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10am, June 3rd, 2013   


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The...Key To Persuasion For A Win / Win
Tlar & Dinar Alert Member Discussion
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Maynard57 Wants To Clarify
WalkingStick / Frank26 & KTFA Member Discussion
Bluwolf post emailed to Recaps Sunday Night
Sunday Night Dinar Chatter
Poofness for Sunday "Time for Plain Talk"
The below posts were in our 6pm email
Zambia Currency Rebased June 1-Posted by Pragmatist at KTFA
Jester and I4U Members Chat Sun. Afternoon Part 2
Jester and I4U Members Chat Sun. Afternoon Part 1
Wang Dang Sunday 8pm (ET) Conference Call
More Valuable Tips On Financial Adviser Search
Tips On Finding & Choosing A Financial Professional
Intel4U Members Thoughts and Opinions Sunday Morning
News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Late Sat.PM/ Early Sun. AM
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The Key To Persuasion

Instead of striving to get others to see it your way, put your energy, effort and focus into seeing it their way. By more fully understanding what others see, you can more compellingly express what you see.

Your perceptions are indeed very valuable, yet they are not the only perceptions. If you operate under the assumption that everyone sees, or should see, the world as you do, you're not going to make much progress.

The way to get people to see it your way is to start by seeing it their way. The key to persuasion is understanding.

Take the time to listen, to observe, to ask, to learn, and to listen some more. Make it your goal to sincerely, respectfully, without judgment, understand.

You have beautiful, valuable, helpful things to say. The more you truly understand the person you're talking to, the more compelling your words will be.

Before you attempt to be understood, make sure you understand. Greatly enhance your own perceptions by respectfully considering the perceptions of others.  - Ralph Marston
Western diplomats who monitor converter big money from Iraq to Syria during the past three weeks

BAGHDAD - Eastern June 2: Western diplomats in Baghdad said they spotted the conversion big money from Iraq to Syria during the past three weeks and diplomats from more than one European country were contacted them today that the amounts that have been converted up to $ 7 billion and participated in the transfer of Lebanese banks working in Iraq and the Iraqi bank and at least one. (SEE BELOW)

Tobyboy:  This is interesting Quote " spotted the conversion big money from Iraq to Syria during the past three weeks and diplomats from more than one European country were contacted them today that the amounts that have been converted up to $ 7 billion and participated in the transfer of Lebanese banks working in Iraq and the Iraqi bank and at least one." 

I wonder if Turki is involved in this, I would think Turki would have been able to spot this before Western diplomats saw this. Maybe Turki not as innocent as everyone thinks and working for Maliki  letting on he working with the IMF. Your never know but sooner or later it will come out.
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[DrRod] Hello friends, hope you each had a great Sunday with friends and family. I hear from various readings that things are looking very positive. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I hope that you all remain calm and prayerful. The one thing I strongly suggest is to review your plan if you have one.

[DrRod] Additionally once you review your plan, please remember to be very quiet and discreet. While you have heard me say this before, it is vitally important to be quiet. There are many, many bad people out there willing to do whatever it takes to take your treasure away.

[DrRod] Anyway, many of you have seen my posts before cautioning you to be careful. Now is not the time to be careless. Be vigilant. If you do not have a check list of what you need to do once the RV is announced, you must make a list so that you will not be floundering when you exchange.

[DrRod] I'm not an alarmist. I'm a realist... Many new and wonderful things will happen when you have your blessing. You will be faced with many decisions you never had to think about before. Don't spend like a pro athelete. Pay off your debt, invest wisely and live off the interest.

SUNDAY, June 2, 2013


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114 Minutes
Maynard57: I got a private email from a member about a post I made quite a while back concerning the RV ad the actual info surrounding it being perhaps the most valuable proprietary information on the planet.   The emailer asked, 'if that's true, why all the talk about restoring the dinar to its true value in June?' 

Clearly I need to backpeddle a bit, because in retrospect my post was't very well thought out and somewhat overbroad.   The IQD info is precious stuff, but as for "RV or not RV" (sorry Shakespeare) I think that cat's pretty out of that bag.

 I really think the reason the CBI feels at liberty to make the public statements they have has to do with the fact that they know approximately who many 000 dinar notes were printed and roughly how many are currently in circulation.  
KTFA-JimNY:   WS,  "I think that Iraq needs to be at least in a 1:1 exchange rate with the US Dollar in order for the lower denominations to be used. The idea is to get the Iraqi citizens to be willing, and to have enough faith in the dinar, to trade in their US Dollars for their own new currency. That's the main objective of the RD phase, in my opinion.

A 166 "Pip" change where the rate is left at 1000:1 does Iraq no good and would not make it possible for the lower denominations to be used.

Once Iraq goes 1:1. they may want to leave this rate as it is for a period of time to ensure that the rate is maintained but, in the meantime, Iraqi citizens will continue to de-dollarize the nation by exchanging US dollars for the lower denoms.
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Good afternoon, as my side of the island is now receiving a storm ( a lot if rain, wind, lighting and thunder ) I decided to approach you. Be in peace Dinarians for even though the evil one while trying to deceive and fool your feelings and wisdom, so it is that all is still on a correct path with no obstacles in its way.

In Iraq all is transpiring well and many overwhelming announcements have been placed by there officials.

On our part things are still pushing forward and it will come into effect swiftly and definitely in a silent approach. My thoughts to all in the path of those storms, soon we will be able to do the difference by God.

A message to Okie, man I love you brother and I request a legion of Angels with swords drawn to protect you at a degree of a all around 360�, no hear this you are the messenger and announcer of this blessing, and I think that the devil has a warrent out for you, so you be very strong in your faith in Jesus for He is with you and so are His Angels protecting you at all times, let it be known that I have all of you in this Angelic 360� prayer which is cast off by me every second that I have a free minute. Please pray for all intel providers we need protection. 

This is so you know that our wait is not only of a human nature but of a spiritual one as well. Be bless, happy journeys, and congratulations to all of you billionaires for all that you wait for shall be release en breve ( shortly).

Dios bendiga a todos, asi lo declaro por Tu Santo Espiritu.

Amen Bluwolf (post it in your room for it is you that has the key)

[..SweetQueen] WELCOME BACK Georgiaboy!!!

 [Georgiaboy] Been on a walk-about for sure, lol

[okrocks] Georgiaboy well how are you and how is studley?

[Georgiaboy] okrocks , I'm good. Studley is well

[okrocks] Georgiaboy How is the market shaping up for all of this do you think?

[Georgiaboy] okrocks , Looks kinda good "I think" ? lol

 [Georgiaboy] ..SweetQueen , Just dropped in for a bit. I do think we are real close. but hey, nobudy knows when

[okrocks] Georgiaboy can you give us a small summary as to where we are or what you think is a pertainent thing or place to keep our eyes looking for.... thanks and good to see you again

[Georgiaboy] okrocks , I've always thought that the bottom (or mini bottom ) in metals and the end of QE with the Fed would be a signal of the RV. IMO, we are at that point
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Luther Vandross
The impossible dream with lyrics

Greetings and Salutations;

I would like to reintroduce myself. Many know me as Susan, I have "been behind the curtain." My forever partner has ascended as he promised - Not necessarily the way I would have wished. For me, this has been "The Time Travel of Shock," loss and re-adjustment. I know that Poof, Serenius, believed in you as much as you believed in Him. His transition was fast, shocking and life altering - He lives in your Heart as he will forever live in mine and he remembers that You and I are always in HIS....

Now on to the news...................

This is a dynamite newsletter today that is sure to grab your attention! Now is the "Time for Plain Talk" and we are so blessed to have a very special contribution from ZAP. His realm is the "Nose Bleed Section." He speaks with those in the very top positions in China and around the world. Today he has taken the time to share his knowledge and wisdom of where we are right now and how we arrived here with our newsletter family. Make no mistake this is neither rumor nor conjecture but fact, a time for truth and a "Time for Plain Talk."
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The below posts were in our 6pm email


Pragmatist � June 2nd, 2013, 4:58 pm 
I found this article published yesterday VERY interesting! A precursor of things to come...?!?!

Enjoy ~~~~Pragmatist

Zambia Currency Rebased - Three Zeros Removed

Zambia: Boz Sucks K3.4 Trillion Old Currency From Circulation

1 JUNE 2013

THE Bank of Zambia (BoZ) has so far withdrawn more than 92 per cent of the old currency valued at K3.4 trillion since the rebasing of the Kwacha in January this year.

BoZ head of public relations Kanguya Mayondi said that only 7.8 per cent of the old currency was in circulation and by April 30, the Central Bank pumped in a total of KR3.3 billion of the rebased currency, while K3.4 trillion of the old currency had been withdrawn.


[sektor] justincase a recap there are 2 groups that are being watched a pre-rv group and a post rv group the pre's are the whales and I can't remember the other part.

 [justincase] sektor - OK. Why would there be a pre and a post? and how do they know who the whales are? ty

[JWB121] Jester, at some point the larger group(s) and sovereigns will become impatient and make demands on their interests...we can't assume rank and file folks would be immediately next?

[burk50] Jester when did they start getting the whales their piece of the pie ? R they almost done ?

[nutzo] Dsatmhk7 I am thinking of writing a new dictionary, the problem is not what to include, but what to leave out, soon, now, done, etc lol

[FLPatriot59] justincase They have big tales and talk whalese.

[sektor] jester can you clarify the pre and post RV groups for justincase or maybe clarify what I said. Please

[Jester] sektor i cannot claify that without telling you who they are and i am not going to go there for security reasons...


[pat] Robertprofessor gm is there any news today  you have heard? thank you

[Robertprofessor] pat Evidence seems strong that Iraq had its National Meeting yesterday. If so, it's an indicator that the rv is close.

[Robertprofessor]  As they say in academia, it's all about your sources. If two castle critters say they expect the email today, we take it for what it is worth. If Jester or other comes in and says the same thing, different story. If Okie were to come into OOM today ... well, consider the source.

[Jester] hi castle mods, peeps, lurkers, and critters... how's it going?

[bandit] Jester Good afternoon - had a nap yet

[Jester] bandit no naps here... got too much to do... lol

[tc0043] Jester Then let`s git er done!!!! Roflmao

[Jester] tc0043 it is underway... they are working diligently..

[siskhyder] Jester give us some hopium.. what's the good word for the day

Jester] siskhyder nothing has changed... they have been processing people in advance since thursday... it has not stopped...



SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2013 @ 7 PM CST

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Financial Adviser Advice

 What do people look for in a financial adviser? For starters, they look for a licensed professional with the requisite education, experience and competence. They want to be sure that he or she keeps up new or emerging options and opportunities in financial planning.

These are baseline criteria, however. Using them alone may result in only a basic financial adviser.

People with substantial resources often have higher needs and expectations. They may want an advisor to look at their finances holistically and help them envision their optimal possibilities. Equally important often is finding someone whom they can trust to be on their side.

In our work, we call a client-centered financial adviser a "wealth coach." If you seek a. wealth Coach, here are some "screens" you may apply as you search.


The Challenge to Find Financial Pros You Can Trust

Armed with some basic know-how and an understanding of your own needs, you, too, can find, evaluate and manage the advisors that are right for you.

Larry Evans had his first encounter with a financial advisor when he was 18. He recalls, "I remember meeting with this old guy who I couldn't relate to at all. I sat there listening and thought, 'This sounds just like a sales pitch.'"

It wasn't until several years, and two advisors, later that a friend recommended someone who shared his own values. "Until then," he says, "I thought financial professionals were all about the same."


[puppylove] "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." :


[triple777] xyz M was at National Meeting and everyone in attendance all smiles and hugging so as I feel everything will happen at once I dont find it strange that now instead of months or a year or so ago when talibani called for it we have the national meeting yesterday

[xyz] triple777 yes

[triple777] Jeff I think it can be said like this "Houston we have convergence and are ready for take off"

(Robertprofessor) So, how big a deal do we think the meeting in Iraq really was? Is this "the" meeting that Iraq watchers have talked about for 2-3 years or no?

[tc0043] Robertprofessor I believe it is

[burk50] Robert BlueDog said last night he thinks this meeting is bigger than chapter 7 imo

[Robertprofessor] burk50 I've liked Bluedog's information for a long time.

[Robertprofessor] childofgod Could this (to you) be an indicator of ___ ?

[childofgod] Robertprofessor ABSOLUTELY!

 [tc0043] burk50 and when he heard Alawii was there, he said this is done

[burk50] Robert he will probably be on tonight again imo

[Robertprofessor] tc0043 What do you think was accomplished with the meeting yesterday? What do you expect to follow?



[hellumsj] I remember reading that when we are really close--things would get real negative right before an RV!

[cashinqueen1] Iraqi Arab confirm the success of the national meeting of the leaders of political blocs .....Sunday, June 2, 2013 12:19

 [highhopes] cashinqueen1 woohoo..National meeting over and successful..The PTB must have finally let them have it..we must be close!!

[Jeff] CONVERGENCE is the key word for today Hi everyone

[Jeff] tc0043 convergence

[tc0043] Jeff Splain it to us

[Jeff] tc0043 everyone looks for rates and dates when the real news is CONVERGENCE

[Robertprofessor] Hi castle ... Jeff I agree with you. Convergence is a great word for today.

[Jeff] tc0043 convergence is the bringing together simultaneously thoughts or actions that run in parallel then connect as one; the National Meeting is part of this convergence

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