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10am, June 1st, 2012  


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"NEXT STEP" Free CC Replay Info - Post By
China & Japan Move Away From Current Reserve System - Post By Historian
Early Fri. Morning Poppy3 from DinarUpdates Chat
WF Bank Package Information Distribution
Soonerfan62 & Footforward in chat at Intel4U Thursday night
Footforward & Intel4u
The below posts were in our 10pm email
PTR CC with Dan short call for Thursday evening
BellaGrits & Soonerfan62 in chat at 3S's Thursday evening
Bear5642 at OOM Thurs. Afternoon from Spiritual Warrior
Part 2 Studley in Moderated chat at 3S's Thursday afternoon
How We Get Programmed
The below posts were in our 6pm email
SWFloridaGuy...Speaks To Studley - MIG Chat
Studley in MOderated chat at 3S's Thursday afternoon
OKIE OFFICIAL Pre-Graduation Announcement...DO NOT email Dinar Recaps any questions about this
Wise Words - FAMOUS QUOTES ON "EXPERIENCE"...5 Comments
Bulldog75 in forum at OOM Thur afternoon posted by SpecialAgentGibbs
Dinar Wishes at 3SIntel Thurs. Afternoon
Poppy3 in chat at Dinar Updates Thur afternoon
The IQD Team~~Conference Call THURS May 31
Dinar Update by BGG for May 31
Kaperoni posted by SWFloridaGuy Thursday morning at MIG
Randy Koonce Update posted by Ratatap at PTR late Wed. Evening
"What People Are Saying"...31 Comments
Highlights From Frank/Delta CC Emailed to Recaps Thurs. AM
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"NEXT STEP" Free CC Replay Info - Post By  Leo GET Forum


 (530) 881-1499  PIN - 702073#       Run time 60:28


China & Japan Move Away From Current Reserve System - Post By Historian

               This article shows China and Japan moving further away from the USD as a reserve currency. They have now opened up direct foreign exchange trading between their currencies. | June 1, 2012 10:00 am JST | China and Japan begin direct currency trading | SHANGHAI - China and Japan started direct currency trading on Friday as Beijing marked another stage on its journey to foster the yuan's use internationally in line with its growing economic clout..... Foreign exchange traders began swapping Japanese yen for the Chinese unit without having to use the US dollar as an intermediary currency when the market opened in Tokyo..... The new system paves the way for "full-fledged direct exchange trading," Japan's Finance Minister Jun Azumi said Tuesday..... China is Japan's largest trading partner, but about 60% of their mutual trade is denominated in U.S. dollars.

For related articles and an earlier announcement by China and Japan to trade using their currencies - and bypass the USD - see my post of May 23, 2012.,34159.msg57673.html#msg57673

What I find most significant is the increasing frequency of articles that announce movement away from the USD and Fed Reserve system by the world's major economies.

Have a great day! :  Historian

Early Fri. Morning Poppy3 from DinarUpdates Chat 

Jun 1 6:11 AM [poppy3] going back to bed but got a call at 4:30am saying that what i stated last week about other countries asking to rv prior to iraq because of all their delays and they confirmed several have been given permission to rv on their own. 

No timing for this has been given and it is not known what countries are included but we know vn has permission. The caller to remain annonimous says he thinks all of them will rv prior to june 15th but that was only his opinion?? 

This could be good news but that is also unknown at this time. Now sorry rich friends i will try and get some more sleep. Poppy3

WF Bank Package Information Distribution

Dinar Recaps will be Emailing to all our subscribers the WF bank package information within 15-30 minutes of it being released by WF.

We also will be posting in our Blog, and at the top of our Blog and Front page a Auto Responder email address to get the same information.  You just need to send a email to the NEW email we will post, and you will get a email within minutes with all the information needed.

To our twitter followers, we WILL tweet out at any time, day or night important exchanging information.

We HIGHLY recommend joining our Email list if you have not done so already.  To join our list, go to our POST-RV  page and it shows 3 different ways to join our email list.  VERY IMPORTANT, you will get a email back (this is to join the email list, not the auto responder email, and you MUST push the link in that email, do not reply to it to confirm your email.

If you have tried to join our email list, or have problems joining our list, get a new free email from Google or Yahoo, or ask a friend to get them for you.

Do NOT email Dinar Recaps about this information and/or our email list, we can NOT answer 100-200 emails every day pertaining to this.

NOTE: Dinar Recaps will be emailing the Bank Package information for Informational Purposes only.  We do not recommend anyone use them, or ANY package that we shall be distributing.  EVERYONE needs to due their own due diligence and research what is best for their situations.

Soonerfan62 & Footforward in chat at Intel4U Thursday night

[soonerfan62] Guys I'll say this in all the time I have been working on intel for you guys, I have never had a better day

 [footforward] soonerfan62 YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN

 [ [geterdone] footforward soonerfan62 Can either of you share why such a great day?

 [soonerfan62] geterdone Best intel ever and everyone on same page, no everyone in same sentence

[geterdone] soonerfan62 now that is really exciting

[LSUgal] been gone all we looking tonight?


 [sooner84] footforward Do you think the bank instructions will include sufficient time for the rate to stay "high" so there is not a rush on the banks? If so, will the banks communicate that?

 [LSUgal] footforward...are we still on minute to minute? Been offline all day and just got on

[footforward] LSUgal YES
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Footforward & Intel4u  Member  Chat


9:47 PM [nancee10] do we need to be in a group to get a group rate? or are we considered being in a group by belonging to intel4u website?


9:48 PM [Pastor Jedi] Hey, footforward, glad to see you, we are sooo ready to recieve this blessing! Glad you are here to bring it in?

9:48 PM [footforward] tc0043 AND AMEN

9:48 PM [cindyatbeach] footforward glad your are here with us! do you think there's a snag?

9:48 PM [footforward] jmcknight63 THATS FOR YOU GUYS TO DECIDE
9:48 PM [footforward] Pastor Jedi AMEN
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The below posts were in our 10pm email

PTR CC with Dan short call for Thursday evening

update w/Dan Playback number 805-399-1299 Pin 177112#

Freeconference Playback    Link    9 Min

Poppy3  / SWFloridaGuy & Members Dinar Updates Chat

6:50 PM [OfCourse13] Hey Poppy3! Tell us what you learned at lunch today!

6:50 PM [poppy3] i see most everyone is guessing what will happen how will it happen when will this happen how will they do this or that????? rich friends they know what needs to be done and my meeting today reveled to me that they haven't done anything yet to Maliki because of legal issues. 

LET ME EXPLAIN. They could have or would have already no voted his butt , but they have been threatened that a law suit would be files in the world courts and would take no telling how long to complete or recover from it. 
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BellaGrits & Soonerfan62 in chat at 3S's Thursday evening

BellaGrits] Hi ... just dropping by to tell you things are on the move...... heard from different people today--some of whom I haven't heard from in some time..... been a very productive phone day......everything is VERY positive.... absolutely nothing negative. Hope you all got signed up at ......... there will be a Bank Benefit Package following the Cash-in Package posted in the forum and a LINK with the email you receive when you get your codes after the RV. NO additional email will be needed for the Benefit Package. This will be at no expense to you--use it or negotiate with it--it's strictly up to you. HUGS! ~BellaGrits~

[soonerfan62] Good Evening everyone. been real busy for the last week helping my son, sure hope all you guys have been enjoying all the good news today. Sure has been a long journey for all of us but that has been the fun part (Yea RIGHT!!!!!!!!)
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JonnyWg  Update Intel4u Chat 

4:25 PM [.jonnywg] REMEMBER THIS   China  IS A MULTI COUNTRY EVENT THE POWER BEHIND IT ALL IS USA AND THE Chinese............................. THE    HAVE FULLY SUPPORTED USA IN THIS EVEN ............... USA will be stronger post

 4:26 PM [mbillions] .jonnywg Thank you Jonny... So there will be no devalue of the dollar?

4:26 PM [.jonnywg] mbillions never said that............ corrections may have to be made

Bear5642 at OOM Thurs. Afternoon from Spiritual Warrior

5:18 PM [BEAR5642] greetings everyone

5:18 PM [BEAR5642] i was suppose to email sambo with my update because i couldnt get in and i just logged on and ill do it myself

5:19 PM [BEAR5642] i would be totally shocked if we don't have an official announcement of the RV tomorrow

5:20 PM [BEAR5642] well you all have a blessed day and i just wanted to drop in and share the great news with everyone

5:21 PM [BEAR5642] I get everything that Okie sends out

5:21 PM [BEAR5642] God Bless You All

Part 2 Studley in Moderated chat at 3S's Thursday afternoon

[blessedinohio] A different code (answer to codreamer59)? I thought WF would have only one code - or are you staying the code is different based on whether you're on the Generals list or the 3's list? And possibly another if we're on Dinar Recaps list? Sorry - I'm a little confused...

averysgrampa] i think those depends just came in handy


generals64] Hey; comes the old "Grump"....NO one is attempting to make money on you guys....We are here because we want to be with Friends....If you are receiving any notes to that statement just let it go....These people have busted their tails for us....Give em a break...
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How We Get Programmed

How We Get Programmed

The following excerpt is taken from the book Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme by Richard Brodie. It is published by Hay House (April 2009) and is available at all bookstores or online at:

Chapter Eight   How We Get Programmed

"There are two kinds of people in this world: those that enter a room and turn the television set on, and those that enter a room and turn the television set off."

- Raymond Shaw, the protagonist in the movie The Manchurian Candidate

You know what a meme is-a thought, belief, or attitude in your mind that can spread to and from other people's minds. You know that we human beings are the medium for the evolution of memes.

You understand how evolution works by natural selection-survival of the fittest. And you've seen how our own genetic evolution gives us buttons: tendencies to pay special attention to certain things-especially danger, food, and sex-which helped us survive and reproduce in prehistoric times.

Read More Here - WISE WORDS

The below posts were in our 6pm email
[[SWFloridaGuy] I just spoke to Studley. I'm not a bank package person but from what he just told me, I think lost in the recent bank package posting was the underlying theme of what new information he's received that he would like to share but can't. (I know we all hate that)

According to his sources around the world (which are genuine and reliable) there has been some major developments and he says that he has some confirmations that have him very excited. He's not one to get excited, so I do take this as a great sign.

 I wish that came through more in the post rather than just bank packages but either way good news, is good news.
.... ...

[Studley] Thanks to BWM, and everyone here for having me, it has been a long and tough road, I and our team of negotiators have been working tirelessly to bring the best deal for all dinarians, I would like to caution everyone to NEVER give their dinars to anyone, nor specific info, the bank does NOT require that anymore, this special exchange has been negotiated as a grass roots effort to help ALL dinarians

[generals64] You guys, Studley is getting ready...He is going to discuss what is going on right now and in the future....Please be smart and listen and pay attention....Details that Studley puts out will be and are very intense....You guys are at the right place at the right time......Do Not Call a single bank...Period....Trust me on that one....



[shalala] DO NOT CALL THE BANKS!!!!

[19rue] Studley Are you hearing any news that we are closer than we have been the past couple weeks?
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DO NOT email Dinar Recaps any questions about this. 
We can not handle hundreds or thousands of questions.  A NEW Auto-responder email will be used and that NEW email will be on the top of this Blog page when we are allowed to post it.




If you have been with me in Dinar University, you'll want to head right to your group leader. Graduation announcements will soon be sent via email from your group leader, and there will be no public posting. If you are not on a group list, contact someone who is but if you don't also COMING SOON will be details of an email auto responder at Dinar Recaps. This is the only way to make this vital connection and secure your great GPA.

Dinar Graduates please do the following to secure your diploma:

*Secure WF Bank Code & Instructions - once the Bank issues the Bank Code and Instructions the group leaders will be sending it, via email, directly to group members. The WF Banker handling the large group has assured me that you will receive the best possible rate.

*If you are Not on the List - if you are not on the group list to get the WF Bank Code and Instructions then call other dinarians that you know and ask them if they are on the list and get the Bank Code and Instructions from them and also COMING SOON will be details of an email auto responder at Dinar Recaps if you don't know someone.

*Follow the Instructions Carefully - Please conduct yourself as professionals and be respectful of all bank employees. There will be ample time for each of us to get into the bank to facilitate our currency exchange. You must follow the bank instructions carefully to protect yourself and others. Please make Okie proud of each one of you as Dinar Graduates!

*WF Bank Package - the Bank Code will give you the best rate possible, but does not include other benefits the bank may offer you. In my younger years the bank would offer a new customer a toaster, or blender, so when you go into the bank use the code to get the rate but you should ask about the toaster, blender, or other benefits the bank can offer you. Remember, you don't get anything until you ask for it. So ask. The banker is there to help you.

*Don't Post the Bank Code or Exchange Rate - The Bank Code and Exchange Rate MUST NOT be posted on the Internet in a public forum. The Bank does not want their Bank Code or Exchange Rate to be posted for the general public, but wants this kept as a grass roots communication effort to the faithful dinarians of these groups along with their friends and family. We must respect the bank's request.

*Okie Wants the Best for You - the rate will be very good. Be very happy with the blessing given. The leadership team has gone to great lengths in working with the Bank to protect everyone in these groups, and to make sure this will be a seamless process for everyone involved.

Thank you for allowing me to be the senior member of the graduating class. We have all grown and are wiser. Use your new resources to help your family, loved ones, and friends to grow and make a better life.

Take care everyone, and God bless you all.


Comments are open for this topic and will be available for viewing upon approval -- You may share a particular experience and explain how you learned and benefited from it - Thank you in advance --

When I was young, I was sure of everything; in a few years, having been mistaken a thousand times, I was not half so sure of most things as I was before; at present I am hardly sure of anything but what God has revealed to me - John Wesley

No man was ever endowed with a judgment so correct and judicious, but that circumstances, time, and experience would teach him something new, and apprise him that of those things with which he thought himself the best acquainted, he knew nothing; and that those ideas which in theory appeared the most advantageous were found, when brought into practice, to be altogether impracticable - Terrence
Read More
12:44 PM [Bulldog75] starbucks : Just make sure everyone has all preparations (legal and bank wise) all in order including Passports, change of addresses, Trusts, Car tags, County tax record changes, all security in order. Please follow security directives for the Woves are changing into their best clothing as we speak.

Make no mistake, You are here for a reason. Take advantage of every minute to prepare a flawless path to Happiness. For the Money will not buy the Happiness; for that comes from within. The road is paved with Gold; but your mansion is in your Mind with the Heavenly Father. For this is So.

1:21 PM [Bulldog75] Frenchy carolinah2o mkraintz : I priortize my day by doing the things that Only I can do and must do. One must do what was listed above for example in Security of One's own protection & finances. One must do the "High Priority".
Read More

NOTE: Dinar Recaps will be emailing (NOT posting publically) this information to our email list.  Now would be a good time to join, or set up a new email to receive our emails.  You may go to ourPOST-RV page to signup.  We will NOT answer any questions emailed to us pertaining to this at this time.  Do not waste your time.

DinarWishes] Hello Peeps and Fellow Squirrels!!!! Hope everyone has made all their plans and have signed up in a group as NOTHING will be posted on the site..... We have been notified NOT to post anything reguarding Bank Business... If you are in a group then the proper information will be emailed to you once we RV.... Things seem to be progressing very well and I hope its all just a memory very soon....

codreamer59] DinarWishes Signed up and ready sir. Will this site at least announce the RV?

 [DinarWishes] codreamer59 once we RV there will be no lack of people in line to yell it from the roof tops....

DinarWishes] OK guys have to go for now.... I will be with family for some time and will reappear when I can.... BE GOOD AND GO RV!!!

1:53 AM (h) [poppy3] i only have a min or two i have a lunch meeting with a source and plan to feed him well LOL. THEY are making progress but are up to all their tactic's of for every one positive statement there are two that are negative . They are all talking opposites one says it's one way and the other say's just the opposite. 180 degree's .   i for one in the next few days don't have time to annalize the info. so I am dependednt on my sources and others. BGG is the best of the best at reading them and their actions so guys when he speaks listen up closely. Stay tuned news is fast. poppy3

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question, Deliver
Conference Call
Thursday, May 31, 2012     8PM EST

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate,  Question &  Deliver the "Straight Talk" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Dinar, RV & Our investment.....
Pre & Post RV.....Followed by Live Q & A

Call in Number:   760-569-7676  Pin 769478# or
Back Up 760-569-7676  Pin 712222# (listen only)



Please Remember to Click on the"CC NEWS ARTICLES" Tab
On our website
Approx. 5 Minutes Before the CC Tonight...
And Then Click on Today's Date
So You Can Follow Along With the News!

The IQD Team
"As Always...All The Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News
and More...Pre & Post RV...Followed by Live Q & A"
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 8PM EST 

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to keep the Dinar community informed with the "STRAIGHT TALK" Truth and the Facts based on the News

Hello Updaters!!   Today's Blog was done exclusively by member contribution. I just assembled it for them and provided some commentary. I hope you like YOUR (done by the members - Thanks so much) Blog today - BGG ;)

*** Current News ***

From (member) SWFloridaGuy -

Urgent ... Iraq: We are ready to (50 +1) and we will withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki during the day

A source from within the coalition in Iraq that the "meeting in Arbil have received the approval of the (50 +1) of the votes required for the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during the next few days."

The source, who preferred anonymity, said that "the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List and the Sadrists have done during the past two weeks to conduct numerous contacts with members of the bloc and some deputies from other blocs in order to persuade them to vote to withdraw confidence from Maliki, when asked in the House of Representatives" , asserting that they "have received the approval of the (50 +1) is required to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister."
Read More

Kaperoni: I think the CBI is moving in the manor that they can. What does not require coodination and partnership. Then at some point, hopefully when ready, the GOI will come into the plan. In fact, it may be that this will get the RV done and then at some point, the CBI will do the new currency later. Here is my favorite: "The Central Bank began to implement a new strategic equation will come out even where the dinar and the dollar.

The new strategy will work to increase the capacity of the Iraqi dinar as a step in the way of reform of the financial system in Iraq and stimulate the economy, and then proceed with a project to delete the zeros of the exit equation equal to the Iraqi dinar with the dollar and this requires the availability of several factors Kalnhod the agricultural sector, industrial and services sector and investment." Now if you take what I said before and apply it, it makes sense with that quote.

Just in from Randy Koonce:
How you Makin It xxxxxx
I am dropping a note to let you know where we stand at this moment.*

There is an article that a lot of people sent to me saying that Talabani and Jafaari will present a document for the no confidence in Maliki...* If this is a good document which i believe is true then Talabani must think that the deadline is sometime*tomorrow*and Maliki must announce the GOI sometime*tomorrow.* The only way he gets out is if Talabani caves in.***

So*Tomorrow*look for any announcement for the GOI, if we do not Get it then by 7 p Central time there should be some article for the conviening of parliament for the no confidence on Maliki........Some have read an article about a persons sources that say it will never happen..... Again Guys you are holding a currency that has to appreciate to make the budget work.....

Stick with Facts not someones opinion...... and that stands for the person that believes the constitution has a rate of .86 in it to be force.... Again the Constitution only talks about balanced budgets not rates of currency so that person needs to go back and read the thing...... the constitution is just about like ours since our lawyers help draw it up.....Relax look for events... Breathe* it is not a matter of If just when and how much.......

Ratatap at PTR


We at Dinar Recaps realize that with such a large community of investors where many cultures, faiths, and personalities are represented that we cannot possibly please everyone all of the time --

On occasion  we do get emails or comments that are from very unhappy readers - They are either bashing us for posting from certain Gurus or for too much religious or off topic content -

We are very  happy and proud to report that in just over a year we have had very few unhappy readers -and have continued to grow in number - We thank you for your support -

To introduce you to or remind you - We have a separate page devoted to "What People Are Saying" - LINK

We would like to share with you one very special letter we just received just last night - Dinar Recaps Team

To Dinar Recaps:

I would like to express my profound gratitude for you.

As an investor, I have many, many times felt dashed that this investment was not going to ever RV. But then, one of you would say a prayer of faith or express a new angle of hope and perhaps compare the faith in the dinar to faith in the Almighty.
Read More

Compliments of Frank & Delta

Shabibi on Iraqia TV- He has had no problems with Maliki
Shabibi on Iraqia TV- Maliki trying to take over the CBI not true
Shabibi on Iraqia TV- Tells GOI to stop lies and Rumors
Shabibi on Iraqia TV- Says a new plan implemented(note) Past tense
Shabibi on Iraqia TV- They need coordination between CBI and GOI(note) That is happening right now

CBI said on Iraqia TV- No new laws are needed to implement raising the value of the IQD

All indications are the CBI is ready!
Read More

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