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6pm, June 23rd, 2013   


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The below posts were in our 11am email
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irected to sell the dollar by 1183 in all the private banks

23.06.2013    Author Muhannad David

Integrity electronic - Baghdad confirmed the Association of Iraqi banks seeking continuing to reduce the exchange rates of the dollar against the dinar, through the mechanisms of joint cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq, which organizes daily meetings between representatives of the private banks and specialists in the central bank.

said President of the Association of Iraqi banks Adnan Chalabi: that the initiative of the Association of private banks at the invitation of private banks to reduce the dollar exchange rate contributed to the decline gradually exchange rates, although relatively,

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Hi, Folks -

This is NOT the newsletter for this week. That newsletter will be coming sometime Monday.

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Meanwhile, received via e-mail:


"How Sweet the Sound"

Please don't miss this:

As you listen think how wonderful it will feel to "FINELY BE FREE."

Greetings and Salutations,

Many of you have have asked us to pass along your questions for ZAP to respond. Below are a few questions and answers that you may be extremely interested in.

From ZAP..........HI ALL



Whether you are at a point in your life where you believe this or not it has proven true for many people.  What you think affects your reality. Your experiences, your influences, and your beliefs from childhood can and DOES influence your choices and decisions as an adult . Here is just one person's story. You may leave comments and share your story - Please follow guidelines so  your story can be shared after approval. Thank You 

7 Ways Money Memories Can Affect Your Finances

By:  Christine Mathieu    Posted on Feb 22, 2013

Growing up, my grandmother was a master seamstress, and I always had beautiful clothes without ever having to pay for them.

My taste for fine garments didn't change as I got older, but it was a shock when I had to begin paying for them myself. I can still hear my mother telling me, "You have champagne taste on a beer budget."

To read the continued story please click on the Wise Words page link below



(One more time...DO NOT CALL THE BANKS!)

[Capt Ron] my sources are as upbeat this week as they were last week and the week before that.

[Capt Ron] but these guys are getting their optimism from the retail currency markets, or the peeps that deal in that, so their optimism is only as good for us here as that.

[sagefemme] can i tell you what my cpa told me

[Capt Ron] sagefemme sure. fire away.

[sagefemme] he said that there are 4 dinar holders that have come to him in the last 6 months. So it had perked his interest. when he went to the local wf he is has an account with he saw a bunch of people with tags saying in training

[Capt Ron] the peeps I AM talking to are still very much expecting this thing to hit.

[sagefemme] when he asked what it was about the teller said it was currency exchange experts

[billuke] Capt Ron that's good news

[sagefemme] that was about 3 weeks ago



nick1 � June 23rd, 2013, 12:05 pm  *  

Hi Family,   I hope everyone is having a good day!

In the beginning of the week, I went into xxxx to make a deposit. After my transaction was done, I pulled out a $25,000 note and asked "Do you know where we are with this currency." ?

The teller pulled the book and the went to get the manager. I have never seen anyone so flustered and nervous about giving an answer to a question. This man stumbled over his words and the body language was one of - go away I don't want to talk to you.

"He said we don't deal with that currency, at all!" I asked "Will you exchange it once it is an international currency?"

Again the manager was very irritated and clearly did not want to talk to me. His response was "We will not deal with that currency at all!" His tone was startling.


(Recaps note: Bluwolf has notified us that The post being discussed was not from part of this chat was removed~ thank you)

[Iank1978] If the SkRs are fact then there has to be an RV to cash out bottom line...that is considering info from people who have been processed, could it be disinfo? I guess, but I think we are def gonna see the RV and the longer it takes the more pissed the whales are gonna get

[okrocks] burk50 OP ED - We're In The Midst of A Global Currency Reset Alexander

[okrocks] Stressed the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq that Iraq will start a new page of relations with regional and international surroundings after his release from the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations later this month.

[burk50] Ok rocks thx reset in the works Amen

[burk50] Lets pray God brings Truth to Okie ,Jester and all trying to let us know where we are in this reset thx Amen

The below posts were in our 11am email

SweetQueen;     Leo Wanta Interview June 2013

Very interesting interview.  The interviewer is a simple-minded, light-weight, but Leo makes the interview worth listening to.

SweetQueen:  Bluwolf Email 6/22/13 9:25 pm edt
on: June 22, 2013, 11:08:13 PM � 

As I have informed all, all dinar dealers by law have to stop selling the dinars and dongs when it rv. Well Puerto Rico second most important dinar dealer just stated in his Saturday radio program that his broker has informed him that they will be closing up shop before the 27th of June.  So if your not excited as of yet, then you are dead. Remember the 25th.  Bluwolf

[owl] Well I'll start the convo(?) by saying the PTB sure dont 'act' like they are going anywhere! I'm wanton of a return to our roots but must admit I'm skeptical it will succeed overwhelmingly...just saying

[Iank1978] Although I'm frustrated, I still feel we are there...just got to hold for that last push yeeeee haaaaaaw

[siskhyder] Well if we rved we wouldn't know until forex opens

[composer55] I wish this rv would happen soon because the dr. said the left side of my brain, " there's nothing right " and the right side of my brain " there's nothing left" roflmao roflmao

[Jester] hi castle mods, peeps, lurkers, and critters... i am right here... been reading recaps... interesting afternoon you guys had here...

[Jester] so if anyone has a question they would like to ask to my face instead of waiting until when i am gone again... nows the time... lol

[heartfelt] Jester I love your late Saturday into Sunday thinking.

[Jester] heartfelt well apparently some have a problem with the simple layout of a scenario... want to make it calling a date and then say we were misinformed.. course they dont come in here when i am here... lol

 [zorro] Jester All the world news is falling in place as you have said it would. Are you the real PTB?

[Jester] zorro hahaha.... no but i know some of them... lol

    millionday] love it   this was to the citizens

    [millionday] very nice and promising for them too -- jobs and the progress they have been promised which will effect the globe as well

    [Papatom] and amending any laws that hamper investment!!!! they are very serious !!!

    [millionday] brb with more amending for investment is fantastic this is a huge hurry call here we go

    [millionday] Accelerated pace in the meetings and the meetings of parliamentary order to resolve the file laws broken.

At the time directed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives calling for parliamentary committees to meet and discuss important projects that have been completed for the purpose passed in the coming sessions, supported the Kurdistan Alliance pass laws broken in one basket with the need to get Compatibility them.

Wink Millionday news 6/22/13

    [millionday] ok this is all about the opening of the global economic condition for iraq

    [millionday] Received a number of specialists in the economic decision to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, which under the country's economy decisions negatively affect the development, and drew interested that discretion money after the entry into force of the country from the shackles of Chapter VII enables it to achieve a comprehensive development if accompanied by plans strategy at all levels .

    [millionday] Banking expert at the Ministry of Finance. Hilal Taan said that the impact of the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII of the economy has positive dimensions of the most important that Iraq no longer poses a threat to world peace allowing the states to be more openness in economic terms.

Picture Confessions of an Over-Saver: Why I Hate Spending Money

Karen Mazzola, as told to Alden Wicker 
Posted on May 31, 2013

Everyone is talking about the crisis among twentysomethings. We don't save enough. We're behind on retirement. Our loans are untenable. We have high credit card debt.

Not me.

I'm a 27-year-old legal consultant in New York City. I don't make six figures, but I make a comfortable income. And I like saving. A lot. Maybe a little too much.

I max out my 401(k), have a robust savings account and no credit card debt, and I paid off $34,000 in student loans in less than a year. Even my parents think I'm an over-saver, and they save a lot.

To  read the  rest of this  amazing young woman's  story please click on the Wise Words Page Link below - you  may also make comments on this story  from there - Thank you - Recaps Team
[book2] anybody know which 6 hours tonight are the window when all banks are closed?

 [siskhyder] I wonder what time the 6 hr window starts that jester was talking about? Anyone? Its Saturday night now

[heartfelt] book2 I always thought 10pm -1am EST all markets were closed but that is only 3 hours so maybe they are different now

[heartfelt] book2 I love Saturdays..... this was ALWAYS my pick of the timing. Always believe what they tell you isn't going to happen... they always said NEVER A WEEKEND... OR A MONDAY!!!

[book2] heartfelt i thought the Bloomberg guy Jester referred to said 6 hours. Anyway I guess it's late night here, to wee hours

 [sunny] book2 I'm just getting on. What are you referring to with Jester and Bloomberg please?

[top_gun] book2 Hopium: Bloomberg TV: At Midnight on a Saturday Night New Currency Rates

[sunny] top_gun Oh, that was last years interview, but a goodie

nuts:  I have a strange feeling iraq is going to get ch7 without an rv. anybody else feeling that? not trying to be a negative nelly and we all know its coming, but we are probably days away from them getting ch7 released. we have sailed through so many "they cant do it without rving"'s that I feel this is just another one coming...


jaxjags �  Here are some thoughts about Iraq leaving Chapter 7.

When is happens on Thursday, June 27, 2013 the IQD will also be acceptable/tradeable internationally. Also, Iraq still has $100s billion of debt that still require payment.

Now consider this; if the IQD stays at 1166, for every one (1) USD of debt, Iraq has to use 1166 IQD for payment. There is NOT enough IQD in the universe to pay all their debt at this rate.

For example, it would take the following to pay at the current rate of 1166;
$100,000,000,000 X 1166 = 116,600,000,000,000. I believe this is 116 trillion IQD to pay off $100 billion in debt.


[kuu] Info post, per Frank26..The IMF is in control of permissions to countries to raise the value of their currency. There is no link to and article or condition that explicitly states that the value of the currency must be lifted before chapter 7 can be lifted. However, obeying the direction of the IMF.

[kuu] Info post, per Frank26..The IMF is in control of permissions to countries to raise the value of their currency. There is no link to and article or condition that explicitly states that the value of the currency must be lifted before chapter 7 can be lifted. However, obeying the direction of the IMF.

[kuu] IMO it seems that this IMF requirement will be agreed to on the 27th and whatever the international currency rate is it will be the beginning push to the RV and CE.

[kuu] Head of the UN is for it, head of the IMF is for it. I see no preventors to the chapter 7 release. There never is a certainty, but looks positive to me from this point.

[geoworld] kuu The only thing is this is an event driven RV --We dont know what event is next --it may be an RV IMO

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