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6pm, May 15th, 2013   


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The below posts were in our 10pm email
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[Jester] ok... I have one for Singapore...

[Jester] there are more out there.. I read one on EAU and a couple others this morning...

[dinarchaser] Jester That having been said and written, in no way have we taken a back-step. All is good and things are progressing on the timeline set up by 'others'. All us dinarians should be very excited about the latest events, yes?

[Jester] dinarchaser well of course... things are progressing the right direction... it is past the point of no return now in my opinion...

[Papa Bear] The world is changing around you just open your eyes and watch and listen

[sandytob] Jester from my understanding the currencies that are in the baskets have not gone yet. Is that correct? And do you know when the first basket will go?


[Jester] keiji, sandytob since TK dropped RW's post form last night in his room I am pretty sure that is where he is getting the information....  

[keiji] tradewind TERRYK so 13 yesterday and 10 currencies today??? have moved tk WHAT IM HEARING TRADEWIND

[sandytob] Jester how many were there yesterday again?

[keiji] Jester could be......

[Jester] keiji I am sure.. I was there and saw it...

[ram1] Jester I agree TK's info sounds just like RW's

[tradewind] Jester Good Day Jester how does the rollercoaster sound today??????  

[sandytob] Jester Is the first basket going today???? 

Frank26 IQD Conference Call following Bible study, May 14, 2013

Notes from BulldogFord65

* Frank reviewed the letter received a few weeks ago from a congressman who replied to a member's questions about tax implications after the RV: it spoke of the EO, the RV and tax implications

* We have more info from a second congressional source

At this point, BulldogFord65 came on the call

* BulldogFord65 had opportunity to speak with US Congressman Jim Jordan on Monday evening and show a 25K IQD note; the congressman recognized and knew exactly what the note was, and he remarked about the "crazy inflation" of the currency;

BulldogFord stated that obviously he knew what the note was, and he replied that he did, and remarked again about the "crazy inflation" of the currency;

BulldogFord asked if investors will be "happy campers" soon? Congressman Jordan replied that he hopes it will happen soon; next question was for any status report on the progress of this investment? The congressman replied that they "are meeting with Ben Bernake (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) on Wednesday" (May 15);

in pressing once again, the question was asked about the Memorial Day holiday coming up at the end of this month, could I plan a nice vacation?

The congressman replied that he doesn't know when it is going to happen, but he hopes it will be soon

Postby DELTA � May 14th, 2013, 10:37 pm  *  [Post 53]




The U.S. dollar registered a rise against the Iraqi dinar. Parliament calls for reforms
This is continued discussion  - Previous comments and article can be found LINK
Punisher:  Correct me if I am wrong but Parliament does have to approve currecny reform in the country right?

Juliebug:  I think that while Parliament is enjoying their month long vacation, the CBI should just go ahead and raise the value. Let's see how they like that! LOL

Kaperoni: Punisher correct.  But, it is clear that Maliki wants these laws and policies in place before he is willing to let the currency raise in value.  As well, they need the law that adjusts accounting records and contractual obligations passed before the zeros can officially come off.  Can the CBI begin a float?  Sure they can.  Will they RV to 1 to $1 overnight, not without the law in place.



[Redwolf] We have 13 currencies making major moves today. They aren't basket currencies but strong indicators

[Redwolf] We have been told for months that this would occur when the re-set was ready.

[Redwolf] Some of these country currencies are not Basel 3 compliant and others are. This move starts the countries into alignment.

[Redwolf] Here are the countries currency codes: PYG, RSD, AMD, ILS, ERN, SYP, RWF, SCR, CHF, ISK, SEK, NIO, & MMK.

[Redwolf] This is the start of the re-set. Basket currencies are next and coming this week.

[Redwolf] Currencies normally move only .05% in a day. These guys made 1% or more in one day. This is huge for us today. We will keep you updated in the AM.


[geoworld] One currency rerated--¤cy=Syrian+Pound&country=Syrian+Arab+Republic

[TNGirl] geoworld To my untrained eye that looks as if the Syrian Pound has increased. Is that correct?

[midtex56] TNGirl decreased in value

[childofgod] TNGirl decreased by 39%

TNGirl] midtex56 Well, I know that was what was told to us last night. I didn't understand the chart geoworld gave us the link to. So, ty all!!

[geoworld] TNGirl That is pegged to the dollar

[TNGirl] geoworld OH!!!! Now I understand!! That's what it is worth compaired to the US dollar! Thank you so much hon!

[WCW] well i only have one thing to say this could be our day it s the 15 th its wed and the same day kuwaitt rv ed .if we dont see it today the 22 nd is coming fast for the end of iraq and the usa.we all need to be in pray for this

International prayer call Wednesday night 7pm est

530-881-1400   406878#
530-881-1499   406878#  recorded version

Join us tonight wont you its your blessing that awaits.

Come find out something's that may be holding daily blessings back from you and how you can change it.

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your help

[sektor] Rv update news today is the day for global reset. Watch the news. Currencies are to rv. Be on alert for okieoilman announcement post thank you god for your blessings

[SGD3] sektor Are you hoping or do you have info?

[sektor] hoping  that the headline is true

[sektor] nesara news ....a site people don't think to highly of because of all the other junk on there

[GJHHonor] gm everyone rv day ...declaring we will see our blessing today amen

 [ivy10] GJHHonor Amen

[jetpack] The war in Iraq was fought for big oil: Opinion

honeybelle] jetpack wow they finally figured this out now rofl

The below posts were in our 10am email
The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - May 14, 2013
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Great Night of News & Round Table Discussion with
Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team
            "THE IQD Team Connection"

Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq  

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage for Tuesday, May 14, 2013


 Gribbohm's second mistake was pursuing easy financial gain.

 Most people don't understand that easy financial gain is one of the worst things that can happen to them. Ask a lottery winner. According to author Don McNay's book, Life Lessons from the Lottery, the lives of lottery winners are usually a wreck within about five years of winning.

 Lottery winners get a ton of money they didn't earn without any practice at hanging onto large sums of money. It's really, really hard to do that. It's like ordering a drink at your favorite watering hole and being dropped into a giant vat of beer.

 Technically speaking, you got what you asked for... just more. More is bad when you're not prepared for it... when you didn't do more to earn it.

Poor Henry: One Man's Devastating Loss... and How to Avoid It Yourself

By Dan Ferris, editor, Extreme Value  
From Steve Sjuggerud's Daily Wealth  Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tubs of Fun is a simple carnival game.

You throw a softball into a plastic tub from a few feet away. The object is to make the ball stay in the tub.

It sounds easy, but it's not. The ball is too bouncy, and the tub is too hard. It's difficult to keep the ball from bouncing out of the tub. The player has the illusion he's throwing a ball into a container. But he's really just throwing it at a solid wall.

[hopeinwyo] Jester Welcome back!!

Jester] i don't have anything in particular to post about.... the process is doing it's thing... good things happening... things we'd hoped to see... some we haven't seen yet but are hoping to soon... people moving into place... it's all good....

[sananddan24] Jester any word from Redwolf? He need to come on one last time before we RV

 [Jester] sananddan24 just talked to him a minute ago... he is scart of you guys... lol

[texan1] Jester did redwolf have any info

Jester] texan1 matter of fact he did... lots of currency movements today... major movements of 1% to 39% in at least 13 currencies...

[Robertprofessor] Jester Are those currency changes part of the first basket or independent?

Jester] Robertprofessor not sure... but an inidcation that things are moving...

[rustyc] Jester jester Based on okies post and the baskets numbers , do you remember what was in the first basket etc...

[..okieoilman] WOW--OKIE BEING ON TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW?--SOMETHING MUST BE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The below posts were in our 10pm email
12thman said: Please post this: I received a txt back from my Aggie buddy 10 minutes ago to continue to keep my eye s on the World News for the 15th to get a better understanding of where we are on receiving our heavenly blessing from God. This is the 3rd time I received this notice. So I will be looking for key indicators that will show me the light and as always, Okie' s final post.

Which based off further texting I have done, we should be hearing from our beloved night owl SOON...Sorry Pronto! So with that being said, I feel it is time for all of us who believe in the POWER of PRAYER to come together under one post and say our PRAISE to the Heavenly Father and ask Him to end this ride. I extend this open invitation of prayer to all Gurus, posters, and lurkers of all nations. God is so GOOD and His Will be DONE...It's ALL in His Hands and let's thank Him, love Him, and humble ourselves before Him. Not one man nor woman will make this happen...but God will do so...He is the Alpha and the Omega...Jesus is the Word and the Word is truth that will bring you joy. At midnight on the 15th, I will come in and close us out. I ask you to join me...I pray that you will...we need to Honor our Heavenly's because of Him and Him alone we will be even more blessed in the near future...John 3:16
The U.S. dollar registered a rise against the Iraqi dinar. Parliament calls for reforms

Baghdad: a Published on the 7th day on 13-05-2013

Search the Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Al-nujaifi Sunday with the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdel Basset Turki agency reform actions to adjust the exchange rate of the dollar and reduce the phenomenon of money laundering in the dollar's rise was recorded 1127 Iraqi dinar for the first time in months.   LINK


Punisher       Currency reform...I like :) Too bad Parliament is gone for a month :(

[sonnayhwh] hmmm. . .the fact that Okie states that SKRs will be "exchanged right away" seems to give credence to the tier system. Better yet, it does seem we are right at the door. . . grin

[okrocks] sonnayhwh as far as I know they will not have their oppotunity to use those funds until we do, at the same time... if so that would be saying we are as well... imo

[sonnayhwh] okrocks - that makes sense to me as well. It leads me to believe that the exchange of SKRs will coincide with the release of the R-V. . .

 [okrocks] Definition of Currency Basket: A portfolio of several currencies with different weightings. For example, one may construct a currency basket with 40% euros, 35% U.S. dollars, and 25% British pounds; the percentages determine the basket's value.

Using a currency basket is a common way to peg a currency without overexposing it to the fluctuations of a single currency. For example, Kuwait shifted the peg of the Kuwaiti dinar to a currency basket from the U.S. dollar in 2007 because the dollar was weak at the time, resulting in high inflation.

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