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6pm, May 11th, 2013   


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[arizona49] "There is a basic law that like attracts like. Negative thinking definitely attracts negative results. Conversely, if a person habitually thinks optimistically and hopefully, his positive thinking sets in motion creative forces and success instead of eluding him flows toward him." - Norman Vincent Peale

arizona49] The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen." - Frank Lloyd Wright.......we have never been closer kids, keep the faith and the belief...all is good and just possibly "silence will be golden

ghardin007] Have a good bank story. Purchased some vnd and the manager asked if we also had some dinar. Told him yes and he said good. He was going to Canada for training on the dinar. Said he was told there would be heavy exchanges soon. He didn't say when he was leaving but I got the impression his bags might already be packed.

ghardin007] Cougar this was Friday and he didn't gave me date. My wife said she thought one of them said the bank was going to start training soon.

ougar13] ghardin007 thanks just wondering why Canada if he is a US banker

[ghardin007] Cougar this was TD so it might make since.

[Cougar13] ghardin007 TD is that a big bank I'm not familar with it
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From Mary Cooper: Maliki Btari infected health prevented him from attending the gathering of political leaders . Saturday, May 11 / May 2013 10:43 .

Twilight News / unable to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to participate in a memorial service hosted by the Supreme Council on the anniversary of the departure of Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, because "due to a healthy malaise."

The memorial ceremony was attended by senior leaders of political blocs and the Arab and foreign personalities.

The master of ceremonies, the leader of the Dawa Party, Ali al-Adeeb, to speak instead of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and attributed this to being healthy malaise. news/57447-2013-05-11-07-44-52.html

Frank26: There goes that silly rabbit again. In reality ....... It's the other way around. M makes citizens .............Sick. I suppose it is time to share this with You KTFA Family:

M is asking a NY Law Firm to protect him. From what?
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[CarrolBeams] Lots of good news this week.

[arizona49] CarrolBeams Good morning

[mikivi] CarrolBeams CarrolBeams hello Love,,,looooog time no see wish you well and wish you a great Rv / Ce...soon...let say monday/ tuesday

[CarrolBeams] I'm also encouraged about Monday

[CarrolBeams] I took a break from information gathering...and kinda went quiet...then I realized I am an information junkie

[CarrolBeams] hahaha..and had to get back

[hwpittman] CarrolBeams welcome back

[toni] CarrolBeams nice to see you back

[CarrolBeams] thanks...I thought about you all..

[byecar] any news on rv?/

[CarrolBeams] this puzzle on the rv has been confusing..but pieces are coming issue was the new computer system..they just worked the bugs out
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[hopeinwyo] Jester Did that phone call make you even happier?

[Jester] hopeinwyo a little...

[kimberly] Jester Can you share "a little" of what made you happier?

[Jester] kimberly hmmm... okay... you guys want to hear some totally unconfirmed skuttlebutt? because that is what it is right now... have not confirmed it with anyone so far because they are all asleep from last night except Redwolf... THIS IS TOTALLY UNCONFIRMED... READ THOSE WORD CAREFULLY... lol

[highhopes] Jester everyone is holding their

[okrocks] Ok have my "careful glasses" on

[Jester] you have to promise not to hold me up on this one later... and if you choose to repost it you have to say so... unconfirmed..
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[NuffSaid] good morning. Just curious if there has been any confirmations on this Talabani speech? I dont see anything on the Iraq parliament website and etc. Hopefully no more bad guys are stopping this

[burk50] Tony had good news from his call yesterday can someone post what he said ,think 2 different banks said by Monday

NuffSaid] burk50 Tony mentioned about a big talabani speech on saturday. I just dont see any confirmations with this speech. It is already getting later in the evening in Iraq.

[burk50] Heard the info providers have been told to be quiet again ,have u heard this ?

[Robertprofessor] It seems MarkZ and Jester were all but saying that everything was finalized last week and we should be at the end in a few days at most.

honeybelle] Robertprofessor yes they said that with out saying that, and that is an art imo rofl

Robertprofessor] honeybelle The art of communicating without providing the rope for your own lynching.

[spiritfilled] Father we come to you now with very critical situations in regard to trying to maintain our lives and the lives of our families on this earth...the evil one seeks to destroy but you are the protector and giver of live In the Name of Jesus send relief and restoration for all in need now Father.

[burk50] Robert where do u think we r with what u have decerned? Thx
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The below posts were in our 11am email
Baghdad (newsletter). Financial expert warned on behalf of Hadi al-Tamimi, the parliamentary Finance Committee's proposal to distribute employee salaries in hard currency rather than the Iraqi dinar, as it would damage the national economy and help raise the dinar exchange rate against the dollar. Full Article & Link Below

tlar:  This guy is another economic wizard.  He ought to ware a wizards hat and carry a wand.  All that will happen if they pay the civil servants in USD, is a reduction of the lines in front of the bank the next day to convert their dinars to dollars anyway.

 It saves the citizen the hassle of having to sell their dinars for hard currency and it removes the possibility of the clip joint banks and street money changers making a profit off these people.  Most of the people that work, work for the government in one way or another. 

This will help the dinar regain its value, not loose more as this wizard projects.  I like to know where he bought his degree so we could get some idea of his credentials.

Alwaysbeproud:   Iraq WILL return to a free float, no question. Kaperoni is arguing this point but of course they will return to the float and have a free market question.

Don't get confused here folks.....the issue is the thinking that the CBI will go from a free float from where it is now. I have seen nothing from the CBI that indicates this will take place. If you look at this from an economic and investment perspective, there are way too many risks.

Folks assume that if the dinar would free float from 1166 that it would sky rocket in a matter of months. No way. Look how hesitant the market is and has been to come into Iraq.

By justmichelle From KTFA Forum

Good evening everyone What's the secret to being happy? You can learn how to do it, just as you can learn any other skill.

Those who are happy tend to follow a certain set of habits that create peace in their lives; if you learn to apply these habits in your own life, there's a good chance you'll be happy too.

Below is a compiled list of 22 such behaviors that you can use to enhance your life and your happiness. And remember, it only take 21 days to form a habit!

5-10-13 SWFloridaGuy: The four leading central bankers from the U.S., U.K., France and Germany navigated in and out of WWI and financed recoveries and German reparations.

These central bankers went off and on the gold and new dollar standards by manipulating their exchange and interest rates.

We've all heard the rumor that the Bush administration initial plan for paying for the Iraq war was potentially by collecting taxes from the revaluation of the dinar.

Now, whether or not this is a remotely plausible scenario, it's hard to discount that, if applied, it would certainly raise revenue and supplement the closing of tax loopholes.

Having said that, I'm far from convinced that the statement implying the Iraq war will pay for itself directly relates to the RV of the IQD. Due to my skeptical nature, this theory has me far from convinced although I do recognize the advantages this would incur.

[Truscot] [dkg] I really feel we are going to see our RV. I had a very good friend who told me about the dinars call me today saying that he is friends with a big manager with WF in Atlanta who also holds dinars himself. When he talked with him he ask what he thought was going on with the dinars, he said I can say this! We have opened over 15 branches just to handle the currency just recently.

dkg cool info thanks!

[nano36] dkg wow - it is good to hear it from someone you know, and know that they are for real

[dkg] tina I thought that was great because on our site we had been told over 13 an also that Chase had done the same. So hearing this from my friend who in person was told this was really good

dkg] nano36 my friend has been in our family since I was a little girl and worked for my father. He always tells me the truth.

Mrs. Seafood] dkg that's great to hear!

 [dkg] Mrs. Seafood it is great but until we are at the bank getting our money it doesn't help us yet!

 WEW] Jester ... Would not think the new rate would be released until they can collect their part of the pie. It would be great if this is the last event needed....

 [misskitty05] Jester yes, but according to that article at least, it only applies to certain types of transactions at those entities .. the entities to which this rule applies are only one piece of the equation imo

 [Jester] HOLD ON.. REDWOLF...

[wango1] so seriously are there aliens going to steal our rv lol

 [Jester] wango1 OMG... DID YOU JUST GO THERE? LOL

[wango1] Jester Yes I did I saw a spaceship over WF and I'm thinking they are out to get us

[jeddclampet] wango1 ... sure, it's all fun and games till the anal probe come out! lol!

[wango1] jeddclampet Now that's just wrong lol

[okrocks] wango1 just saw your post, but I have it on high authority big foot has this covered

[nolaspice.] I danced with Bigfoot last night. He is alive and well in south Louisiana

 [tc0043] Jester What did Redwolf have to say?


[pat] Jester can you tell me if we are any closer as far as things getting done then we were last week

[tlm724] hey everyone want to talk about traiffs   no, well tough we're gonna anyway  first lets see what tariifs are

[tlm724] A tariff is a tax on an imported good. Therefore for each unit of a good that is imported into a country the tariff increases the price of that good by however much the tariff is.

[therealbubbie] tlm724 yeah sure what the heck !!

Tariffs are usually implemented when the world price of a good is lower than the domestic price of a good. A tariff thus is a form of protection from foreign competition that can produce that good at a cheaper price. The jobs of that industry are thus protected by the tariff, as opposed to the jobs being eliminated by foreign

[Robertprofessor] Jester Once the slobber bath is over ( roflmao ) I do have a question: we've heard from MarkZ and TK is saying somethings too about the US holding up our rv. Can you address any of that?

[Jester] Robertprofessor we been talking about that for a while... imagine it like a hostile corporate takeover... that is pretty much what has been going on...

bbwantsrv] Jester Is it ever going to be over?

[Jester] bbwantsrv sure it is... they just are not happy about it so it is taking a bit of time...

[Robertprofessor] Jester True, you've talked about it for months.

[Jester] Robertprofessor remember that when you see the changes coming...

[pedrobob] Jester Time is on our side, just need to look at it that way

[Robertprofessor] Jester Ready for change here!

[Jester] pedrobob it is not going to be near as long as you think..

Greetings folks,

Just so you know, I will do an update later today or first thing tomorrow. Before I do the update I will need to move our site to (yes another server) tomorrow morning or mid day Saturday.

Everything will be installed and tested prior to the move and I will provide ample information for you to get to it. It will be on a new IP address so I can provide the later today.

The update will be called "Iraq - Follow the Money" in which I will post and share some really good news regarding your investments.

Hard to address the timing of the RV when there is no guarantee that there will ever be one.  Over time will Iraq's currency appreciate.... I can't imagine why it wouldn't but there's many different avenues they could choose to acheive such that level.

Personally, I'm hoping for a more gradual approach that promotes long term stability.  If you've ever studied large currency appreciations, a sudden drastic increase can have negative long term effects and lead to the collapse of the system. 

However, if any country has a prayer of an appreciation shock (by that I mean something around 75%+ initially), it is Iraq.

 Over time they will recover it is inevitable in my opinionn unless they resort to civil war which I doubt the US/Russia/China/UN etc. would allow.  So I tend to think we will prosper but it will take time.  This opportunity is far from a scam.  The real scam is these imbeciles who post for either adulation or personal gain, who claim to be prophets with divine knowledge of prosperity

We shouldn't be to harsh on the newbies though.  These are tough economic times and it's understandable that a little hope, no matter how absurd, can overshadow common sense.

 Bottome line - we're all on the same team and I hope we all prosper whether that be next week or ten years from now.  I also hope that those false prophets catch a sever case of sudden leg syndrome so they can truck their way back to Reno. 
jim1126 � May 10th, 2013, 3:01 pm  * 

Hello People:

Just talked to Frank about another pattern Ive been noticing and how it affects our investment.

Last April, about mid month, stock market was hitting record highs. I asked myself, "self, why is the stock market doing so well in a bad economy?"

Then all of a sudden, Gold plummeted and the markets began to fall....this also coincided with our intel that April 15th might have been a poss. RV date.

A friend of mine that has worked in international business told me that its possible for investors to be moving their money from stocks and gold into something Forex, to buy and sell currencies.

Nothing happened, gold stablized and the markets recovered shortly after that.

Now, the same pattern is emerging.....

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