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10pm, June 6th, 2012  


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Vic1 chat at OOM Wednesday afternoon by Spiritual Warrior
Wednesday 10pm (ET) BGG and Poppy3 Conference Call
The IQD Team~~Highlights Summary Replay Conf Call June 5~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Are We There Yet?
PTR CC for Wednesda
US Officials Urge Hurricane Preparation...4 Comments
MRP at 3SIntel Chatroom Wed. Afternoon
Dinar Updates Blog for Wednesday
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The below posts were in our 10am email
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8:56 PM [Precious] 4:42:41 PM] triggers51: Wow listening to Tony from PTR did yall listen? He just said that there WAS a LIVE RATE CHANGE from US Bank and Travelex Saturday and Sunday for the VND ....for a period of time.

Kuwait had a 4 hour window when the rate changed and didnt RV for months after , the people knew enough to be aware of the change.

This was not a slip up, it was live from Sacramento Travelex...they got a mind blowing rate.

Then Monday it converted bak to old rate. So this VERIFIES that the VND will RV. He called both US bank AND travelex and they BOTH had the SAME RATE.... OMG...WOW


[telemar59] Okie it has been said that we are any moment, (Not Soon), But any moment. Would that be an accurate description?



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Breaking news updates from CNN!!!

I get Notification updates of Breaking news from CNN I have no link because this comes to my android phone! I thought that this was interestingly funny!
Im giving this to you word for word what they (CNN) said!

CNN: Dow and S&P post their best day of 2012 as U.S. stocks rally on hopes for global stimulus. Dow gains 284 points.

Bulldog75] 4:45PM CST: Bulldog75 Post: Beautiful Message From the Chat Room Today : Costanza today at OOM chatroom ~ [Costanza] Bulldog75 - There are no doubters here....we are all one...and we will manifest this...our destiny. cheers!

[Bulldog75] Costanza : *** Bingo. Thanks. You are Chosen. Stay strong and Firm.

 [Costanza] Bulldog posted a very important comment here today... We (all of us) can manifest what we wish for. Each one of us has more power than you were ever lead to believe. We are all a part of the whole.

 [Costanza] Visualize the RV happening.... Visualize your life Post RV... See the gifts upon us all and the great change it will make.

 [Costanza] KNOW that it is going to happen. SEE it happening soon.
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Adam Montana] howdy everyone! I apologize for being late with chat today, I triple booked myself this morning somehow.

[Adam Montana] I tried to hop in here several times recently, my schedule just hasn't allowed me a single free 5 minute span... hopefully with summer here, things will slow down a bit and I'll have more free time

[Adam Montana] or, on the other hand, hopefully Iraq revalues their currency and I'm suddenly busier than I've EVER been in my LIFE, due to my obligations to members

[Adam Montana] or, on the other hand, hopefully Iraq revalues their currency and I'm suddenly busier than I've EVER been in my LIFE, due to my obligations

The below posts were in our 6pm email
DebTarHeelGirl: GOOD WORD FOR TODAY: Get your gear ready. Find all of your belongings. Find every precious thing to you and pack it because it's time for a jail break! You are being completely freed from all imprisoning thoughts, passions, and desires. Even your dreams will go free. Your life is about to soar into its greatness. The foundation of the prison house will crumble . The bars will melt, the jailor will disappear, and the liberator's trumpet will sound for you. SUDDENLY!!! 

[poppy3] tune into the cc tonight we should have much exciting news on possible progress in the Maliki situation as the world turns    these peeps are determined to get this deal done . bbl this evening. poppy3

 [BOBGETZ6] To All Dinarians...I have heard three different scenarios as to the when of this investment. While we wait, lets remember that we need to lift up in prayer, or just in thought, should you prefer, our fellow Dinarians. There are some who are losing their homes today, others who are at the brink of forclosure. There are others without significant incomes to get by, while there are others who are having surgery today. We all need to stick together as a family until this is done and beyond. God Bless!

BOBGETZ6] Folks, I have been told by six different people these three probables: By the end of the day late, by the end of the week, and by the 15th at the latest.

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3:22 PM [vic1] Hello to ALL!

3:24 PM [vic1] Thank you for Your Hello's! Someone just PM'd me come back!

3:24 PM [SpiritualWarrior] vic1 Vic, wonderful to see ya brotherman! Welcome...

3:25 PM [vic1] SpiritualWarrior HELLO! Thank you ....Good to be here!

3:22 PM [kemosabe] Any good news Vic1?

3:28 PM [vic1] kemosabe GOOD NEWS? There is Plenty! Spoke to UN REP...Today with my Buddy ...CURTIS! I will discuss that on Call tomorrow! However....Chapter 7 has absolutely.... NOTHING TO DO with CBI...Not being able to RV!!!

3:27 PM [freeiraq] vic1 hello

3:29 PM [vic1] freeiraq Hello

3:29 PM [Olordplease] vic1 How do you know a dog is mans best friend?

3:30 PM [vic1] Olordplease CUZ....THEY ARE! However I'll let you explain

DinarUpdates Wednesday Conference Call (06/06)

Poppy3 and BGG

9:00pm CST

760-569-7676 Pin # 930965 (will be recorded)

The IQD Team~~Highlights Summary Replay Conf Call June 5~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Are We There Yet?

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call
Theme:  Are We There Yet?

Conference Call Replay -  June 5, 2012

760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Straight Talkin Mike's Transcription of the Recap of Tonight's News
(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article listed  - the following is just Straight Talkin Mikes recap of the news discussed)

Discussion and Comments after some of the News Articles Discussed

Finance Committee Member:  CBI has started to make some good steps to reset the Value of the Dinar

For Wed call back  760-569-7699 pin 424174#

Freeconference playback  LINK  83 Min

US Officials Urge Hurricane Preparation

The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season officially began Friday -- and although the forecast is for a "less active" season than in the past, US officials urged residents to prepare for the worst.

Officials raised the specter of Hurricane Andrew, the powerful storm that ripped up south Florida 20 years ago during a year of few hurricanes.

"A lots of preparation has been done by national, state and local agencies, but it is extremely important that individuals are well prepared for this season, as every year," said Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

[MRP] Scouts, just want to let you know that when experienced people make investments, they get guidance, do the research, make the decision to invest or not, and then they never get another piece of information. Then, maybe months later they get a phone call from their investment banker/facilitator that their investment progressed, either up or down, and the process starts over again.

So, I highly suggest that you get off the roller coaster, take a leaf out of the professional book, and just let this investment do what it does, without monitoring it on a daily basis. In case you haven't noticed, the process is out of EVERYONE'S CONTROL.

[MRP] Let me repeat this again, THIS INVESTMENT IS OUT OF EVERYONE'S CONTROL. The Head of the World Bank does not have complete control over this investment. Ms. LaGarde of the IMF does not have complete control over this investment. The Chinese VP does not have complete control over this investment. If they did, it would be done already. So, please stop making yourself crazy. There is nothing you can do to speed this process up.
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UPDATE: Current update for today...

A very special thanks to all of our great MODS who are constantly digging for news and provide up-to-the-minute commentary. Very smart dialogue - all the time.

*** Current News ***

Urgent ... Obama is a crisis cell headed by Biden to resolve the Iraqi crisis within 72 hours (Thanks Double B)

BAGHDAD / Knights of hope

Western sources reported near the center of the U.S. decision that the President of the United States Barack Obama will meet during the next few hours in his office at the White House with Vice President Joe Biden and senior officials of the U.S. State Department and the Pentagon to put the finishing touches on the message that will be sent to the Iraqi leaders in Baghdad.

11:01 PM [bassman] Poppy3 do you think there will be a few days between the two if IQD rv first ....

11:03 PM [poppy3] bassman, no i think they will go together if at all possible. They have held out for over a year now and been held up three times because of Maliki . I am sure they will try and go together. poppy3

poppy3] bassman it is possible but not very probable if Iraq keeps moving forward and the senior leadership continues to agree with one another instead of throwing shoes. VND is being pushed by China but their MOF doesn't want any further obligations to china than they already have especially in their banking sector. I would say if Iraq doesn't rv by the 15th look for VND to go on their own but it will be a smaller RV then if they can hold out till Iraq rv's. popp

[abbababy] daniandquin I  just wish we would hear something already. I just think "O", has a big hand in this and it is all about his upcoming election. I figure if he can hold off the wolves until July or August that will give him a good looking economy with all of us buying come Sept, Oct.

[daniandquin] abbababy to be honest, i think that august would be too late for the influx of new money to positively effect the US economy. The trickle down effect to make any sort of tangible change would have to be at least 6 month IMO
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The below posts were in our 10am email

Early Wednesday Morning SWFG posting

6-6-2012 SWFloridaGuy: During the last couple weeks we've witnessed a lot of stall tactics (threats, letters, signatures, meetings, demands ultimatums etc). The latest is Talabani forming a committee to deal with the authenticity of the signatures. This is not an obligatory measure and that tells me there are still some kinks to be worked out. This is Talabani's decision, whether they have the signatures or not is meaningless, other than to forecast how a potential vote may go. 

Currently we are unsure if a petition has yet to reach Speaker Nujayfi. There are too many conflicting reports from innominate authors for us to be sure of anything at this point, other than it certainly cannot remain unresolved much longer. Maliki's opposition will not condone further procrastination. 

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From The IQD Team - Prayer Request

We are asking everyone to say a prayer for "Darkhorse" 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families. They are fighting it out in Afghanistan & they have lost 9 marines in 4 days. 

IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE the message spread if more could pass it on. Nothing in the media about these guys because no one seems to care:

*Justin Allen, 23, Brett Linley, 29, Matthew Weikert, 29, Justus Bartett, 27, Dave Santos, 21, Chase Stanley, 21 Jesse Reed, 26, Matthew Johnson, 21, Zachary Fisher, 24, Brandon King, 23, Christopher Goeke, 23, Sheldon Tate, 27.*

All are Marines that gave their lives for YOU this week.

Millionday Chat - Emailed To Recaps

Join us for our daily chat featuring Millionday, Robinredhead, Fresh, and the rest of the PI crew at 6:30 pm EST Friday-Wednesday at

[millionday] The head assembly of industrial Abdel-Hassan al-Shammari, the activation of the private industrial sector needs to implement a package of important laws of the economy. 

The Shammari: The return of private industry to work subject to the application of a set of laws in support of the national economy Kaltarafh customs and consumer protection of Iraq, pointing to the existence of a government decree was issued imposing fees for industrial goods imported and exempt food and clothing of the fees when applying the tariff, which will give impetus to the advancement of the domestic industry. and for the (news):
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Med & Member Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator

breezin (01:47:01):  Sadr is starting to look like a hero:

GAU-8:Did Maliki get religion and just admit he is the problem?

breezin: Haha Gau-8

GAU-8: Maliki just got back from his Dictator anonomous meeting!

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Repost of BellaGrits from Inter4U on Dodd-Frank Acts.

Originally posted on 5/30/12 11:55PM EDT Dodd-Frank Account Info

Why Do I Want a Dodd-Frank Account? * First, let's look a "regular" checking account...the kind you get when you unsuspectingly go into a bank and ask to open a checking account. * If you have a checking account that gains interest, your account will automatically, by default, be backed by the Federal Reserve.

There is one more thing you need to consider here. The bank will, more than likely, tell you that all of their checking accounts are "non-interest-bearing". What they don't tell you is that these accounts CAN be switched over to an interest-bearing account. This is the "danger"! This type of account does NOT fall under the protection of the Dodd-Frank Act. 

* From the education we have been receiving, it seems the Federal Reserve will become an entity of the past. When this happens, it is thought this is the same time the USD will (or may) devalue or depreciate. Since your funds are backed by the Federal Reserve, your funds will depreciate.

* Now, let's look at what will happen when you have your account protected by a Dodd-Frank account. 

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BWM in chat at 3S's posted by Petersma Tuesday  night

8:28 PM [BWM] well news was fast and furious today... (not the sequel) and everything that I heard was good... from banks to boots (sorry AndieZ no red ones) the news was very positive toward this coming to an end...

[dinarrocks] BWM Anything of particular notice???

[BWM] dinarrocks lots of background today on things going on... helps solve IN MY MIND what the holdups have been and why so much frustration by so many ppl

[bamanana] BWM May we ask WHO the holdup has been? If not it's ok.

[BWM] bamanana I really don't want to get into that... just because the dinar was not even mentioned in the conversation...

[mshaddie4] BWM - do you think we are closer now?

[BWM] mshaddie4 yes... hard to imagine us being any closer than what I had heard til this point but from the contacts info came from today... well it surprised even me

[dinarrocks] BWM I have to admit, it is frustrating when you hear you, Studley, etc talk about the WF pckg, then hear others say there is no way WF is doing that, and site WF connections as well????
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Rumors and Opinions from some  Intel Providers Tues. Night

jun 5 6:48 pm [terryk] ok room got some goooooodddd juice now i cant tell you what region i cant tell you who but please treat this as a big rumor.

 A friend of mine- his buddy who holds 75 million dinar was called today from his banking buddy I can't tell you what bank, but it's one of the big boys. He was told to get his things in order and come see him tomorrow at 3pm est.  Now i said est for a reasonas  that could be 2 central or 11 hawaii time ===

 8:51 pm hammerman: just got some un confirmed info on the dong ,,,unconfirmed ,,,, could RV on the 7th. I  just spoke with 3 bankers ,,saying tonite are tomorow nite on the dong ,,,, all we can do is hope

[BGG] P.S. while I was a little concerned with the upcoming Biden visit - then recent snub of Maliki by Ambassador Jeffries and the info coming out about Bidens real "mission" signals a clear shift in policy and gives me great hope for the near future of this investment. It was looking a little bleak for a bit there...

wealthbytrade] BGG, I'm relieved too. I was concerned about Biden screwing everything up...truly I was

[BGG] Things are looking up though...and the US has an enormous amount of sway internationally - will he comply?? Who knows??

[BGG] I think once they have a clear cut MO on the signature thing and a replacement everyone agrees on - we'll see the vote. Not until.

[wheresmyrv?] BGG once parlament kicks Maliki out and they put in a new prime minister the same day, do you think it will take long to announce erbil, HCL, and GOI?
[BGG] wheresmyrv? - Not long...

Duckyboy  &  Forex Article - Post By Leo GET Forum

6-5-2012 Duckyboy: Here's a great article from a Forex site:

"While the Iraqi Dinar has become a currency-du-jour of sorts, with many so-called experts claiming that it is a smart investment option for foreign exchange traders, the current underlying fundamentals of Iraq and the Middle East on the whole make it an unappealing trading opportunity for the time being and years to come. 

Primarily, there is no market for the Iraqi Dinar (spot: USDIQD) right now. Starting in 2004, following the US led invasion of Iraq, the Dinar has faced illiquid market conditions amid continued uncertainty of the political outlook of the country.
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