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6pm, May 28th, 2014    


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The I.Q.D. Team Connection~~Conf Call Replay Tues May 27~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV Election News~
The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
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Issuance of New Iraq-Related Executive Order

[tlm724] terminating the prohibitions contained in Executive Order 13303, they are taking their dough back !

Washington lifted the immunity of the Development Fund for Iraq and certain Iraqi assets

[tlm724] lifting the immunity granted to the Development Fund for Iraq and the private property belonging to the Iraqi government abroad

[tlm724] "attributing the decision to" evolution in the capabilities of the Iraqi government, to manage the consequences associated with the debt arising from the former regime


The Big Call Recording Link for Tuesday night, 5-27-14

Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456#  

125 Minutes

The Big Call


UU4322 Today's News - A Sad Story

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted  to give you more on the ongoing news about  the dinar revaluation process. There are some recent events that startled many this past week  and these events that are tracking nicely to tell us that the IQD revaluation is about to happen.

I also need to tell you a story today. A story about a plot to manipulate the politicians of the middleeast into picking the new prime minister.. One which the USA chooses and supports and not the country as a whole. This story sickens my stomach each time I think about it.

It does this because it is hard to believe that a country like the USA that boast about democracy and humanitarian efforts for the middleeast and yet can be so ruthless and cunning.


Post From KTFA By aggiedad77 � May 28th, 2014  *  Wednesday Morning News Summaries

World Bank proposes to apply the Chilean experiment 40 years ago in Iraq

Apparently the World Bank sees a great deal of similarity between Iraq and Chile from 40 years much so they are proposing to apply "the Chilean Experience" from that time period 40 years ago to three of Iraq's provinces today (Kirkuk, Karbala, and Maysan)...

these three were selected apparently based on a large urban movement within each and they have good teams in place...taking that to mean their provincial governments....

they see issues with getting annual federal budgets approved, a weak federal government, and insufficient support from foreign companies with reconstruction....largely due to instability within the country and rampant corruption in many sectors.


International Prayer Call Tonight 7pm est
530 881 1400   406878#
530 881 1499   406878#   recorded version

Dear God, Enlighten what's dark in me, Strength what's weak in me, Mend what's broken in me, bind what's bruised in me, heal what's sick in me, and lastly revive whatever peace and love has died in me. in Jesus name. 52 healed of cancer, back pain healed, tumors disappeared, over 400 come to Jesus, thousands touched, wont you come and feel his touch with us. A anointing on this call felt world wide.
God Bless

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for all your help



INDYGUY :Frank  Great CC last night.You almost said something about Wells Fargo last night. Are the finally admitting to it? What are they saying?

Frank26:  I have 3 WF sources I TRUST. Some ........... Are singing a different tune than it's a scam.

IMO ......... They are more relaxed and flexible in their communications with potential costumers.

This is a good thing for both sides of the TELLER's cage.

KTFA, Frank



Frank26:  "Greetings Jeff ....... Nice to have You on our CC ......... Ask me a qt."

Frank26 do You think Ramadan will delay the MR to bring forth an IR? (Monetary Reform and International Rate)

Answer: ................. Nope.

To waste such valuable MR TIME until then by the GOI would not be murder .......... It would be suicide.

KTFA,   Frank ..... Ta Da !!!


(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

Early Wednesday Morning: 
Be BLESSED......Posted by Philip T. on May 28, 2014 at 10:03am

Okay, so the GCR was yesterday and the Tiered exchanges are beginning to set exchange dates for the private oil credit exchanges.

 As of Jun 3rd it looks for the codes to be in place for all changes in monetary reform on the boards. I can not stress enough the importance to have seperate accounts zero'd to begin with. Have another account called your cash account.

This should consist of two years budget money my personal nudget is around forty a year with twenty for emergencies. So I need about an hundred twenty thousand for a two year outlook. Please have a list of cashiers checks needed for bank bills etc. Mortgages, auto, life insurance etc...

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
CNBC - Don't Fumble A Financial Windfall: Plan A Strategy
Guest Contributor | Scott T. Hanson

Your ship has come in. Through luck, talent, an inheritance, hard work or fate, you've finally come in to money, and perhaps surprisingly, what you're most feeling is ... overwhelmed.

Now what?

With the conclusion of the recent National Football League draft, a whole bunch of young men are suddenly going to be charged with managing almost incomprehensible sums of money. But what you might think would be the happiest moment of their lives is all too often the start of something much darker.

Post From Currency Chatter -Tlar's Comments (In Italic) On Current News Articles

Ralph     Motahidoun MP rules out investigating IHEC    Tuesday, 27 May 2014 13:58 | | |

Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Jamal al-Qilani, of Motahidoun Alliance ruled out investigating the Independent High Electoral Commission.

 Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he said "Investigating the IHEC is ruled out at the current time due to the lack of quorum that is resulted by the political disputes among the political blocs."

Millionday News 5/27/14  Part 2

      Welcome To Tuesday Night News With Millionday!

    [millionday] oh i am so happy -- this is great news -- so easy to sit back and see what is going on right now -- very encouraging

    millionday] whooopow -- look at this >>>>    For his part, said Pat Jeffrey, Managing Director who manages amounts of up to 110 million dollars, which fund the Euphrates Iraq that "Iraq could retrieves all bonds issued at par oil export revenues achieved in just ten days."

"This is a wide margin of safety, there is much that could be worse, but investors can still achieve yields very good."

Millionday News 5/27/14  Part 1

    Welcome To Tuesday Night News With Millionday!

    millionday] Yasser incumbent stands most of the commercial banks, government was the mother of a civil unable to tackle its debt distressed that hindered the growth of banking and economic alike, regarding managed private banks to decisively put the terms of lending tight,

although it method is effective in practice Lending Activity Alaanha managed to maintain mechanisms for payment after that suffered from the old debt before 2003 as they kept the government reeling from debt repayment.

    [millionday] note -- so they are stating that the debt owed is an issue -- what else is new -- that is for everyone

[awakein3d] Press release from UST May 27 2014: Executive Order 13303 Terminated

[dinarrocks] I know we are "close" and it will be "soon", but would be nice if those words would hold to their TRUE meaning!!! LOL!

[dinarrocks] Seems that if 'O' has terminated 13303 "prohibitions" that Iraq would be foolish to NOT go ahead and give their currency REAL value to offset their debts.


[dinarrocks] Jester Going out of town for 2 weeks this week-end; should I take my dinar with me or will you hold off the reset till I get back? LOL!

Dear ZAP,

I am hoping you can bring some clarity to me regarding the prosperity programs and humanitarian projects.

Please explain why have those who are in charge of the OMEGA funds and other prosperity programs waited so long to release them? I invested in OMEGA all the way back in the year 1999 and despite numerous assurance from Poof it would pay out soon, most of us continue to wait some15 years later or even longer for others.


Can you please explain what has been the purpose of such a long hold up? Given the dire economic conditions in the US and the world, aren't those funds needed now more than ever?

POOFness for MAY 27: "Sing Out"

Greetings and Salutations:

POOF SAID; So where are we now. We are again at the finish line. Who is it that does not want you, the working class, middle class Americans not to have these funds?
Why are they so staunchly seeking to withhold this remedy for many of America's ills? You are smart enough to know now that those who have it want more and more and more.

If there is a lesson to be learned it is that money isn't the end all; it serves, it helps, but it can also be a black hole. So once more you are hearing me say, Do your homework.
Figure out who has been healthy and done well and remained sane in the world. Find your role model and find a life coach, you can; people are willing. If you won't read, then find yourself a mentor. You don't want yourself unprepared being caught like a deer in the headlights that would been greatly unadvised.

The I.Q.D. Team Connection - Straight Talkin' Mike, L.J., Debbie & Diana
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Replay of Conference Call
or Call: 760-569-7699 / Pin: 769478#

The I.Q.D. Team Connection's News Coverage for Tuesday, May 27, 2014 


The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
Post From Currency Chatter By Tlar
Tlar   You guys are all friends.   Today at 6:01 PM

Comment - I have been asked by a few if am I willing to go public and admit it if I have been wrong in calling both this election and the RV date.  My answer is simply yes. 

I read every day and I do my best to interpret what I read.  As most of you know by now, I have been consumed since 2009 with this investment.

 I love politics and have always tried to look forward based on things, people, events and positions.  It is my opinion since the first straw poll that Maliki is finished.

[blessingsabundant] SpecialAgentGibbs I asked about you last night...........................said you were taking some time off! I see where. Have not been on in some time due to obligations and out of country.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] blessingsabundant I banned myself, and retired

[SpecialAgentGibbs] blessingsabundant They promptly threw a party

[BigDog-OH] SpecialAgentGibbs rofl

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Whatever the details work out to be, view the end of the DFI protections as Iraq just took a huge step forward towards regaining their place in the global community

Fact Check #122    "Changing Gears"  Q & A Plus Comments  Part 2
Ben says:
             May 27, 2014 at 6:36 am   Hi,   Thanks for the intersting info. I am kind of new to this site. Was wondering if physical Gold and Silver are recommended by the WH ?   Thans again.    Ben

whitehatauxiliaries says:               May 27, 2014 at 10:35 am  Hello, and welcome.

The White Hats are not investment advisors and do not make recommendations.

My personal feeling is that metals should be a part of any portfolio. Please consult a qualified precious metals advisor for further guidance.   Thank you.

Fact Check #122    "Changing Gears"  Q & A Plus Comments  Part 1

Andrew says:     May 26, 2014 at 7:42 pm

Thank you Tony and your WH contacts. You have prepared us well: it is on track to occur, a breakthrough will come, until then we know what to do: get our own personal houses in order.

The clue from John at OWoN is the same - do the market research and invest and plan accordingly (are precious metals part of your portfolio?).

When it does occur it will simply be another step for us on our journey of moving this planet forward. For now I am grabbing the popcorn to watch the China/Russian/US/IMF drama play out. Carry on... Best Regards.

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