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10pm, May 8th, 2013   


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[hub] i inteviewed a man that had worked for my company for 4 years and took a job in iraq, he was there 2 years and came home 20 days ago. he came in looking for a part time job and i asked him if he knew anything about the dinar....

he told me he knew it was going to go up in value but didnt know much more..just a driver, so no whole lot of interest in the dinar, but he did bring home 250,000 dinar....but he knew the talk was it would revalue , but did not know when............

[Lauren305] hub I believe the tendency amongst dinarians is to think everyone who's stepped foot in Iraq is aware of the Revaluation of the IQD. Most who arrive there, probably have but one thought.... When can I go home... Language issues. and few believe in hitting the jackpot with pennies.

[hub] Lauren305 that is true and he had no real knowledge, just the word around erbil was it would soon revalue,,,nothing else,,,,he does have a rifle shell he pulled out of a sign that was shot toward him....and 250,000 dinar........

[shasta7] so how is everybody doing tonight?

shasta7] so are we waiting for button to get pushed, switch to be triggered, or lever to be pulled for this evasive RV? Lol

Brazil becomes first BRICS nation to take head of WTO

GENEVA - Reuters: May 8, 2013

Brazilian Roberto Azevedo wins the race to head the World Trade Organization, the first candidate among the BRICS club of emerging economies

Brazil's Roberto Azeve won on May 7 the leadership of the World Trade Organization. AFP photo

Brazil's Roberto Azevedo has won the race to become the next head of the World Trade Organization, the first candidate from the BRICS club of emerging economies to take the job.

The career trade diplomat now faces a huge challenge to reinvigorate the global body, which has failed to wrap up the Doha trade liberalization talks after years of stalemate and risks becoming irrelevant without a breakthrough.

Azevedo beat Mexico's Herminio Blanco, widely seen as the favored choice of the United, in the final round of the contest to succeed France's Pascal Lamy, who steps down on Aug. 31.





Strategic agreement between Citizen Coalition and SLC to form Diwaniya local government

Diwaniya (AIN) -Inad al-Naeli, outgoing Deputy Chairman of Diwaniya Provincial Council, and nominee of Islamic Fadhila Party within the State of Law Coalition (SLC) stressed a presence of a strategic agreement between the SLC and the Citizen Coalition to form the local government of Diwaniya province.

Naeli said "This agreement does not mean marginalizing the winning slates but all will play vital role in forming the local government in all its departments," he pointed out.

"Consultative meetings will be held in Baghdad comprising heads of the coalitions and the political blocs to determine a new road map for distributing the positions according to the merits," Naeli added.

"The coming days will show important findings for these meetings," he concluded. /End/ LINK

Dr. Nan :  So now it begins. Does this mean Mal-icky is forming alliances to stay in power?


[spiritfilled] Robertprofessor Sometimes I feel like we are on perpetual hold for an email like the old days of phoning someone and being put on hold...hahaha

[sailman] Papa Bear Hi there --- just on break --- have you heard from Okie today or any other good word for us ???

[Papa Bear] Hang in there and hold tight I understand this zipline is world fastest

[1biz4u] Robertprofessor have you read what SteveI said on recaps? What are you thoughts about his timing and the dfi funds being released?

[Robertprofessor] 1biz4u I saw it, but didn't read it. However, this event is global. Nothing in any one country is going to stop or delay it. If Iraq needs some kind of protection after May 22, somehow, someway, there will be help for them with the DFI. I don't even think about it.

[okrocks] VIC on his call said if the DFI is extended not to be concerned about it..

okrocks] just cuz: Wells Fargo The Private Bank:

Wells Fargo Wealth Management Insights Center:

[okrocks] from the presidents schedule today: Later in the afternoon, the President and the Vice President will meet with Secretary of the Treasury Lew in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.

The below posts were in our 6pm email

[TexasMom] Jester I know we're not supposed to bug you, but anything new to share?

[kelbell] Jester! Is xyz's post of Iraq likely to seek another year of DFI protection by US something we should we concerned with?

[Jester] kelbell not in my opinion...

[WEW] Jester ... My friend you have really stepped up to face the fire. You must have a heart the size of Texas to fight so hard to be of service to others. Some of us understand your contribution. Thank you Sir.....

[Jester] WEW smoke is easy... it clears shortly... thank you

[1biz4u] Jester has everything been put on hold again? Are we just waiting email, just anytime?

[Jester] 1biz4u no hold... lots of things are getting done... just processing still... waiting for the email...

[jblb] Jester very good video yesterday btw thx

[Jester] jblb hope everyone will watch and learn from it... it explains a lot...

Millionday and Fresh Wednesday Round Table at PeopleInvested:

** Be sure to join our daily chats at 7:30 PM EST and our Round Table Chats every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM EST at **

[millionday] here we go brb
[millionday] please read carefully
[millionday] this is about changing the currency out and also is refering to already printed currency

[millionday] Imran: call the process of protecting the Iraqi economy, the Government's adoption of precautionary measures in banks and security services, to prevent organized fraud gangs of bringing counterfeit money into the country, and access to the treasury of the Central Bank. A number of shop owners for their suffering banking from entering the local and foreign currencies fakes from different categories, containing all safety indicators present in the currency, can not be distinguished from the original iPods fraud detection, using only traditional methods reveal counterfeit currency.

[millionday] Said Amer al-Saadi: shop owner for banking in the Stock Exchange of Kadhimiya to exchange cash: Log large amounts of local currency counterfeit to the country in various categories, as well as entering the dollar Israeli-made, highly professional does not distinguish it from the original to fit on all signs of safety not fraud, but the mark milestones that have been discovered by chance that the dollar counterfeiter different from the original, in that when folded paper have chromatic simple halfway line-to-face personal American in it, as well as the existence of Milan in the edges of the paper when Ttiyaha could not printing companies counterfeit avoided, because the dollar original place print high professionalism.

[millionday] note -- this is talking about the security measures of the dinar in comparison to others --

What a beautiful time our Lord Jesus as set up for us. Let us receive all the blessings he as for us.

Come aboard tonight and receive with us.

7pm est.

530-881-1400   406878#
530-881-1499   406878# recorded version.

God glory is yours

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your help blessings
Iraqi funds between several options .. I represent the extension of protection

 With the approaching expiry    of Baghdad - Mostafa Hashemi

 at the time is approaching when Iraq from the expiry date of the protection fund Iraqi funds DFI by the Government of the United States, called specialists government officials to reconsider this issue and choose the most appropriate solution to end this file from a range of options notably the transfer of the remaining money in the fund to Iraq and the central bank to assume responsibility for payment of debt creditors.    FULL ARTICLE & LINK BELOW

STEVEl: The DFI funds are no longer in play. The basket of laws that are being passed will protect this so the 23rd is not important any longer. Could it revalue prior to the 23rd of this month? Sure. Will it, probably not until closer to June 1st or a few day thereafter.  Blessings,   Steve

[lightingcslt] ok all I have been thinking again and boy did the light bulb go off again last night

[lightingcslt] I want to bring something in give me a second

[lightingcslt] The parliament session in the presence of 175 deputies 07-05-2013 12:24 PM Baghdad (news) .. The session was held twenty to the House of Representatives in the presence of 175 deputies. said reporter Agency (news): The agenda of the meeting includes a vote on the health of the membership of Thamer Ibrahim Zahir and vote on a draft law amending the Social Welfare Act, and vote on the draft law on accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on the Arab Organization for information and communication technology, and the first reading of the draft law amending the Penal Code. added: that the agenda of the meeting also includes the first reading of the draft law on the first amendment to the law of the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice No. 10 of 2008, and the first reading of the draft law amending the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969, and reading first bill seizure and confiscation of movable and immovable property belonging to the pillars of the former regime. will also be the second reading of the draft Labour Code and the second reading of the proposed law first amendment to the law of service and retirement of Internal Security Forces, and the second reading of the draft law second amendment to the tariff law

[lightingcslt] now I want you all to look at the last paragraph of that article "will also be the second reading of the draft Labour Code and the second reading of the proposed law first amendment to the law of service and retirement of Internal Security Forces, and the second reading of the draft law second amendment to the tariff law"


Midnight Blue] GM dinarians

[Midnight Blue] We are over half way thru the 72 hour window rule after button was pushed. It can't be much longer now!

[superdj567] Midnight Blue what are your sources saying?

[Midnight Blue] superdj567 Last I talked to them, they were saying YESTERDAY! Lol

Midnight Blue] superdj567 Heard they were celebrateing in the UN. Those crazy party animals! LOL

[siskhyder] Well tk says today or tomorrow and frank says today and okie says now till the 15th and poppy says I have it covered?

[Lady Sarah] even NavyVet is saying it

The below posts were in our 10am email
The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - May 7, 2013
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Another Great Night of News from The IQD Team Connection

Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq  

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage
for Tuesday, May 7, 2013



[NavyVet] RV lamp is'm in if ya got'm...

[MichaelD] Navy Vet... Salute my brother

[Lady Sarah] NavyVet is it truely lit, or is someone reaching for the chain at this time, we are all ready to bolt at any time

[NavyVet] Still hearing days not weeks

[monkeyman] NavyVet im glad you came around

[toni] NavyVet i'm praying days

[rich17] You know I was reading in the forum about the plane load of important folks heading to Wash DC tonight from the west coast...and asking why...and the answer being there is a big meeting at the UN tonight. I guess they have discovered by now they should have flown to NY rather than DC if they wanted to go to that meeting. haha

[DISHMAN] It feels as if this RV race is a marathon and you can see the finish line strung across with tape right in front of you but its held by 2 motorbikes either side and there riding off just a bit faster than you can run... hopefully they run out of gas soon

Frank25/Delta CC Tuesday 5-7-13   113 Minutes....760-569-7699   156996#

The first hour is Blble Study..The Second Is all RV News


Post by DELTA � May 7th, 2013, 7:04 pm  * 



(Bokra means "Tomorrow" in arabic......hmmmmmmm)

Tidbits from KTFA CC Tues. Night Emailed to Recaps

AT THIS POINT, WE ARE ON THE BLUE COUCH (all conversation from here is speculation based on experience and intel, but there are no links or evidence that can be produced, just the reputation of Frank and his team):

* Shabibi left Baghdad and went to NYC

* Jack Lew was in NYC meeting with WS last week

* yesterday Shabibi, Legarde and Lew went to Reno, NV to meet with WF

KajunRedBull] Robertprofessor all Gurus have either drop dead or they are waiting for Okie so they can call him wrong and rephrase his words for themselves! :

[Robertprofessor] KajunRedBull Seems whenever Okie makes a major post, things go quiet, but now is different. We know about two major meetings the last two days. I guess it's a time to listen to the clock ticking.

[sananddan24] Jester you know how to wake up a room....

[Jester] sananddan24 hey you guys shouldnt be sleeping! lol

[Robertprofessor] Jester "Seems" like it's been calm today ... makes me thing much has happened and we just haven't heard about it yet.

[Jester] lots of good info today... there are a lot of things happening... not just the rv... sweeping changes in the us and the world happening and soon to come...

[Robertprofessor] Jester That's what I guessed, but hasn't made it to our level.

[heartfelt] Jester I read where Soro's made tons on currency trades recently!!!

[cheeny] Jester Looking forward to the sweeping changes in the US!!

[Jester] Robertprofessor well... the part you guys are all concerned about... headed this way at a high rate of speed from what i can tell... the rest... you guys really need to be ready... there is a lot more...

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Removing The Shackles Blog, sent by MarineMom

Well my friends, it's been a long time since I've given an update on this topic of the "RV", and things are jumping like crazy right now, so I am going to give you some of the information that I know and my thoughts that go with it all.

The Disinfo Mill is spinning like crazy and the past week there has been an insane amount of ridiculous rumours and gossip and out right lies being spread like rancid peanut butter.  We've always known that the closer the "RV/New Financial System/Nesara" gets, the more ***** would be laid down..... and this past week has been a doozy!!

I want to clarify a few points that really need to be hammered home here on the topic of the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong (and many other currencies).

[KAPERONI] -- First we need to go to the IMF and look at what they asked Iraq to do.. They did not ask them to RV the dinar..they asked them to chose an "exchange regime." 

There are only three choices for an exchange float, managed float, or pegged.

The reason they will come out low is there is 6-10 trillion dinar that needs to be accounted for outside Iraq.  Iraq cannot fund a RV at 1 to $1 with that much dinar and no central bank is going to buy the Iraqi dinar at that rate taking the risk that it would fail.

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