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6pm, July 23rd, 2012  


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National Prayer Call Tonight 9PM EDT
Part 2 Tony/Dan/Gary PTR CC Notes - Post By Kindheart PTR
Part 1 Tony/Dan/Gary PTR CC Notes - Post By Kindheart PTR
Mon 1PM PTR Conference Call Playback # and Recording Link
Mon. Afternoon Dinar Chatter
SWFloridaGuy & MIG Member Chat
The IQD Team & LJ's Next Step Team~~Highlights Replay Conf Call 7-22
BGG and DinarUpdates Memebers Chat Mon. AM
Rumors, Thoughts, and Opinions from ALL Over Dinarland
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The below posts were in our 10am email
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Monday 1AM Call with Fresh, Winalot, Belabun, AZGhostHunte
BWM Chat at 3SIntel Sunday Evening
Freeway Bill Statement at Intel4U Forum Sun. Night
Part 2 Personal Liability Risk Scorecard - By Ace Private Risk Services
Part 1 Traits Of Wealthy Raise Risk Of Lawsuits - By David Spencer
Sunday Evening Wang Dang Conference Call Recording Link and Replay #'s
National Prayer Call 9:30 EDT Sun. Night
Are you still looking for the RV? - Scotti G (emailed to Recaps to post - TY)
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National Prayer Call Tonight 9PM EDT

Posted by DebTarHeelgirl:

Romans 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

Dinar Investors! Join us Tonight, July 23, 9pm EDT
Intercessors' "Seal The Deal" Prayer Salvo

Conference Line: 1-805-360-1000 code: 1016947#

Feel free to forward to other Dinar Intercessors.
NOTE!!! Remember this call is for Dinar Investors Only!!!

Part 2 Tony/Dan/Gary PTR CC Notes - Post By Kindheart PTR

JerseyMike: C - Reuters article last week, once RV happens, the big banks will go bankrupt- don't really understand that article

dakotaman: C - article last week that banks will go bankrupt w/o RV?

dakotaman: T - I didnt hear it Gary?

JerseyMike: G - the process the banks work on is: loaning out money is based on assets they have. For every 1M, then loan out ~9x.

dakotaman: G - I didnt either but when banks loan out money its based on an asset base they have.

JerseyMike: G - so if asset base (based on real estate which has gone down), based on this if they don't have deposits on hand to support this loans, then they're in default. - lots of problems at the banks trying to meet these requirements today
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Part 1 Tony/Dan/Gary PTR CC Notes - Post By Kindheart PTR

dakotaman: D - hello and or goodbye

JerseyMike: D - about to board the plane. Lots of crazy things this AM'

dakotaman: D - crazy things going on

JerseyMike: D - heard RV will about before he lands - if it happens, he'll be right back - heard lots of stuff this weekend. re; Reno, etc..

dakotaman: D - heard many things alot outta Reno why Reno?

JerseyMike: D - all poeple that didn't buy are trying to con us out of our IQD - it doesn't work that way. - anyone trying to get you to be part of something, are crooks

dakotaman: D - be careful many ppl that didnt buy into this are figuring other ways to get yer dianr
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Mon 1PM PTR Conference Call Playback # and Recording Link


Ptr cc 1 pm edt 7/23/12

Replay number 760-569-7699 783749#

74 Minutes

Mon. Afternoon Dinar Chatter

healthscans] [hammerman] plan2stand well well wel;ll i heard so things last nite also ,,,, alot did go on cant share yet ,,, bit this i am sure of 100% they not started on teir 2 yet ,,,,,still working on teir one ,,,,, no no no movement at allover the week end in the usa ,,,now over seas im hearing alot differnt teir 2 overseas could be over half way finished ,,,,but i can not prove yet at all

healthscans] [plan2stand] [plan2stand] Hi folks. I just got off the phone with my source and boy do I hope he is right. - He heard some things this morning that are very exciting to us. Said rates are showing up around the world and in Europe on back screens and exchanges. Very high numbers.

[healthscans] xyz this came from his site but this is from the guy that started Hammerman's site. I think he has other contacts

[healthscans] [plan2stand] He said there were only 2 tier ones left to cash out and they will probably be done by noon today.

[healthscans] [plan2stand] Said tier 2 and 3 are schedualed to go together and it's supposed to start by noon tomorrow.
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SWFloridaGuy & MIG Member Chat

[snuggs101] rustyc There are so many of us waiting on this RV for new computers
[snuggs101] rustyc and homes
[snuggs101] rustyc cars, vacations, to help others
[snuggs101] rustyc I am getting an apple. I cant wait

[rustyc] snuggs101 Precious Well it may be why it hasnt RVd, all those dinar sites closing, conference calls ending so many people will be out of work! lol:rofl:
[healthscans] rustyc which dinar sites have closed down?
[rustyc] healthscans just a joke! sorry if I gave you a heart attack!

[healthscans] rustyc Guess you did! Thought maybe they went to Reno! lol!
[healthscans] da58 I just want this over with don't you.
[Heydude] healthscans i was fishing yesterday and just trying to get away from this for a while
[da58] healthscans oh so sick of it all..
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The IQD Team & LJ's Next Step Team~~Highlights Replay Conf Call 7-22~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Sunday, July 22, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - July 22, 2012
760-569-7699 Pin 769478#

The IQD Team plus LJ's Next Step Team
Two Teams, One Vision Working Together arriving at the same place for the Dinar Community

This call was dedicated to the Victims, Family Friends & Heros of the Colorado Tragedy

Recap of tonights news Discussion and Analysis
(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article listed below)

Highlights CBI/Economy

"Cabinet agrees to accept the instruments of private banks $25 million, rather than 5 million"
Banking system being able to issue Letters of Credit...financing..we talk about the small little laws that need to be approved and the regulations that need to be approved for the banking sector
This is one of those that is just fantastic...because who needs a performance bond for $20,000...did you catch that? Its talking about dinars..not dollars...found this interesting - if you have a currency that revalues and you then start talking about 25 million versus 5 million dollar projects...
lets just say if it does it at $1.00 then then it makes much more sense to you this is one of those pre-regulations that they are putting in that makes sense on a revalued currency - even if it does it at $3.00 - that would be 75 million outside dollars to the 25 million dinar makes sense...and then it talks about the banks guaranteeing this....this really blew me away today because I am looking for laws to be passed on the CBI side from the government - and this is the Cabinet that is passing this..already made its way thru Parliament has the approval and is now enacted...It shows you that things are going on during Ramadan...things are getting done...
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BGG and DinarUpdates Memebers Chat Mon. AM

Jul 23 8:44 AM [rlsunsfan] I saw that there was good news last night.

[BGG] Talk about the ultimate pressure point = Vice Kurd: We will interrogate al-Maliki in absentia if they do not attend to the House of Representatives


[BGG] I guess the opposition isn't quite so dead after all?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

[BGG] Sounds like I wasn't "all wet" after all??

[BGG] If that doesn't motivate him to get along - nothing will.

[Sugar Pie] does it say when they will interrogate him?

[BGG] MOJO is back - Blog is up.I'll be adding to it all day.Stay tuned.

[rlsunsfan] What was the article that said the bank is ready?

[mojavesam] BGG what is your take on the ramifications of todays attack?
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7-22-2012 Poppy3: I have heard many solid details this weekend from several sources and they all see them positioning for some solid movement in the next week to settle many of their problems and that is what every source I have is telling me. There is not one shred on negative against the end being very near for our wait.


[repairman] poppy3 so whats up with the erbil?

BGG] slugl28 - not a huge amount of news. First weekend of Ramadan and all - Blog turned out good. I am very hopeful based on the news articles posted and I have a feeling Monday/Tuesday will bring some interesting news as well.

[BGG] Holy Cow!! - Central Bank: we have from the reserve currency, so as to cover the process of deleting the zeros

[tampadinar] BGG wow!

[rlsunsfan] Glad I popped in now

[rlsunsfan] Tell me that's a current article!

[BGG] I also just uncovered the most awesome picture of Jaafari and Allawi during their meeting.

[BGG] Yup, Yup and Wow!!


POPPY3 night all... anxious for the next couple days.
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The below posts shaded in green are on our

Placeholder for block citizen confirms: paper distributed to political reform

Placeholder for block citizen confirms: paper distributed to political reform  2012/07/23 13: 37: 40 Monday

Baghdad (News) : He lead block citizen National Alliance Deputy//Aziz Al-igaily, reform paper by the National Alliance, scattered political blocs.

In a statement, said Al-igaily (the news agency news) on Monday to resolve the political crisis and reform depends on paper items, seriousness and ceilings of the application, and continued: If the paper is not serious and contrary to the Constitution and prepared to buy time, it will increase the differences between clusters.
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Deputy for Iraq: call for international guarantees for the dialogue with the National Alliance for reform

Deputy for Iraq: call for international guarantees for the dialogue with the National Alliance for reform  2012/07/23 13: 03: 21 Monday

Baghdad (News) : Student leadership in the Turkmen front Deputy of Iraqi/coalition, Nabil harpo international safeguards such as the United Nations or the United States to engage with the National Alliance on implementing political reform paper.

In a statement, said harpo (News Agency news) Monday: Iraq previously confirmed on reforms in State enterprises, but the State of law coalition crisis initially objected to reforms and called simply a meeting between the heads of clusters exclusively, that the implementation of reforms does not end once you meet heads of clusters, which made us forge a coalition to withdraw confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
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Islamic Party: Time to stop the hemorrhage of Iraqi blood
Monday, July 23, 2012 11:26

Baghdad, Euphrates News: by the Iraqi Islamic Party headed by Secretary General Iyad Samarrai, for his grief and intense for the deaths of dozens of victims, a series of bombings sinful, which affected many parts of Iraq, stressing that the days of Ramadan imbued today with the blood of innocent Iraqis who are still paying the price for struggling agendas and interests on the land of our wounded.

He asked the party in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Monday it was "how long remains Iraqis offer sacrifices on the altar of the desires and ambitions of adversaries and enemies? And when there is a firm action to stop the bleeding continued since 2003 and now?" And urged the Iraqi government and the House of Representatives to "act urgently to protect the lives and the lives of our people."
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Member of the Finance Committee: supplementary budget law does not contain a paragraph of distribution (25%) From surplus oil revenues to citizens

Member of the Finance Committee: supplementary budget law does not contain a paragraph of distribution (25%) From surplus oil revenues to citizens  2012/07/23 14: 33: 29 Monday

Baghdad (News) : Finance Committee member denied Deputy/Alliance of Kurdistan/Risalat Najib, a paragraph in the supplementary budget law provides for the distribution (25%) From surplus oil revenues to Iraqi people.

Najib said (to news agency news) Monday: the paragraph distribution (25%) Oil revenue surplus for the Iraqi people did not enter into supplementary budget law and will not vote and criticized by most of the House's objection.
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Economic Commission announces near Iraq's accession to the WTO
Monday July 23, 2012

BAGHDAD - and babysit : Member of the Committee declared the economy and investment parliamentary Salman al-Moussawi, that Iraq will join soon to the WTO, criticizing those who demand not to join the organization.

The al-Moussawi said in a statement that Iraq's accession to the WTO is very important and will get soon.

Noting that there are those who claim that to join this organization carries the consequences of Iraq, but he did not know it would be a catalyst to improve its economic situation as well as it would be a party to the global economic policy-making not only an observer.
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Ministry of Electricity: the budget allocated to the ministry since 2003, $ 37 billion, half of the salaries of

Ministry of Electricity: the budget allocated to the ministry since 2003, $ 37 billion, half of the salaries of Monday July 23, 2012

BAGHDAD - and babysit : Ministry of Electricity announced that $ 16 billion of the total $ 37 billion allocated to the Ministry of Electricity since 2003 spent for salaries and wages.

He explained the spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity Musab al-teacher in a statement on Monday received the news agency of public opinion (and babysit) a copy of that half of the budgets allocated to the Ministry of Electricity since 2003, and up to the present day, amounting to (37) billion dollars, distributed to budgets, operational and investment.
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Central Bank denies any agreement with a foreign company for the printing of new currency

Central Bank denies any agreement with a foreign company for the printing of new currency Monday July 23, 2012

BAGHDAD - and babysit : Central Bank of Iraq confirmed that the issue of printing the currency of the country of sensitive topics and talk about this is premature because the project process to delete the zeros is ink on paper yet.

The deputy governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh received numerous requests of the Central Bank of dozens of companies competent to print the new currency has to be agreed with any company of which so far as to approve the deletion of zeros has not made yet. "
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MP Moussawi: After two years Iraq will be a request for a permanent member of the World Trade Organization
Monday July 23, 2012

BAGHDAD - and babysit : A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Salman al-Musawi, "Iraq will join the World Trade Organization to be a permanent member of the following two years.

He said in a statement received Kalhanaba public opinion (and babysit) a copy of "The Iraq to join the World Trade Organization is very important regardless of the vote not to claim under the pretext of joining the consequences carried by this accession, which is wrong."

He said Moussaoui "was supposed to be the Iraq of the permanent members of the organization two years ago to being a member of an observer in the WTO" Akzac "Since more than five years and therefore will have the privileges and responsibilities."
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Source: Talal Zobaie run Iraqi defense minister

Source: Talal Zobaie run Iraqi defense minister Monday, July 23 2012 6:40

BAGHDAD / Lao-Tamimi: A source from the beginning of a political coalition, the Iraqi leaders agreed last week to block the nomination of MP Talal Zobaie the Iraqi minister of defense, noting that the nomination will be sent Zobaie formally to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki this week.

The source, who asked not to be named, told (UR) that "all the leaders of the Iraqi List, chimed in on the nomination of MP Talal Zobaie to take over as defense minister in the current government and agreed to send a request to the nomination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki this week."
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Shabibi expected delay put the new currency for the specified time

Shabibi expected delay put the new currency for the specified time  23/07/2012

BAGHDAD : expect the Iraqi Central Bank delays put new currency early next year and in the presence of the developments and discussions with the government.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki demanded earlier with the bank to wait currency currency exchange and put it in the first of January 2013.

said Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi's / JD /: The "Ask a currency early next year is uncertain because of the talks and the recent discussions with the government."

He Shabibi "will be in the process significant cooperation with the government."
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The below posts were in our 10am email
[Maryrose] BigB do you believe that the people trying to get every T crossed and I dotted will come to the conclusion that it is impossible to do 100% and will then allow the RV and put out the few fires that arise??

 [smokin70s] DOW 211....It's exciting watching the world markets crumble so we can get our Bucks lol

eagles4] steveg I won't even attempt to try to understand that one. By the way gold is now down 21

[eagles4] BigB Tuesday AM would be my guess around 1115 AM. And that is a gut feeling and a guess

[BigB] eagles4 I had thought for a long time that the optimum time would be at the close of business on Friday and give the markets time to adjust before all hell breaks loose.

[prissynell] BigB right nowwwwwwwwwwwww

[BigB] prissynell I like the way you think!!

Monday 1AM Call with Fresh, Winalot, Belabun, AZGhostHunter:

Fresh put together a spontaneous call just after Midnight regarding a new exciting article in the forums posted here :

We will share additional updates in our Monday 1pm EST chat Today!


Playback number: (209) 647-1699  Pin: 496903#

25 Minutes
TexasT: bwm what about this article in Iraq News about the big meeting of finance in September 18th and 19th. Do you think we have to wait that long for RV?

BWM: TexasT if it says Iraq on it.... I'd ignore it for the most part

BWM: guys I can tell you this... news at this time is still good... when it happens we'll know... ... I don't need secondhand info

BWM: I could tell you some ppl's information before they do... not to sound braggadocious but their information hasn't been good enough to repeat out loud...

BWM: I did get a call about an hour ago that someone is following up for me... it could be big news if confirmed...

I have been getting texts and phone calls for the past 30 hours or so with information that just not hold water so I have to come on just to clear a little bit up.

Myth: Rate Live on Forex Pro
Fact: First of all, there is no such thing as a "Live" Rate on Forex Pro and Banks will not cash you out based on Forex Pro.  It may have had a rate flash, but there is NO LIVE RATE that you can cash in with right this minute.

Myth: Maliki, Talibani, Shabibi will ...... stop right there...
Fact: Iraq has handled everything they can and the actual action of the codes coming out and us getting our blessing is way out of their hands.  Read all of the articles you want.  They want this to be done as bad as we do....  

Myth: Some people have cashed in and received money on higher tiers....

Personal Liability Risk Scorecard
Everyone is at risk for being the target of a personal liabilitylawsuit, potentially for millions of dollars. But some people are more at risk than others, especially if they have substantial assets.

How much are you at risk of being sued? Complete our personal liability risk scorecard to get a rough idea. To really find out, meet with an independent insurance agent or broker. Liability coverage is the most common and serious area of underinsurance, according to our survey of independent insurance advisors.

5 Traits of the Wealthy That Raise Their Risk of Big Lawsuits
By David Spencer, ACE Private Risk Services

David Spencer, Vice President of Premier Client Services at ACE Private Risk Services, has more than 28 years of experience in the personal insurance business serving families and individuals with emerging and established wealth.

In 2007, the owner of a luxurious lake house agreed to host a bridal shower for the daughter of a good friend. During the party, 23 of the guests posed for a photograph on the home's raised deck, only to have it collapse beneath them.

Twelve were sent to the hospital. The ensuing lawsuits and publicity put the homeowner under enormous stress for three years, and the case was ultimately settled for an amount well beyond the liability insurance the homeowner had.



PLAYBACK (530)881-1399   PIN 111646#

118 Minutes

National Prayer call Posted by DebTarHeelgirl

Ezekiel 7:6 An end is come, the end is come: it watcheth for thee; behold, it is come.

Prayer to End it All......The Codes Release Process, that Is

Dinar Investors!Join us Sunday, July 22, 9:30pm EDT
Intercessors' Hailstorm Of Hallelujahs

Conference Line: 1-805-360-1000 code: 1016947#

Are you still looking for the RV? - Scotti G

I honestly had hoped that we would have experienced the major adjustment in value of the IQD by now. Given the wealth of insight and information I have received over the last several months, I continue to remain optimistic and most hopeful. Is this wait totally frustrating....? Absolutely! In this post, I cannot break down the many pieces of the puzzle that have been coming together but they appear to still be in play. None of us would have guessed June 30 2011 that we would still be here today looking for this illusive event.

I am most confident in my sources as they have been right about so many things. I see these events they discuss unfold usually many days after I have been informed about them. The one thing that NO ONE has gotten right is the release. When will it come? What needs to happen for us to see it? I know we are not waiting on the big O to do anything....he signed off on the RV weeks ago. I know Maliki is not the obstacle as he has been neutered (Oh did you know that he went to China recently and was not welcomed there!!!). The Governor of the CBI stated unequivocally a while back that he did not need the Parliament or anyone else to release the RI/RV, that he would do it when it was right for Iraq.

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