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10am July 29th, 2016

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ReddStarr:  Just my 2 cents.....for what it's worth.....Delta was bringing up a good point....and a reminder....of what the WB stated back in 2013.....over three years ago....that article was in reference to the banking "restructure".....happening for the Rasheed and Rafidian banks.....a move forward......

Keep in mind....even years prior to that....Iraq had already started on the banking reforms....they failed to meet a lot of requirements.....none the less....they continued to work on them....for the last 10 years's not like they were starting from scratch....IMO....over time....a large percentage was completed....guess who was part of the financial sector review back in 2009....I believe....don't quote my year....Ernest and Young....

They stated that Iraq needed to develop an auditing system.....LOL.....back to them in a minute....stay with forward to last week....the WB comes out again...with Japan.....and announces that Iraq is receiving 4 support the government's development and reform programs....and to enhance institutional efficiency.....IMO.....helping them to move closer to the international stage....


Dinar Updates Thursday Day Time Chat 7-28-16   Part 2 of 2

david334 says():Here is a report on Iraq's economic prospects by industry. While it is trailing info the resources and revenue related project are staggering . Check out the mining resource page .
They import 80%of cement from Iran but are bigger thatn Iran in the materials that go itnto cement. Leverage big The-New-Iraq-2015-16 Full PDF
_firefly_ says to larrykn():Like I've been telling the room, You can have a monetary reform without an ECONOMIC reform ....
_firefly_ says():BUT ...................
puffdragon says to _firefly_():Allways wxciting to hear from you SUPER BUG !! :D(y)

Dinar Updates Thursday DayTime Chat 7-28-16   Part 1 of 2

diagyAAAE says():The central bank denies issuing lists of persons and entities have financial suspicions
Thursday, July 28, 2016 15:17  The central bank denies issuing lists of persons and entities have financial suspicionsBAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. denied the central bank, on Thursday, issued lists of persons and entities have financial suspicions.
The bank said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, it "denies all published materials in some media about Rod ban and publish the names of some of the personalities and entities is published by the Bank in its official website, and calls upon the exercise precision and caution and credibility in



Some Highlights from The Big Call

Lostnq8:  Listening to Bruce. He is praying right now.

Not much NEW intel, but things are moving fast

We are not waiting on Iraq. Iraq is waiting on US.

Iraq was waiting on the USN to be live

Per Bruce: Some more bad guys were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

News, Rumors and Opinions Thursday Evening 7-28-16



Awake-in-3D July 28, 2016 at 6:31pm

The intel is EXTREMELY GOOD today... it keeps getting better. However, this info cannot be provided under any circumstances. That's all I can say.

Nothing is in the way as of this moment. The activity is specific, significant and it is global.

 I can't mention timelines or windows... but it ain't weeks based on where we are at this moment!  

Keep the faith Gladiators! And... remain grounded and stay positive. Keeping emotions in check is going to really help.    :)

I am pretty much blacked out as of now... and that's a great thing!  ;)

Backdoc and KTFA Members Early Thursday Evening 7-28-16


GFulcher66:  On Sept 2 or there about when we start using the asset backed digital currencies, I assume the USA and other nations will do what China is currently doing. We will have an asset backed currency used internationally while our current FRN will be used internally and is the one that will be made worth less as the debt and fiat global system comes to a head/conversion. This seems likely to my limited knowledge as a way to role this out ... 


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BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments 7-28-16 Part 3 of 3

Opening the door for investment for local and foreign companies for the implementation of the port of Faw
7/28/2016 0:00   BAGHDAD - morning , announced the Minister of Transport Agency Abdul Hussein Abtan open the door of investment for local and foreign companies in the port of Faw predicted the local administration of the province of Basra , said the project is investigating the case of accomplished finance imports of up to ten times those of other enterprises.
Declare Abtan came during a workshop companies wishing to invest in the port of Faw with the participation of 13 companies and representatives from the interior, defense and oil ministries and the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui and provincial council chairman morning Albzona and deputy governors

BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments 7-28-16 Part 2 of 3

Global Research: The next American president will support "of Israel," an update of the "US-Israeli lobby."
28/07/2016 11:11 | Direction Press / Reports   Global Research site today said the words of the writer, "Anthony Bahamiz" that the next US president will pump millions of dollars in support for "Israel" to achieve a new colonial state and a major nuclear power in order to control the Middle East and the world at large.
He said the writer: The large increase in arms and loans shipments are going to be the policy of the new White House to "Israel" to dominate the Middle East on behalf of America, and whatever the President of the United States in November, both Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton it this project Sidan

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BondLady & Tlm724 News & Comments 7-28-16 Part 1 of 3

Abtan for "direction": the success of the investment conference in Basra, Iraq, will make the first prize
28/07/2016 10:36 | Direction Press / special Transport Minister agency Abdul Hussein Abtan, said his ministry and all its formations, is now working to ensure the success to be held in the province of Basra investment conference.
Abtan said in an interview for "direction", the workshops of the Ministry, will announce investment opportunities in a transparent and clear and loud and planning coordinator.

Abtan He pointed out that the success of this conference will make Iraq ranked first in the carriage of cargo, which will arrive in the country directly from the exporting countries and at competitive prices. 

Dr. Mark: Regarding the group discussion I have no idea. However, logic would dictate that "if" it were true that the banks need and want our currencies then they would want us in as soon as possible.

 2. If the banks, as we have been told, are going to make additional monies over and above the exchange rates negotiated with us then again, it would make sense that they would want us in earlier rather than later.

3. Can the banks afford to wait and make millions now and have greater liquidity or do they want to wait? So Mr. soon do you want me to, or later? I think we all know that answer!!

The private groups are just that. Private and pre-negotiated so those redemptions will happen quick. But there is still a HUGE amount of money in the internet based population that the banks want and, the banks know this.

Personally, my opinion is we will not wait for the public side as we have knowledge, communication, and currency!!! IMO


Thunderhawk:  First Iran now China ! Well isn't that special !


China Southern unit, Xiamen Airlines, to buy Boeing jets for $1.4 billion

China Southern Airlines (600029.SS) said on Wednesday its subsidiary, Xiamen Airlines, had signed an agreement to buy six airplanes from Boeing Co (BA.N) worth $1.4 billion at list prices.

China Southern Airlines Co Ltd (1055.HK) (ZNH.N), and its subsidiary, Xiamen Airlines, have been placing large aircraft orders as they look to expand fleets to meet booming growth in travel by Chinese.

The B787-9 airplanes will be delivered to Xiamen Airlines between 2016 to 2018, China Southern told the Shanghai stock exchange in a statement.


News, Rumors and Opinions Late Wed.PM/ Early Thurs. AM


Catwoman1:  any updates Elmer?

ElmerF123456:  All I will say is I'm liking the next 48-72 hours. There are many interesting things happening and all in our favor. Prayers for Okie he is not feeling very well and prayers for all of us to get off this ride ! I like things I'm seeing.

Each and every one of you would been on this ride and who Have endured, read all of the information both good, bad and indifferent... You have not done so in vain! You have the champions heart and soon you will bear the armor that rewards your stand!

No hype. Info is good. I can't predict finish. I only like the components of the info! Timelines have not been our friends and has cause so much emotions. But I like what's going on.... so we stand READY. We stand STEADY... but WE STAND FIRM and not divided!

I don't always talk unless there is something to say but I'm always near. Thanks for thinking about me! The world ugliness is showing up now as we were told it would before our blessing. BIG SMILES EVERYONE!