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11am, May 26th, 2013   


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People Invested Millionday Chat
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Here's an update to my post from Thursday that seemed to create quite a stir.

On Friday morning (May 24th), I received a relayed phone call from a gentleman who works for the Federal Reserve.

He had seen the above-referenced article (which went viral on the Internet) and advised me that the issues with Babylon II were down to a single country's software issues. He expected those issues to be resolved by Friday night.

Early Friday afternoon, I received two phone calls, one from a gentleman whom I have known for some time who is connected to the IMF, the other from a gentleman who works for the U.S. State Department.

The gentleman with the IMF advised me that the remaining issues with the one country's software glitches had been resolved, and that the IMF/UST group was going to have what was expected to be the final effort to have all 25 currencies in this present basket online.

Skrappyone :   I now have a source from Baghdad, with a link to a very high source in Iraq economics. 

I will not tell you what department this person is linked to and I hope you understand why.(safety).  I talk to this person now on a daily basis and yes we dicuss the Dinar among other things in Iraq. 

This source stated that things in Iraq are what we have been reading as far as the Iraqi people being fed up with the way they have to live. They are wishing they had Saddam back, if that tells anyone how bad it is over there. 

Millionday news 5/25/13

    [millionday] alright everyone -- news is good tonight  alright let me say one thing first  it looks like they are getting it ready to go -- only thing that makes sense right now so lets look at a few things

    [millionday] for one ::: cbi is saying they are entering the new monetary system in june -- which is a week away or so

    [millionday] for two :: they are moving everything rolling for a free economy

    [millionday] lets look at this

    [millionday] Seeks specialists to develop the reality of Iraq's economic through the study of the legislation of new laws in line with the phase experienced by the country to shift from a centralized economy to a market economy, as it requires the transition phase - according to specialists -

to make changes to many the most important changes in the Angels Administrative because it has an impact on the formulation of legislation and important economic laws.

Millionday news 5/24/13

    [millionday] Stressed the financial affairs expert Samir  the need to review the work of the banking sector in the previous stage before the adoption of methods of banking reform.

 He pointed out that a good indicator in the local banking business lies in achieving the total balance of deposits in the Iraqi banking system (42) trillion dinars and a proportion (29 percent) of the total liabilities, an indicator of monetary and financial stability.

He added, "morning" to build a banking sector discreet depends on the profitability of those banks, efficiency and capacity of their capital in the face of circumstances and economic variables, such as liberalization of the financial sector and the change in the course of monetary policy and financial sector development and the evolution of the investment climate

    [millionday] note -- much more advanced banking for iraq


[MarkZ] Two second fly by. All is well, no real action to be expected until tomorrow night or Monday. Go enjoy your weekend. If you need someone to blame just blame 41. His curves are worked around though so enjoy your weekend! I will save details for post instructions. :) I will try to do a Q and A tomorrow evening. Blessings


weimar] MarkZ Post Instructions, is that diff from email?

[okrocks] whoohoooooooooo for POST instructions

[WCW] MarkZ hello bro. I will hang around bro. Are u hearing all the good intel about tonight

[pat] okrocks what is post instructions

[okrocks] pat well we have pre and we have post ;)

[pat] okrocks post is after

[calibeach] Now that was an awesome post!!!! Woooooohoooooooo! thanks MarkZ


"Central Bank implemented a Plan in next June to raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi Dinar"

First of all, I just reported to you guys couple days ago about June 1st of this to occur. I was surprised as you all to see this article come out today from Iraq. And quite frankly a bit alarmed !

So I had my Kurdish friend try to reach our GOI contact to see WHY this was posted.

First of all the language "next June" DOES refer to THIS June.

He just replied back and says that as far as he knows plans are still ON !! He did say that his pay grade is such that he is part of the architect of this plan but NOT the button pusher.

He says this may be of two scenarios :

The below posts were in our 6pm email

[tlm724] good afternoon everyone, you all want a status update , take a look at where we stand ??

I have been digging this morning after BondLady broke out the newest article about the CBI and thought I would show you a few things

well let me show that article first

Central Bank implemented a plan in next June to raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar

Post 25 May 2013

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN ) A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee that the central bank told us that he will implement a new plan to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange either the U.S. dollar.

A member of the Committee Faleh Djiashi,'s (IMN ) That "the Central Bank told the parliamentary Finance Committee that an action plan will apply early next June, would be enough to raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar."
suz (8:58 AM): We all thought this would be over by now. I invested in 2009.


suz: Did Obama extend the DFI Funds?


suz: ok. Do you think that will let them prolong the RV

[Robertprofessor] blackjon If you insist in your thinking that this is primarily or exclusively about Iraq, then logically what you accept and reject is predictable. We'll all get to pay day on the same day though. jmo

[blackjon] Robertprofessor and thats the truth

[Jester] blackjon i am not in it for the money anymore... i was... until i opened my eyes and saw what really needs to be done...

[Jester] to some it is all about the money... to me it has become about opening as many eyes to the real problems that exist with our system as i can... because when you get your money what you do with it for the greater good is what is going to be important...

[okrocks] blackjon from all I have read on that all of it is in place and agreed upon many times in articles but just not implemented yet... and they will all be seen when this is shown... imo

[jawjaboy] blackjon I personally believe Iraq was set up for this to happen long time ago and it's been the global reset as the delaying factor, not Iraq. They are trying mightily to keep the pot from boiling over while bugs get worked out IMHO.

[oxglove] jawjaboy finding all the pieces, always moving and changing , setting them all out, having them change for whatever reason(s) develop profiles, making them work together and in a secure environment. come on really roflamo can you say logistics? lol lights, camera, action first time. wow!
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[oxglove] Jester is the "technical" part of this secure now in your opinion?

[Jester] oxglove i believe it is... they are simply working on getting the people in front of us through the system... a lot of things have to be done in a certain order to fund other things... there are a lot of people that previously had skr's that need to convert to funding in order to do that... and they are working on it...

[Jester] you guys might be helped a bit by understanding this... skr's are a recipt for an asset.. could be a fur coat of something valuable or a stack of dinar... the reciept is for the asset... this system was used to find out what everyone has out there... a pre-count if you will... now those skr's must come back into the system and be converted to funding... hopefully that makes sense...

[jetdemon] Jester I thought they cashed in those SKRs last week.

[okrocks] jetdemon who said that???

[jetdemon] okrocks Who knows.... One of the "gurus". Lol

[Jester] jetdemon well... the have been working on that yes...

[believer55] jet started not complete
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[okrocks] "Negative People need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it will take their breath away."

[Jester] okrocks can you put that in every 10 minutes all day long please? lol

[okrocks] Jester rofl

[sailman] Jester SOOOOO do you have any more insites into the "process" and where we are -- before I have to scoot :)

[Jester] sailman it's like this... i could tell you who is doing what... this person follows that person... we are expecting this person next... etc. etc... but it would not help you because them i would have to download a mind map to show you how it all ties together... just easier to say the process is underway and things are getting done...

[treasure4e] proc�ess [ pr� s�ss ] series of actions: a series of actions directed toward a specific aim series of natural occurrences: a series of natural occurrences that produce change or development legal proceedings: the entire proceedings in a lawsuit Synonyms: procedure, development, activity, progression, method, route, course of action, manner, means, course
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