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10pm  July 29th, 2015

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Donnie: seems only 2 places for dates for reading laws then a vote date

chattels: '@Donnie' excellent observation / deduction

chattels: if there is a third reading it is incidental to the vote and not a required separate reading in advance of a vote, IMO

Tootsie: '@Donnie' '@chattels' 3rd reading always made me laugh
Tootsie: have to 'check out' ever so often, for a laugh or so.
Tootsie: off I go, hanging head, shame on me!!
Tootsie: poof

OOTW: hiya Tootsie and everyone

whitelions: Abadi decides to include houses of state officials with programmed for electricity and prohibit fuel allocations........ Shafaq News / Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi decided to include the homes of the Iraqi state staff and its departments with the programmed power cut off, after rising power that has plagued Iraq since the nineties of the past century pieces www.theiqdteamconnection....


Wealthwatch Afternoon Chat 7-29-15  Part 1 of 2

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said Wednesday that the United Nations could supervise Erbil's oil exports. "We are ready to resolve our issues with Baghdad. and the United Nations can supervise our oil exports," Barzani said in a meeting with the visiting German ambassador to Iraq, Ekkehard Brose


Tootsie: '@Dianne777' here is a good thing ~ the Market Rate for IQD has held as 1210 for the 2nd day ~ has been steadily dropping. Needs to drop more to get into compliance, but on the way  :happy:

Doug_W: git er dun Iraq

Tootsie: Don't see anything that is exciting to me on tomorrow's Parliament session ~~ oh sigh hahaha

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

Thanks GeorgeH for sending this to us

UU6720 - "WTO and Tariffs- What can we expect? "  by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Earlier in the week I referenced a window approaching for a possible RV opportunity coming close at hand. Well it's now here and everything is looking fantastic.

If you are at all familiar with what has been transpiring in the news from Iraq over the last couple weeks you should be aware of just how close Iraq must be to having its provisional currency revived and going international once again.

So in today's news letter I want to point out some interesting facts to you and I will let you be the judge as to where this is all heading.



From Recaps Comment Section:

Abel:  Full Moon Friday
Unexpected 4 day weekend
Tariffs go into effect 8/1
Bonds go international on 8/2
UN updates rates at end of month
It is time for Iraq to shine!!!!!

Slappy Squirrel:
  I'll 2nd that Abel..
We have now entered the "Perfect Storm"
It's time for Iraq to put its money where it's mouth is.

Wealthwatch Early AM Chat 7-29-15

Doug_W: GM Gang

sczin11: GM DOUGGIE:)

chattels: Head of North Oil Company removed

chattels: North Oil Company (NOC) is situated in Kirkuk, Iraq. The North Oil Company is one of the 16 companies comprising the Iraqi Ministry of Oil. Headquartered in Kirkuk, its boundaries extend from the northern borders to the 32.5 degree parallel, just south of Baghdad.


chattels: ( COMPANY PROFILE )

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Kurdistan region President Masoud Barzani held a meeting Tuesday evening with US Ambassador to Iraq Stuart E. Jones and American General Lloyd Austin, the commander of US Central Command, to discuss the latest military actions by Turkey against Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) sites in northern Iraq. 



Dinar Updates: 

tman23   There are 2 types of news in Iraq... The news we get from press releases and then the news on the streets which is only for Iraqi's... And inside Iraq they are trying to hold it together with more talk...

But the reality is, it is about to explode internally if they do not come up with immediate solutions...and those solutions require money... LOTS OF MONEY!!!

Q: [ Is it True Iraq has 60 days to RV?] 

BGG    not exactly - the WB [World Bank]  has given Iraq 60 days to deal with their money laundering issue...which should, at some point shortly after they do - open the door for a very different regime... (more PRO-currency reform) - short answer... it is far more possible once they satisfy the WB.



Memphis:  anytime I have seen a discussion turn to currency values things always get complicated really quickly. 

Why is that?  Well easy!  It is the language of finance and this language requires study like any other! 

Ultimately when we discuss currencies being "pegged" we are speaking of an outside influence attempting to control a sovereign nations money and dictate it's value RATHER THAN the alternative of true free market capitalism wherein we allow free market forces (Adam Smith's invisible hand) determine the value. 

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
MY Ladies Private Chatroom:

Hummingbird:  Nova at a 1095 rate what would a usd/iqd pairing look like on forex?

MVL:  0.0009    1.00-0.0009 USD/IQD


MVL:  The key here, to me, is that the IQD will...for the first time in a long time...have a USE.

A use that requires it to be INTERNATIONAL.

That use will spur a DEMAND.

The demand will spur VALUE. 

$1.00-0.0009 USD/IQD for the bond sale is just the start...the start we've all been waiting see their currency rise in value because it has a use, and a demand.


(Recaps Note: This post "seems" to be cut short or incomplete but is all we have at the present time and no info of more to come)

Millionday News 7/28/15

Welcome to for News Time with Millionday!!

Millionday: A. P. B United States and Japan held and ten other countries of the Pacific region a meeting this week to finalize a strategic partnership agreement across the Pacific Ocean. 

This agreement is exposed along the lines of the European counterpart of the controversial (trade and investment agreement across the Atlantic) criticized because talks about it being the center of media blackout 


Sam: '@chattels' what do you think about the world bank's statement

chattels: '@Sam' sounds serious

Sam: ok someone "else" was making a comment about it so was wondering about their opinion about it

chattels: '@Sam' wish that i knew more to say, but .....................

Sam: thats fine...was wondering if this is good news or just indifferent

Staner: Chattels: expect this is a line in the proverbial sands of time...another back wall..maybe a bit more firm than some others we've seen..but does not necessarily mean it will take until then to get this done.

chattels: i am less expectant that there is any singular circumstance that we can reliably anticipate being a precursor to our event


The I.Q.D. Team Connection with Straight Talkin' Mike, L.J., Diana, Debbie & Kimberly
Tuesday, July 28, 2015  


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What a Great Night of News & Discussion with Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J.

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