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10am, June 11th, 2012  


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Tips are applicable to Dinarians as well:

Why Do Millionaire Entertainers and Athletes Go Broke? By Richard Ehrlich -Fox Business News

Why Do Millionaire Entertainers and Athletes Go Broke?
By Richard Ehrlich
Published May 29, 2012

Seventy-eight percent of NFL players are under financial stress or bankrupt just two years into retirement. Within five years of retirement, 60 percent of NBA players are broke, according to Sports Illustrated. We've all seen it happen to hundreds of celebrities and athletes. The following is a list of athletes and entertainers who made enormous sums of money during their careers only to wind up with nothing:

Kim Basinger, Wayne Newton, Vince Neil, Mike Tyson, Steven Baldwin, Jose Canseco, MC Hammer, Willie Nelson, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Lawrence Taylor (in the process of selling his super bowl rings), Billy Ray Cyrus, Michael Vick, Lenny Dykstra, Bernie Kosar, Scottie Pippen, Lawrence Taylor, Allen Iverson, seven-time NFL Pro Bowler Warren Sapp, and hundreds of other athletes and entertainers.

Questions to Ask
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Defining who we are:   Values, Traits, and qualities for inner peace

I will always be who I am. I labor through some areas and wishfully master others. I remind myself often of the two sentences to live by.

(1)  Spoken words cannot be unspoken.  (2) We are defined by our own actions.

 I try to treat others as I would want to be treated. Respect for others. Keep family close. Honor and respect your parents. Cherish friends. Choose words wisely. Laugh often. Listen more. Love always and unconditionally.
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Once upon a time in many lands both far and near there lived many people whose heads were filled with dreams of a better life one in which they could help others and become the people God wanted them to be ...

One day a wonderful opportunity arose in the lands but only those with a vision and a dream could see this...they were told to take this almost worthless paper and put it away and when the time was right that worthless paper would be worth great fortunes and all their visions and dreams would come true...
Read More

[BondLady] Awadi added that "there are drafts, the first is a project presented by the government in 2011 and the second proposal made by some of the House of Representatives and the Committee are engaged in their study."

Under the terms of one of Conventions Erbil that so they can be consensus on the oil and gas law, but the region accuse the National Alliance circumvent the conventions and pass the bill without taking the position of the Kurds. He pointed out that al-Awadi, "paragraphs listed in the proposed project, the government and parliament reached approximately 50 paragraph there is no disagreement between them in only four paragraphs."

He did not specify Awadi those paragraphs, but he pointed out that the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary will put their observations on Monday to leave the latter view to Parliament. The dispute is between Arbil and Baghdad on 41 oil contracts signed by Kurdistan government since 2007 until now and described Baghdad as "illegal".

[MRP] So, would it be okay with you if I talked about discernment? The reason why I'm picking this topic today is that many things are coming up, and if you are solidly discerning what is true for you, you won't get caught in a situation that might not work for you.

[MRP] Let me explain to you why that happens. Your body is programmed to discern truth and lies. It's a God-given on-board gift. We, however, are taught by society and culture to ignore this gift.

[wenmar] MRP Some groups of people are very welcoming and interested in what you have to say...

[MRP] wenmar Thank you.

[MRP] How many of you have been invited to a party by a friend, but you don't know anyone there? But, when you walk in the room, you feel like you came home?
Read More

Frank's Conference Call w/Delta Replay from Sunday@ 6 pm est 6/10/12

call 760 569 7699 pin 156996 #

Soonerpatriot - Hello folks. It's been a while since I've posted anywhere. I've been working on post RV projects, but still looking back to see if this RV is following.

Soonerpatriot - May not seem like it, but it is and we all are on the verge of not only witnessing, but also participating in one of the most historic events ever recorded. It will be in the history books with some of the most revered events in recent history.

Soonerpatriot - I just want to pass on to you that all is positive, and I've seen no negatives whatsoever. Some events that have happened over the past few days behind the scenes have pushed this endeavor even closer, and now we must wait. For most of us, we aren't that good at waiting.

Soonerpatriot - That's the reason I've begun work on post RV projects, looking into investments and positioning myself and my future companies in order to come out of the RV gates on the run. All of us need money to operate, and I am no different. But you'd be amazed at what can be done through planning

Soonerpatriot - So don't be dismayed or frustrated with that which you have no control over. What you do now for post RV you do control and this time will pay important dividends as we emerge from the banks with a deposit slip in hand for more money than most of us have ever seen.
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Millionday Sunday Night Chat at PeopleInvested:

** is having a Live Conference Call Monday at 8:15 PM EST!  CC number: (209) 647-1600  Participant access code: 496903 - Join Fresh, Millionday, RobinRedHed and AZGhostHunter for a BIG call! ** 

[millionday] Economic analyst said Abdul Latif Salem Ugaili, Iraq's ability to open multiple windows with all the economic world, and freedom from economic control of the neighboring countries. Ugaili said: that Iraq can be free from the control of the neighboring countries on the trade exchange through open channels of economic relations with all countries of the world, especially that there is a strong desire of all nations to deal with Iraq. He added that the strengthening of economic cooperation with the Iraqi sophisticated global goods will ensure receipt of good and of high specifications, which will support the national economy, and urged not to rely on the total trade exchanges with neighboring countries because its economy is limited and inferior goods.

[millionday] He pointed out: that the only concern that prevents Iraq from dealing with developed countries and the entry of its investment is the lack of security and political stability in the country, because international companies are looking for a safe environment to ensure their funds.

[millionday] this is amzing -- it sounds as if they are moving forward --- hmmm

[millionday] i have to say noone has called me and said that it is coming very soon but --- if its not -- i ask why are they talking like this?

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[Austin-Powers-For-PM] dinadave7 Several articles out there about no Chap 7 release and no WTO admittance. What are you hearing?

[dinadave7] Austin-Powers-For-PM I am hearing they are signed papers yesterday and will continue to do so tomorrow

 [Jorel] dinadave7 let's hope their pens don't run out of ink

 [Austin-Powers-For-PM] dinadave7 So Chap 7 will be released and Iraq will gain WTO atmittance?

Priscilla] dinadave7 so you don't think the UN will wait till the 15th to release from Ch7

[dinadave7] Priscilla officially....yes...unofficially...done this weekend


footforward] Sometimes im just way too opinionated. i think thats obvious. and for days i have just kept my mouth shut but i cant do it anymore. most of you have figured out what im about to tell you, but for the rest i need to make sure this gets out there

[footforward] there are guys like hammerman, bear and several others who are bashing the bank packages, and telling you flat out LIES about the bank packages. bear and hammer and a few others have suggested and hinted at certain packages getting a cut of the cash in money that they bring to the table

 [top_gun] footforward i don't listen to bear and hammer.

[footforward] i can tell you flat out that is not the case with studley/generals group. what baffles me are these people who go around bashing this package or a certain group of people, yet fail to mention their own agenda. anyone ask any of these guys what their plans are post rv? or what their agendas are? no. they dont bother to tell you what their agenda is

The below posts were in our 6pm email



6-10-2012 SWFloridaGuy: "The Seattle Times reported that the Iraq president says the PM critics didn't muster majority.  Opponents of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki have failed to muster enough support to bring him down in a vote of no confidence, Iraq's president said in a statement posted on his website Sunday.

Opponents of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki have failed to muster enough support to bring him down in a vote of no confidence, Iraq's president said in a statement posted on his website Sunday.

Maliki, a Shiite, faces a growing challenge from Sunni and Kurdish parties as well as other Shiites within his unity government who accuse him of monopolizing power.
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(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

Original Post from Red Lily 08/26/2011

Why You Need To Protect Your Privacy

The last few years have witnessed an all-out assault on your personal and financial privacy. Credit-reporting agencies, schools, Internet marketers, medical clearing-houses, and dozens of other private organizations all now maintain detailed records on us. However, by far the worst offender has been the U.S. government. In just the last few years, the government has:

Authorized the FBI, NSA and other agencies to intercept your e-mail, phone calls, and faxes, and keep track of your Internet surfing, without search warrants or other protections.
Read More

[BGG] Stick a fork in Maliki - he's done and so is our current Administration. Hakim was in a meeting with Jaafari and Maliki today and they were "probing" him on the depth of his "support" - which means, once this thing goes to a "secret ballot" Maliki is toast.

[BGG] I hope anyone who supported this thug gets everything they have coming to them!!

[letsdance] Berwari: Maliki's opponents will not negotiate with him without a third party guarantor to agree upon the implementation of the http://translate.googleu ��� dHgmmEbg

[BGG] and good riddance!!    

 [BGG] letsdance - because it says they have - over and over and he's a dirtbag liar.

[BGG] OK - enough fun for one sitting...I'm off to lunch.

The Gatekeepers Team... Sunday Night Conference Call!

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Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate,  Question &  Deliver the "Straight Talk" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Dinar, RV & Our investment.....
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UPDATE: Current updates for today...

 So by all appearances Talibani is "slow walking" an official vote in the Parliament. This could be over a number of things. Primarily - he has had his heart set on a true National Meeting with everything being done once and for all. Personally - I think this is a "pipe dream". Maliki has had every chance to make things right and chosen not to - over and over. A National Meeting with him at the helm holds very little promise - I'm afraid. Another issue Talibani might be struggling with is - there not being a clear cut replacement just yet - I'm sure he's eyed the post-prospects and may not be on board yet. Whatever the issue - they seem to be intent on proceeding no matter what.

There are some other options for the opposition to proceed under - with or without Talibani. This prospect of a "questioning" of Maliki followed by a secret ballot in Parliament could be very problematic for Maliki. First - he has a tendency to get firey and Parliament will know it's either him or them. Second, if the ballot is truly secret, I am fairly certain there will be far and away the numbers required to remove him from office. This may be another reason for the escalating rhetoric lately - the players all know the numbers are there. Especially if the MP's have the protection of anonymity.
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(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)  Do not email us. Recaps will not answer questions regarding this post.

Here is a Possible list of questions to ask your private banker. 

.Many private banking clients are insecure about the method to identify the critical information they need to know before they pick a new private banker.

Usually in the first meeting an adviser buries you under company brochures and gives you a nice standard speech. However, our experience shows that this kind of information does not even scratch the surface of what you really need to know.

As a first-aid kit we have prepared a list of 12 indispensable questions you should ask your wealth manager or private banker during the first meeting.
Read More

(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

The Challenge to Find Financial Pros You Can Trust Armed with some basic know-how and an understanding of your own needs, you, too, can find, evaluate and manage the advisors that are right for you.

Larry Evans had his first encounter with a financial advisor when he was 18. He recalls, "I remember meeting with this old guy who I couldn't relate to at all. I sat there listening and thought, 'This sounds just like a sales pitch.'" It wasn't until several years, and two advisors, later that a friend recommended someone who shared his own values. "Until then," he says, "I thought financial professionals were all about the same."
Read More

Just a quick update, Iraq PM Maliki is (as I said before) going nowhere. The information being brought to you by the wonderful world of Middle Eastern news agencies is BS.

We have no inside info on this situation, we have no date or rate, we are not on a minute to minute watch, we are just simply waiting for the revaluation to take place and that will happen when it happens,

I read a document on a study done on Iraq and the people there, no food, no water, no electricity, no jobs, so if you think for one second they want to continue on like this, you might as well just sell off whatever dinar you have and move on.

For me, I'm confident that not only does Iraq want his done, so does the IMF they are on the line for some big bucks with Iraq, the UN will also step in if the conditions of Iraq don't improve very quickly.

All the political garbage is wearing on people's nerves and patients. Always remember, we are a very small part of this situation, we don't matter in the broad spectrum of things,, so no one even cares about who calls it, the amount of dinar sold, none of that crap means anything to the Iraq RV or to the people in charge of this.

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