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10am June 15th, 2016

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Dinar Updates Tuesday PM Chat  6-14-16 

Baxter says():Global Economy by Mid Year.. thats what the IMF said..
Hutch says to Baxter():whats the difference?
Baxter says():To be need a currency..... Period
Hutch says to Baxter():they have a currency
Baxter says():Oh Yea.. Cash it once
Hutch says to Baxter():happens every day
Baxter says):go to chase and cash it in
Baxter says():to wells fargo..and cash it in
Hutch says to Baxter():i dont want to
Hutch says to Baxter():you go
Baxter says():you cant
Baxter says():its not international...



BRUCE:  I know that we were waiting for Iraq to pay their citizens all over the country of Iraq and internationally at the same rate, and back pay that they owe their citizens from all the way back from 2013. They did it. It was requirement by IMF. It was accomplished overnight.

That put us in a new position of moving forward because of that.  Just generally speaking the banks are prepared for moving forward and have received some authorization to have our notification handy. Lead bank Wells Fargo, HSBC, Bank of China.

Other banks are involved. Those are the main banks we tend to talk about more because they just have the majority of 7,000 redemption centers throughout the US and Canada.

The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

Wealthwatch Chat Room News Excerpts & Comments 6-14-16

chattels: Market price declines to 1,262 on slightly higher sales of the USD
chattels: described the parliamentary finance committee member Husam punitive, IMF clause in his loan for Iraq to pay late dues oil to foreign companies operating in the country end of the year 2016 as "unjust".
chattels: postponed the Iraqi ports, on Tuesday, work tariff revenues, to the twenty - fifth of June this month.
chattels: Let the deflection, dodging and deferral if Iraqi responsibilities begin / continue !


Ty1:  Frank I assume the mopping is setting the stage for the countrywide National Reconciliation whereby all Iraqi's will enjoy their new found civil and financial freedoms.

 It's hard to have the National Reconciliation if some areas are still under siege?  Thanks for all you do!

Frank26:  That is 100% ............... CORRECT !!!

MOSUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KTFA   Frank


BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  6-14-16 Part 2 of 2

The United Nations confirms the escape of seven thousand Iraqis from Fallujah
Local  Since 06.14.2016 at 09:12 (Baghdad time)  Baghdad balances News
It declared responsible in the United Nations, that more than 7 thousands of Iraqis have fled Fallujah during the past few days over a secure corridor held by Iraqi forces working to open a passage else.

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  6-14-16 Part 1 of 2

Iraq says IMF deal 'on track' as cabinet approves reform package
Iraq has approved measures requested by the International Monetary Fund to unlock loans that should help the country overcome a cash crunch caused by declining oil revenue, a senior government official said.
The agreement, reached last month between Iraq and the IMF, "is on track", Mudher Salih, an adviser on financial policy to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, told Reuters late on Sunday.
Among the measures approved are settling by the end of the year all arrears owed to foreign oil companies operating in Iraq, Salih said. He did not say how much was owed.
The OPEC nation sought budget support from the international community after a collapse in oil prices over the past two years. The drop in revenue that resulted caused the public deficit to widen and delayed payments to foreign oil producers.

The below posts were in our 6pm Newsletter
rcookie says():Integrity thwarted an attempt to steal seven billion and half of the bank letter of guarantee through a fake
Tuesday June 14, 2016 10:09  Alsumaria News / Baghdad Integrity Commission announced on Tuesday thwarted an attempt to steal 7 billion and a half of government bank through a forged letter of guarantee, while suggesting that he was arrested accused of the case in order to take legal proceedings against them.
The authority said in a statement seen Alsumaria News, he said, "Information has reached the Authority stating the existence of a letter of guarantee forged in the Rafidain Bank - Branch Alozyreh- 341 worth (7,500,000,000) dinars submitted by a Ministry of Industry and Minerals / State Company for Automotive Industry personnel.


Kozmo:  Just saw a report from Poppy that the tariffs are delayed 10 days until the 25th. Does anyone know what the signing of the tariffs means???  

What does signing the tariffs mean????Can they sign tariffs without an RV???

Yada:  kozmo,,the reforms, loans to Iraq, payments to Kawait, tariffs,,,,all tied to the rate increase in the value of the dinar,,

Airam:  Kosmo........the tariffs needs the RV........THE RV doesn't need the tariffs.....JMO

Please click on the title for the complete article

The Challenge of Being Iraq's Prime MinisterPart 2

Abadi's government, like the previous governments of Iraq, is a "national unity" government. Positions are distributed between different parties based on the number of each party's parliamentary seats. Ministers follow their party's instructions even when it comes to micro-management issues such as appointments and contracting.
This power-sharing arrangement is usually referred to by Iraqis as  Muhassessa    (apportionment). Its downside is that the prime minister cannot fully control his government or make sure that it is united behind a specific agenda. Maliki dealt with this problem by creating parallel bodies and staffing them with his loyalists, and by issuing directives to appoint under-ministerial senior staff in an acting capacity. He thereby created a kind of shadow state that circumvented constitutional limitations.

 Abadi has sometimes resorted to similar methods in order to give himself more leeway in making decisions, but this has infuriated other parties, who then see him as "another Maliki." "We are not consulted, and we know about his decisions through media," noted one Shia official.
The KRG keeps accusing Baghdad of penalizing its population by delaying stipend payments to Kurdish government employees. The region continued exporting oil from its fields and from Kirkuk, which had been subjected to the de facto control of Kurdish forces; but the resources generated from those exports are still less than what the region secures from its share of the federal budget.

The Challenge of Being Iraq's Prime Minister  Part 1

On April 30 and May 20, 2016, protesters, including supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr, breached the heavily fortied Green Zone in Baghdad that houses Iraq's Parliament as well as the prime minister's office. Challenging the Iraqi prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, and demanding reforms, the protesters were eventually confronted by security forces, leaving several dead.

  Haider al-Abadi headed the new government that was voted into power by the parliament in September 2014. This new government was hailed by the United States; by Iraq's most powerful Shia cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani; by the prominent cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, and by most Kurdish and Sunni parties. The only voiced objections came from the former prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and his associates.
Ending Maliki's prime ministership became a necessity for all those parties, who saw him as a divisive figure with a legacy of exclusivist and authoritarian policies. The United States had played an important role in forcing Maliki out of office despite his sweeping victory in the April 2014 general election.
 U.S. officials, including President Obama, had criticized Maliki for following policies that undermined the achievements of 2008, when cooperation between U.S. forces, the Iraqi government, and local Sunni fighters helped create a proper framework to undercut al-Qaeda in Iraq.
Likewise, Iraqi parties that had been critical of Maliki's authoritarian tendencies hoped that Abadi would abide by power-sharing agreements and govern in a more inclusive mode. The new prime minister promised to do so in his governmental program, announcing ambitious plans for national reconciliation, for improving relations between Iraqi communities, and for reforming state institutions.


Mountainman:  Hey WS.......Do You think those REVENUES/WAGES will be at 1166 (WHEN) We can See them.......???........(see article below)  


With the BREXIT VOTE on June 23.....A Great Diversion of GLOBAL Eyes on the Brits, instead of IRAQ.....Yes IMO= A CONVERGENCE of The IMF said,"ASYNCHRONOUSLY".......

(THEY) sure are Leading this NEW REALITY.....Step by Step.....PIECE By Piece......IMO

Blessings,Mountainman   (8)=New Beginnings......for the GLOBAL DOMINOES to Fall....