDIC Ins limits to other banks offering Cdar service. This enables your deposit to be insured for the total amount on deposit. I don't recall if Cdar accounts are non interest bearing accounts. Many small banks do not offer Cdar service. Maybe DAZ or someone else can answer whether Cdar accounts are NIB.

millionday] Called block free parliamentary Friday, political parties of all not to exploit the draft federal budget law as spam election, warning that the delay adoption of the budget will reflect negatively on the provision of services to the community.

 said head block bright Naji "The draft budget income in the political pressure for some parties and exploited politically propaganda, especially with the launch of the campaign by the Electoral Commission for elections, "pointing out that" Parliament is long overdue in the reading of the draft and approve the budget because of the differences and political problems related to between the Governments of the center and the region. " and

[millionday] note --we are just going to read what is out there

[millionday] i know they said majority vote but lets see what they are saying

Welcome to and roundtable with Millionday!  Part 1

[millionday] the purchase was questioned but look at this  ---  the arrival of its reserves of gold and 90 tons to support the value of the Iraqi dinar, noting that it contributes to the enhancement of the national economy.

The central bank said in a statement received (range Press) a copy of it, he was "deliberately to buy 60 tons of pure gold from around the world during the past two months in his desire to support the value of the national currency, the dinar," noting that "the amount of gold reserves, which is owned currently reached 90 tons. "

[millionday] He said the central bank, that "This gold reserves to support the value of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies and the strengthening of the national economy in general."

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
Our Parallel Universe   By JC Collins

April 5, 2014

Our Parallel Universe

You were there.

The space about me still held your essence, like the noise of something long gone but just now reaching the cup of my ear.  I stood alone on a tear, thinking of your passing.  Thinking of how time dealt this gentle suffrage and of how the planets and stars before me glittered in loving solitude.

 It all meant something.  It all means something.  If only I could see the pattern.  If only you were still here.

90 tons reserves, "central" of gold to support the value of the dinar

[tlm724] his desire to support the value of the national currency *kickA*

[tlm724] love seeing this repeated over and over !! gold to support the value of the dinar *hallelujah*

[rsp1] But when you look at the whole picture...building infrastructure, getting laws in place, learning the democratic system, becoming compliant (banking laws) ...they really have grown in the past year alone...90 tons of gold is a great start to backing their currency

[tlm724]  Wink

Post by powerofprayer � April 4th, 2014, Family,   saw a post regarding currency counting machines. In my line of work here is an example of one company that manufactures these big machines. I am not saying that the CBI has these, but its a good example. Just an FYI

 [quote="harley_1";p=418022]ok help me out on this...we just discussed on the cc that the goi has nothing to do with the rv/ri and that there was absolutely nothing left to they do and now there has to be the ridding of the usd and the purchasing of gold? :toma

Post by Frank26 � April 5th, 2014, Harley1,  Correct ........... GOI has nothing to do with M R .

Randy Koonce Update.....How are you makin it.

I am adding a date to archive..Saturday, April 5, 2014

I have again waited a little while before I send out a note..

I know everyone wants me to have a call but these notes do the trick too......

Ok. the pressure is on for Maliki he is just about to bounce off the walls to get this out and the IMF has drug their feet and making Maliki sign off on things Like HCL and Budget, and etc....

I am going to state every thing is done that has to be done for the RV to take place so no one has to ask the question does Iraq need this to RV..... Answer is NO... They are Ready...
Every Day is a Hot day until the election.....


Posted by John MacHaffie:

Saturday, April 5, 2014   WF Bank Story

This evening I was at my local WF Bank at Galleria at Tyler.  Needed to redo a CC Pin #.  Well, I've never been asked by a bank employee what I do for a living.   And I'm 67 years old now.  That is, however, not until this evening.  I wasn't really sure how I would answer, but just for the heck of it I did so in this fashion. 

I responded that I was basically retired, but that I used to be part owner of a Mortgage Company in San Diego, and I added that our company "warehoused" through Wells Fargo.

Then I said that today I do some 'currency exchanging' for fun.  He looked at me and grinned from ear to ear.  I smiled back and said, "I realize you're really not supposed to comment about that, but I know that you know that WE KNOW - that you know - Right?" 

 I thought he was going to bust out laughing.  All he could do was grin and gulp.  ....  I thanked him for his assistance. 

He said, "Have a good weekend".  And that was my time to grin as I shot back, "I'm planning to have a REALLY GOOD Weekend"  He was still one huge grin as he walked me to the door.

Fiat Currency | Why the Gold Standard Is An Alternative

by Dominick Giammarino in global currency reset

The fiat currency that we are all forced to use to pay for goods and services has inherent flaws that will eventually lead to the collapse of the entire global financial system.

Fiat currency is supported by globalist bankers, the government and most central banks as a means of paying taxes and purchasing goods and services. It has no intrinsic value and is heavily susceptible to inflation. There are many other alternatives to fiat currency of which could serve the same purpose and not attract the same issues.

One popular suggestion made by many economists is to return to the gold standard. 'The gold standard is regarded as an ideal monetary standard, both domestically and internationally, because of its unique qualities as a standard of value and a medium of exchange. 


Jack1995 : RECAP...5 weeks ago MASSIVE amounts money to big 4.
Started Monday...MASSIVE amounts to ALL levels.. ALL week, Traders on never before...

NOW TODAY... Corporate Traders....Different parts world...ITS A GO FOR THIS WEEKEND.. CONFIRMING INTEL per our employees

EXOGEN and ZAP stated Sunday April 6..ANNOUNCEMENTS about GCR.. Our sources who work for them...Confirm...THAT IS THE PLAN..

DC Recall...LOCKDOWN all his agencies this week..Seems new level again
Our group pumped (hint..hint)...I guess i will steal TONY line...HOPE LAST PRE-RV POST...

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