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10am August 1st, 2016

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Blondie:  Awake-in-3D August 1, 2016 at 12:20am

As expected, and posted by me earlier this morning... "Nothing much, at our level, happens on a Sunday".

However, while today did not provide evidence on a magnitude of what has occurred over the past several days, there was today one specific event occurrence, on the financial side, that provided an extremely solid data point indicating that the final process is continuing to unfold to our ultimate benefit. I call it a "proof of life" event.

Is the USN installment step at the ready? Yes.

Are the funds and related release mechanisms in place in specificity? Yes.

Has the trigger for exchange notifications been pulled as of right now? No.

As always, we don't know the date or time. But all indications are that we continue to be inching towards that date and time in very short order - as of this moment. There is no information indicative of an unplanned interruption in the process at this time.

I remain highly encouraged and optimistic.   :)


ReddStarr:  GCC countries expected to lose $100B due to low oil prices!
Fiscal balances in MENA oil exporters swung from a surplus of $128 billion in 2013 to a deficit of $264 billion in 2016, according to the World Bank's latest MENA Quarterly Economic Brief, "Whither Oil Prices?" report.
The group of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries lost $157 billion in oil revenues last year and is expected to lose another $100 billion this year, the report said.
Saudi Arabia has depleted $178 billion in reserves, followed by Algeria ($28 billion), and Iraq ($27 billion) in 2015.
Oil revenues have been falling for the third year in a row with fiscal deficits and debts rising. At the same time, several countries - Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen- are dealing with the devastating impact of civil war and forced displacement, exacerbating pressure on already tight budgets, the report said.

Author: AB, HH Editor: AB, HH 07.30.2016 17:12        Long-Presse / Baghdad
Select the central bank governor on the Keywords, Saturday, 2017 as the date for the launch of the electronic currency through the mail or e-dinar cards, with the exception that it will facilitate dealings between the state institutions, the expectation of rising oil prices.
He said on the Keywords in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The next year, 2017, will see the launch of the electronic currency after the termination of the Central Bank of infrastructure structures necessary for the operation of electronic payment through the mail dinar or electronic tags, which facilitates transactions between state institutions," noting that " the end of this year or next year will work directly in the new Central Bank building. "


Mountainman:   Lets Cut Thru {ALL} the Articles HAZE and READ between the Lines...(See article below) ....First=THE CIPS is The GLOBAL TRANSACTION SYSTEM/ELECTRONIC HIGHWAY that will be Used by {ALL}......

"IT" is By Way of This "ILLUSTRATION"......"IT" is the CASH REGISTER MERCHANT for {ALL} Your Favorite "ON LINE STORES"......Like When You Go SHOPPING and After You Acquire The (GOODS) You Came to Get.....Before You LEAVE the SITE......YOU MUST PAY for said (GOODS)......Right.....???........Ok......


Dinar Updates Sunday PM Chat 7-31-16   

BGG says to graci():I have said over and over - I don't put alot of confidence in the comments by Alak in this recent article

BGG says():Is no one paying attention??

magnetlady says():I'm right here reading every word. Can't speak as to others
BGG says():Alak's job has been in question for 6 months or a year... AND - they are talking more and more - especially over the last 2 weeks.
BGG says():(about removing him).
magnetlady says():I thought that was iluding to that I believe it was yesterday in one of the posts
larrykn says to BGG():when he started talking about 2017 I stopped listening, I don't think we will have to wait that long nor do I believe they will make it that

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

Flashing: "Time To Be Positive, Encouraged And Alert"

Date: Sunday, July 31, 2016
Subject: from flashing ....
Hello, this is XXX XXX .. sending a post from flashing. It's been a long time. I'm just the sender     Thank you
Hi. I have been quiet for long time seeing how people have become discouraged and frustrated.
There is no banker holding up the rv, there is no Obama, Hillary, Bush, or Trump hold up. 

The rv is not being held up until the elections. These are stories we have heard for years and they do not justify predictions that have come and gone.
Now is the time to be encouraged and alert.
Iraq has been doing a lot of things that call for an appreciation on their currency (rv).
There is a big increase in exports expected during q3 with a slight increase in imports. Just this is enough to expect a currency appreciation along with the policies and procedures they have already approved and implemented.
The fact that a country has gold, oil and other precious minerals is not enough to have a currency appreciation. It needs among other things the development of sound financial, fiscal and operating policies and procedures.

Dinar Updates Sunday AM Chat 7-31-16 Part 2 of 2

larrykn says():here is some good news :)
larrykn says():Iraqi Defense Minister: with the approach of security forces regain control of Mosul.
Iraqi Defense Minister: with the approach of security forces regain control of Mosul. Leaders of the Islamic State are selling their belongings and fleeing toward Syria
July 31, 2016 Baghdad (AP) -Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi from selling Islamic State leaders in Mosul, Northern Iraq, their kingdoms, and to escape the city with security forces to regain control.
Iraqi forces launched operations to regain control of the areas around the city of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city dominated Islamic State beginning June 2014.

Dinar Updates Sunday AM Chat 7-31-16   Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

Dinar Updates Sunday AM Chat 7-31-16   Part 1 of 2

larrykn says():Baghdad prepare to execute 40 condemned crime Spyker

12:08 2016 Sunday July 31  The Iraqi Supreme Court ratified the death accused resolutions in offence martyrs Spyker of Tikrit. Perth now from Baghdad: Baghdad announced today the Iraqi Court of Cassation authentication provisions execution 40 condemned by participating in a crime by elements of ISIS and local collaborators killed 1700 air college student at Camp Speicher in Tikrit in January 2014 amid expectations by implementing these provisions.
Federal Appeals Court ratified Sunday "on death accused resolutions in offence martyrs Spyker," declared the spokesperson for the judiciary judge Abdul Sattar Bayraqdar.. He said reporters had examined the reading "" illaftrain Federal Court considered the claims of the defendants in a crime the martyrs of Spyker.

More News, Rumors and Opinions on a Quiet Sunday Afternoon 7-31-16

Mountainman:   Remember, IRAN said they Would have their OIL at Pre-Sanctioned Levels by SEPTEMBER 2016.......This Article is Setting the STAGE for the Positioning of BLACK GOLD as Doc Calls it.......and THE SDR Universal CURRENCY=OIL is Going to SLIP n SLIDE Into It's NEW GLOBAL REALITY......(see article below)

Thus the Reason for (WHY) We are Seeing the RISE in Production......It will Settle GLOBAL COUNTRY to COUNTRY SDR ACCOUNTS=ONLY for A COUNTRY.......CRAZY 8's and AUGUST 2016 Will Be A SLIP n SLIDE INDEED........IMO
Blessings,Mountainman    (8)=New Beginnings.........for MANY MOVES for AUGUST thru SEPTEMBER........JUST IN TIME for OCTOBER,1 2016......fireworks

News, Rumors and Opinions Sunday Morning 7-31-16


Don961:   Aloha Frank ... looks like they're not waiting til Monday/Tuesday to hit the banks for those cards... maybe the bank is giving away free water and a straw hat with each transaction lol....IMO

State auditors are packed circles before free holiday

07.31.2016 9:55 *

 [Oan- Baghdad] saw the state departments and government institutions, on Sunday morning, densely auditors to complete their transactions before the official start of the holiday , which lasts for two days due to high temperatures.

Today is the first day in office hours after the weekend on Friday and Saturday.

The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi face yesterday to disrupt the official working hours on Monday and Tuesday for all government departments except for basic services because of the high temperatures to around 50 degrees Celsius , according to reports of the Commission on weather forecasters.