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10pm June 22nd, 2016

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Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Wednesday Night 6-22-16


Yada:  We are still in a very good spot to receive this any moment,,,,,the banks are still expecting to see us and waiting for the release by the Treasury,,,, I still believe we, the internet people, will be in the banks before the public so all is go,,,

NBK2qih:  Yada before the brexit vote?

Yada:  nbk2qih,,,I do not believe the vote has anything to do with the RV,,,,,this vote would be similar to when the Fed was going to increase the interest rate,,,they just didnt know how the markets would respond and just like then, investors are trying to hedge any changes,

DinarVision:  yada, no doubt we'll be in the banks before the public. question is, when will the public go?

Dinar Updates Tuesday Late PM Chat 6-21-16  Part 3 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Tuesday Late PM Chat 6-21-16  Part 3 of 3
* There is a clear failure in the banking sector as a working old systems, mechanisms and sees specialists said that one of the reasons for the decline of the investment process in the country, the fact that foreign investors looking for a safe and advanced banking environment to facilitate his work and fast delivery and keep his money.?
- Yes, it is regrettable that the banking sector we have is still in its infancy, far from the optimum international practices, and the use of the latest and best technology into the work, and the majority of the appropriate degree of fairness and transparency and governance are not available, and far from the application of the rules of compliance and risk management and compliance requirements of the rules anti-money laundering, and that most of the private banks, was founded a few years ago, in exceptional circumstances and in front of exceptional challenges as well,
 making it the plague on marginal activities to achieve a quick profit, such as selling the dollar, has been dominated by their governing bodies are managed and harnessed to their own interests, so it is in front of us way whatever to correct this situation, you will see the results during the year.

Dinar Updates Tuesday Late PM Chat 6-21-16  Part 2 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Tuesday Late PM Chat 6-21-16  Part 2 of 3
rcookie says():HERE YOU GO..
rcookie says():IMF approves first loan payments Iraqi
6/22/2016 0:00 Baghdad , Alaa al - Taie Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the end of this month, will see the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund endorsement of the granting of financial loans to Iraq agreement, pointing out that such approval, come to dedicate a memorandum of understanding approved by the Iraqi government to start a batch the first of its total loan worth $ 5.4 billion, over three years.
Saleh revealed in an exclusive interview with the "morning" for " the Executive Board of the international Monetary Fund will hold a meeting the end of this June or the beginning of next July to approve the granting of loans to Iraq agreement and the start of the launch of the first batch of the loan amounting to $ 600 million, confirming the government 's commitment to its steps for reform stable at the far vision to be the approach to the future. 

Dinar Updates Tuesday Late PM Chat 6-21-16  Part 1 of 3

geofitness says():Geeeeze: Special - balances News  Description parliamentary Finance Committee member Ahmed Sarhan, Tuesday, the terms of the International Monetary Fund for lending to Iraq as "arbitrary", while pointing to Iraq's refusal to those conditions.

Ahmed said L / balance News /, that "the conditions set by the International Monetary Fund to grant loans to Iraq" arbitrary, "adding that" Iraq has rejected those conditions because they belong to a slice of the Iraqi people. "
He added that "those conditions will worsen the financial and economic situation of the citizens," adding that "the Fund only to monitor aspects of the loans provided by the Exchange."
He pointed out that "conditions include cutting the ration card and the removal of subsidies on fuel, electricity as well as reducing the salaries of the staff," pointing out that "economic disaster would be resolved if approved for those conditions."

Thoughts From Bluwolf Wednesday Afternoon 6-22-16- Emailed to Recaps

BLUWOLF:  Good afternoon;

1. We are still waiting for the Go to be said forward . Real bank sources are informing us that they are still waiting for this release and that nothing has changed on the email specifics since last week. Their personnel  are all at their posts just waiting for this announcement
2 I do not know who is to give the word, but whoever he might be , he is really starting to aggravate me at this point,  and time it seems to come to (this) thought that just maybe ( actually are waiting for) the outcome of tomorrows once in a lifetime freedom event, the exodus from fiat tyranny led by the people of England- the Brexit. The people are not willing to continue with the same sick economic environment and they want out, they are not willing to change their colors ( change their flag) for no one. There loyalty is to the crown and it shall be that way.
3 This is wonderful for us since it tells us straight off the bat that we are no longer governed by the federal reserve nor by the corporation on wall street for they will collapse as soon as the exit (Brexit)  results are officially announced. This tells us that we actually have the prospect of gold backed freedom just around the corner.

4 From my crew I am told that many of these groups that are not part of the original plan are upset and are now exiting Reno hoping to do their business outside of the United States either in Mexico or Canada....hummm lots of luck with that. I honestly hope that they do not let the people they sheeped into this, hanging out to dry.
5 No one has any information on this Admiral fellow.  Seems that he is non important at this moment. In my opinion he is non responsive to this cause for he shows no respect whatsoever for the common humanitarian and world good. He seems to be somebodies watering plant. Well this is where we are at this instance, as soon as we get the 800 information we will release Shala Bluwolf.

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  6-22-16  Part 3 of 3

Abadi adviser: Tax settling accounts will cover 10% of state employees              Abadi adviser: Tax settling accounts will cover 10% of state employees
June 22, 2016 14:31  The prime minister for economic affairs adviser to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Wednesday, settling accounts that the tax will cover 10% of the state employees, noting the exception of the armed forces of that.
Saleh said in an interview he was "under the income tax, each taxpayer is subject to the tax to be held accountable except for a few exceptions, which are not subject to a spousal allocations and children," adding that "the Council of Ministers had previously commented in 2010 tax settling accounts on appropriations that are in fact more than twice the salary in terms of the total salaries of the staff of Iraq.

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  6-22-16  Part 2 of 3

Central Bank Governor "long": equality dinar dollar threatens local production and the deletion of zeros depends on stability 
Author: ZJ Editor: 22/06/2016 01:06     Long-Presse / Baghdad
Maybe it raises talk in economic and financial affairs many Hjona the followers, he is the modern-related livelihood daily per capita and how to get the economy moving, which faces many pitfalls impede progress, including currency and dinar speculation Exchange at the price of the dollar and the auction currency that turned him raised a lot of doubts and questions,
in addition to work civil and foreign banks and remittance, and how to get out of the financial crisis experienced by Iraq, and even the recent international Monetary Fund loan with falling oil prices and its consequences, as the sole supplier, which had a negative impact on the amount of central bank reserves of foreign currency, According to specialists may not cover so three months import reserve for Iraq.
All these and other files open the "long" in a private meeting with the governor of the Central Bank of Ali Ismail Keywords.

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  6-22-16  Part 1 of 3

The central bank adviser: more than $ 50 billion in bank reserves and there is an increase with heads of foreign funds
History of edits:: 6/18/2016 12:34   {Baghdad: Euphrates News} dialogue / Pan Ghraoui / central bank adviser said Walid Idi, the central bank has more than $ 50 billion in reserve as well as gold, pointing out that this reserve covers imports over the period prescribed internationally recognized ",
and while pointing that the Bank noted in 2015 that he adopted to increase operating in Iraq banks' capital, announced the feet of the bank to increase the money branches of foreign banks capital commensurate with the money of Iraqi banks heads, noting that "in the 30 of June, and you'll get the first increase {capital funds branches of foreign banks} to $ 25 million. "
And between Idi, in an extended interview with the agency {Euphrates News}, that "phase experienced by the central bank, since 2003 until now formed a transmission , the quality of the issuance of a special law to banks operating in Iraq, as it was formerly a special opening the doors of the Central Bank Law Iraq, the second change is a law of the Central Bank with the number 56 for the year 2004 , along with other law is to combat money laundering and ensures no transmission of suspect funds or unclean in order not to enter the Iraqi banking system and do not affect his reputation and his activities and duties of the bank. "


Aggiedad77:  Great find Redd..(see article below) ...this has all the ear markings of a TA-DA moment I think.....your highlights supercharge what they are saying....Saleh is no clown and he would not go out on a limb stating things that he did not feel are shaky....

He is a facts and figures guy and presents them in a way they don't lie......conditions of the loan.....cutting spending.....increase non-oil the oil companies.....things they are working with diligence to lights here Abadi and IMF....let 'er rip......

The government approved the MOU from the IMF two weeks ago.....old watch now for the meeting of the IMF Exec Board who will give the final approval for this loan process.....

Here's a thought process that no one has brought up yet I think.....maybe this loan approval by the Exec Board and the big announcement about Mosul.....maybe they will be timed to be simultaneous events....what do you think of that.   Aloha     Randy


Mountainman:  ...... I have Been LMBO.........Since Last WEEK.......The DOWNSTREAM       MEDIA has Been Broadcasting EVERYTHING we have been Studying......
I have Seen You,Don WS,Doodle,Hawk,Doc,PJ, and Others Posting "IN YOUR FACE"Articles......

WHEN I Hear TALK RADIO,Non Cable"NEWS"/Cable "NEWS" Talking about THE BREXIT and What It Means and Covering IRAQ and it's Cities as of LATE LAST WEEK......

The SUMMER Theme is {T I M I N G}......and {ALL} these Media Outlets are Describing The BREXIT as A "DOMINO EFFECT" and that "Once this Happens {ALL} EU COUNTRIES they said Will Leave".........

So Yes, I have Been "ON FIRE" w/What I'm Seeing and Hearing......Even George Soros said The BREXIT is a "TRIGGER MECHANISM" for The MARKETS......


Aggiedad77:  Good morning Family.....SURPRISE....if you weren't on the Bible Study CC last night there was some dessert served by are the notes from that.  Aloha  Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

 CC Notes for Tuesday 06-21-2016

 Frank26:  Good evening Family I promise not to make this too long.  I'm actually considering making a CC tomorrow night because as you know there is just always so much to be shared with you.


ReddStarr:   There you go....sounds like it's done to   ....what do you think...

IMF approves first loan payments Iraqi!

Baghdad , Alaa al - Taie

 Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the end of this month, will see the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund endorsement of the granting of financial loans to Iraq agreement, pointing out that such approval, come to dedicate a memorandum of understanding approved by the Iraqi government to start a batch the first of its total loan worth $ 5.4 billion, over three years.

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter

Wealthwatch Chat Room News Excerpts & Comments 6-22-16 

 chattels: The United States remains the number one contributor of humanitarian assistance to Iraq, contributing nearly $800 million in aid since 2014, and we are looking to further increase these contributions." McGurk announced an increase in aid funding via Twitter on Tuesday: "The U.S. will provide an additional $20M
chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region-In passionate testimony, Yezidi activist Nadia Murad urged the world to bring her former Islamic State captors to justice and to not avert their eyes from the crime of genocide. "Our crisis is your crisis," she told United States lawmakers.
chattels: "Terrorism is destroying the human heritage we have collectively built, not as one people, one nation, one color, one religion, but the civilization we've built together as humans of different cultures and faiths" said Nadia Murad to remind the world that ISIS is a common enemy for all, regardless of the ethnic, religious, and cultural differences.

Dinar Updates Tuesday PM Chat 6-21-16  Part 3 of 3

monique13 says():sure am!
rcookie says():Banks raise Iraq's Stock Exchange
Tuesday 21-06-2016 | 3:19:52Twilight News / general index of the Stock Exchange of Iraq ended the trading session on Tuesday at an altitude of 0.81% for the third consecutive day, to a level Al513.41 points to win 4.10 points to its value.
It was treated at 1.094 billion shares valued at 768.45 million dinars, distributed over 469 transactions.
Issued gainers Tigris and Euphrates Bank by 9.09%, as the Iraqi Investment Bank rose by 7.14%.

Dinar Updates Tuesday PM Chat 6-21-16  Part 2 of 3

rcookie says():The Securities Commission said in a statement received (range) a copy, said that "the Commission decided to stop trading on shares of companies (manufacturing and marketing of Iraqi dates, transporting oil products, economy Bank, electronic industries, Iraqi seed production, modern dyes industries, comprised of financial transfer) for non-compliance with financial disclosure and corporate instruction."
It invited, in hot areas to provide disclosure by the Chairman on the overall position of the company to be returned to trading (modern structural materials, furniture industry, construction materials, Mosul, Fallujah and cities games). "
She continued that organ "Decides to stop trading on shares of companies (financial transfer Iraqi, trustee of remittance, remittance, Arabic Airlines United Baghdad for remittance) after the company registration service authentication on the public authority's decision to change companies company activity from transferring money to an Islamic Bank after the increase of capital.

Dinar Updates Tuesday PM Chat 6-21-16  Part 1 of 3

jeffusa says():Iraqi Forces Complete 2nd Phase of Operations to Liberate Southern Mosul
TEHRAN (FNA)- The second phase of liberation operations in the areas South of Mosul was successfully completed, the Iraqi Army's Nineveh Operations Command announced.
"The second phase of the military operations launched to liberate the areas south of Mosul finished after achieving all its goals," said the media officer of Nineveh Operations, Brigadier General Feras Bashar Sabry in a press statement, Iraqi News reported.
"The operations resulted in the liberation of a number of villages including al-Nasr, Kharaeb Jabr and Kharaeb Shamam," he noted.
"The third phase of the operations will be launched in the coming few days in order to liberate al-Haj Ali and its surrounding areas and the left side of the Eastern bank of the Tigris River, and the joint security forces completed preparations to liberate those areas," Sabry concluded.

Bruce:  We had some opportunities for this to come through. What we are looking for is gold back under the new system.
Yosef:  195 countries functioning under the gold back system. Just waiting for the announcement, and 800 numbers.
Bruce:  We are looking for the 800 numbers, looking to receive emails.
Bruce: things we heard pending, are now completed. That particular hold is not off already what we thought at 12:30pm today, should be tomorrow.