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6pm, July 3rd, 2013   


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REPLAY 1-559-726-1399  PIN  409029#

(Notes Emailed to Recaps are highlights and Not Verbatum:)

Tony is saying:--Good Morning TNT Family. It's a great, great day in America

--Super Fantastic news....( is Tony's new site)  Tony had no intentions on having another web site, and thought he could work things out with PTR. But, he moved and got things up and running. He just got done talking to Dan and just has a difference of opinion. Got a better understanding with him.

--Got a call this morning, Iraq is going to have everyone paid by July 7th (on Iraq TV), everyone will be paid, Washington DC wants it all done by July 5th. Banks were scheduled to be opened on the 4th for dinar only.

--It just might be  Cards did go live last night from several locations...and thought it would not be live until July 7th...but was live today...inside the bank it reads, $3.44 and when they swipe it adjusts the rate for today..

--Guest speaker to give announcement:  CBI communication was sent to the UST at 1;30 release the RV today. Is supposed to be initiated before midnight TONIGHT.

--He also spoke with someone else that THIS DAY WAS SELECTED FOR THE RV TODAY.

--Banks were notified. That is the information for today. All done. No need to discuss other issues in Iraq or chapter is going now...
Stryker Blog 07.03.2013

Folks, the news is real strange so far this week but I have, along with others always believed it would be right before Iraq's currency reform.

There are also not a lot of Parliament articles that indicate that the laws we or they need passed are set on their agenda but they have said that they did not want to disrupt the Parliaments flow until the last part of the session because they are so controversial, so that part doesn't bother me at all.

Gamaray though did post a very interesting article that spoke of Iraq's Gold Reserves and it is not effected by the global market, matter of fact it says it will be a big supporter of the Iraqi currency!

Turki: Central Sufficient Reserves To Cover Next Year's Budget Ceiling

Tgirl:  Haider Ali Jawad - 07/03/2013

The Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki, on Wednesday, that the bank has sufficient reserves to cover the state budget in the event of increased roof next year, pointing out that the Bank's gold reserves has not been affected by changes in the global market.

Turki added that "Raising the numbers of the coin is the project delayed due to the conditions experienced by the country," noting that "the Bank's gold reserves has not been affected by changes in the global market, and it will be a great supporter of the Iraqi currency."  FULL ARTICLE & LINK BELOW

Tlar:      Turki added that "Raising the numbers of the coin is the project delayed due to the conditions experienced by the country," noting that "the Bank's gold reserves has not been affected by changes in the global market, and it will be a great supporter of the Iraqi currency."

  I find this interesting in that gold has dropped significantly from a high of the 1900's to today a low of 1200's while Turki claims the gold reserves have been unaffected by the global market.

Taking Responsibility For Yourself   By Ann Christine Johnson

Response-ability is the ability to respond to all that is happening around you and all that is happening in your life.

It is the ability to respond positively and creatively to the many challenges of life: change, loss, bereavement, infirmity, disease, accidents, old age; to other people's choices of behavior; and to the many frightening and disturbing things that are happening in this world of ours, instead of reacting or over-reacting to everything.

Many people today feel pressured and overwhelmed by work, family and financial commitments. They haven't yet learned to take full responsibility for their behavior. Often they lose control, reacting and over-reacting to things happening around them.

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Dear Dinar Recaps,

There are some particular conversations that have been recurring that speak about the Republic and this and that will happen.  It seems it comes out of Jester's chats that you are posting.  While I do not have a problem with what he says about the Dinar that fact that all this talk about the new Republic and being tied in with the RV simply does not make sense.

I am not saying we do not need to return to the our Constitutional roots as we do.  But this talk about it being tied to the RV seems to simply be someone's opinion that got started and now we have all sorts of people hanging on these words.  The Constitution is not fully broken in this country.  And, yes, we do have unethical people that have been elected and have their best interests in mind and not their constituents much less the country.  But what to do about them?  They have been elected and to do anything else but a recall or in the next election vote them out would most likely have to be with force.

International prayer call tonight 7pm (ET)

530-881-1499    406878#   recorded version

Tonight's call is for all who need the hand of God to help with a change in their lives, and those who need a relationship with Jesus to help make it thru this and beyond this grueling and trying wait for this blessing. The Lord is waiting on you.

GOD Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your help with all waiting
Hello Family,

I'm sure it is hard to wake up every day expecting the birth of a beautiful baby and find out it's not quite time yet. It's much more difficult than just pushing on the tummy and poof there it is.

Labor takes hours and sometimes days to happen. So why can't they just perform a Cesarean section?

Even then you need several different doctors and nurses assigned to certain tasks all working together.

OK enough with the metaphors. People keep asking why there are so many delays. What you have to remember is that it's not just about Iraq, but the ENTIRE WORLD.

So many things have to be in place and in sync for things to happen. This doesn't even include all the elected officials that would want nothing more than to maneuver things for power and political gain.


[Jester] good morning castle mods, peeps, lurkers, and critters!

[puppylove] Jester gm

BLPastor] Jester Good morning, thanks for the clarification post in recaps brother.

[Jester] BLPastor i just thought i'd pop in and try to dispell some of the worrying about that converstion last night...

TexasMom] Jester Nice follow up on recaps...but, I thought you didn't read recaps!!!!

Jester] TexasMom got a lot of feedback so i went to look at it to see what the fuss was about...

oxglove] Jester greatly appreciated. normally upbeat but struggling at the moment so thank you

[Jester] look... this is really the main reason i don't go into a lot of details lately... it causes a lot of other questions...




[deb2blessed] I sure hope that Tony and Bluwolf are right that they have the rate in Iraq--- cause we should be next!!!

[triple777] castle I want to comment on a post tony had in dinar guru this morming about Iraq had 10 days from 27th to change their currency value and what I find interesting is if you combine that with all the buzz about article yesterday about another vote needed to bring them out of chapter 7 when they announced they were out on last friday, then I propose that maybe tony and frank 26 are on to something.

Frank said if they didnt rv in 10 days the shackles go back on . then what if they are on to something and they are voting this friday and what they are looking for is to see them have a rv'd currency and then the official worldwide announcement of release.

From Recaps Comment Section:

In reply to The value of the bonds is in the quadrillions..., Jester said:

I should have added a forth item...these bonds are not tied to the rv... the are tied to the world global settlements... a humanitarian effort by the chinese and others to pay all old debts worldwide and get the money to where it rightfully belongs...

People have held these bonds for decades with near to no hope they would ever be paid... there are so many parts to the global settlements in addition to these bonds that it would make your head swim to take it all in...

This is one part of a hundred other things like war debts, china's gold that we stole, and lot's of other people's gold for that matter, companies hijacked illegally that will get their money back, prosperity packages, farm claims, etc. etc.

So don't be so sure they re doing it for themselves because to tell the truth if it was not for them we would all be getting squat... our government if left to their devices would have screwed us out of it... or most of it anyway...

In Reply to Bank Manager ll / Branch Officer Post In Recaps Comments:

TD said:

Most all was well laid out and coincides what my GOI contact has been saying.

HCL however, is all agreed according to him. Building the foundation to uphold the platform thru means you mentioned are what they are working on. I agree.

Your time frame also is realistic since that's what I've been told : WTO this late summer/early fall, New Denoms coming out the but no later than Jan 1st, 2014.

Your float theory is THE BEST HOPE of a NON LOP because according to my source anything such as a rate of $3-4 is WITH A LOP ( 100% guarantee). Which will yield us 35-40% ROI.

So a free float of 500-1 and moving will yield better returns.

The below posts were in our 10am email
The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, July 2, 2013 
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - July 2, 2013
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

The IQD Team Connection Dedication to the HERO's

HEROS~~19 'Hotshots' died heroes, the most firefighters to perish in a wildfire in 80 years


Great Night of News & Round Table Discussion with
Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team 
            "THE IQD Team Connection" 

Special Guest Kelly~~Update on the
UN SANCTIONS INFORMATION DIRECTLY FROM THE UNITED NATIONS TODAY 7-2-13~~Thanks Kelly for sharing this info on our call

Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq  

Amos9:13  Been a while since I posted on here :).  Knew we'd have to see Chapter 7 released until a potential RV could take place so glad to be back! 

As some of you may remember, I am a real banker (branch manager II/branch officer) of a local community bank that does have some banks in other states as well

I want to again knock down any myths and debunk any crazy talk that hypes up newbies and some veterans alike, while giving my 2c on what I feel (as a banker/business man) what might happen on this ride. 

I do have a bachelor's degree in organizational management (so I've had courses in economics and financial management). I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in business

I've worked in banking for ten years, my job responsibilities that pertain to this investment include lending, financial management, and being in the know of what the fed is doing i.e. interest rate changes, etc.  I even recently did a paper on the IQD and why I think Iraq is the next gold mine. 

[Jester] hi castle mods, peeps, lurkers, and critters! hope everyone is having a nice night...

[DiddyKong] Jester!!! Did you see this worldwide arrest warrants issued for bush and obama

[Jester] hahahah... the screen is in light speed... where is scotty when i need him? Lol

[superbiz] Jester hi how r u ?? Please tell us some good news tonight. I have heard a whole spectrum of news today. Need your balanced approach

[Jester] superbiz well... across the whole spectrum i have heard it is all good...

[wheezer2] Jester Jester hey there much more of the process is yet to be completed?????

[Jester] wheezer2 as for the process... we are watching for the same things today that we were watching for yesterday... windows are open for people getting it done and we are waiting for them to bring them in...

The Big Call - Tuesday July 2nd


47 Minutes

Thank you.  We appreciate Dinar Recaps.  

The Big Call

[MikeH] 7/2/2013 9:59pm edt: [Grandmaster] I was just called by the person that got me started in this venture. He has a contact that is high up in the UST.

He said it will be on the bank screens tomorrow and we will exchange shortly after.

The rate he is giving is the same as what   said was possible last night. 11 per dinar.

This is third hand info so treat as a rumor of course.

Also My friends Sister is a friend of a person that works in the local bank in Hxxxxxxxxx  Tn. that said they are working on extended hours and must work through the 4th of July.

I did not know that the small banks in that small town did currency exchanges...Maybe they are just preparing for and influx  of wire transfers or something.

My friend is going to check it out tomorrow. Again treat as rumor.

Tgirl:   Baghdad (newsletter). Confirmed the decision of the Commission on economy and investment Deputy of the Kurdistan blocs Coalition//mehma Khalil, to increase the Central Bank's reserves of hard currency will enhance the stability of the Iraqi dinar and develop national economy.

He said Khalil (News Agency): to increase the Central Bank's cash reserves of more than 80 billion dollars, meaning that each Iraqi dinar is inside Iraq or abroad is covered by two and a half dollar, the volume of cash to Iraqi currency blocs (33) trillion dinars.

He added that this increase will enhance the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar and international currency because it will be a safe haven, with the addition that will enhance the growth of the national economy.

The Iraqi Central Bank announced an increase of cash reserve of hard currency to more than 80 billion dollars./finished/8 l. Eng.  LINK

The below posts were in our 10pm email

The boy that cried wolf 3.44 is the gentleman who  got expelled from that site, yes the truthful one and the rate that is right on is internal not international. 

Please associate, last feedback I got dinar xx.xx dong x.xx both high in value. No changes no delays and both bank and us await the international release of all currencies.  Hope I have clarified the room.

And thank you for the lovely words expressed in Recaps, I am honored.  And just to some I live in a very positive state and many here are in that same feeling and thought and honestly we do not need any negative or adverse notations or reactions for we feel that they never were and never will be appropriate to our final quest. It is a matter of commen sense and not a matter of social or political my request that some just stay away of all negative thoughts.

Be Blessed

(and Recaps thank you for your excellent work in keeping all informed, my hat goes out to you. Blu)
Millionday News 7/2/13

    3:21 PM [millionday] so i dont know about the rest of you but i have had more calls asking me to find out why it is the same rate so i have a few things to tell you   ok let me talk about a few things

    [millionday] first there was a very important vote today in the US of A and they voted on the Basel III banking laws to be put into place by all banking internationally -- it was voted through by all and is now in effect

    [millionday] as we know the iraqi banks have chosen to use Basel II and Basel III compliance in all banking and have chosen which will be compliant with which --- this was done about three weeks ago + a day or so

    [millionday] this was a very important move with the anchoring of their international banking and of course the islamic banking and banking from around the world being within Iraq and iraq moving to the outside of the country

The Big Call for Tuesday July 2nd is at 9 PM ET.  

Participant Line is 559-726-1150
Listener Only line 530-881-1150

no access code is needed for either line

Thank you for posting. We Appreciate Dinar Recaps

The Big Call

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