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10am, June 14th, 2012  


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[daniandquin] prissynell barb Readynow The information about the group rate and the non- disclosure is in the form for bella and studleys chat last night. To the best of my understanding (please correct me if i'm wrong!) I believe that when you receive your email with the bank code , you then call the 1 800 number to make an appointment to cash out. when you get to the bank, you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, THEN you will find out the Rate and your panking perks/package info. you will not be told the rate prior to signing the agreement

[blessedandhighlyfavored] President Obama will be speaking in Cleveland Ohio today, Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 1:45pm. No channel is given. You can watch it live on the internet too.

daniandquin] prissynell remember that they are all the same group- general64, studley, Kansas city group , our intel4U group- are all getting the same code and same rate

daniandquin] heartfelt IMO the other banks will not offer a rate that the group will get through WF.
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[Adam Montana] good morning everyone, it's that time again!  no typing please, I'm going to do a quick summary and then hop into the weekly Q&A  I hate seeing people get booted but we have to keep these things orderly otherwise they take forever and get very confusing

[Adam Montana] ok, as you all know.... nobody has cashed in yet, so we're all here waiting still the big deal in the news this week is the Kurds wanting to boot Maliki for failing to get his act together It didn't happen, and I'll talk a little more about that later

[Adam Montana] if you've been in this investment for over a year, you'll know that we have an important holiday coming up... Ramadan I say this every year, and every year people argue with me, but every year I am proven right.... NOTHING gets done during Ramadan.
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[okiesonshine] welcome Bulldog75

[Brian1] Bulldog75 Hello my dear brother and welcome

gypsymama] (((((((((((((((( HUGS BULLDOG ))))))))))))))))))

[Bulldog75] okiesonshine 4goldengirl REFINERSFIRE kat Pepe REFINERSFIRE sednet1 PoppaD pick3king dillon229 kansasgirl DelawareMeMom JBK setfreewithjc MISPLACEDBUCKEYE Retchie08 mofoxtrot1 herc825 sednet1 kitchencat mikesbabe telemar59 nanatoots hope44 LatinPrincess george aa PiratesMom tooldog WCW modelwoman papalove carolinah2o margot Kini : Howdy! Live from NY, its Wenesday Night Live !

palove] Bulldog75 whats the good news tonight if any....

[Bulldog75] balance53 747

[MotorCityGuy] Hey Bulldog75, did you forget your old friend from the Motor City? Go RV!!

Bulldog75] MotorCityGuy : where U been?

[MotorCityGuy] Looking for Love in all the wrong places...

[papalove] Bulldog75 will you answer some ? later this evening...

[Bulldog75] papalove : my pleasure

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[Georgiaboy] Just going out on a limb, but tomorrow looks pretty good ya'll

 [superbiz] Georgiaboy it really is FINALLY all falling together or am I still in dreamland???

[Angel] Georgiaboy I'll hold that limb for ya

[landons nana] Georgiaboy thank you!!!

[bcrt1] Georgiaboy so we should get a little excited, just maybe!?

[TotallyBlessed] Georgiaboy Georgiaboy praying for completion!!!! :yourock:

 [kansasgirl] Georgiaboy wooooo hooooooo and thank you!!!

[Georgiaboy] superbiz It really has all fallen together in the last few days

 [superbiz] Georgiaboy ty I am starting to allow myself to get excited again!!!

[mkay] georgiaboy...tell us again about forex being closed?

 [Georgiaboy] It really is the awesome news!! No doubt about it!





[BellaGrits] Georgiaboy SPILL IT!!! :)

Papa Bear] Georgiaboy Are you stalling so the RV will happen while you are with us on this chat?

 [Georgiaboy] Papa Bear Correct

 [shaya28] Studley is it true that CNN/CNBC announced a revalue of currencies for tomorrow? I even saw that someone said at 1:32pm (Thursday). Any truth to that?
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The below posts were in our 10pm email

[Studley] AndieZ thanks for having me

[E2012] Is there any truth to the smart cards being activated?

Studley] E2012 that is the latest rumor, I am a lot more skeptical than everyone else, so I am checking on validity

[modynell] Do all groups have the same banks listed to call for appts at and exchange?

[Studley] modynell I only know bout the groups I represent, Generals/Studley group, DebTarHeelGirl group, Dane's Group, and Terry's group, and our leadership is interested in helping ALL people, that is why this is a grass roots effort, we keep it simple, as long as the code is not posted in public forum you will benefit from the highest group rate

[..tigger1] Do we have to be in a group to get the good rate?

[Studley] ..tigger1 no you just need to get codes from others in groups, or sign up, using only emails at Dinar Recaps, to receive code for exchange

xyz] BWM is this week another of regular rv-less week?
[BWM] xyz I don't think we can look at it that way... I mean, I can't really rule out it happening at this point... unless I hear something changes

 [dealdoctor] BWM Have you any confirmations of any what we read on Recaps of a rate in country of $2.72, smart cards being issued, CNN&CNBC speaking of Thursday Global reset, a speech by O tomorrow,? I mean there is so much out there it is very hard to know what is real.
[BWM] dealdoctor what I have so far says cards not active (as of couple hours ago) and cannot get confirmation on the cnbc special for tomorrow night (trying to determine if this is a preemptive project or what)

wango] BWM Are the 800 call centers still staffed and awaiting calls Post RV?
[BWM] wango those centers while staffed will probably not ramp until complete announcement... understanding that a remote center like that, while ppl are important the biggest key to success with such an operation would be the ability to add the necessary number of additional lines

[wango] BWM I was told centers we fully staffed with 60 plus at each Regional center with IT staff on site
[BWM] wango I know for a fact they have been expected this for some time... hence, the memos not once but twice daily... so the fact that they would have things in place to handle this is not surprising

dealdoctor] BWM I would just bet my last nickel that bankers would find some way to answer the dang phone if millions of dollars was calling. That is one worry I do not have
[BWM] dealdoctor no doubt..

BWM] ok guys... gotta run for a bit... will be back after Studley's q&a tonight...

The below posts shaded in green are on our IRAQI NEWS page
Urgent ... Deal behind the scenes: Allawi gets the presidency of the Council and the political powers of a full retreat from the withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki
06/13/2012 20:54

BAGHDAD / Knights of hope: A source in the Iraqi secret meetings taking place behind the scenes between the lead in a coalition of state law and the leader of the coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, to reach a formula that satisfies both parties to end the political crisis of the list.

The source, who declined to be named, said that "leadership in the state law, the envoy of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, offered Allawi to give him the post of Chairman of the National Council for the strategic policies and authorities provided for in accordance with the Convention on Arbil first return back on the subject of withdrawal of confidence and not to transport it to the House of Representatives so as not to worsen the crisis more than they are now. "


Central Bank: the project to delete the zeros need the concerted efforts of government and parliament
06/13/2012 20:53

The Central Bank of the project to delete the zeros need to be concerted efforts by the government and parliament.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a press statement that the process of deleting the zeros integrated project for the infrastructure and the creation of complete Basesha and concepts ".. adding:" The project differs from the issuance of a new class of currency, and result in other things in addition to the deletion of zeros including the deletion of three ranks of calculation from the accounts of the Republic of Iraq starting from the family budget and ending the public budget of the State ".


Deputy Central Bank Governor: There are blurred in the understanding of partnership with the Government of the Central Bank
12/06/2012 18:14

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that there is a hazy understanding of the central bank file a partnership with the government.

He said in a press statement that there is a leap of faith from the government and central bank independence of Parliament, but there is a lack of understanding or foggy in the partnership and the value of the independence of the Central Bank unless a partner of the government as a guardian of public money. "

He continued, "our understanding of the partnership is through our membership of the Committee on Economic Affairs, and it seems that such a framework of partnership is not sufficient, partnership framework should take another level of partnership with the government should grow up."


Foreign Affairs and United Nations are discussing the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII
12 June, 2012 09:51:00

Research and Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for policy planning and bilateral relations, however, Abawi with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Martin Kobler out of Iraq from Chapter VII.
A statement of the ministry received Fayhaa copy of the Abawi and Koppelrbgesa a number of important issues including the issue of the border, especially after the visit of the delegation from the United Alatdh-border Iraq - Kuwait in addition to the issue of compensation and file missing Kuwaiti property and the desire of Iraq out of Chapter VII and the implementation of its obligations with respect to the remaining decisions related to Kuwait.


Government agrees to amend the law on provincial councils and a ziggurat symbol on the national currency
Wednesday 13 2012

Sumerian News / Baghdad: The Iraqi government announced, on Wednesday, agreeing to the relevant ministries, in coordination with the province of Dhi Qar to study several issues most important to increase the share of electricity to maintain and modify Law 21 of 2008 for the provincial councils and a ziggurat symbol on the national currency.

He said the government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement issued on the sidelines of the meeting of the Council of Ministers in Dhi Qar, "The Council agreed that the relevant ministries and in coordination with the province to study topics that are discussed, including increasing the share of the province of Dhi Qar, of electricity and recalculate the rate and study the diversion Euphrates River Commission, headed by the Minister of Water Resources."

Dabbagh said that "the Council also agreed to use a rule of Imam Ali dual use, civilian military, and to bring the refinery Dhi Qar Investment after an investor's efficient, and authorize the province to search with the help of the ministry and create a project Alrachel of the Ministry of Industry and increased releases of water to improve water quality of the Euphrates River and downstream public of Zna�b Alaptarh and Aekakh. "


Iraqi Planning: Distribution of 25% of oil by the end of the year
13/06/2012 20:17

Baghdad (Rn) :  The Iraqi Ministry of Planning Tuesday it is nearing completion of the finalization of the basic instructions for the distribution of share of oil by 25% on the population by the end of this year, according to what passed the House of Representatives.

Ali Shukri The Minister of Planning Ali Shukri, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "it Diwani formation of the relevant committee for the distribution of 25% of oil imports to citizens not issued until now."

"We are working with the Ministry of Finance prior to issuance of the order to keep the instructions and the basic arrangements for the distribution of this ratio."


MP: Opposing forces name chair for Maliki's impeachment session
13/06/2012 19:29

BAGHDAD (AKnews):  The person who will chair the impeachment session of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will be named soon by the allied forces who demand PM's substitution.

As soon as the presidency of the House of Representatives is officially asked to interrogate the PM, the forces will name the chair of the impeachment session, said MP Talal al-Zubyee of the Iraqiya List said.

Zubyee expected the session may take place before June 21.

At the same time he stressed that the MPs who signed to strip off the PM from confidence have faced sorts of "treatments" to withdraw their signatures.


Urgent ... Maliki and Allawi and Barzani and chest in a crucial meeting in two weeks to end the crisis
06/13/2012 20:50

BAGHDAD:  Knights of hope: A source in the Presidency to reach an agreement in principle to meet is sponsored by President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister and combines the outskirts of Erbil (Iraqi coalition, the Kurdistan Alliance, the Sadrist movement) during the next two weeks to end the crisis. "

The source added that "the President has sought in recent days to bring the views and the search for commonalities that can be met by the parties in order to break the ice and ease the crisis afflicting the country and through guarantees provided to the parties to develop a solid ground can move them," emphasizing that "the meeting will be held during the next two weeks and includes the prime minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi and President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, in addition to President Talabani. "


CBI: granting licenses to banks to increase the civil branches
Wednesday June 13, 2012

BAGHDAD - and babysit: The Central Bank of Iraq, for making a decision to grant licenses for a limited number of private banks to increase its branches in Iraq, noting that private banks have exceeded the 40 banks.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed that "the Central Bank of Iraq has taken a middle ground through a grant licenses for a number of private banks with foreign branches are more than 40 for the opening of bank branches."


Expert: must establish free economic zones to attract international investment and development

Baghdad (news): Called economic expert Majid picture, to the creation of free economic zones to attract international investment and development through the entry of foreign companies into the country.

He said the picture (of the Agency news) said on Wednesday: that a means of attracting investment and achieving the country's economic development is the establishment of free economic zones for the exchanges of international trade, as it will allow foreign companies to enter the global different to the country.
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The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay -  June 12, 2012
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Straight Talkin Mike's Transcription of the Recap of Tonight's News
(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article listed  - the following is just Straight Talkin Mikes recap of the news discussed)

Highlights from the CBI/Economy News

"Greetings to the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Dr. Sinan Shabibi"
Sometimes the job you do in life doesn't give you any credit...this was a great letter and tribute to Shabibi (read full article under News Article Links below)

This is what is is going on and that why he is very well respected throughout the world - That is why he will be a Key Speaker at the World Banking and Finance Summit June 26-27
The schedule is detailed on the link on our website and below - "When Shabibi speaks we listen"
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UPDATE: A great big THANK YOU  to all of our MOD's - they are so awesome. None of what I get credit for could I do without them. They and our members are a very serious bunch of newshounds - it's tough to keep up with them!! ;)

The top three articles on NINA (one of the respected feeds) today were - Sadr calling for a speedy removal of Maliki, The Kurds saying a quorum will be reached in Parliament and Barzani irritated about having sent over 170 signatures and getting "zipped" for it.

I don't see things as all that far sideways - just yet. My take is - I'm looking for things to get "really kicked off" sometime headed toward this weekend thru about the middle of next week. It could have gone sooner - but didn't. Sorry.

Dial in Playback   760.569.7699 pin 618527#

Freeconference playback  Link

[justaguy] How to Identify a person who owns Dinars: 10. They spend an average of 7 hours a day on chatrooms. 9. They jump at the phone for all text messages. 8. They all own a portable black light. 7. They know what the Dodd Frank bill means. 6. They have prayed more in a month then any clergyman.

[justaguy] 5. They speak in abbreviations. 4. They know the location of all the Wells Fago banks in a 50 mile radius. 3. They have the CBI, UN, UST and forex websites in favorites. 2. They can do different timezones in their heads. 1. They know every political leader in Iraq, and only some from the U.S..

[hollyberry] I choose a winnertude today. I choose to laugh instead of cry. I choose to believe instead of doubt. How about you?

[ecinks] The past is over, don't grieve over it. The future isn't here yet, don't worry about it. Live in the present moment even as you plan for tomorrow, for this right here, is where your life exists. Treasure each day and love the ride you're on!

duffy] According to what is being said , CNN & CNBC saying Thursday World RV on currencies. Kurdistan saying Smart Cards out and rates within 3 hours.
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The gem cannot be polished without frictions, nor man perfected without trials. Confucius

FootForward on Recorded call from Tues. 6-12-12 available at 760-569-7699 pin code: 169061#

3SINTEL:Folks this is Papa Bear- Studley will be on line after 5:00 for QA if I can get it oked through here. How about U Mods can that happen

[Papa Bear] Dinar Wishes is so correct. You will negotiate your benefits package eye ball to eyeball it will be based on YOUR Personal needs

 [generals64] Please accept my sincere apologies if i made Anything difficult for anyone yesterday. Seems there were some simplifications made in the Registry that I was not aware of. This seemed to have confused some and I want to apologize to you all...

9:18 AM [Gemini649] 6-12-2012 Hammerman: My intel is good so far. If I told you all the info I have today your heads would explode. I'm happy, what I said on the call last night is being comfirmed. I do not speak but about 20 arabic words and yes im in contact with 10 or so whales that have cashed out.

(Dinar Recaps Note: If you are on our Daily Email List, you WILL receive this information emailed to you.  Go to our POST-RV page to sign up.)

[DinarWishes] WELCOME TO THE NO HYPE ZONE!!!! So, what a ride this has been and its not over yet... Im hearing there are some last minute things trying to be finished up which couldn't be done prior to now... and Im also hearing that this is almost over...No Hold ups or anything of that nature...

Hear they will pass down the info as they get it as they are ready for this to be over as we all are.... Things are looking really good from a standpoint of alignment.... So, hang in there and remember it isnt over till we do our exchange at the Bank!!! Nothing is set in stone....

[DinarWishes] Now, I would like to share my thoughts on the Bank Exchange Codes..... You no longer need to sign up for a group as everyone will have access to the information... But, I for one am not waiting for Recaps or anyone else to email it to me.... If you want the codes so you can share them with family and friends the fastest way is to join a group so you get it first....

 I dont care what group you sign with but that is the method of MY MADNESS!!! lol Also, the information about BANK PACKAGES.... These are different from the Exchange information.... The amount of Cash from your exchange will be what Qualifies you for whatever package the Banks have to offer.... Hope this helps the confusion...

The below posts shaded in green are on our IRAQI NEWS page
Withdrawal of non-confidence
06/13/2012 3:08

Nawzad Hassan: surprised of how Maliki's opponents declare that they are serious about the withdrawal of confidence from his government, and they are the process of finalizing the signatures that will overthrow the government of Prime Minister .. And the subject intrigued me is if there was confidence that the current government why should there be to drag and drop it. Confidence means that you better think of others and dealing with certainty a great no doubt ..

and this thing does not exist as everyone knows, It is laughable that the Ansar al-Maliki repeat what he says his opponents and to respond without Ijarunhm to show that there is an apparent contradiction in the case .. He did not say one of the state law that if there is confidence about what the government's proposal to withdraw .. And procedures should be told not to withdraw confidence. This expression is much more accurate .. Also, the facts all point to the charged atmosphere surrounding the political process as a whole. So no truth never to say that opponents of Maliki, are continuing to withdraw confidence from him, and the first to say that they are involved in the withdrawal of non-confidence, and the formation of a new government.


The British Ambassador from Karbala: economic growth in Iraq for British companies came fan
Wednesday, 13-06-2012 12: 35 pm

Karbala (newsletter): He was British Ambassador to Iraq, Michael Aaron wished his companies invest in Iraq because of its economic importance, during his visit to the city of Karbala.

He said during a press conference held at the headquarters of the local government and attended by a reporter (News Agency news) on Wednesday: that Iraq is an important country in the region and its economic growth rate (10%) Annual fan, to visit Karbala is encourage British companies to work in the province after we found there are companies from different nationalities working in the province.

He added: there are companies like company (Rouse Reyes) and company (kya international) wishing to access the investment in Iraq, particularly in the sectors of energy and health, as well as other British companies such as (BBC), (shell) operating in the oil sectors in Basra governorate and played a significant role in the Iraqi economy.


Member Services: the privatization of ports and airports likes to promote reality
Wednesday, 13-06-2012 12: 54 pm

Baghdad (newsletter): Invited Member of the Commission services and the reconstruction of the Iraqi coalition MP//privatization, Suhad al-Ubeidi, seaports and airports through concrete investment companies awarded for advancement of reality.

She said Al-Obeidi (News Agency news) on Wednesday: that Iraqi airports and seaports need a lot of work and repairs that the Iraqi Government is unable to complete owing to a lack of financial allocations for the Ministry of transport, despite the many financial proceeds accrued from them.


Finance Committee: It is not the prerogative of the Central Bank determine the slogans of the new currency

BAGHDAD / JD: confirmed that the parliamentary finance committee not to determine the validity of the central bank logos on the new Iraqi currency. A member of the Committee MP for the rule of law, the Secretary Hadi's / JD / The "logos currency of the new Iraqi supposed to be proposed by the government, and then submitted to Parliament for approval, and not the validity of the Central Bank put these logos as a symbol expressing the homeland ".


A parliamentary committee revealed the idea for the application of zero-budget in Iraq

BAGHDAD / JD: revealed the parliamentary finance committee of the existence of the idea for the application of zero-budget in Iraq. A member of the Committee and MP for the rule of law, Haitham al-Jubouri's / JD / "The current Iraqi budget is not the only items, and there is an idea for the application of zero-budget." The Jubouri "The 2012 budget in which the central character and is bound to decentralization, in addition to the presence of many problems in it."

He continued: We have been specifying the nature of the obstacles of going forward and how that is used in the private sector, as well as to monitor the implementation going forward in Iraq. And between a member of the Finance Committee and the representative of the state of law that Iraq is new to the financial policies, banking, tax and need access to external expertise, whether U.S. or elsewhere. "The Presidency of the Republic has approved the general budget for 2012 in the eighth month of March. It is noted that the budget Zero has emerged in the last ten years, an attempt to overcome the problems and obstacles of Applied encountered by other systems of the budget.


Iraq a candidate for the leadership of OPEC oil looking for a pilot site

Baghdad / follow-up JD: At a time when Iraq is more than the daily production of oil, proving its ability to be a key Mmona, push toward Baghdad preside over the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in a bid to boost its image and its role in the assembly oil which contributed to the foundation.

And Iraq remained for decades on the sidelines of OPEC as a result of wars and sanctions during Saddam Hussein's rule, and violence that swept the country following the overthrow of his regime, and the exclusion of the total oil production of OECD countries. However, the re-Iraq during the past years, opening the doors of its oil sector to foreign firms, and increased its production of crude oil, work is under way to lift this production dramatically in the coming period.

Although winning the post of Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries during the elections to be held on Thursday requires the consensus of the 12 member states, the mere existence of an Iraqi candidate among the four contestants is an indication of progress in Iraq's oil site.


Financial source: 6% of the transactions in dollars the central bank to go politicians gangs
Wed, 13 June 2012 07:47

Baghdad / Orr News: A source close to the Ministry of Finance said that "the process of buying and selling of the dollar in accordance with the policy of Central Bank of Iraq auction mechanism for the benefit of the League of merchants and officials in the government," noting that it was a "framed by a special law."

The source, who preferred anonymity, disclosed to the Agency (UR) that "This process allows the five banks, civil and 22 political figure, and 10 dealers only benefit from them," explaining that "the process of buying and selling the inverse of people to Central and vice leads to profit on the amount of sales daily at a rate between 3-4 million dollars, "adding that" 6% go to private pockets, "according to the recipe.


Central Bank denies meddling in the political
Wed, 13 June 2012

BAGHDAD / Lao-Tamimi: Iraqi Central Bank denied reports Wednesday that attributed to him that the relationship between him and the government are Balillabih, stressing that his work does not include professional political issues.

The deputy governor of the Bank told the appearance of Mohammed (UR) that "the reports that quoted me as the relationship between the CBI and the government Balillabih news is not true."


Dispute between Arabs and Kurds over Kirkuk governor authorization to negotiate with oil companies
Tue, June 12 2012

Kirkuk / Abdullah Ibrahim: Authorized the Kirkuk Provincial Council at its meeting today, the governor of Kirkuk to invite specialized companies to invest in conservation of natural resources ..

The Council stressed in a statement today, "that under Article 112 / II of the Constitution, the Council decided to authorize the governor of Kirkuk to invite companies to invest in the province agreed that the negotiations with these companies, both the governor and provincial council chairman and the heads of committees of projects, energy, and legal and that the results are presented to the Council and in if approved, the contract is signed with these companies, the presence of representative of the Federal Government


Source: U.S. new scenario (fight debt) to ensure that Washington's interests in Iraq
Wed, June 13/2012

Baghdad / Orr News: A source close to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad for talks and phone calls by a group of embassy staff with the political parties, pointing out that those meetings led to the perception that the U.S. political struggle is just a personal animosities and conflicts of interests.
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