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10am, July 4th, 2014    


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Happy 4th of July
Events In Iraq Raises Price Of Gold
Thursday Night Dinar Chatter
BGG's Thursday "Once this happens??" Dinar Talk Info Call From Dinar Updates Audio Player and Replay
The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
Special / Kurdistan region ends of the design of its new currency Erbil
Bluwolf: "This is What Will Transpire"
Frank26 and KTFA Members Thoughts Thursday PM
Hackers Stealing - Locking - Holding For Ransom
The Big Call for Thursday July 3rd is at 9PM ET
The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
Tid Bits From Dinar Land
Bits and Pieces Thursday Afternoon
The Big Call "Tap Call" Recording Link for Wednesday night 7-03-14
Beware When Internet Banking - New Emotet Malware
MarkZ at I4U: "I am DagNabIt Excited going into the Holiday!"
Thursday Morning Dinar Rumors and Opinions
Transcript of Yellen and LaGarde at IMF Event July 2nd
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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

The Dinar Recaps Team wishes everyone a happy and safe 4th of July.

Iraq News Journal: Events in Iraq raises the price of gold and the dollar rise delay.

Gold rose to its highest level in three months on Tuesday, boosted after the fall of the dollar and the worsening violence in Iraq, the appeal of the precious metal, which increased flows from the largest fund, backed with gold.

Gold climbed in online transactions to 1332.10 dollars an ounce, its highest level since the twenty-fourth of March, and gold settled at 1327 dollars per ounce, and gold rose about 1 percent in the previous session.

And record the yellow metal's second-gains quarterly respectively in the quarter ended Monday, and it was June the best month for gold since February.


Hello Again Dinar Recaps!

I thought it would be nice to share our tribute to America this 4th of July with our video of "America The Beautiful" I am a 8 year OOM family Dianrian, and a dedicated Recaps member, and thought that your amazing web site could feature our video as a gift to Dinar Land!

There is also a free download for those would like the song to add to their holiday listening! Hope you like it!

And Thank you so much Dinar Recaps for always supporting me and our successful charitable organization for children (Children Of The World) your grateful Members! Your post last year brought us many new contributions and we sincerely appreciate it!

Click below for the YOU TUBE VIDEO "America The Beautiful"



[soulwarrior] had a short visit with Okie a couple of hours ago, and his daughter-in-law actually moved her left leg a little today, which has given some renewed hope!

He sounded much better than he did a couple of days ago (the last time we spoke) very good and strong, and I was careful to not stay on the phone with him very long, but felt prompted to let him (and all of us) know to never give up, as the Lord's ability is immeasurable, and whilst she is still unable to come off the respirator,

The movement today says to me she is still fighting and we need to continue fighting for her as well through continued prayers...some of the descriptions given have matched so clearly to the brain and spinal injuries He healed after many prayers and much time in my own life..

BGG's Thursday "Once this happens??" Dinar Talk Info Call From Dinar Updates Audio Player and Replay #'s

BGG's Thursday "Once this happens??" Dinar Talk Info Call From Dinar Updates Audio Player and Replay #'s

(In Email Newsletter, click blue title for Audio Player)

21 Minutes

760-569-7699 pin# 398647

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter


(Thank you Toucan for sending this to Recaps.)
Special / Kurdistan region ends of the design of its new currency Erbil

Iraq Press -2 July:

Kurdish source revealed high-level, on Wednesday, that the Kurdistan Regional Government has completed the design of the new currency, which may be one of the features of the province's declaration of independence and the establishment of a Kurdish state, which is seeking its regional president Massoud Barzani.


Bluwolf:This is what will transpire. Once the currency release is official, the banks get their notices from the UST.

These banks will call in their call center personal.

First to be attended, high �lite and high and low level employees and their families, second to be dealt with would be agencies and corporations, of course you all know that the US government gets paid off before all.
All government personel and their families will have their exchanges activated at this time,

One major group will be called in simultaneously and we follow in immediately.

Everything should be done very swiftly and should be hazerd free. There are no sea monsters out there and the Earth is not flat so please do not worry. Bluwolf


Frank26:  I did not want to get too involved but this is for You:

In numerology it is the numbers or compressed combinations of them that lead YOU to the message in ....... Words.

Yes ........ There is a message within CL.

But know this too ........ Numerology is not magical ........ Maji used The Numbers.

It is not to be feared but to be used in communications.

OLD TIMERS ........... You know I have been using it for 5.5 years ......... You know it as (BK3/Line3).........



You're running out of time to protect your computer

Hackers are coming: More than 1 million users need to scramble to protect their PCs

By Priya Anand

International law enforcement authorities over the weekend took control of two hacker networks that have infected more than a million computers worldwide to steal banking information and lock devices until users pay a ransom, U.S. officials announced last week.

People should run security tests on their computers within the next two weeks, before the masters of the botnets have a chance to regain control, the United Kingdom's National Crime Agency says.


The Big Call for Thursday July 3rd is at 9PM ET  
We will discuss the latest about the dinar and dong ... and talk about how to be ready for our exchange. Join us tonight to be part of the precelebration!  
Participant Line is 559-726-1150
Listener Only line 530-881-1150

o access code is needed for either line.  
Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456#
Link will be given to Dinar Recaps following the call.
Thank you for posting. We appreciate Dinar Recaps for the wonderful job they do!  
The Big Call

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter


Currency Chatter:   Tlar:      Announcement of a new government hopefully next week.  Rv a few days after.  Whether you believe or not is not my problem nor does it make me more or less important.  It really makes no difference.

 If you are reading this it is because you have already bought the ticket and you will go on this ride.  In the scheme of things you won't give a hoot about what anything or anyone has said when this is over. 

You will be too busy planning the next phase in your lives.  The only reason I decided to let you know and put myself out there to be ridiculed verses just keeping my mouth shut is because too many started to say "I might as well sell my dinars because this isn't going to happen for years, or probably never." 



Mustangdave64:  Bank story of my own from Oklahoma today!

I went to my local BIG BANK today to purchase more VNN and the teller was very chatty and said they are selling a ton of it this week but she was a little discouraged because she was told it should have already happened, I about fell over!

She asked me if I have any idea when this could happen and I said yes... very soon and we will all be SUPERFANTASTIC!

I was with 2 friends who also purchased VNN and we were greeted by a Wealth Advisor in the lobby so we asked if this location would be an exchange site and she smiled and said very possible we then several other questions about would they handle all currencies we have or should we consider driving to Texas to another bank for our IQN, she said no that wouldn't necessary.

MIND BLOWING CONVERSATION! Needless to say all 3 of us went crazy when we left! BOOM! Come On RV!

The Big Call "Tap Call" Recording Link for Wednesday night 7-03-14


Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456#  

119 Minutes

The Big Call

Sneaky malware lurks on your computer until you log into your bank

By Oriya Anand, MarketWatch

Banks worldwide have seen about 400 cases of a new malware that silently lurks on browsers until it sees that users are visiting banking websites, and then kicks into high gear to steal information, according to a Tokyo-based antivirus company.

The new strain starts with an old tactic: Spam. Messages detail financial transactions and include a link, but instead of luring users to phony websites to trick them into typing their banking credentials, the malware stealthily injects malicious code into the browser so it can later detect when the customer is banking online, according to Trend Micro.

[MarkZ] Good afternoon everyone.

[ready4riches] are we there are we there? :

 [MarkZ] ready4riches I think the answer to that is YES.

Well we should be there next week anyways IMO for those of you that know me a little closer you know I have been looking for between the 7th and 10th.

I can't really go into all the reasons but let me say the logic is SOLID. IMHO we are pretty much there and it looks to be a smooth finish ahead.

Now we just have to manage our expectations, do nothing stupid and let things unfold.

I as always when dealing with this -I reserve the right to be dead wrong. ;) Between banking sources, governement sources both domestic and abroad plus military folks I feel pretty comfortable being dagnabit excited going into the Holiday.


Shimqua5:   Update from my Iraqi friend and his family in Iraq

I have a friend I have worked with in high tech for many years, he lives here in the states and has many relatives in the Baghdad and Tikrit area of Iraq.  I have the following update from his family. Take for what it's worth but please be respectful, his family are not military, not government...just hard working people who have hopes for peace and prosperity in their country.  

I will also note that his family are anti-M, and look forward to an established government and a PM who can get the job done.  They definitely look forward to better days ahead.

(Note: Thanks Susan A.S. at Stage3Alpha for posting this)

Transcript of Yellen and Lagarde Comments at IMF Event

Two of the world's most powerful women of finance sat down for a lengthy discussion Wednesday on the future of monetary policy in a post-crisis world:

U.S. Federal Reserve
Chairwoman Janet Yellen and International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde. Before a veritable who's-who in international economics packing the IMF's largest conference hall, the two covered all the hottest topics in debate among the world's central bankers, financiers and economists.

Below is the full unedited transcript of the Q&A, courtesy of Federal News Service.


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