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10am, July 30th, 2013   


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The below posts were in our 10pm email
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PapaBear Chat Posted by MaryRose at I4U Forum Monday AM
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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you a quick update what I heard on a special call that was made to me early this morning from my IMF contact.

It was once again reinforced to me that the USA could not see the new rates at the banks until the end of July.

This will not go past this week. It must be pushed out and announced. Personally I do not think they can wait for the long weekend to push this out.

There is also a terrorist plot/plan that was uncovered yesterday.This plan involves the 1,400+ escapees from the two prison breaks in Bagdad last week. These plots are to insite the population into rioting by increased bombings and killings in the protesting crowds.

BulldogFord65:  Hello Family: Here are tonight's CC notes. Wishing you an peaceful night and an abundantly blessed tomorrow!  BulldogFord65

"He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him... Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:21, 27 KJV

Frank26 IQD Conference Call Monday, July 29, 2013

* Frank began the conference call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast.

Millionday News 7/29/13

    millionday] House Speaker Osama Najafi with Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs Saleh al-Mutlaq, a number of political and security files and a House of Representatives vote on the laws on the demands of the demonstrators and protesters.

A statement by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has received �morning� copy of it on Monday, said that �al-Mutlaq, received in his office yesterday, Najafi and his entourage�, indicating that �the two sides discussed during the meeting, the political situation in the country, and amendments to the laws on the demands of the demonstrators and the security situation and the repercussions of accidental prisons Taji and Abu Ghraib.


[FLPatriot59] Jester Is it all done, as in complete. As in we're just waiting for an email ASN?

[Jester] Grunt0311 HEY BIG GUY... GOOD TO SEE YOU...


[Hannah] Jester Yeah, HE knows whats happening but HE sure won't share!! lol

[Grunt0311] Jester Thanks for that.

[Jester] Grunt0311 YOU THE MAN....

[triple777] Jester call Okie and have our emails delivered and then you can enjoy the rest of your life and not come in here twice a day and answer questions. Make it easy on yourself and lets just RV, works for me, how about you.?


Posted by EXOGEN on July 29, 2013 at 10:49pm







TNT  7-29-13  Monday Special Update

I know you have been waiting all day! I have been taking calls all day and getting info all day!

I am still on calls and we are still waiting and the clock is still ticking down but it has all been positive news!

We are doing a call tomorrow at our normal time and I will update you on today's progress. I have received nothing but good news! Tony TNT

TNT BLAST - SPECIAL UPDATE CALL TUES: 7-30 SPECIAL UPDATE CALL Intel and Information about upcoming Foreign Currency Exchange. by TNT Tony in Education tomorrow at 1:00 pm est

[Paradise] Message of 'hope' from Already Blessed (not Tony) => "things are heating up . . . but . . . we don't have anything definitve yet . . . so . . . we need to wait until we do! . . . hang in there . . . "

[Serendipity I have heard a number of things. I have looked up and read a bunch of things. However they are not from trusted sources. I heard something that could be a kind of confimation about probs over the weekend and getting solved, but my sources don't begin to equal those tony has.

[minileopardlady] Serendipity Linda what does yours say please??

Serendipity Linda] Just hmmm. well can't be hugely specific, but that there was a deadline that hit that if somethings had not been redone or lenghtend etc in time, could have put us all in a bind. A LONG bind. So glad it was resolved. But that's all

[minileopardlady] Serendipity Linda so we are still on track then??? thank you

[Serendipity Linda] minileopardlady well that's what I heard but no exact date etc. Hoping Tony got the other part. LOL. Go RV

The below posts were in our 10pm email


    [topgun3182] millionday .. You said the "apps" are on their sites for the MasterCards .... Is it possible to see one of the sites and the "app" your speaking of? Are citizens actively ordering and receiving the cards? Once they are in the hands of a citizen ...

Then is the money getting transferred? (I know ... lots of questions .. hope you have answers and eyes in IRAQ that all is being accomplished) THANKS

    [millionday] marketralley right it is comparable to the crash of our great depression - it took along time for the citizens to trust in fact it almost took a whole new generation - i dont know about you but my grandparents never got to the point of trust

    [Papatom] millionday i thought they were also pulling the 25k notes also as they could.


Millionday Roundtable 7/29/13

    millionday] i am going to go look and see waz up many bombings so i am sifting through them the US vows to stand beside them on security the EU is also feeling the same many lives lost there it looks like

    [dinarmamma] millionday sad

    [millionday] but remember this is for the nation but --- pray for their families and i will be right back

    [Fresh] millionday I hope that the RV can change the momentum in all that violence

    [millionday] very sad

    [Fresh] Maybe they'll find a bigger purpose

    [millionday] me too my friend actually that is what the leaders are saying 


ALAN:   Ok, well first off I had no idea that what I described was refered to as a LOP.. I dont even know what it stands for.. But I guess i gave the definition and didnt realize it... I have been in this for about 2 years but only really in the past few months started educating myself and the LOP hasent been in my vocabulary.. So what you refer to as nonsense on the forums is actually me asking a sincere question that so many before you seemed to gladly answer.

Why dont ya just call me stupid and call it a day.. The team could have went over it 1000000000 trillion times but if I somehow missed the whole LOP conversation then I see no reason why I cant ask..

Would your response to my question been the same had I been a first time poster???? Probably not so just consider me a newbie on the LOP scenario.....

So next time instead of asking a question ill just go through the last 20 CC's, 1000000 of pages on the forums to ensure that the question I ask isnt nonsence.   And no im not mad im irritated....

Frank: Today a post You made asked the qt ....... Is it me or a coincidence that an argument or disagreement starts when I make a post?

The below posts were in our 6pm email


THIS IS TNT DINAR'S Call Notes for Monday, July 29, 2013 at 1pm EST and I apologize for anything missing.   

Always keep in mind, that this is what I heard and transcribed.   It's Tony's info and opinion - based on what he's received via sources in the Dinar community and the World.  

Feel free to always verify what you hear, and do your own due diligence.   

Thank you for being a part of TNT DINAR.

Have a great day! :)   Montana


TONY: GOOD MORNING TNT...July 29, ten in the morning

What do I want to tell you today...I want to tell you It was AN INTERESTING WEEKEND


Hello everyone, I'm sometimes known as Intel Guru TD although if you've ever followed my notes I've never considered myself any kind of "Guru" and I am just an average investor who by accident thru a Kurdish friend found a GOI contact and have been grateful to him sharing some information. I usually post my info on another station as they say since I'm not interested in attention here on Recaps , so I hope you'll forgive me for showing up. This post is really not about me.

I received shortly from my friend a somber email of hurt and sadness. He spoke of his heart crying with dozens of Iraqi's dying during bombings. He spoke of the unrest of Egypt, Syria and elsewhere and how instead of Ramadan being a period of spiritual & body cleansing that it is one of shame and of a heavy heart.

Of our investment all I wanted to say is a timeline of execution is established and this pressure cooker can indeed force their hand at any time but I'm sure as an investor you'll side with me that I'd rather wait than have blood shed be the catalyst for action.


REPLAY         559-726-1399    PIN  409029#


Notes Emailed to Recaps: We will also post the Official Call Transcript from TNT as soon as its available:

A few Highlights from Tony's call today: They are being told in Iraq via TV again that money is about to come...they are hopeful, excited, looking for it; This is a global event.

Banks changed their schedules to 8 hr. shifts, but THREE 8-hr. shifts, concurrently.

As of Friday nite/Saturday morning, word is they were trying to push this through every 3 hrs.; then we heard every 2 hrs.; then hourly. There is and they did set a deadline for a certain day (Tony knows it, but will not say it to prevent any trouble).

'Things' happened at the U.N. (closed-door meetings); agreements were made and deadlines were set. People were sent home (from banks and call centers) on Sunday, and brought down to skeleton crews. Call centers are manned, and TODAY everyone is back on three 8-hr. shifts and were called back in.


[bama] there is really no need to get to wrapped around the axel about it. The best course of action is to just wait and see what comes and then make the decision that works best for you. When anyone gets too upset about it it makes me think they have something to lose if people go elsewhere

[sk8pastort] bama i honestly believe that when it comes to OOM and jester they believe WF is the best deal and they think the gurus that are saying it is not are going to hurt ppl by causing the to lose out. i believe they get "upset" because they care

[sk8pastort] IMHO

[MarkZ] sk8pastort   I for one care. We have all been in this together. Other banks will try to compete. The only one that has really reached out at any level to us though has been WF. If BOA or CHASE or any of the others had at a bigger level reached out this conversation would be different.

[MarkZ] The word is all news is STELLAR. I know not knowing the details REALLY sucks but honestly if you all had known all the details the whole way through it would have led to mass suicides or everyone marching on DC which would have derailed it.



Longhorn Dave :first i will apolgize if my update yesterday hasn't occured as of 10am cst. I am prepared to take my medicine from the bashers.

I will say nothing has changed from where i stand. No issues on the inside. Im being told that the only thing left is the global release. It will all happen once.

Keep your hopes high and i will let you know if things change. Hook em!

[TxIslandGirl] Longhorn Dave GM! Hope you are having a great day!

[Longhorn Dave] TXIslandgirl....hoping it gets better

[mcndc1231] Reuters) - JP Morgan Chase & Co is exiting physical commodities trading, the bank said in a surprise statement on Friday, as Wall Street's role in the trading of raw materials comes under intense political and regulatory pressure.


International prayer call tonight 7pm est

530-881-1400   406878#
530-881-1499   406878# recorded version

Well to God be all the GLORY. We now have 29 people God as touched thru this prayer call with Cancer and healed them confirmation from Dr. He is still in the healing business, so come join us tonight surrender to the Lord let him touch your issues.

It seems that the roller coaster is running out of track and has to stop and deliver its goods. ty Jesus All are ready to exit and start a new life ty Jesus. nonbelievers welcome

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your help


[Papa Bear]  GM  Dinar Family. Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Jester did a great job of posting and letting u know about sept 1 on Republic . Folks the plate has been huge

[Papa Bear] Those families who can have evacuated Iraq for Kuwait and Quarar during this huge violence during Ramadan

[Papa Bear] Folks I have no comment at this time

[Papa Bear] Folks most of you have heard my answers to your questions many times. I want what I bring to our castle   to have great significance .I will as usual if I see little points of disagreement be here lurking. Jester and crew are doing an overall good job

[Papa Bear] puppylove You MODS are the Greatest as are SQ and our castle

[Papa Bear] I told u Friday many things needed attention in the Forest .

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