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11am, May 26th, 2012  


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Chatter Around Dinarland Sat. AM
The IQD Team~~Highlights Summary Replay~~Conf Call May 25~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Final Countdow
Med & Member Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
Med & Member Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
Part 2 Scooter & BondLady - Post By Priscilla927 BondLadys Corner
Part 1 Scooter & BondLady - Post By Priscilla927 BondLadys Corner
Duckboy Newsletter - Post By Leo GET Forum
Austin-Powers-For-PM - Post By Leo GET Forum
BMW in chat at 3S's Friday night
Soonerfan62 in chat at Intel4U Friday evening
Randy Koonce Text Posted by Soldiers Burden at PTR
Saturday Morning 9am (CT) Conference Call with Wangdang
The below posts were in our 6pm email
JonnyWG at Intel4U chat Fri. Afternoon
BGG and Poppy3 at DinarUpdates Fri. Afternoon
PTR CC for Friday afternoon
BGG's Our Dinar Update May 25th from DinarUpdates Blog emailed to us
THE IQD Team~~Conference Call FRIDAY May 25~~8PM~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News
BWM and 3sintl Members Chat Fri. Afternoon
Rumors and Opinions in Dinarland Early Fri. Afternoon
ArizonaHEat From 3sintel Chat Fri. AM
Thursday Night PeopleInvested Call with Fresh and Guests Recording Link and Replay #'s
"The Next Step" Conference Call Late Thursday Night Recording Link and Replay #''s
Chatter Around Dinarland Friday Morning
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Chatter Around Dinarland Sat. AM

[farliegirl]  Have a great memorial day, please remember our troops and their families in prayer, without them we would not be free!!

 [BOBGETZ6] mimi3 Nothing to brag about. Tne news pipline is somewhat dry, but looking good, IMO.

[BOBGETZ6] mimi3 Some bankers I know are excited and I did get some partial information on cash out.

May 26 7:20 AM [mammat] I particularly like this sentence.....

May 26 7:21 AM [mammat] " the decision to withdraw confidence from the government's decision is binding on all parties have signed it and can not be repudiated him, pointing out that the political blocs will start the actual proceedings after the end of the legislative recess of Parliament." 

May 26 7:21 AM [mammat] Thank you DOUBLE BB

May 26 7:22 AM [dannylee] when does that start

May 26 7:22 AM [BGG] mammat - Najafi can call an emergency session anytime he wants. I suspect they want to have another summit meeting in Mosul (after the NA pouts about Maliki again today). They will want to be "dead sure" there is agreement as to the replacement PM before they take this one out.
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The IQD Team~~Highlights Summary Replay~~Conf Call May 25~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Final Countdown

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Friday, May 25, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call 

Conference Call Replay -  May 25, 2012
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Straight Talkin Mike's Transcription of the Recap of Tonight's News 
(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article listed  - the following is just Straight Talkin Mikes recap of the news discussed) 


Central Bank is really stabilizing their as rates quickly as they can -
really trying to get things moving in the right direction
They are working with the Finance Committee..looking to bring their rate down to 1000 dinars to one dollar...which is from 1166 down to 1000 - we talked earlier at length about how that works....take the time to listen to the explanation about this - it will help you understand - basically they want to stabilize their currency so they can do more things with their currency in the future
whether it is drop the zeroes-  those type of things  --finally working in conjunction with the Finance Committee
Finally a sense of urgency to stabilize everything - get the banks involved and get the legislation they need to get the things they need to pass

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Med & Member Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator

Late Friday Night Chat


Brewbaby: do you think before Sept?


Med & Member Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator

Brewbaby (09:44:10):

TY breezin for this one:  It looks like the Dawa Party has issues within its party folks:

GIGI gets the GOLD STAR AWARD for this one:


Brewbaby: well ty boss

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Part 2 Scooter & BondLady - Post By Priscilla927 BondLadys Corner

[Scooter-EG] I think that new port represents the new Kuwait in terms of being a transmission location as opposed to an exporter    only tiime will tell us that one

[BondLady] kuwait has been goin non stop oil pumpin for ever then they verical drilled on iraq soil which of course didnt aid in friendly relations

[Scooter-EG] but it should get interesting  haaaahh   exactly  You are so right on that one

[BondLady] {wink}

[Scooter-EG] that's why there's a fight with Chpt 7

[BondLady] ready for the next 1?

[Scooter-EG] it's the demarkation lines IMO  and the oil that resides there
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Part 1 Scooter & BondLady - Post By Priscilla927 BondLadys Corner

[Scooter-EG] Najib said that "the central bank and government in the event will allow them to take action and contribute to a new monetary policies to control prices of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, they will be able to cancel the wait and start deleting the zeros and the restructuring of the currency."

[Scooter-EG] That's an interesting paragraph

[BondLady] yep  theres a couple a really good things

[Scooter-EG] Then follows it with this

[BondLady] mind if i show ya 1 too scooter   ok

[Scooter-EG] She Najib that "the central bank is still working to control the lifting of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar," afterthought by saying that "political and security situation and economic development at the present time does not help to delete the zeros and the restructuring of the Iraqi currency."
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Duckboy Newsletter - Post By Leo GET Forum

5-25-2012 Duckyboy Newsletter: So, here we are, again - Friday.  The WGS Gurus have come out of their man-holes, pump and dumped and retreated back into the man-hole.  These are the Gurus looking at the banks for an answer, which they won't get because the banks MAY only know a few minutes prior to when we all know.  

Why would anyone trust a banker with this information?  They would be buying up all the IQD left out there.  It's just silly.  

What we do know, kind of, is that tomorrow the day that we MAY see something start to happen with Maliki.  
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Austin-Powers-For-PM - Post By Leo GET Forum

5-25-2012 Austin-Powers-For-PM: We know that Iraq has a HUGE amount of government workers, and they get paid on the 1st Thursday of the month, which at this point would be June 7th.  We know they get paid in Dinar.  

Many of them then convert those Dinar's into dollars.  Those dinars get circulated and many of them find their way back to the bank, which then gets turned into the CBI for Dollars at the auctions.  

That tells me that the high point of dinar circulation in the economy is usually the 1st week of the month, and the lowest is the last week, especially the last few days of the month.  
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BMW in chat at 3S's Friday night 

[tobydinar] BWM do you think we will direction about Iraqi gov by Sunday (Maliki)

[BWM] tobydinar I'm glad you asked that... let me review for a second. IF you go back a little over a year the big "issue" was M's 100 days. Then it was the GOI (but the goi was in place) then it was erbil (but contracts were being paid) then it was O, then the GOI again, then M, then end of the year, then GOI, then G, then M and all along we keep getting deadline after deadline...

so what does that really tell us.. IMO it says it's NOT about Iraq but about their stability... all the "things" that ppl tell you we won't see an RV until we see IMO are things that we won't see until (simultaneously) we see an RV...

[MRP] BWM Wow, that is an amazingly wise post. Thank you!

LINDEEE] BWM..or was it about the banks? or the IMF? or the BIS? or Christine LaGarde?

mikeyg] BWM But can the RV happen anytime or only after the GOI is completed .

[BWM] how many times do we have to read the SAME articles with different dates to realize this is all about "need to know" and right now, we don't need to know...
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Soonerfan62 in chat at Intel4U Friday evening

Soonerfan62 5/25/12 6:00 p.m. EDT Good Evening everyone. I have not be on in a couple of days and trust me you don't want me on chat, you want me doing what I do everyday, and thats figuring out where we are. I'm sure you have noticed not many intel prividers have done much posting lately and I will let you figure out why. I will say this all of us, I mean myself, Freeway, Lojak, Papajack1952, Debtarheal, Studley, OKIE, Bulldog, Greg, Cap1, LGtennis, Texred, QF1, Dash, Tom, Johnny, and many, many others have not stopped trying to bring to you guys are best.

Soonerfan cont'd..... Remember we want this for you as much as us (well almost as much LOL). We are in the best position since any of you have been involved, even those of you who have been in 8 years or more (Don't know how you made it). Remember Monday for all those who have lost their lives so that we could even be in this blessing. If fact, thank all of those who serve and have served and I am proud to say I was one. Relax and enjoy your weekend with your families knowing you're lives are gonna change REAL SOON for many generations to come based on your choice to get involved. Soonerfan62

Randy Koonce Text Posted by Soldiers Burden at PTR

Koonce Info text from 5.25.2012 

How you makin it XXXXXX,

I am dropping a note because of the amount of email and calls I am getting and this will get us to Sunday..

Maliki will not be out he is willing to do what the big guys want. The reason we have not seen it is because of the 5 in 1 meeting between Russia, china, US and others this has slowed down the process... this meeting was to only be a few hours and lasted 2 days....Since it is over and we are in the holy day then we are expecting some things to move by sunday...

Do not worry about bank screens, but this ride is coming to an end....

Saturday Morning 9am (CT) Conference Call with Wangdang



CALL NUMBER  530-881-1300        *** NEW PIN CODE **** 111646

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The below posts were in our 6pm email


[.jonnywg] all is good

jonnywg] Montreal Montreal planning a trip

[.jonnywg] Montreal Montreal out looking at bar stools..............imported

.jonnywg] all is well in bankland as they prepare for the long weekend......... not much we can talk about so why don't you tell me what you think and maybe i can comment

me what you think and maybe i can comment

 [Angel] .jonnywg will this be over on Tuesday, lol

[.jonnywg] Angel possible.....but limited

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BOMBSHELL annoucement!! Updaters Chat 5-25-12 By: BGG
2:51 PM [BGG] BOMBSHELL annoucement!!

[BGG] Washington has told Sadr, thru Barzani, of course - they have no issue with a Sadrist candidate to lead the country vs. Al- Maliki. That support and the recent poll out showing 60% support for a Sadrist instead of Al-Maliki spells DISASTER for the dxxxxxbag NA gang!!

 [BGG] They should have named a replacement and thrown their support in with the FAB 5. They would have at least not faced the next 20 years in political obscurity.

[BGG] My thinking is I highly doubt we see an end to this weekend - but it is coming soon.

[BGG] DC has officially thrown their boy under the bus...


[kmiller68] bout time

[booshay] well its about time DC did it

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Call Back NO's   760-569-7699 pin 418025#

Freeconference Playback    Link    81 Min



Posted on May 25, 2012 by BGG

Hello Updaters!!  *** Chat Comments *** is good today and the *** Current News *** is awesome!! I hope you like today's Blog - BGG

UPDATE: Here is my thought for the day...current news is AWESOME!!

*** Current News ***

Reliable source reveals the 3 options in the community to bring down Maliki Najaf

Sources close to the community meeting Erbil and Najaf told news Shatt al-Arab that there are three options taught by five forces to withdraw confidence from the Maliki and are:

1 - more than half of the resignation of the Council of Ministers in order to drop its legitimacy and thus bring down the government.

2 - Provide a request by the President of the Republic of Barlman to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister to resign, and is as well.

3 - large parliamentary rally is around 200 seats or more to withdraw confidence from the Maliki note that the constitutionally required number is 163.

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The IQD Team
Investigate, Question, Deliver
Conference Call (Rescheduled Call from Thursday)
Friday, May 25, 2012

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate,  Question &  Deliver the "Straight Talk" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Dinar, RV & Our investment.....
Pre & Post RV.....Followed by Live Q & A

Call in Number:   760-569-7676  Pin 769478# or
Back Up 760-569-7676  Pin 712222# (listen only)



Please Remember to Click on the"CC NEWS ARTICLES" Tab
On our website
Approx. 5 Minutes Before the CC Tonight...
And Then Click on Today's Date
So You Can Follow Along With the News!

The IQD Team
"As Always...All The Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News
and More...Pre & Post RV...Followed by Live Q & A"
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 8PM EST 

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to keep the Dinar community informed with the "STRAIGHT TALK" Truth and the Facts based on the News


[drob1111] Maybe we'll be shed of maliki this time next week

[averysgrampa] drob1111 hopefully

[drob1111] Maybe sooner if we are lucky

[brsuperduty] drob1111 or maybe tomorrow

 [docremeyer] brsuperduty Well then, ler 'er rip!!! If Maliki is queering this deal, then he must go!! He's putting 98 countries in peril, plus killing off what countries will do with the money, like make lo and no interest loans. In other words, this fat little man is controlling world-wide commece! Aut Mischta!

[brsuperduty] docremeyer i think he was liking controling this whole thing but it backfired on him

[BWM] well I know we've discussed this in general in the past but have gotten this question lately a lot..."does it matter what day of the week?" no, it doesn't matter what day of the week it is at this point IMO... I know friday is the big day from the past and tuesday thru thursday are the big bank days but this has become a situation that overshadows what day of the week it is...

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[SWFloridaGuy] 5-25-2012 [poppy3] ok saturday will be big for all of us and it is the last day of the required 7 for m .. I am sure all of you noticed they have scheduled their deciding meeting for that day also. They are in a hurry just like we are. They will rid themselves of the 900 lb gorilla on their back and we will see some sunshine. I will be back after meds and some time. Poppy3

[SWFloridaGuy] Bigdog55 There's a lot of reports that came out today saying they have until Saturday to find a replacement for Maliki. All we can do is wait and see what happens. There was an interesting article that came out today that mentioned the 3 different ways they can go about unseating him.

[eagles4] Skyman This is the first time I have really felt it is over. Hope that feeling is right. No intel just a feeling. MY wife says I am scary because I am usually right

 [eagles4] Skyman she won't admit I am right in public however

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Hello all, I was asked if I was (ok?) (sick?) (left the country?) all kinds of things because I haven't posted in a while. The truth is, in reference to the RV, there is nothing spectacular to put out there.

Things are still moving forward, and we see ALLLLLLL kinds of articles out of Iraq, or Iraqi news from Europe based media. That right there should tell ya something, a Europe based news agency reporting on Iraq. Okie Dokie. But I know some of its true.

I spoke to some friends in Washington and they totally agree with the gradual climb of the Dinar in the coming months, they don't agree with the statement of printing the money. It is of their Strong belief that process was finished a while back. But I'm not here to cut hairs. They are in total agreement with the larger notes working side by side with the smaller denoms for 12 to 18 months such as the 25k note to be equal with the 25 dinar note, and no that does not affect us. They DO NOT agree with the scenario of a LOP.

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Playback for Thursday Night PeopleInvested Call with Fresh and Guests:

We had a very exciting call Thursday night and want to thank everyone who joined us live for a much anticipated update call from our P.I. Team!  Our special guests included Millionday, RobinRedHed, AZGhostHunter and Ivy.  Our team did a great job breaking down all of the very exciting news that has been developing in recent days and especially Today!  The biggest discussion was Maliki and the latest updates on the CBI and we discussed this throughout the duration of the call.  We got to a lot of callers in Q&A and had a lot of great questions that are common in the community right now and allowed us to paint a complete picture of where we stand as speculators in the Iraqi Dinar.

We are doing our Monday/Wednesday/Friday Chat update Today at 1PM EST in the PeopleInvested chat room and will share all the exciting updates since last night's call!  Be sure to come to our round table discussion Today and share whatever is on your mind or any questions you may have from Thursday night's call!


Playback number: (209) 647-1699
Participant access code: 271475 

109 Minutes


THE NEXT STEP ..... Late 5.24.12

This call is only if you like the News explained to you in a No-Nonsense Manner!

I must admit .... I like it!

IMO: Fast pace not boring .... Very Encouraging and Well Done!


530-881-1499 Pin 702073

56 Minutes

TailDragger] MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS,PLEASE BE KIND TO EACH OTHER AND REMEMBER GOD DID GIVE US THIS DAY TO REJOICE IN. Don't fear tomorrow, it may never come, Yesterday can not be done over, Let's learn from it. Love and serve today, rejoicing and being glad in it. We love Him because He first loved us. GOOD NIGHT MY FRIENDS. WE JOIN PRAYING THIS ENDS SOON. AMEN.

[windhawk] I have been staying out of the chat rooms lately,, Man it is really dismal out there concerning this RV,, lol,, I have really lost heart on this.. I hope all of you are faring better then I am on thinking this is going to happen sometime this year

Rocky49] windhawk I understand your feelings. Right now there are some positive signs. It is my understanding that China is really pushing for the VND to be RV. and that is putting pressure on getting the Dinar RV.

daniandquin] windhawk we have never ever been as close as we are right now. seriously. dont' dwell on the days and months and years of waiting, dwell on how much closer we are!

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