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6pm April 7th, 2016

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Union of Arab Banks US-MENA Banking Dialogue Conference Hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, April 18th 2016

Preliminary Agenda

08:00 - 08:45 Registration

08:45 - 10:00 Opening Remarks -

Mr. Thomas C. Baxter, General Counsel & Executive Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York -

Mr. Sean Hagan, General Counsel & Director of the Legal Department, International Monetary Fund -

Speech of the Chairman of the Union of Arab Banks Special Guests Keynote Speakers: -
Dr. Mohamed Baasiri, Deputy Governor, Banque Du Liban, Chairman of the PSD Committee -

Part 2:

Mountainman:  Interesting WS.......The HISTORY of De La RUE......And Their {PRINTING DEALS}.....Around the (TIME FRAME) of Executive Order #13303.....

W/Iraq's DINAR being Printed Shortly thereafter!!!!!!!............

ALL is ALWAYS {PLANNED} in Advance Prior to it's Implementation.....{THINGS}.....Have "BEEN" ......Shall We say, In the WORKS......and WHAT a DEAL they Made.......Hmmm

Blessings,Mountainman       (8)=New Beginnings

Walkingstick:  Panama Papers: Currency maker De La Rue offered payoff for its India deal   De La Rue authorised 15% commission to agent in India.


Thunderhawk:   They know it's comming ! Diamonds are a girls best friend !

Mountainman:   Well.....In the New Reality that Require Hard ASSETS......Yes I can See WHY their PRICES are Adjusting Upward.....Real Estate being sucked Up Currently like Frank and His COOKIES.....LOL.....So Now they take Advantage "Knowing" WHAT'S Around the Corner.....IMO   Blessings,Mountainman    (8)=New Beginnings




Vietnam Central Bank To Issue Commemorative 100-Dong Bill

TUOI TRE NEWS  UPDATED : 04/05/2016 19:03 GMT

 The obverse of the 100-dong banknote to be issued by the State Bank of Vietnam on May 6, 2016

State Bank of Vietnam
The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) announced on Monday that it will issue a souvenir 100-dong banknote on May 6 in commemoration of its 65th anniversary (1951-2016).


Aggiedad77:  Family here are CC Notes from last night....enjoy   Aloha    Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Wednesday 04-06-2016
Frank26:  Do I have want it....all honor and glory to our Heavenly Father for our last conference call it was good wasn't it.....last Monday....I introduced it as an epic, historical conference call....and also introduced it to a degree, if I could make it my last call it would be very easy because all of what I shared with you on Monday should suffice, because you really don't need much more.


Inkmaster91: GM all went in to the bank yesterday when my banker called me it was strange we went in to a room where sat the manager and 3 other people they questioned me about my zim I'm first.
They where in disbelief on the amount I have on stone they called me in.
They asked me what notes I had and as I told them 2 people where typing like crazy and like oking back and forth at each other and asked me where is it now a safe?  I said no ...I  told them I had some in my briefcase with me they asked if they could see it so I showed them and you could here a pin drop
They said those were the notes that show on their screens.

Read More

The Below posts were in our 10am Newsletter

  Wiley Morgan and KCMANA stepped down from the daily operation of
assisting with the groups for the sole reason of handling their own
humanitarian efforts as these efforts take up so much of their time.

There is, nor ever had been any conflict between the GEN64 Group, the
Caretaker with Wiley Morgan or KCMANA and the departure request was
accepted and the Caretaker wants to extend his appreciation for all of
the hard work and all of the countless hours Wiley Morgan and KCMANA
have put into the efforts on behalf of their group as well as for the
entire group as a whole.

Dinar Updates Wednesday PM Chat  4-6-16    Part 2 of 2

BGG says():Who said there was an attempted coup?
jeffusa says to BGG():Washington and Tehran Rescue Abadi of the coup orchestrated by al-Maliki
First Published: 2016-04-06  Washington and Tehran Rescue Abadi of the coup orchestrated by al-MalikiBAGHDAD - entered the United States and Iran in a tacit alliance to support the Prime Minister of Iraq, which is challenging the ruling elite's plans to form a government of non-political address the corruption comes to the rest of the economic and political stability in the country, a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).


Dinar Updates Wednesday PM Chat  4-6-16    Part 1 of 2

da58 says():
A political source: Macgork three conditions put in front of the political blocs in Iraq to pass ministerial cabin!
Detection and a source close to the side of the discussions under way to form a government of technocrats for the presence of US pressure to pass the ministerial cabin provided by Abadi of the parliament.
The source confirmed that the representative of the US president special envoy to Iraq Bert
Macgork three conditions put in front of the political blocs to pass ministerial cabin was the first of retaining Abadi, head of the government and the second is the US withdrawal of support from fighter Daash in the case was dismissed Abadi The final condition represents not exceeded Abadi political technocrats whose candidacy political blocs, which means that the Americans have put two conditions for the benefit of Abadi hurt in the last requirement in the interest of  the political blocs.


 The reverse of the 100-dong banknote to be issued by the State Bank of Vietnam on May 6, 2016    State Bank of Vietnam
The plan to issue a new banknote to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) is mostly funded by foreign sponsors, the central bank revealed on Tuesday.



Prudence 12:  Family,  Here is my UPDATED APRIL CALENDAR:

4/7 - POSSIBLE drop dead date for any finalization of Mosul (this is merely my calc based on various readings, so cannot document this - just bears calendaring).  Possibly there are more loose ends to tie up, not sure.

4/8 or week of 4/11 - based on slightly conflicting articles, a Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad to discuss the Cabinet.  I can imagine that they seek to have input prior to any formal announcement.

4/14 thru 4/25 - critical time for us to study all happenings in Iraq, governmental and economic - and anything else, as Frank had mentioned to us
4/15 thru 4/17 - IMF mtg in DC

4/16 OPEC and related parties mtg in Qatar

4/22 - the new Shanghai Gold Exchange launches its Gold Spot Price - which will shake, rattle and roll the investment world.  Nothing but physical gold - for yuan.  Will we have clarity on asset-backed currencies by this date?  Will precious metals explode?  Will paper gold survive this?


Dinar Updates Wednesday AM Chat  4-6-16    Part 2 of 2

da58 says():The House of Representatives is almost finished assessing candidates Abadi
06/04/2016  independent) ... the political blocs seek to provide qualified candidates to serve as ministers technocrats, while theParliamentary Committee is nearing completion of a study Abadi candidates and raise the results within 24 hours.
Iraq's parliament is almost finished assessing the names of the new line-up presented by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as well as the Integrity Commission and the Criminal constraint, accountability and justice, amid reports speak for the majority of the rejected candidates because of partisan irregularities or lack of experience.


Dinar Updates Wednesday AM Chat  4-6-16    Part 1 of 2

flint says():Chinese Ambassador to Jaafari: We will raise our aid by 160 million yuan to Iraq
Alsumaria News / Baghdad Received Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on Wednesday, a copy of the adoption of the new Chinese ambassador to Baghdad leaves Chen Wei Qing,
stressing the importance of coordination to increase the volume of trade with Beijing, while pointing Ambassador to the Chinese government seeks to raise the level of assistance this year by 160 million yuan to Iraq which is the third most Arab partner with China.
flint says():Said Jaafari's office said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, "Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari received today a copy of credentials of the new Chinese ambassador to Baghdad leaves Chen Weiqing," explaining that "The meeting reviewed the progress of bilateral relations between Baghdad and Beijing, and ways of strengthening them in the interest of the two friendly peoples. "


The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments  4-6-16

  Post From BondLadys Corner  4-6-16
BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments
Senior Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad next week to discuss the cabinet reshuffle
Political   Since 06/04/2016 14:10 (Baghdad time)  Special scales News
High-level Kurdish delegation is visiting the beginning of next week, to discuss the cabinet reshuffle.
The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Tariq friend, L / balance News /, "The Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives, declared the vote on the new cabinet of the cabins." Noting that "the competent parliamentary committees, which sent the names of the candidates by the presidency of the parliament, also did not agree on any of those nominations."
I want to show (in an article news) the disunion of some of these parties and how they do not want to cooperate and later make wrongful accusations against the GOI. I am doing this so you can understand and get the BIG picture as to what is going on politically with Abadi's cabinet reshuffle. The article below is very long but an excellent read.
- accused of undermining democracy
- accused Abadi of "leading a coup"
-  complained that they had not been consulted by Abadi in the cabinet change
-  Sunni in the cabinet is 33 percent and this is what was agreed on during the last terms
-  Kurdistan share in cabinet 20 percent want to maintain their share
-  Abadi's cabinet reshuffle, if implemented, would undermine the power-sharing agreement and potentially destabilize the country.

Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - "A New CBI Governor Is Coming Shortly"  Page 1 of 2

 ( Thank you George for emailing this so Recaps can post it).

MNT GOAT NEWSLETTER   Edition: UU6921               Dated: April 6, 2016
Title: "A New CBI Governor Is Coming Shortly"
Hello Everyone,
This is a very long news letter today since there is just so much news to report. The news is all very good and moving Iraq in the direction we need to see them mover. Remember I am still hearing there is a plan for currency reform geared to begin (or continue) the "deletion of the zeros" project in mid April by the launching of the lower denominations. I see this on track but only if we see the needed events taking place first.
Our main focus right now should be to watch for the announcement of the new CBI governor and I fully believe it will be Dr. Shabibi. So what do you think he will do once he is "officially" acting governor again? I believe he will continue the plan of currency reform much of were he left off in 2012.