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10am, July 11th, 2013   


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 Memphis � July 11th, 2013, 12:54 am   *  Tonight on the CC Bluestar made a reference to the banks and their respective levels of capitalization.

Simply put, this is referring to a ratio of how much money does the bank keep on hand (liquidity) vs how much have they committed in various ways such as lending and speculation.

The higher the ratio the better any given institution is prepared for a 'rainy day'.

The reality is that these are sober times and a 'rainy day' is not just a metaphor, it's a foregone conclusion.

Allow me to repeat this:

These are sober times and a 'rainy day' is not just a metaphor, it's a foregone conclusion.

Our biggest unknown variable is time. If you read my post earlier in the day you will appreciate the gravity of this discussion.
Read More Link On Right

In an effort to make this discussion more plain to people here is a recent email that IMO does an excellent job of speaking to this subject. Read it if you have interest and then perhaps follow-up as Bluestar has suggested. :handshake2:

NONE of what follows is from me. I try to source news and information from smart people and (IMO) Simon Black fits this description.....well.  I am not attempting to promote him here but simply be clear that none of the credit goes to me!

On a side note, very soon the RV is going to be "past tense".  After the RV? Such discussions as this one will suddenly become reality to all of us. Eagle1 has been doing a great job of pointing and I am simply shining a light here on what he is pointing at!     Blessings, Memphis

Sovereign Man   June 25, 2013    Santiago, Chile

At our Offshore Tactics Workshop in Santiago three months ago, Jim Rickards (author of the acclaimed Currency Wars) told the audience of roughly 500 people-- (paraphased)

'If one of you stands up right now and heads for the exit, the rest of the audience probably won't pay much attention. If ten of you do it, one or two people may notice and follow. But if 400 of you suddenly head for the exit, the rest of the audience would probably follow quickly.'

It's a great metaphor for how our financial system works. The entire system is based on confidence. And as long as most people maintain this confidence, everything is fine.

But as soon as a critical mass of people loses confidence in the system, then it starts a chain reaction. More people start heading for the exit. Which triggers even more people heading for the exit.

This is the model right now across the system. And it's especially pervasive in the banking system.

Modern banking is based on this ridiculous notion that banks don't actually have to hang on to their customers' funds.

Banks in the United States typically hold less than 10%, and even less than 5%, of their customers' savings. This is particularly true among smaller regional banks.

As an example, BB&T bank is holding about $3.2 billion in cash equivalents on $131 billion in customer deposits. That's a ratio of just 2.4%.

The rest of customer deposits are mostly invested in residential mortgage backed securities (similar to those which collapsed in 2008) and commercial loans. In fact, the bank's loan portfolio exceeds total customer deposits. Not exactly the picture of financial health.

In the UK, the situation has become so absurd that British regulators are allowing some banks (Lloyds, Royal Bank of Scotland) to plug their gaping capital deficits with FUTURE earnings.

Now, I'm not trying to badmouth any particular bank here; these examples are representative of the entire western financial system.

Yet few people give much thought to where they park their hard-earned savings. We're deluded into believing that our bank is safe. It must be, after all. It's a bank! And... it's backed by the government!

Sure, never mind that the balance sheets of insurance funds and sovereign governments are in even worse shape.

That this system is still functioning at all is due almost entirely to confidence. There is no fundamental support propping it up. And a system built exclusively on confidence can unravel quickly.

This is why it's so important to give a lot of thought to your financial partner. Do they have a fundamentally safe balance sheet? Or is it just smoke and mirrors?

Take a look at your own bank's balance sheet. How much cash do they hold as a percentage of deposits? How big is the loan portfolio as a percentage of deposits? How much equity does the bank have as a percentage of deposits?

If you're not satisfied, find another bank. And you may have to look overseas at stronger jurisdictions.

Singapore is one place where I'm happy to park capital. OCBC for example, holds a whopping 38% of customer deposits in cash equivalents... ten times as much as many banks in the West.

Its total loan portfolio is far less than customer deposits. Total equity exceeds assets by a margin of 2:1. And it resides in a nation with effectively no net debt.

I'm not necessarily endorsing OCBC, but rather citing it as an example of what a healthy bank balance sheet is supposed to look like. Many banks in Singapore hold similar figures.

Bottom line, it matters where you hold your savings. Balance sheet fundamentals are critical.

And moving your hard-earned savings to a well-capitalized, highly liquid bank is one of those things that makes sense, no matter what.

If nothing happens, you won't be worse off for it. Yet if the confidence game collapses, you'll be one of the few left standing with your savings intact.

 Until tomorrow,

 Signature  Simon Black     Senior Editor,

Millionday chat 7/10/2013

    [millionday] The Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, urged the international banks to effectively participate in the building process in Iraq. A statement by Maliki's office received by cited "Maliki, while receiving the member of US J.P. Morgan Bank in Europe, John Keynes, urged the international banks to effectively participate in the building process in Iraq, welcoming inaugurating office for the bank in Iraq."

"For his part, Keynes assured that many international corporations want to be involved in the Iraqi markets especially after relieving Iraq from the Seventh Chapter of the UN's Charter, noting that the cooperation with Iraq is continue to increase the banking and investment works," the statement concluded.

    [ROBINREDHED] i am still puzzled how their currency is not intl recognized? help me with that  talk to me like a 2 yr old and splain


OfCourse13]  Arthur, Ken, and Kenya today July 10  7:00 PM EDT for the Stage 2 Omega RV Countdown Conference Call. 
RECORDING # ....(559) 726-1399  PIN: 244740

[trigger] Art on the Omega call just said that something big started today at 2pm EST regarding the global reset and it is now in motion and can't be stopped.

pianogirl] "all reports coming in telling me that now the rv will come at any moment from present time till we see it and there will be zero warning. It will just show all the sudden. People from ust, ss, state dept, imf now all reporting it is time and they are in shock we haven't seen it this week. This is all very encouraging...stand by for fireworks"

Shovelrdy: this might be old but its first time i have seen it. sorry if everyone has seen it already.

Let's examine the rumors that are floating around.

1. The Fed Reserve will merge or absorb into the UST

2. There IS a global event that has been unfolding during the past ten-plus years. The Basel III Protocols (which includes the Global Currency Reset) have required the cooperation of many nations - 198, to be exact.

Conference Call Notes By BulldogFord65 � July 10th, 2013

Hello Family: here are the notes from tonight's CC. Have a peaceful night, and a blessed day tomorrow! BulldogFord65

(Jesus said) "This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you." John 15:12-14 KJV

Frank26 IQD Update after Investment Night   Wednesday, July 10, 2013

* There is a new "drum beat" from the GOI - it's excellent; they are working side-by-side with the CBI, it's miraculous

* Walkingstick post 197 on the 7/9 thread: economic parliamentary committee demanded the project of deleting the 3 zeros; the GOI is now telling the CBI to go ahead with lifting the 3 zeros!

 [Jester] hi castle mods, peeps, lurkers, and critters! how is everyone tonight?




[alin] MtnGoat just posted that his friend at the IMF said that no RV due to software issues, but now they supposedly got it all fixed


[fhdinar] jester, what was Jack Lew doing today?


The below posts were in our 10pm email
MtnGoat: Hi Everyone.

I hope I am not repeating myself since I was not done with writing my post and somehow I hit a key and my screen closed. I hate when that happens. I can't find it anywhere so I guess it got deleted? I will start again. But in case you also catch a half completed post somewhere please  ignore it. This is the real deal. 

It is nice to be on TNTDINAR and I hope we all stay friendly over here. Lets get down to business of this post.

This morning I talked to 3 contacts in Iraq. This is what they told me. Remember I am only repeating the news as I get it.

To make you understand I have to regress a bit to the past so bear with me. Okay?
As we know the  SMART cards were activated but only in certain beta tests users and a % distribution in each providence.

They needed to know they worked prior to doing the entire rollout countrywide. They used a rate of $3.44 as we know. They had to go live with some. Once these tests where done they had to rollout the rest in groups.
Greetings Members,  I heard rumors about this and wanted to check it out.
 I submitted a ticket to Tampa Dinar asking them this:


 [ticket: 1471456]  Wednesday, July 10, 2013 17:02

Dear Steve,   Thank you for choosing T.P. Trade LLC

This is just a quick note to notify you that we have received your support request. A member of our support team will address your request as soon as possible.  Your Ticket #: 1471456

Question/Issue: A friend of mine purchased Iraq currency from you in the past I believe using a visa credit card for payment. I am interested in doing the same and do not see any provisions or options for that selection. It looks like you may have recently removed it? If so, why may I ask. I heard that due to a revaluation in the next day or two is the reason? So many rumors now days.  Thank you in advance.
How To Stay Healthy While Waiting for the RV!

Waiting for this RV to manifest is not easy on us, or our bodies! Stress, fear, anger, and anxiety are common emotions we are experiencing while waiting for this RV to happen. Lack of money is another. You combine all of these, along with not giving your body the nutrients it needs to stay strong, and you can have health issues to top it all off.

We've seen several of our fellow Dinarians suffer with health issues along this long journey of WAITING!

Many are not eating balanced diets, are not getting enough sleep, and are stressed out emotionally.

Unhealthy eating, lack of exercise combined with strong emotions such as stress and fear, add anger and anxiety, cause a condition in our bodies that invites sickness and disease.

You can see that this is happening to some of our members. The stress and strain of the dinar journey is getting to us! During this time it's vital to give our bodies the NUTRIENTS it needs to keep up its strength.

What Can You Do?

I suspect links will need to be checked and updated to be sure they work.

[millionday] look at this when we are done -- there is alot to see -- smile >>>

[Mrs. Beans and Rice] This one is back today............Deputy calls for an appointment to reset currency Ali Salman - 07/09/2013 Spokesman called white parliamentary bloc Kazem Al-Shammari to make an appointment to reset the Iraqi currency. Al-Shammari said in a press statement that "the high volume of Iraq's reserves of foreign currency to $ 76 billion in addition to the 30 tons of gold bullion, and out of Iraq from Chapter VII, make it necessary to set a date for the reset of the Iraqi currency."

"The investment of this reserve big help to raise the value of the Iraqi currency compared to foreign currencies, and thus will contribute to reduce the prices of goods and commodities, would be reflected on improving the living standards for the Iraqi people and thus contribute to the insurance community and reduce crime and the fight against terrorism."

The below posts were in our 6pm email
[WILDDUCK] Good afternoon

[wegotit] WILDDUCK! Is this now in UST hands ?

[1biz4u] wildduck is Tk finally getting close?


[hopeinwyo] WILDDUCK Are you hearing great things today from sources??



[Andrin] WILDDUCK DID the rate go live?

REPLAY   559-726-1399    PIN  409029#

124 Minutes Long


THIS IS TNT DINAR'S Call Notes for WEDNESDAY JULY 10, 2013 and I apologize for anything missing.  

Always keep in mind, that this is what I heard and transcribed.  It's Tony's info and opinion - based on what he's received via sources in the Dinar community and the World.  

Feel free to always verify what you hear, and do your own due diligence.   

Thank you for being a part of TNT DINAR.      :)   Montana

Dinar and Chapter 7    Wednesday, July 10th, 2013  Wealth Daily

A Change for the Iraqi Economy    By Joseph Cafariello

A new chapter has begun for the once again completely sovereign nation of Iraq, as it was reclassified from Chapter 7 to Chapter 6 of the United Nation's charter. In effect, it is like someone being released from prison. All of his confiscated possessions will be returned to him, and he will once again have full control of his finances.

This could deliver a huge boost to the value of Iraq's currency, the dinar, with the return of billions of dollars worth of assets frozen shortly after its 1990 invasion of neighbor Kuwait.

But Iraq's release from political prison also opens it up to suits and claims of reparation against it. Out from under Chapter 7 restrictions, how will Iraq manage its affairs now? And what will this mean for its dinar?

International prayer call Wednesday night - 7pm (ET)

530-881-1400   406878#
530-881-1499   406878#     recorded version

Come see for yourself how Gods presence flows to touch and heal people

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your help
[Papa Bear] Good Morning   Dinar Family.

[Papa Bear] I was a tad disappointed in the way Jester was handled last night when I looked at his recaps Jester runs great risk at what he brings .Please always show him respect and try not to repeat questions. I know Tony's bank group has confused many of you so Im here to answer anything I can. Also remember I respect Eagle 1 but disagree with much he says from time to time. The processes are preceding toward the finish line I ask all prayer warriors to give Thanks and prayer to our goals being met. And our next paths

[Mailboxmoney] Papa Bear which will be better WF or Sterling

[Papa Bear] Mailboxmoney IMHO WF by FAR....[Papa Bear] Mailboxmoney Remember Sterling is a currency dealer only.

[nolaspice.] Papa Bear. You the best! And that was a lot coming from you. It scared me  

[Papa Bear] nolaspice. Should be scared anytime I type that

The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, July 9, 2013 
Replay of Conference Call 
"Stop The Insanity"
Conference Call Replay - July 9, 2013
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Great Night of News & Round Table Discussion with
Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team

"CBI, Past & Present, Who is In Charge of the Currency Change, Iraqi Dinar Historical Rates, What We are Looking For & The News Articles"

            "THE IQD Team Connection"           

Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq  

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage
for Tuesday, July 9, 2013


mary cooper wrote on July 10th, 2013, :Hi Eagle1 ---- Is this what you are referring ----- or ----- at least it's related. Blessings Mary

FDIC Board Approves Basel III Interim Final Rule and Supplementary Leverage Ratio Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
FDIC Subscriptions sent this bulletin at 07/09/2013 11:37 AM EDT

Press Release

FDIC Board Approves Basel III Interim Final Rule and Supplementary Leverage Ratio Notice of Proposed Rulemaking


The FDIC Board of Directors today approved an interim final rule that adopts with revisions the three notices of proposed rulemaking (NPRs) that the banking agencies proposed last year related to Basel III and the standardized approach.

The FDIC Board also approved a joint interagency Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to strengthen the supplementary leverage requirements for the largest most systemically important banking organizations.

Here is a much more in-depth understanding of currency reform:

Alright, my Blog yesterday uncovered even more solid proof that Iraq has a real chance of doing it right, unlike other countries that have tried it and only gained ease of currency transactions Iraq wants more, much more.

First, we must understand what currency redenomination really is by definition. Redenomination: is a process that a country can take to recalibrate their currency due to significant inflation and currency devaluation. This is where they arrived at the term "dropping of zeros" from a countries currency. This procedure also involves moving the decimal points to the left of their currency under a straight redenomination.

Happy Hump Day my great and precious family and friends - this below is a definite timely word from our Father God.  Remain steady, knowing He IS working on our behalf.

 If we could only see in the spirit realm what He is about to manifest in the natural realm, we would remain calm as a baby in the Father's arms...  

Just know in your knower that our SUDDENLY will surely SUDDENLY appear!

I and the Father work perpetually on your behalf. We have worked out your salvation from beginning to the ending of your life on earth. We have provided all you need for every moment of every day.

We have given you the capacity to reach into the invisible realm and make the invisible become visible. Our creative power is available to you as well.

We have not left you powerless. We have released the Holy Spirit to live within you and He brings all the potential of heaven to you.

 I Am your Provider, your Defender, your Helper, your Savior, your Deliverance and your Victory. Toss aside every thought that contradicts My Truth.

RV COUNTDOWN! BY ARTHUR Posted by ARTHUR on July 10, 2013 at 2:50am

We have reached a critical point on this RV roller coaster whereby all this tremendously positive, history making momentum upward is about to give us that part of the coaster we all love, which is that exhilarating and sudden drop; only dropping all of US DINARIANS who have faithfully endured, some longer than others, into the greatest currency exchange forex profit in the history of the world!

The Stage II Research Team has kicked into high gear as we are now gearing toward a more Post RV posture so bare with us as we build the site out to its full capacity in the coming days. LOL!

I'm beginning to use their words. Coming days. We've all heard that more than once and have witnessed how this highly fractionalized and sectarian country seems to take more like weeks, months, and for some of us even years to make even small strides.

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