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6pm July 16th, 2016

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Frank26 and KTFA Members Late Saturday Afternoon 7-16-16


ReddStarr:  we have no reason to doubt Iraq that Iraq will pass the final requirements...that will allow the IMF/ give the final "ok"....these things don't happen over night....but will happen soon....again....all IMO....of course.....

Eli:  The IMF came out and told Iraq to get it done already . It does't get more real than that. It was even on Iraqia TV as per Delta. 

And these things actually do happen over night......SUDDENLY...for that matter.

As I've been studying the news all this past week I kept thinking that Sunday would be a perfect day for a rate change.  They're getting presured from all over the place.

Dr. Clarke Saturday 7/16/16 Update - Emailed to Dinar Recaps

DR. CLARKE: Seems like it's about Time, doesn't it? How about Triple Overtime? However, the U.S. committee, IMF & UN are not quite ready. The reason? A little more "insider bad guy cleanup" is happening, as we speak. At least 2 more structures need to completely collapse, which will be happening by mid August, and one major worldwide threat (other than ISIS) needs to be neutralized, which is "iffy" right now, but will play out by the 1st Week of Sept., and you will hear big CNN type news about. There are also at least 2 more countries that will exit the Euro by Sept., while Italy is in economic collapse......Remember we said Iraq will have a Major governmental structural change around  Aug. 14th ...

Again, ISIS is reacting strongly (France & even Turkey), because their fuse is getting much shorter, resources depleted and infrastructure collapsed.

When? When Iraq? When Vietnam? When GCR? Well, there is no official GCR.....
However, as we've said for the past 5 months, SEPTEMBER is when it all comes down (3rd & Last Period), so to speak for Iraq. Even a few other folks are beginning to "See the Light" about September. Good for you.

It would be great if ANY of these countries would suddenly pull the trigger soon, right? Just raise their rate up high enough to go exchange some of your investment, right? Why haven't they yet, after all this time? hmmmmmmm

More News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday Afternoon 7-16-16


Gasman:  any RV info today?

Seabreeze:  all intel providers pretty much saying we are just waiting....anytime a long wait in the delivery room waiting for the baby to arrive.

Daz :  we are are just waiting on "them" to release it to "us"....thats it. so its in our best interest at this time to relax, remain calm and use our time wisely to prepare our minds and plans so that we can act in an efficient manner when our time arrives...simple as that

Mangelo :  yesterday I cleaned up my closets. got rid of a lot of things...... today is re-arranging my bedroom.....since I know everything is done...all we have to do is wait for the release of the 800#'s

Ecubucs :  It's All done but the cry'n it seems... It's simply a Timing Thing from everywhere my news comes from.

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments 7-16-16  Part 2 of 2

Laith inch: Iraq has the support of the marshes support the inclusion on the list of UNESCO file
Local  Since 15/07/2016 16:42 pm (Baghdad time)  Baghdad balances News   President of the Development Center for Energy and Water Co - inch Laith said, on Friday, the Iraqi delegation to Aaamada to postpone the file it is past to vote because he has strong support for file support , which will not go back on it .
He said an inch and is a member of the Iraqi delegation participating in the meetings of UNESCO's Basentbol / balances News /, " The Iranian side is rumored contestants and error and France , as well as face the stresses and only Turkish ."
He added, " We are now in an urgent meeting with the entire Arab Group to form a lobby compressor toward softening the Turkish side 's position and support of the Iraq dossier" .

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments 7-16-16  Part 1 of 2

Post From BondLadys Corner

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments 7-16-16  Part 1 of 2
Iraq moves to Turkey after refusing inclusion of the marshes in the World Heritage List

15/07/2016 02:34 | Direction Press / Agencies  A member of the Iraqi delegation in Istanbul Jassim agricultural conference, on Friday, an Iraqi move toward Turkey to reverse its rejection on the inclusion of the marshes in the World Heritage list, as he pointed to the completion of five-Related Files theme out of 36.
A peasant in a press statement that "the Iraqi delegation requested through contact with the heads of the Republic Fuad Masum and Minister Haider al-Abadi, parliament Saleem al-Jubouri move toward Turkey to force it to reverse its rejection of the inclusion of the marshes in the World Heritage List," noting that "France has announced Toidha of the subject, while reservation Iranian side about it. "
He added that "the delegation continuing his negotiations with other countries and continues its discussions files own marshes," noting that "the completion discuss five locations out of 36".

Note from Dinar Recaps 7-16-16

Dear Recaps Readers,

We are once again finding there are lots of rumors floating around Dinarland we would like to address:

On several sites it is once again being stated as fact that the owner of Dinar Recaps is really Mountain Goat. Dr.Clarke or both.  lol

Also that we refuse to post some intel providers because they are the only ones with "the truth" and we are afraid it will "lose readers " if they know the "real truth".

Well........I'm sure there are many intel providers who may think that they are the only ones with the only real intel about the RV/GCR.....but many are still bashing other intel providers in a negative and derogatory manner. That is why we do not post them.

From the Beginning Dinar Recaps has stated that we will not post any negative, bashing, name calling or profanity toward others.

News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday Morning 7-16-17


Late Friday Night:

Rover:  How is my TNT Family? Hello everyone..It's been a while since I have posted..I will pass on some info I just received..As Ray and Tony said..Be ready so you do not have to get ready..Iraq has gone international and all other sites except the Wolf Den and this site has gone down..and that is very strange..

I can not say anything else I received but..Please pray that this is the time...

All I wish to bring in is please be ready..Have your plan and make Da.. sure what trust you wish to use to protect your money..I want everyone to be safe and have a long life...that is why I share...

Kaseyko1:  Rover, thanks for the tidbit! When I spoke with my attorney the other day, he indicated that some "whale" clients received notification for exchange. He did not indicate what date but that "we were here" at seeing the RV.

Artneto:  Honestly, I was very surprised that we did not wake to 800#. Then I heard that they were waiting for banks to close in Hawaii. That was an hour and half ago. So news that we will see it tomorrow!! Im excited!    I think this is finally it!

The below posts were in our 11am newsletter

Stevel:  Comments/Replies & Update Forthcoming

Comments On: MILLIONDAY NEWSTIME 7/13/16

Stevel:  It is my pleasure having them here with us. They are the best of the best.
The news just keeps getting better and better every day. I look forward to seeing all of you.
I was told they now can close the borders because Iraq has for the most part control of their country back. I an proud of Iraq and all countries that helped do this.
All of this news is so positive it is hard not to smile.
I will try and get our team together and give you an update.   Steve

BGG News Time 7-15-16  Part 2 of 2

BGG says to mimi3():Hey you!!
BGG says to mimi3():What's up??
mimi3 says():how does this affect the "RV" Thank you in advance for aswering!!
BGG says to mimi3():had to say - exactly, but...
caravaggio says():Would it be reasonable to assume that this would speed up the elimination of ISIS in Iraq.
BGG says to mimi3():Iraq is obviously working with and under the supervision of the IMF more and more lately.


BGG News Time 7-15-16  Part 1 of 2

BGG says():Hey gang - I'll be in - gimme' just a minute.
Babe says():there is a call after tonight's newstime?
BGG says to Babe():I think I'm gonna' hold off on the call portion.
rcookie says to clay01()::D
Babe says():thank you BGG
BGG says to Babe():I was gonna' - but there is some stuff I wanna' let settle a bit.
BGG says to Babe():Here we go -
BGG says to Babe():News Time for tonite.
BGG says():Obviously - the two biggest pieces of News is the attack in Nice


Dedar : the rate in Iraq has to increase to over $3 before they release it internationally. We are waiting until they increase it and are happy for it to go.

Daz : I doubt you will see a 3 dollar rate in Iraq...just don't work that way...what you will see is a rate .86- 1.14.  somewhere in that range give or take...what we are waiting on is international release at that rate then the exchange rate is applied that will derive our expected USD rate in the 3-4 range.  Its a function of a multiplier in our case...if there was a 3 dollar rate in Iraq...and then the historical 3x usd exchange rate was applied to that...we would be in the 9 dollar range over here.  Time will tell

g8way2k : Can you say ForEx, or contract rate? :) $9 is a nice round figure.

Dinar Updates Friday PM  Chat 7-15-16   

david334 says to DIGIman1():i dont know if its negative Ergoden was a bad guy not good for the US or NATO he had his own agenda and it was anti Kurd big time
david334 says to DIGIman1():and was solidifying himself as a dictator.
DIGIman1 says):typical arab mentality...especially those older ones.....the new ones are more westernized...
david334 says to DIGIman1():Me to. You know I read an article two days ago saying the army was not happy he was a meglomanic :)Maybe this is bullish for Iraq. They were not that friendly at all. Crazy world.

Dinar Updates Friday AM  Chat 7-15-16

clay says to magnetlady():wonder if Sadr is really going to protest today
clay says to magnetlady():hopefully a wake up call
magnetlady says():Don't know.
Baxter says():Morning all..... another dinar day... :)
clay says to Baxter():one day
Baxter says():thats all it takes one day
clay says to Baxter():yep
clay says to Baxter():thats all we need
david334 says to clay():Morning I am not sure why a devaluation article comes out the blue. I thought that part of the monetary reform commitment was getting away from dual currency structure. Based on the auctions it doesn't seem like that is even moving at a snails pace.


Don961:  Iraq: Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Economic Financial Policies, and
Technical Memorandum of Understanding

June 19, 2016

The LOI .... signed by : Hoshyar Mahmoud Zebari............. Minister of Finance of Iraq  
Ali Mohsen Ismail Al Allaq .............. Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq