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11am July 16th, 2016

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Stevel:  Comments/Replies & Update Forthcoming

Comments On: MILLIONDAY NEWSTIME 7/13/16

Stevel:  It is my pleasure having them here with us. They are the best of the best.
The news just keeps getting better and better every day. I look forward to seeing all of you.
I was told they now can close the borders because Iraq has for the most part control of their country back. I an proud of Iraq and all countries that helped do this.
All of this news is so positive it is hard not to smile.
I will try and get our team together and give you an update.   Steve

BGG News Time 7-15-16  Part 2 of 2

BGG says to mimi3():Hey you!!
BGG says to mimi3():What's up??
mimi3 says():how does this affect the "RV" Thank you in advance for aswering!!
BGG says to mimi3():had to say - exactly, but...
caravaggio says():Would it be reasonable to assume that this would speed up the elimination of ISIS in Iraq.
BGG says to mimi3():Iraq is obviously working with and under the supervision of the IMF more and more lately.


BGG News Time 7-15-16  Part 1 of 2

BGG says():Hey gang - I'll be in - gimme' just a minute.
Babe says():there is a call after tonight's newstime?
BGG says to Babe():I think I'm gonna' hold off on the call portion.
rcookie says to clay01()::D
Babe says():thank you BGG
BGG says to Babe():I was gonna' - but there is some stuff I wanna' let settle a bit.
BGG says to Babe():Here we go -
BGG says to Babe():News Time for tonite.
BGG says():Obviously - the two biggest pieces of News is the attack in Nice


Dedar : the rate in Iraq has to increase to over $3 before they release it internationally. We are waiting until they increase it and are happy for it to go.

Daz : I doubt you will see a 3 dollar rate in Iraq...just don't work that way...what you will see is a rate .86- 1.14.  somewhere in that range give or take...what we are waiting on is international release at that rate then the exchange rate is applied that will derive our expected USD rate in the 3-4 range.  Its a function of a multiplier in our case...if there was a 3 dollar rate in Iraq...and then the historical 3x usd exchange rate was applied to that...we would be in the 9 dollar range over here.  Time will tell

g8way2k : Can you say ForEx, or contract rate? :) $9 is a nice round figure.

Dinar Updates Friday PM  Chat 7-15-16   

david334 says to DIGIman1():i dont know if its negative Ergoden was a bad guy not good for the US or NATO he had his own agenda and it was anti Kurd big time
david334 says to DIGIman1():and was solidifying himself as a dictator.
DIGIman1 says):typical arab mentality...especially those older ones.....the new ones are more westernized...
david334 says to DIGIman1():Me to. You know I read an article two days ago saying the army was not happy he was a meglomanic :)Maybe this is bullish for Iraq. They were not that friendly at all. Crazy world.

Dinar Updates Friday AM  Chat 7-15-16

clay says to magnetlady():wonder if Sadr is really going to protest today
clay says to magnetlady():hopefully a wake up call
magnetlady says():Don't know.
Baxter says():Morning all..... another dinar day... :)
clay says to Baxter():one day
Baxter says():thats all it takes one day
clay says to Baxter():yep
clay says to Baxter():thats all we need
david334 says to clay():Morning I am not sure why a devaluation article comes out the blue. I thought that part of the monetary reform commitment was getting away from dual currency structure. Based on the auctions it doesn't seem like that is even moving at a snails pace.


Don961:  Iraq: Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Economic Financial Policies, and
Technical Memorandum of Understanding

June 19, 2016

The LOI .... signed by : Hoshyar Mahmoud Zebari............. Minister of Finance of Iraq  
Ali Mohsen Ismail Al Allaq .............. Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

More Intel Highlights From "The Big Call " Thurs. PM 7-14-16 by California Sugar at WingIt


Bruce:  We went through many windows of time.  The next window starts now.

 Administrative holds have been lifted and now in position for things to move forward, like 800#.  Don't know what time it will be.  Very few people know the exact time, but we are very close for this to happen.  

Security is in place.  There was a possible threat of violence to create chaos.  

Our authorities knew about his back in April and have taken steps to deal with it. Heard of a couple of incidents that have happened today.  Bruce said treat as rumor because he is unable to see it for himself. 

Agency US: IMF loan eases the financial crisis in Iraq and believes lending twenty billion dollars 
Author: HAA, HH  Editor: BK, HH 14/7/2016 17:13      Long-Presse / Baghdad  He described the agency US credit rating and financial services, on Thursday, the agreement signed between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund to "positive" for their contribution to reducing the fiscal deficit suffered, while confirming that it would allow Iraq to get close to twenty billion dollars from the Fund and other countries loans.
The agency said the MODIS (Moody's) in a statement seen by (long-Presse), "The Stand-By agreement signed between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund, amounting to up to five billion and 340 million dollars, a positive because it will improve the liquidity pace and reducing the severity of the fiscal deficit in the its balance of payments. "
The agency added that "the agreement ratified by the executive body of the International Monetary Fund last week, giving way to provide another global financial assistance to Iraq worth $ 15 billion over the next three years to improve the situation of the country's economy which was damaged fall in oil rates since mid-2014, as well as battles charged with being waged against al Daash." 

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments 7-15-16  Part 1 of 2

US general: Washington is considering to boost its presence in Iraq
15/07/2016 10:35 | Direction Press / follow-up  US General Joseph Votal revealed that the US military that may be required to use additional troops in Iraq, unlike the hundreds that was announced last week
Votal said in an exclusive interview with the agency "Reuters", said the size of the potential increases in the future, is still under discussion within the military circles, but the surge of US forces in Iraq is an urgent demand, especially after the achievements on the battlefield. 

Bluwolf Update Friday 7-15-16


Today is a day that you all must take reference to, for by the media and the internet, we were told that havoc was to roam through the streets of the world (ref. anonymous). My prayers go off to all the innocent that just were in the wrong place at the wrong time ( as these bastards would say ),

Or the truth there in which state that they were just living and roaming the land where they lived and called home, only to have and idiot without scruples come out of the woodworks and commit this crime for which they had no right in committing to begin with. 
This is the lame forces of greed last breath and hopefully their last signs of existence,