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6pm, June 9th, 2014    


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Tlar & Friends Short Discussion / Update
Pastor Ed's International Prayer Call Monday night 7pm ET
Monday Morning News Summaries from Aggiedad77 at KTFA
BLC Admin Tlm724 Monday News & Comments
Mnt.Goat Update: "Pivotal Week for Iraq"
Millionday Sunday NIght News Part 2
MarkZ and I4U Members Early Monday Morning Chat
Millionday Sunday Night News Part 1
Late Sunday Night- More Jester Tidbits
The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter
Late Sunday Night I4U Member Chat
Millionday Saturday Night News Part 2
Millionday Saturday Night News Part 1
News, rumors and Opinions Sunday Night
Poofness for June 8th: "Another Day in Paradise" Part 2
Poofness for June 8th: : Another Day in Paradise" Part 1
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Timber:  Kurdistan's (et al): if Maliki knows that he is a legal action to hold the third state

By Adminmo 08.06.2014 01:12 |  Brother - and Sam Mulla

Kurdistan Alliance saw that stuck to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the state came third because of "illegal acts" carried out by noting that (al-Maliki) knows that he will be tried in the event of his release from the prime minister.

And the MP for the Kurdistan happy messenger in a statement singled out by the reporter and the Agency for News News (et) that "stuck to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the state of the three because he did not work legally, noting" that al-Maliki knows if his exit will lawsuits be tried. "

International Prayer Call Monday night 7pm est
530 881 1400   406878#
530 881 1499   406878#   recorded version

When putting all things in Gods hands first it may seem a hard thing to do. But after seeing what God does to make things right, makes us want to put all our affairs in his great mighty hands first. After all trying to do it the human way by ourselves most times leads to despair and not getting all our blessing. All want all our blessings not settling for just some but all.

God Bless

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for all your help
aggiedad77 � June 9th, 2014, 11:55 am 

Monday Morning News Summaries

Central Bank calls for banks to pump Securities modern printing

This article talks about paying salaries of the state employees and cleaning up "securities" or that is worn or damaged and they are wanting to put the newer currency, that which was printed with newer security features to it into circulation.....sounds like banks that are found to be distributing any counterfeit currency to citizens will be subject to penalties.....
I know the last sentence of this article is going to get much fanfare today....but I would honestly ignore it for the time is something that the writer of the article has added to the other content, it is not something that was said by a CBI official...IMO....if it had been, it would have been credited to the appropriate CBI official.

Monday Morning News & Comments From Admin Tlm724 - BondLadys Corner
The increasing role of government in a market economy

[tlm724] recommends economists inevitability emptied the government to planning and guidance, monitoring and policy-making required in the economic life and quit meddling Aokiemha production and establishment of public companies, new and leaving that role to the private sector

[tlm724] Experts believe that the treatment of this phenomenon lies in the privatization of these companies and unconditional guarantee of human workers in order to activate it

UU2199 Pivotal Week for Iraq

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to drop in and give you an update on the ongoing news about the election process and the RV since I expect this week to be a pivotal week for the country of Iraq. . .

I  encourage everyone to go back and please, please read my last 3 news letters dated 6/1. 6/4 and 6/6. The information in these news letters is very important as it leads up to what I am about to tell you.

Sometimes I read the comments given from my news letters and I can tell the reader has not taken the time to read my past news letters or follow the latest news I present. I can sense the frustration but it is up to you to take the time and effort if you truly want to know how this RV is unfolding right in front of our noses.

I am about to tell you what I believe is the current plan. The implementation process of the plan has changed many times but the overall plan has remained basically the same since 2008 in its inception. .

Today's News

Millionday News 6/8/14  Part 2

    Welcome To Sunday Night News Time With Millionday!

    [millionday] As announced, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said that "oil is flowing to Turkey through a pipeline under the Kurdistan Regional Government at a rate of 100 to 120 thousand barrels per day after the first shipment during the past few days,"

 adding that the Kurdistan Region can sell oil on world markets, and that the oil does not belong to Turkey, which is free to sell it to whom He pleases.

he says As it launched the Federal Oil Ministry stern attack on the Kurdistan Regional Government on the export of oil, "usually him of" trying to blackmail the federal government for ill-gotten gains at the expense of the Iraqi people and the sovereign wealth. "

MarkZ] Good morning to the castle.

[lilypad] MarkZ it is been a loooooong weekend for us in the castle

[notsoguru] MarkZ gm :thanks for keeping us updated!

[MarkZ] notsoguru I haven't had much free time but I was trying.

[MarkZ] notsoguru I did rather expect to see an RV early this morning. Not sure where it is right now but I am looking forward to tracking that slippery duck down today. :) I knew based on progress late Saturday that thinking we would have it Monday morning was optimistic but, I am a glass half full kinda guy.

[starpath1] MarkZ Friend, do you bring some new information for us this morning, or are we still waiting and watching the seeds sprout?

[MarkZ] starpath1 Mostly waiting for government and banking folks to go back to work so we can chase down something more than rumortel.

Millionday News 6/8/14  Part 1

      Welcome To Sunday Night News Time With Millionday!

       [millionday] here we go

    [millionday] A delegation from the U.S. State Department to visit Kurdistan to discuss the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil to Kurdistan, Sunday, to meet with officials and discuss outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, especially with regard to file oil.

A source in the provincial government stated that "a delegation from the U.S. State Department, headed by Deputy Minister of State for Iran and Iraq, arrived in Arbil to meet with officials in the provincial government and discuss the results of the elections in Iraq, as well as the file of oil and problems with Baghdad about."

[lulu] So jester , anything particularly juicy and true that you can share?


[Truth] Jester interesting.

[Hannah] Jester Does that give you any concern? Or do you feel it's a good thing?


[Truth] Jester wow a loaded statement.

[Goose] Jester so can you elaborate

The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter
[MsMagnolia] Bryan Hello My news is great & should stand alone tomorrow or Tuesday

[jack1977] MsMagnolia MsMagnolia please share

 [SpecialAgentGibbs] MsMagnolia no teasing, spill it

[MsMagnolia] Not teasing. Please remember I am on my phone. That being said, @ 9:40 this evening our FED died

 [WCW] if the fed died there is a lot of people going to ne mad cause they arent getting paid

 [SpecialAgentGibbs] As it was explained to me, the FED was going to be absorbed by the UST

 [highlander65] MsMagnolia MsMagnolia please dear tell us more

Millionday News 6/7/14   Part 2 

    Welcome To Satruday Night News Time With Millionday!

mimi] Did I understand right when bgg said he doesn't believe that they need a higher rate to trade for the isx but MD believes they do?    Or did I miss hear on the call the other night?

    [millionday] i only know what my opinion is -- this is the thing with my thinking is that they are trading on the isx right now -- in country --- however to hook to the global market the dinar is their largest and all countries largest product -- it will be priced at its value -- however it shall be it will be its true value as all items and shares --- or they wont have a market --

    [kenster] Would it not be financial suicide to enter the global market at 1166...? Would it not be a disaster?

    millionday] it would wipe them out in my opinion

Millionday News 6/7/14   Part 1 

    Welcome To Satruday Night News Time With Millionday!

    millionday] Coalition of Iraq, Ahmed al-Jubouri, the members of the House of Representatives to attend the parliament on Sunday, and held an open meeting to approve the budget bill. He said al-Jubouri's (IMN) that "the House of Representatives approving the budget bill so as not to be a black spot in the history of the current session of the Iraqi parliament. "

    [millionday] note -- Sunday the budget bill

    [millionday] Indicating that the remaining six days of the age of the Council is the last chance to resolve the budget crisis. The subject of the delayed adoption of the budget has become a major obstacle to the implementation of investment projects and services in all ministries and departments of service in Iraq.

  [millionday] oh what the HEE Haa -- The last six days are as good as any oops sorry


[FRV]  MarkZ Tweet:   @originalmarkz: Did everyone say their prayers today?

gizmosmom] what did he mean by that guys? i prayed i went to church i pray every day, does he know something we dont, have our prayers been answered?

[dinardbr] hello all. I inferred from the tweet from MarkZ is that the rv may be close and hope that we are praying it in

[highlander65] @originalmarkz: What can I say? Nothing needs said. I will join you all in chat tomorrow.

 [lightman1] highlander65 what does Mark mean

 [highlander65] lightman1 hi - he will see us tomorrow -- like nothing more to say IMHO

OMG.... How long can this bs seriously go on? There is no doubt I will, or maybe not, get a plausible reason why there has been some official throw a monkey wrench in the whole works. You know.... I have messages saved from well over ten years ago, when Poof/Truth Warrior and all the other names he used, "Guaranteed" the money had been sent. It would just be days until it arrived. "Guaranteed from his mouth"!!!


It really struck home recently, when I found and reread a letter my wife had given to me. It was the final letter she wrote, just hours before her suicide. We were sending "Truth Warrior" money to help with all of his "truthful" information. She gave me instructions of how she wanted the money to be dispersed, helping the children and the elderly. What a sad legacy, her frustration had reached an all time peak, along with much physical illness.

POOFness for JUN 8: "Another Day In Paradise'

Greetings and Salutations:


Today we are seeing the changes that are now underfoot; there is a lot of chaos and a lot of change, a lot of fear and a lot of concerns about how the logistics of everything will play out.

Nevertheless, the shifts that have been under way are continuing to slowly proceed. We say slowly because to most people they seem quite slow. They are not.

Volumes of tasks, energies and chess pieces have to be moved to change the outcomes desired. And the outcome is for the transition of funds to go smoothly and without a hitch.


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