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11am, July 29th, 2012  


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Early Sun.AM Blaino Update Posted by HealthScans at MIG
WangDang CC Info
Hammerman Update & CC Replay Info - Post By Leo GET Forum
BellaGrits and Intel4U Members Chat Early Sat. PM
What To Do With A Big Inheritance (Or Windfall) - By Judy Martel
What To Teach Your Kids About Money - By Beth Kobliner
More Saturday Afternoon Dinar Chatter and Rumors
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The below stories were in our 6pm email
Saturday Afternoon Dinar Chatter
BGG Update Post From Dinar Updates
Med & Member Chat - Post By GLK Dinar Speculator
Checklist Ideas from Intel4U Chat Sat. Afternoon
Bluwolf and Intel4U Members Chat Sat. Afternoon
Thoughts and Opinions from Intel4UChat Sat. AM
The posts shaded in green are on our IRAQI NEWS page
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Emailed to Dinar Recaps: Let's just say my handle or name is saddle bag. I have a very good freind who is the branch manager of a WF Bank. She told me that she received a memo saying to be prepared to handle the flow of people that are going to be coming in to exchange thier dinar next week.

She said she expects to get more info on a more specific date and rate today and would call me later to let me know. This is the first time I have ever posted anything on here for i never had any real info to put out till now. This coming from a person that IMO has a great deal of creditability unlike some other info that I have read on this site. Anyway I hope recaps posts this blog and lets everyone know what's going on. LATER.

Blaino   OK, I have several people informing me about EXCHANGES The next 36 hours or so could be ..... The apex of our journey together. Impeccable sources from Europe, China, the ME and others say: now! Announcements may come as early as 7AM EDT.

Blaino: planeteers and dinarians, this will be a drive BY... Made the house, but not the SHOWERS.... Yet! Been on the phone with: nashville, reno, houston, washington state, california (several ways!) and texas apart from HOUSTON.... AND..... there are no:glitches, hackers, etc. Etc. ETC......

This euro deal was in the works and that has been a hold up for some time NOW.... This was not something that got dreamed up overnight and this has been a logistical nightmare.... ALSO..... security on this was super TIGHT.... Make iqd security seem like kids playing at "bond, james BOND"..... SO..... now the skids are greased (along with lots of palms i'm sure) and this baby is set to slide down the ways and make a splash felt the world OVER....



(530)881-1300 PIN 111646

PLAY BACK NUMBER (530)881-1399 PIN 111646 (AFTER THE CALL)
7-28-2012 Hammerman: I was expecting a phone call tonight at 10 pm central that would tell me definitely positive that something did or did not happen that we are waiting on but I did not get call yet. It is total BS that some people cashed in today in Houston. About 35 people in the USA have cashed in. About 75% were crooked politicians that bribed bankers. They got caught and their funds are now frozen until Nov 10th.

 I got a call from way up, way up, way up in the bank heading the RV and was told that HSBC sent word to UST all the necessary paperwork to process the RV. Send out their letters to all banks worldwide get prepared to imminent RV. Happen before Tuesday is the word on the street. It was supposed to happen by 10 pm central tonight; if not, then midnight tonight; if not, then by next Tuesday. They caught hackers in the system twice today.

7-28-2012 Hammerman: Conference Call Replay from Sat. 10:30 EST.

Call 805-399-1099 PIN: 765145#  Will post MP3 link if I get iT      Thank you
[BellaGrits] Good have you all been? Wanted to drop by regardless of the amount of intel I can state or not.....hope you all are doing great....things are moving along swiftly at this have every reason to feel confident you are in the right place in this speculative investment....note I say, I don't think anyone could argue that in the least!!! However, things are looking very well, and I hope I can at least leave you with that-- if nothing else.

[movielife] BellaGrits so what do you think Bella, can this Syrian issue hold this up ?

[BellaGrits] movielife not in my opinion...all is well as far as my intel goes....

paiaboy] BellaGrits it will be great to see you come to the Post RV party here in Hawaii you are for sure invited

[BellaGrits] paiaboy Hawaii sounds LUSH.....still some sleepless nights gathering intel...however, at this point, the intel is rather we are in a wonderful position....quiet is good, peeps...

[BellaGrits] paiaboy never been .... I sure look forward to it....sounds great!!!

[xyz] BellaGrits does next central banks governor's meeting have anything to do with rv iyo?

[BellaGrits] xyz simply no roadblocks as far as my intel provides.....timing, that's it.....this week has been a huge week trying to nail that down, but I feel comfortable....I wanted to stop by and at least share that.

[scott24680] BellaGrits Why do you think this is a speculation?

What to do with a big inheritance  By Judy Martel

A sizeable inheritance could help you achieve your long-term financial goals if you have a strategy. Here are 4 steps to take to manage a windfall

 Receiving an inheritance, especially an unexpected one, might leave you feeling a little overwhelmed by the options. Ideally, the money should bring you closer to financial independence, but many heirs don't know how to handle a windfall and end up no better off than they were before.

The first priority is to develop a strategy. "Most people run through an inheritance in two years or less," says Jason Flurry, the president of Legacy Partners Financial Group in Woodstock, Ga. In his experience, the first mistake people make is they "blow the money on stuff for themselves." The second mistake: choosing bad investments because they consider the inheritance "found money" and, consequently, take on too much risk.

What Kids Should Know About Money

A new resource could make it easier to teach your child a lifetime of age-appropriate financial lessons. Here's what they need to know at every age.

Financial writer Beth Kobliner thought of a great holiday gift to give a friend's middle-school child: 10 crisp $10 bills. Except the child was baffled.

"He said, 'What am I supposed to do with this? I can't buy anything on iTunes with it,'" said Kobliner, the author of the best-selling "Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties."

Kids today "don't deal in cash much at all. They don't see the value."

Papa Bear] Rumor! Rumor! Rumor!

[Papa Bear] newshound Yes! No one has exchanged for $$$ yet.

[eleanor] Papa Bear But the post doesn't say they got cash

[newshound] Papa Bear Isnt that the key!!! FOR Dollars! lol

[Papa Bear] eleanor It said "they cashed out"

[Allbut6] eleanor what does "cashed out" mean then???

[newshound] For me us dollars lol

[eleanor] Well yes I guess if you take it literally, but if I went to a bank and they gave me a deposit slip or a voucher I'd come home and say I cashed out too

[eleanor] The important part will be if they come back with more details

[JamVox] eleanor if you have a deposit slip then the funds are in the account and you can withdraw. If it's a voucher and you can't get access to your funds, then it's worth nothing

[eleanor] JamVox believe me if I gave my dinar to a bank and an officer of that bank gave me a napkin with his name on it, I would consider it cashed out. But I might only agree to giving him one note lol

The below posts shaded in green are on our
Economist Opinion: Must carefully draft delete zeros to avoid possible collapse of the national currency when applied
2012/07/28 12: 17: 56 Saturday

Baghdad (News) : Economic news warned Tawfik, inhibitor crumbling national currency when applying the draft deleted three zeros from the currency, and called for a feasibility study of the project before its implementation.

He said Mana (News Agency news) on Saturday: the draft restructuring of the local currency by deleting three zeros need sufficient time for discussion by experts and specialists and study it in detail to see negative and positive results and relevance to the economy and its impact on the national currency.


Economic Committee Member: Postponing the implementation of customs tariffs for the fourth time "if negative" on the government to circumvent it
July 28, 2012

I consider a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary bloc MP for the Liberal of the Sadrist movement Abdul-Hussein al-Husseini Resan to postpone the application of customs tariffs for the fourth time, "the case of a negative," the government to pay attention to it.

Husseini said, according to a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "citizens need to be patient at the beginning of the application of this law with respect to government action or executive, adding that in future people can to reap the fruits and positives of the application of this law."


Critical of the parliamentary Economic fourth postponement for the application of the customs tariff in Iraq
July 28 2012

Erbil (Rn) : criticized the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives postponed last Saturday for the application of the Tariff Act in the country.

The Economic Commission called for in last May to postpone the application of the Tariff Act because of its impact on the poor.

And was scheduled to apply the law in Iraq as of June next.

A member of the Economic Commission deputy Abdul-Hussein Resan in a written statement sent to the notification electronically that the delay for the fourth time, "the case of negative."


Parliamentary objections and upheld the law because of the law structures greeting payment on credit
7/28/2012 13:34:07 Saturday

Baghdad (news): Report / Dreams Furaiji : put in a bill structures greeting grounds that the advancement of infrastructure in the country, will depend on the reactions of potential disadvantages, while welcomed by some because it represents a glimmer of hope to solve the housing crisis deepening, criticized by others because it may plunge the state debt.

a state of controversy prevails among MPs, and many experts after the introduction of a Bill to implement the projects of basic services and infrastructure greeting to pay on credit, for several reasons, especially the waste of huge amounts of money earmarked for projects service because of the outbreak of financial and administrative corruption. the bill has been criticized from by a member of the Economic Commission deputy / Alliance bloc, the Iraqi / Qusay Jumaa Al Abbadi, describing the law as "the error will enter Iraq in a spiral of debt is essential," commented Abadi said in an interview (of the Agency news) on the bill by saying: When he could Iraq implementation of projects and service utilization amounts general budget correctly we will think the vote on the law of the infrastructure.

The below stories were in our 6pm email

Saturday Afternoon Dinar Chatter

[9 BALL] 2:40 PM moneydr: FYI - From our doctor friend: Just got a call. Friends cashed out last nite.our contact in off. His friend in texas cashed out ,they know the bushes and said they cashed out. We should hear something today or by mon. 2:41 PM moneydr: Would be a great time to RV ... Olympics

Lakerfan] tradewind a few hours ago I got a call from a contact who is a whale and he told me today is the day. He said he would call me back later with more details as to when, where, and what. If you like I will pass it on to you. I thought this was great news to share.

[Kidstone] Lakerfan how well do you know this contact?

[Lakerfan] Kidstone Very well. He doesn't call often, but when he does, he is serious.

[goldman] Lakerfan thanks...but I really have a hard time believing some people will be cashing-out before others...this is a currency play and no one will have an advantage over others

[Coffeeone] goldman There are always people who have advantage over other people in all situations, why not this one. :
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BGG Update Post From Dinar Updates

Update: I said yesterday that Maliki sending Iraqi Regular Army up to the Syrian border wasn't good news. If you take a look at a map that is basically right on top of the Kurds territory - even the Iraqi regulars stayed well south, which I'm sure they aren't. Maliki is famous for antics that usually involve him getting two (or more) opposing parties fighting amongst themselves so they forget about him.

The two parties he's using right now are the Iraqi people and the Kurds - he's stirring up sectarian strife for nothing more than to save his own @xx. I have a sneaking suspicion he knows something was coming down on the Parliament side and he lit this crisis up just to slow things down.
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Med & Member Chat - Post By GLK Dinar Speculator

[38cabo] i thinks shabbs has a say
[FreeG] Good morning, Med and DS
[Kitchendesigner] Really could use the RV this month...boss just cut pay and commissions


[Kitchendesigner] Ready for your party....I'd like to say that to her Med But then I'd have no


[Kitchendesigner] Hey, ready or not....we will be grateful and it would be nice to meet the guy that spent hours deciforing (sp?) the nonsense all these years.

[frudie] med I have a ?...does Shabibi have to worry about Ramadan for the rv?
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Checklist Ideas from Intel4U Chat Sat. Afternoon

[faithhope](Need a list) like # 1 # 2 #3 of things to do to get ready for this...

[mbillions] faithhope Have you lined up your CPA yet?

[mbd4049] faithhope IMHO you should get an attorney that works with trusts and wills, a CPA that does the same thing and then an investment person. Please interview and do your homework . . . Not legal advice just an opinion thx

[faithhope] I have things preparing but would be nice like a check list

[gretco] faithhope - I know where you are coming from - I have had so many lists and started new ones on banks, codes, accounts, phone numbers of banks, etc -

[mbillions] faithhope The most important thing is getting your money secured and insured... after that you can take your time... We will be here post RV to answer as much as we can but you need trusted professionals to help you with your list of concerns...



[ponie712] bluwolf Thank you and many blessings to you and your family! You always give us "hopium!!" :cheerleader:


[duffy] Imperium: We know it is a definite happening, but we have been told over the last several months that it was supposed to happen about 35 times now. I think we need to hire one of those Aliens to zap their powers upon whomever is holding this up and maybe they can get-er-done.

[blessedandhighlyfavored] bluwolf Are we still ASN because the eyes have been taking off of Iraq and focused on US stock market and Europe who is going on vacation for the month of August and the Olympics in London?
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Thoughts and Opinions from Intel4UChat Sat. AM

[devildogmom] As I gaze at the tomorrows that live in my heart's unrelenting willfulness to see a better way, I feel the warmth of a million souls desperately seeking to fulfill their visions, like a warm summer breeze as it goes softly through trees and beyond, making our very souls tingle with the music of the leaves dancing blissfully, as if they knew that we would breathe life in and all around.

[BigB] Josey Wales I'm pretty much with you. But I think it will be higher because of the need to fix the world econ. The econ is in real bad shape and getting worse everyday.

[Josey Wales] BigB agreed........Just saying what I believe to be the lowest rate poss. I am really liking $7-$10, but will take anything close to $3.76 or above.

[redsnowbird] I think we should also get an increase due to late payment for the IQD... don't you think?

[Josey Wales] redsnowbird JMO. Nobody will know until D-Day lol

[bryan1972] I dont think it will be this low, but if it comes in at .86 cents, it will be more money than I have ever had!!!
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The below posts shaded in green are on our

Finance Committee approves supplementary budget for 2012 in principle

Finance Committee approves supplementary budget for 2012 in principle  2012/07/28 13: 44: 34 Saturday

Baghdad (News) : The parliamentary Finance Committee discussed during a meeting chaired by Deputy Haidar Abadi and its members attending and advisers vertebrae and supplementary budget law materials for 2012 legally, financial and technical assistance.

The Committee said in a statement on Saturday received (News Agency news) version of it: the Committee approved a supplementary budget in principle with the lack of agreement on the inclusion in the agenda of the Chamber of Deputies for reading first reading.

Parliamentary objections and infrastructure law was upheld by law pay term/report
2012/07/28 13: 34: 07 Saturday

Baghdad (News) : Report/dreams/Al-furaiji said ...With Bill infrastructure for the advancement of infrastructure in the country, will not stop the reactions to possible disadvantages, while welcomed by some because it represents a glimmer of hope to resolve the worsening housing crisis, criticized by others because it might plunge the State debt.

The case of controversy among lawmakers and many experts after a Bill was to implement projects of basic services and infrastructure, payment term, for several reasons, primarily the waste of huge funds for SOA projects due to financial and administrative corruption.

The Bill was criticized by a member of the Economic Commission Deputy/Iraqi/coalition block Qusay Juma Al-Abbadi, as described the act as "error will be Iraq debt spiral is indispensable," commented Al-Abadi told (News Agency news) on the Bill by saying: when Iraq could implement SOA projects and exploitation of public budget amounts correctly will vote on code infrastructure.
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Iraq denies the nomination of new names to take over the defense

Iraq denies the nomination of new names to take over the defense  Saturday 07/28/2012 9:41

Baghdad / range : said the Iraqi National List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said on Friday it did not nominate any new names to take over the defense portfolio, indicating that the talk of the existence of new names lacks precision. The deputies said that the defense of which share the list by the Convention on Arbil.

The sources of political and media has revealed that the leaders of the Iraqi List, has coincided on the nomination of Iraqi MP Talal Zobaie for the portfolio of the Ministry of Defence.

Under the agreement between the political blocs that called the National Alliance candidate for the Ministry of Interior and the coalition in Iraq another candidate for the Ministry of Defence.
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The central bank is willing to support the bank of the poor

The central bank is willing to support the bank of the poor  Saturday 07/28/2012 9:19

Baghdad / term : through the Central Bank for its "willingness to support the establishment of the Bank of a special chip of the poor" as expressed doubts about the put the new currency early next year.

Deputy Governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed, according to / Nina / "The establishment of such a bank is one of the humanitarian issues The moral of the chip is aimed at the advancement of the poor "

He pointed out that "this bank will require the development of mechanisms and special studies to determine the category covered by the bank was to be for orphans or widows or divorcees or beggars or not, because the name of the poor include all these categories in addition to considering the economic viability and social development of such a bank because it will serve the objectives of Semitic, but details established tired. "
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Parliament: Committee on Oil and Energy does not know the agreement on the common fields

Parliament: Committee on Oil and Energy does not know the agreement on the common fields  Saturday 07/28/2012 9:16

Baghdad / range : confirmed a member of the Committee on Energy and Oil in the House of Representatives Furat al-Shara, said his committee to learn the recent agreement between the governments of the Iraqi and Kuwaiti oil fields on the investment of the joint between them, calling for a fair investment to ensure the rights of the two countries.

The government has announced an agreement between Iraq and Kuwait on the investment of the oil fields located on their common border. Shara said, according to the Agency (news) The joint oil fields in all the countries of the world cause sensitization between countries Altaddh and parallel, since because of its oil wealth and structures hydrocarbon of the advantages of big support of the national economy of the States
and added, should be invested joint oil fields just manner by holding the actual agreement and real between Iraq and Kuwait to demarcate the border between them and then contracted with an international company neutral to give each state the right of the oil, nor can any State to exceed a share of the other State.
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Leave investment to create a five-star hotel and shopping mall in the pool Baghdad street
2012/07/28 14: 50: 42 Saturday

Baghdad (News) : Chief Investment Baghdad, Iraq's Shaker leave investment service which includes the establishment of a tourism project a five-star hotel with pool Street Mall area of Karrada.

Iraq said in a statement received (News Agency news) on Saturday: the project consists of a five-star hotel contains 250 rooms and shopping mall and information centre and restaurants, tennis courts and Park cars on the territory of acre (8500) m�.

He added: the cost of the project is (60) million dollars and will be implemented during a roof up to three years.

Women's Ministry and Central Bank invites the responsible for the file to the establishment of banks for women

Women's Ministry and Central Bank invites the responsible for the file to the establishment of banks for women  2012/07/28 15: 42: 35 Saturday

Baghdad (News) : Ministry of State for women step Rasheed Bank by declaring yesterday on loans to widows with three million dinar will contribute to women's economic empowerment and achieving economic independence away from the policy of subsidies and grants, which is not strong enough in the best condition to fill need needy groups.

The Ministry said in a statement on Saturday received (News Agency news) a copy of: the positive discrimination for women in the programmes and policies of the institutions concerned is a natural right and a fundamental pillar in the large gap between women and men, it is imperative that this discrimination in the economic sphere, where women constitute the largest proportion of poverty and illiteracy in Iraq.
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House vote on four laws and end the first and second readings of six other and decides to extend the work of the Electoral Commission
2012/07/28 16: 41: 06 am Saturday

Baghdad (News) : Congress voted in its ninth chapter legislative first year third held Osama's House and in the presence of the 177 seats, on Saturday, the four laws and resolutions, inter alia, to extend the work of the Electoral Commission, as well as ending the first and second readings of the six Bills, to decide after the adjournment of the meeting to the next Monday.

According to a statement by the Chamber of Deputies received (News Agency news) on Saturday: the Board voted to extend the work of the Election Commission for 10 days.

And in the interventions of lawmakers on an extension, Sheikh Khalid Al-Attiya said attorney: the political blocs in continuous meetings to choose the new High Commissioner, no need for extension work.

His Baha Al-araji not supported MP extension for the Electoral Commission.
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Barzani: If there is a solution for the problems and will not be bound by the Constitution, will resort to "solution of Kurdistan"

Barzani: If there is a solution for the problems and will not be bound by the Constitution, will resort to "solution of Kurdistan"  2012/07/28 17: 58: 35 Saturday

Irbil (News) : Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani, the Kurdish one of the essential components of Iraq and attended it and drafting of the Constitution, referring to his years that competent and impartial review all oil in Kurdistan and Iraq, stressing that the issue of no-confidence against Maliki was not his proposal, but it was for other people.

Barzani said in a speech Saturday, about the current crisis between Kurdistan and Baghdad: the Kurdish one of the essential components of Iraq, and after the liberation of Iraq had active participation in building Iraq and drafting of a new Constitution, and we have worked within the framework of the Constitution, but there are people evading abide by the Constitution and monopoly power.
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