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6pm June 15th, 2016

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ReddStar:  Very surprised.....this is not all over the net right now.....IMO....this says...A LOT....they're not hiding anything anymore....LOL  (see article below)


Frank26:                  Wait till i tell You what the NET does NOT know about this ..............
C U in 1.  (Special CC tonight after business promo )  Starts at 7PM ET




Dr. Mark:  But consider how this is impacting other world markets specifically Japan! And Brexit was not really addressed and the impact it will have. Next week will be huge if UK leaves EU as the $$$ will fall onto Germany who's bonds are in the negative already. Lots going on outside US.

This decision is US only. When the other markets get impacted economically it will impact trade here in the US as monies will become extremely tight for both cash and credit policy. When other countries can't afford to purchase US goods due to lack of liquidity it will come back and hit us hard.

These next 30 days will be a true theatre moment...get the popcorn!

This decision was very myopic for US markets and, IMO, gambling that the UK will stay in the EU. It will be a domino effect if they do leave the EU as the burden for countries like Greece could fall on Germany to solve.

And, since their banks are restricted from a cash flow perspective they can either do QE (which we know is a failure, look at Japan) or some other economic move to address the shortfall in liquidity

Read Mo

Dr. Mark: Ok. Here is my list: US Bonds coming home to roost, Brexit, Naval operations in Med/Pacific, Mosul/Fallujah, Deutsche Bank, ECB challenges, the Kurds impatience....

And, according to a friend....there are still 3 mechanical steps that need to occur for this to go. Unfortunately, we have not been informed as to what those 3 steps are...sorry!

He also shared this quote from CNBC today...

."The European banks under their Basel regulations, much like our Dodd-Frank, are forced to hold a certain amount of assets on their balance sheet [and] those assets have to be government-issued debt.

So they're forced to own those assets."

Dinar Updates Wednesday  AM Chat  6-15-16 Part 2 of 2

rcookie says():AUCTIONS AT $141 MILLION...
rcookie says():The facts and decisions of the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday
BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - June 14:The head of the Council of Ministers Haider al - Abadi, said on Tuesday that Daash crumble in front of strikes Iraqi forces heroine and edit Fallujah continuous process the same strength and determination, as planned for the Liberation of the city of Fallujah.
And accept Abadi , presided over the Cabinet meeting normal, the latest developments in the process of liberation of Fallujah and victories achieved by editing many areas, large areas of land, as well as orientation for the Liberation of Nineveh province.

Dinar Updates Wednesday AM Chat  6-15-16 Part 1 of 2

jd says():I would like to see Iraq just make one deadline without a postponement.Im not sure that is possible?
jd says():Dates mean nothing in Iraq.
larrykn says to jd():ya they are a bunch of slacker lol
jd says():Maybe that is their culture.To never meet deadlines??
larrykn says to jd():IMO they put it off because the parliment hasn't come back yet, once they do things will move a lot faster
rcookie says to jd():AND WHAT DATES ARE THOSE JD........
rcookie says to larrykn():SO  I SEE

Part 2:

Frank26:  While all of these activities are going on and the mirror images are playing with each other back and forth, you have the taxes and the tariffs at the borders that are being set up.

They used to collect them manually but by the 15th of this month, in a few days, it's not going to be manual anymore. And that's why the World Trade Organization (WTO) is asking Iraq, "will you guys join us?" And the reason why is because that they got the coding a long time ago and they are about to implement it in the taxes and tariffs at their borders.

Now the software to reveal this encoding of every item that is going to be taxed, wholy only going to increase their revenues of the country and the WTO and of the IMF...and of everybody else that is involved in shipping products to Iraq. Not only in shipping imports but exports as well.

They set up an E-Government system and electronic taxes...all of this with the software that will give them the encoding that will allow them to become World Trade Organization members?

Hmmm...I guess the timing to join them is exactly right because an LOI, I pray to God says that they are changing their rate.


Doodlebug:  KTFA-Family, here are the CC Notes from last night. Please excuse any typo's. Hugs, Doodle Bug.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Monday, June 13, 2016

This conference call is dedicated to Mr. Ray Brooks.
"May your life be an example to many. See you soon."

We pray for the tragedy in Orlando. We pray for all tragedies in the world because that's what Christians do

The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter

Dinar Updates Tuesday PM Chat  6-14-16 

Baxter says():Global Economy by Mid Year.. thats what the IMF said..
Hutch says to Baxter():whats the difference?
Baxter says():To be need a currency..... Period
Hutch says to Baxter():they have a currency
Baxter says():Oh Yea.. Cash it once
Hutch says to Baxter():happens every day
Baxter says):go to chase and cash it in
Baxter says():to wells fargo..and cash it in
Hutch says to Baxter():i dont want to
Hutch says to Baxter():you go
Baxter says():you cant
Baxter says():its not international...



BRUCE:  I know that we were waiting for Iraq to pay their citizens all over the country of Iraq and internationally at the same rate, and back pay that they owe their citizens from all the way back from 2013. They did it. It was requirement by IMF. It was accomplished overnight.

That put us in a new position of moving forward because of that.  Just generally speaking the banks are prepared for moving forward and have received some authorization to have our notification handy. Lead bank Wells Fargo, HSBC, Bank of China.

Other banks are involved. Those are the main banks we tend to talk about more because they just have the majority of 7,000 redemption centers throughout the US and Canada.

The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

Wealthwatch Chat Room News Excerpts & Comments 6-14-16

chattels: Market price declines to 1,262 on slightly higher sales of the USD
chattels: described the parliamentary finance committee member Husam punitive, IMF clause in his loan for Iraq to pay late dues oil to foreign companies operating in the country end of the year 2016 as "unjust".
chattels: postponed the Iraqi ports, on Tuesday, work tariff revenues, to the twenty - fifth of June this month.
chattels: Let the deflection, dodging and deferral if Iraqi responsibilities begin / continue !


Ty1:  Frank I assume the mopping is setting the stage for the countrywide National Reconciliation whereby all Iraqi's will enjoy their new found civil and financial freedoms.

 It's hard to have the National Reconciliation if some areas are still under siege?  Thanks for all you do!

Frank26:  That is 100% ............... CORRECT !!!

MOSUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KTFA   Frank


BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  6-14-16 Part 2 of 2

The United Nations confirms the escape of seven thousand Iraqis from Fallujah
Local  Since 06.14.2016 at 09:12 (Baghdad time)  Baghdad balances News
It declared responsible in the United Nations, that more than 7 thousands of Iraqis have fled Fallujah during the past few days over a secure corridor held by Iraqi forces working to open a passage else.

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  6-14-16 Part 1 of 2

Iraq says IMF deal 'on track' as cabinet approves reform package
Iraq has approved measures requested by the International Monetary Fund to unlock loans that should help the country overcome a cash crunch caused by declining oil revenue, a senior government official said.
The agreement, reached last month between Iraq and the IMF, "is on track", Mudher Salih, an adviser on financial policy to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, told Reuters late on Sunday.
Among the measures approved are settling by the end of the year all arrears owed to foreign oil companies operating in Iraq, Salih said. He did not say how much was owed.
The OPEC nation sought budget support from the international community after a collapse in oil prices over the past two years. The drop in revenue that resulted caused the public deficit to widen and delayed payments to foreign oil producers.