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10am July 11th, 2016

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Dinar Updates Sunday AM  Chat 7-10-16   Part 3 of 3

Holly1 says to rcookie():result of the number of long mattresses ... they decided to print the currency of the new lira without zeros ... one lira new currency equal to the value of the lira old Hbehtha with six "million pounds zeros" ..ani when you go to the store you want to buy eggs pay the old currency "million pounds" buy two eggs ...
and the eggs get them the same pay pounds of the new currency to buy eggs also evolve, the new Alerh equal to the value of the old six-pound mattresses to evolve to the old Eulma (1,000,000 pounds) is in truth one pounds and one


Dinar Updates Sunday AM  Chat 7-10-16   Part 2 of 3

Holly1 says to rcookie():plastic money can be recycled after it is damaged and the use of new raw materials reduces costs to a very high percentage Unlike paper that Taathra and lose parts and comes with stickers or dyes, which burned and then buried. Nor used as the raw material.
5.alncod plastic as far as being the most evolved, the industry is less than the cost of paper counterpart costs.
Holly1 says to rcookie():dol world began a gradual transition to plastic money instead of paper and the first Arab state of Kuwait is applied to the new currency system, Britain is moving to change its currency gradually to this article and issued a category 5 pounds of them.
- Of Iraqi cash reserves of $ 53 billion for the year 2016
- an Iraqi reserves of 90 tons of gold
.. This is the cover of the Iraqi dinar.
-hiklh Iraqi currency:
rcookie says to Holly1():AUSTRALIA WAS 1ST TO USE BOPP

After Chat Live Call - Dinar Q&A Call w/ BGG, Mr. White, RCookie and Hutch - from Sun. 7/10/15

After Chat Live Call - Dinar Q&A Call w/ BGG, Mr. White, RCookie and Hutch - from Sun. 7/10/15

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64 Minute Call

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Dinar Updates Sunday AM  Chat 7-10-16   Part 1 of 3

larrykn says():should be a very quite day, all of Iraq is shutdown today
larrykn says():thats awful nice of you lol
DIGIman1 says to larrykn():yes....watching the cbi closely.....not updated since the 4th....
larrykn says():Tues should be a good day for info
DIGIman1 says to larrykn():hoping they actually do it this time....
larrykn says():I believe they don't have a choise this time, plus the IMF is guilding them thru all of this now
SRW says():Me too!! GM Digi and Larry.
larrykn says to SRW():gm :)
DIGIman1 says to larrykn():so true....and they have bben getting a TON done....i expect the momentum will continue :)   So Iraq is closed down for the 


primeday - The deals are everywhere


StarChild:  IMO - if it helps, I am encouraged by two issues: European banks are collapsing and Iraqi Demonstrations are ready to move - the Establishment does not want to lose Europe or Iraq

Phenom:  Star... 11 central banks are negative interest and not counting zero interest... from what I understand? I think Iraq done and having a hard time co-ordinating the end for Deflection/show... Not 100%, but a great deal..... This is about the world economies, not any one entity

StarChild:  yes, true. but the Establishment doesn't want to see Europe destroyed by bank failure or Iraq's political progress destroyed by demonstrations - so they have to move now because both are pending...

StarChild:  I got a gut feeling the news will start flowing later tonight .... it's quiet like before a storm...

Millionday News Time   7-10-16

Millionday   National Bloc MP Abdul Karim Abtan, on Friday, to witness Weekly next couple of important political events, followed by "radical and significant reforms" in the government structure.
He Abtan in a press statement that the Karrada explosions and the resignation of the interior minister and promises constantly and return demonstrations larger and promises Front reform after her return to the House of Representatives and
Aasrarhaaly submit a request to dismiss the President of the House of Representatives are all his deputies warning that the next two weeks will witness the important political events


Dinar Updates Saturday PM  Chat 7-9-16

Pablo says():Iraq must implement a series of economic reforms to get the loan. Does that include Rving the currency?
pablo says():Anyone have any idea what economic reforms the IMF is insisting on getting started?
JETSET says():good question. article i saw just said "reforms"
Pablo says():Yeah, but do they define as reforms? That's the question.
JETSET says():i suspect that subsequent articles will give us more info.
Pablo says():Hopefully.
Dinar Dave says():And even then they won't say "we are going to RV our currency" lol
JETSET says to Dinar Dave():nope!


Wizofog:  Been out for a couple weeks. Anyone fill me in why we are expecting it now?

DYoungDC:  Basically still waitn wiz, some expect today tomorrow tuesdsay, some not till the end of the month others not till after elections

StarChild: IMF loaned iraq, Iraq retaken Fallujah and Mosul, Bonds moving, multiple sources say imminent, Europe banks in trouble after Brexit, etc

Ramadan and EID ended, Millions of Iraqis promised Reform (on TV and in Mosques) and expect to see it made real

DYoungdc:  EID ended today right?

Starchild:  Sunday and I would believe at Sundown

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  7-10-16  Part 2 of 2

Post From BondLladys Corner
BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  7-10-16  Part 2 of 2
Deputy calls for the enactment of laws to confiscate the funds belonging to Iraqis Daash
History of edits:: 07.10.2016 12:14     {Baghdad: Euphrates News} demanded high Nassif MP enactment of a law that would confiscate movable and immovable property to the Iraqis belonging to the terrorist gangs Daash.
Nassif said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, "in the midst of the battles for liberation waged by the armed forces and the popular crowd and victories recently achieved and escape collective terrorists Daash various nationalities, among them Iraqis , "
 she said , adding "We have to apply justice for terrorists by confiscating movable and immovable property and any Iraqi prove affiliation to Daash, in order to achieve justice and to avenge the martyrs and in line with international resolutions which criminalize all those who cooperate with terrorist organizations , whether they are individuals or organizations or bodies."

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  7-10-16  Part 1 of 2

Post From BondLladys Corner
BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments  7-10-16  Part 1 of 2
IMF sets $5.34 billion programme for Iraq
by Schuber شُ Dr. Barik  WASHINGTON: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced a $5.34 billion programme for Iraq on Thursday to help strengthen the country's finances, hit by the crash in oil prices and the fight against the Islamic State group.
The IMF said the three-year loan will see $634 million immediately allocated to Baghdad, which needs the money to stabilise its balance of payments and ensure it can keep up with its debt obligations.
It will also focus on maintaining the peg of the Iraqi currency to the US dollar, while slowly removing exchange restrictions.

Mountainman: "A Pattern of Patterns, A Recycle of Cycles and a Story W/in a Story" 


Iggy:  taking control of resources was just a byproduct (and i'm sure part of the plan) of stopping Saddam from having a gold backed currency... the real reason the US invaded iraq...imo

Mountainman:  Yes Iggy.......and That "REASON" ..........=Gives BIRTH to "THE REAL REASON"=How GLOBAL ECONOMIES are RUN and By (WHO)....

Thus, Who and Why 12/1 have "CONTROLLED EVERYTHING Monetarily and MORE for 250+Years".........and WHO Owns The Majority of the CENTRAL BANKS GLOBALLY.......???  

Yes the Rothschilds and Other Family Dynasties......Who made THE RULES of "THE NEW GLOBAL REALITY"of Present Day......??? 
Yes, the Same People........HISTORY TESTIFIES and It's UNDENIABLE and VERIFIABLE (TRUTH)......This Video and Much More is there to Learn From........Here is Just "SOME" TRUTHS from Many, Including (THEM)=12/1.......IMO

News, Rumors and Opinions Sunday Afternoon 7-10-16


Scotchie:  {Baghdad: Euphrates News} saw security expert Abdul Karim Khalaf, said the battle to liberate Mosul will be less effort from the battles that freeing debtors Ramadi and Fallujah which has been in Anbar province.

Scotchie:  The IMF said that its Executive Board approved a new credit program under the request of Iraq for three years, worth $ 5.34 billion to support Baghdad's efforts in the face of low oil prices and to ensure continuity in the debt service.

AcDc:  Scotchie I appreciate your research. If it is focused on Iraq and what they need to do yet.. Iraq is owned by CBI a Rothschild private bank. So this very complicated geopolitical transformation is using Iraq as a carrot with all its wealth. it is obvious to me dr Clarke is pretty close to what's happening.

I would agree with you that it still is not today or tomorrow. We have not seen what Clarke said would happen prior to July 4th and knew it was not happening

Frank26 and KTFA Members Early Sunday Morning 7-10-16


PMac:  Frankie and gets better all the time.....thank you !!

Frank26:  IMO .........At the present frame .........  It is better than You are allowed to ........ Understand.

Stay in Constant Prayer and Focus.    KTFA   Frank

Meathead:  Frank, can you shed some light on why the sudden announcement of a new holiday tomorrow and are you expecting Tuesday's Parliment meeting to be significant?

Frank26:  Because they LOVE holidays.Because IMO .............. 3 before Eid ........... 3 post Eid ............ They NEVER left............ IMO .......... They have been meeting/working on the IMF's homework............. So a day or two after they are to return ............

We do not listen to them ...........We Watch Them.  KTFA   Frank