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6pm, June 22nd, 2013   


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The below posts were in our 11am email
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[kuu] Chaper 7 document on IMF website states, The IQD must have been restored to international status before the sanctions can be lifted. This is per FRANK. Does international status mean the RV rate? That is the question. At least if it goes international it can be used in a CE.

[ChildOfGod] kuu Intl status means tradeable currency, hence rv

[sananddan24] Kuu I would think so at least at their original status

[ChildOfGod] They would need to be able to trade with other countries

[DancesWithWolves] I was watching IrAQI sat channel on internet earlier today....big signing ceremony with Kuwatis, pen ink handshakes smiles etc. Didnt know what they were saying tough!

[ChildOfGod] DancesWithWolves hi Just smiles and handshaking with Kuwait ... that's enough for me! lol

[DancesWithWolves] ChildOfGod yep good sign

[ChildOfGod] DancesWithWolves You betcha!


Big Country:Iraq is about to be relaeased from chapter 7 Something we've been waiting on for many many years. Frank has ALWAYS said they will not get the keys until they R/D...L/D...R/V...R/I...Is any one excited around here? IT"S NEXT WEEK!!! Forget what a bank teller tells you. We know different don't we Frankie,Frankie


Frank26: Yes we do ........... Almost ALL banks in the US have sold it to ....... Us!!!

De La Rue was commissioned to print the NEW IQD in 2004 that we now buy as an investment.

EO 13303 allows me NOT TO BE SCAMED via a counterfeited or old Saddam Swiss note via the UST and USA brokers.

OFAC's say ......... Oh forget about our list......... IQD is good.

Ch7 is to become Ch6 of the UNSC which is the UN helping Iraq become international and independent....ect.

Dr S went NOWHERE and continued the monetary reform as M ............ LOST!!!

I can go now for an hour but to the last part of Your post........."

Forget what a bank teller tells you. We know different don't we Frankie,Frankie ."

Yes.......... Their primitive attempt is futile ....... Nugatory to me.

KTFA,  Frank



Do you love to shop?  Do you buy things and never wear them? Do you think you have the tendencies and would be a shopping addict post RV? Please continue reading -

I was raised to shop. Some people eat their feelings. I spend mine.

It started as a fun hobby when I was a little girl, something to do with my mom. And then it became the response to hard times. Whenever I broke up with a boy, my mom took me shopping. (Store of choice? Joyce Leslie-HELLS TO THE YEAH-you KNOW I had ten pairs of stretch-denim capris with different colored belts to match different colored cropped tops.)

And guess what. It DID make me feel better. Now, as an adult, I realize I felt better because I was a fifteen-year-old idiot who was getting dumped by boys who "needed to spend more time working on his Camaro," or "needed to focus on his post-punk-ska-death-pop-techno-grunge band" and so the mere distraction of doing ANYTHING for an hour would help me heal, and it just happened to be shopping.

To Read More Please Click On The Wise Words Page Link - you may leave comments there - Thank You - Recaps Team


[tc0043] Jester What`s the good word today? Patience?

[Jester] tc0043 just waiting on a few outstanding issues..

[tc0043] Jester Will they be resolved quickly or prolong our agony?

[bryan1972] Jester I hope your getting good news!

[Jester] bryan1972 we are watching it... they are cleaning up Reno a bit right now...

[Jester] PurpleHoundDog the news it... cleaning up Reno while waiting on timing... you guys remember there are certain times when things look better that others...

[Jester] had a long discussion with a very knowledgable forex guy yesterday... he allowed when thing need to get done they do them on the 6 hour downtime they have when all banks and forex are closed... and that is saturday night... you have all see the bloomberg video...

Jester] so i like saturday nights... we'll see how it goes...
Ten Steps to Genuine Self-Acceptance  By Marcia Sirota, MD

Where do genuine self-love and self-acceptance come from? We get these things by soaking up all the affirmation our parents give us when we're little. Also, our parents model their good self-worth to us.

What happens, though, if our parents didn't give us what we needed? Are we doomed to forever feeling inadequate or unworthy if our folks were neglectful toward us or unaccepting of themselves?

The good news is that a person can develop self-love at any stage of life. Like learning a language, it's easier to do as a child but it's absolutely possible to do as an adult, using the following ten steps:

To Read More Please Click On Wise Words Page Link Below - You may leave comments there - Thank You



[cookie2] millionday millionday millionday Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [millionday] love ya -- brb

    [gpleas] is the chicken or egg

    [wmawhite] millionday ...........the IQD will be accepted internationally.

    [Mrs. Beans and Rice] Climb Dinar........Climb!!!!!!

    [millionday] "adding that" Chapter VII still restricts Iraq in terms of financial and economic. "and pointed out that" Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII is to restore the prestige Iraqi state, after the right of the former regime damage the prestige of Iraq.


Millionday news 6/21/13

    [millionday] Association of Iraqi banks confirmed its continuing quest to reduce the exchange rates of the dollar against the dinar, through the mechanisms of joint cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq, where organized daily meetings between representatives of the private banks and specialists in the central bank.

The head of the Association of Iraqi banks Adnan Chalabi, in an interview (morning): that the initiative of the Association of private banks at the invitation of private banks to reduce the dollar exchange rate contributed to the decline gradually exchange rates,

although relatively, pointing out that the mechanics work painted with by the Central Bank and the Association heading access to the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to normal rates.


There are two types of people in the world: those who choose to be happy, and those who choose to be unhappy. Contrary to... popular belief, happiness doesn't come from fame, fortune, other people, or material possessions.

Rather, it comes from within. The richest person in the world could be miserable while a person living in the slums of a third world country could be happy and content. I have spent plenty of time among both groups to have seen it first hand.

Happy people are happy because they make themselves happy. They maintain a positive outlook on life and remain at peace with themselves.

The question is: how do they do that?

It's quite simple. Happy people have good habits that enhance their lives. They do things differently. Ask any happy person, and they will tell you that they ...

1. Don't hold grudges.

The below posts were in our 11am email


[puppylove] GM castle it is a beautiful day in T Town. Did you all see my MOON last night?? Awesome "Super Moon"

[puppylove] "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS. THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN THAT ARE OUR HEROS BOTH PAST AND PRESENT :

[Vote4RV] God bless the coming republic again

[lyon6] Something interesting.I have TOS Think Or Swim trading platform form. TDAmeritrade.Under FX or Forex Market there are no pairs listed never seen this before,they just did update last nite.Will watch through the day to see if they do another update to correct this.Logged in and out same results.

[lyon6] nothing changed no Pairs

 Five Ways Rich People Think Differently

By: Michele Lerner for DailyFinance

After three decades of interviewing self-made rich people, Steve Siebold, author of

"How Rich People Think," has come to the conclusion that well-to-do people have

views about money that are "polar opposite" to those that middle-class people hold.

"Rich people see money as freedom and opportunity instead of as the root of all evil," says Siebold. "We're taught that money is the root of all evil, so why would we want to acquire something that we have a general disdain for?"

Kaperoni:   Iraq banks reduce the dollar to strengthen the stability of the exchange market

Baghdad-Adel Mahdi  Thursday 20 January 2013

Most private banks began lowering the dollar exchange rates from 1189 to 1190 dinars for citizens and 1178 to documentary credits, in a move to support the actions of the Central Bank to stabilize the foreign exchange rate.

�Central� were announced in a statement Iraqi, received a letter from the Iraqi private banking association confirming previously announced commitment '' on the initiative of the three banks to sell the dollar to citizens at a lower price.

Picture Six Ways To Eliminate Your "Inner Critic"  
By Marcia Sirota 

You might be one of those people walking around today with an extremely negative voice in your head. It's the voice that tells you what you "should" and "shouldn't" do; it makes you feel stupid, small, awkward and inept; blaming you for the things that go wrong in your life and refusing to give you credit for your accomplishments.

It's a miserable voice that causes a lot of difficulties. It creates shame, self-doubt and sometimes even emotional paralysis. I call it the "inner critic," as it arises out of a child's automatic internalization of all the critical messages she took in as she was growing up, from her parents, relatives, teachers, coaches, clergy or the media.

Your inner critic is as destructive today as the negative messages were hurtful to you when you were younger.

To Read more Please click on Wise Words Page Link Below  - Also,  you may leave comments there - Thank You
Sager, on 21 Jun 2013 - 1:24 PM, said:  Desertdog (Ray) just posted this in another thread!

    "Everyone just needs to remain calm and cool. This is about to happen, finally, and we just need to wait. Parliament even met today, Friday, and voted on the basket of laws. Remember, Friday is their holy day. So that should show you that they are intending to get all the laws passed before June 27. Just hang in there a little longer.     Blessings,    Ray"


I asked my contact to inform me of any changes or delays. Since Wednesday that he told me of full currency reform implementation I just heard from him a few moments ago.

"There is no going back on the agreements. As I reported our currency reform is just a part of massive agreements between entities especially investment instruments such as contracts of infrastructure building and banking deals. This weekend & for few days, Baghdad airport will see never before seen traffic with these people arriving and signing agreements. That's where we are. Thankfully China who has been a thorn in the side for months of holding out is now also economically ready for a boost ".

And we continued quite a long email chat and he did say he would let me know night prior for the currency to move.
Of course you all want to know the rate ? Actually for over a month I never asked him Today we played a guessing game of Return on Investment percentages and I guessed basically the ballpark it was. He said that part is a state secret and he couldn't disclose the exact details .(even to his mother).

(Note: Dinar Recaps would like to thank LordofThunder at MIG for finding this in our Archives for us to repost for the newbies who havn't see it yet~the Dinar Recaps Team)

Dinar Dictionary - Vic ticious post at GET Forum 09/17/2011

For all of us on this journey I have made a dictionary of terms used in the Iraqi Dinar re-evaluation investment/speculation.

Hopium: Preferred drug of the Dinar investor producing feeling of euphoria and a general sense of well being. A typical dose last 2 days at which time a new fix must me acquired or serious withdrawal symptoms occur. Warning withdrawal symptoms can manifest in events called "bashing".

Guru: Dinar drug dealer. A person responsible for distributing the addicting drug called "hopium". The "Guru" delivers the controlled substance simply be writing what's known as a "post". This "post" must contain the term "RV" and "cash-in" to give the proper dose of hopium an addict needs.


[owl] A FEW DEFINITIONS (according to OWL)...

(1) Stay grounded = TRY not to get too excited at every little word

(2) Think like a millionaire = first admit you have no idea what that is and then PROMISE yourself you will be open to 'sound advice and practices'.

(3) Sound Advice and Practices = Consulting professionals that you probably ALSO do not have a clue who to trust, thru a SLOW vetting process, post rv

(4) Professional advisor = Lawyer-Tax/Trust etc; Financial Advisor; Accountant; Investment advisor �------these few pro-advisors come in many sizes and shapes. Move carefully and by all means do your homework.

(5) Be Patient - GOD know THIS may be the hardest one yet as there is so much hoopla around certain gurus and they basically tell us nothing and then say "be patient". So to me it means do your best to not get anxious until you get to bank!

[owl] ADVICE from OWL - "Listen" to the Holy Spirit, "Relax"..let-go-and-let-GOD. Stress is the enemy's favorite too to sabotage our faith, common sense and Peace. Trust (in GOD) is Faith. Practice ONLY believing and who knows...?!

couchspud] geoworld what did Tony say on his call, can you summaraize?? Thx

[Jester]   Hello mods, peeps, lurkers, and critters! Happy summer!

[PurpleHoundDog] Jester OK man...What is news?? We NEED news!

[Jester] PurpleHoundDog news news... it's all good... people on standby... we need them to get-er-done... they are ready to go...

[littledip1921] Jester iyho will we have to pay tax on our investment?

[Jester] littledip1921 well... i would say that is still unkown at this time... still several theories on that....

[ChildOfGod] samiam Reserves are gambling and Jester doesn't want any one to gamble. That has nothing to do with losing reserves. Two completely different things.

[Jester] ChildOfGod i think it has to do with the group rate... you cannot have both... you get one shot... do you can to get them... as i believe i have said in the past... sell your car... borrow money from a friend... get a bank to loan you

[Jester] ChildOfGod i think that is what i have continually said... not sure where he is coming from....

[Midnight Blue] Hello   everyone, I am talking to you from Europe tonight. I have been in 3 countries and no one I talk to has a clue about Bazil 3, Global rest or the RV. They even have more people that don't know than the USA.

[Midnight Blue] My contacts are texting me and emailing a lot of good news. I hope they are right

[Midnight Blue] I have to apologize folks, I asked them to delay the rv   until I get back on Monday. However, I am not sure they are going to listen to me.

[xfilesfan2013] Robertprofessor Midnight Blue are too hinting at maybe this weekend????

[Midnight Blue] xfilesfan2013 Many others have been saying the 25th or BEFORE. Let's see what they say on Iraqi TV

[mykitty] Midnight Blue you're here!!!!

[mykitty] Midnight Blue I've missed you. Where have you been hiding?

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