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10pm, August 1st, 2012  


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Poppy3 Update Wed. Evening at DinarUpdates Chat
PTR CC for Wednesday evening 6PM EDT
Big Achievers Greatest Risks - By Jane Lee
Five Ways to Overcome Fear Of Chasing Your Dream - By Steven Berglas
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BWM and Shasta7 Q&A Wed. Eveningat 8:30PM EDT
Adam Montana Q & A Chat - Post By KCW Dinar Vets
Poppy3 at Dinar Updates Thursday afternoon
More News, Rumors, Opinions in Dinarland Wed. Afternoon
The IQD Team & LJ's Next Step Team~~Highlights Summary Replay Conf Call July 31
Rumors, News, and Opinions in Dinarland Wed. AM
The posts shaded in green are on our IRAQI NEWS page
The below stories were in our 10am email
Wednesday Morning Dinar Chatter
IRS gets Audited by Dinarsaur at PTR Wed. AM
Fnbplanet / Freebird Tidbits - Post By Leo GET Forum
Jeffrey /Hammerman Tidbits - Post By Janna GET Forum
Ramadan Info from Retminded at PTR Wed. Morning
LJ's Next Step Round Table Tues. CC~~Part 2 "National Council for Strategic Policies" Including
Soonerfan62 in chat at Intel4U Tuesday evening
Tuesday Night Wangdang Conference Call Recording Link and Replay #'s
The posts shaded in green are on our IRAQI NEWS page
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[poppy3] hold on to your hats rich friends..... We were planning a cc for tomorrow but it is election day here and BGG and I are working on campaigns for new blood in the sebate and congress here. we must get all the incumbants out this election. OK FOR THE PLANS FOR THE CALL....WE ARE EXPECTING A GOOD GUEST ON THE CALL ... BGG WILL BE GIVING THE UPDATE ON ALL THE GREAT THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED FROM MONDAY TILL TODAY THAT is some awesome stuff behind the scenes..

I will be covering pre RV and post RV things people need to get accomplished and how to get them done.... newmonies newmonies THAT IS ALL GREAT STUFF I HOPE PEOPLE ARE READING AND PAYING ATTENTION... The schedule for the CC will be announced by BGG some time thursday evening.

He has some details on technical things to work out. We home to have the radio setup complete so all will be able to get on. WE are sorry so many have been unable to get on but the call center said our calls have just maxed them out every call since we started. poppy3


PTR Call 760 569 7699 pin 148579 #

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Big Achievers Share The Greatest Risks They Ever Took
By  Jane Lee

What's anything worth? Over the last four years we asked 39 gutsy entrepreneurs, executives, celebrities, politicians and athletes about the greatest risks they ever took.  Some bet their bank accounts, others their fame, and some even risked their very lives. The one constant in all of their calculations: The biggest risk was not taking one at all.

No risk, no reward. Here's some inspiration from 39 entrepreneurs, executives, celebrities, athletes and politicians we interviewed over the last four years

"Both fortune and love befriend the bold."


Five Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Chasing Your Dream By Steven Berglas

The only thing to fear is fear itself. That's easy for folks who say these sorts of things: They've made it. That's why they're quoted.

You haven't made it yet. But you know there's something in you that's bigger than your cubicle, your office, your house. You know your idea is good and your vision clear. But you can't muster the courage to chase the dream.

Maybe you can't get past what feels like a perfectly rational concern about abandoning a paycheck-the link between you and neat things like food and rent.

Maybe you tried once before but were thwarted, discouraged, bankrupted, embarrassed. Maybe you don't think you have the stuff to make your dreams come true. And maybe you don't.

The below posts shaded in green are on our
Parliamentary Finance: political blocs delay the supplementary budget
Wednesday 1/8/2012 9:47

Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah : revealed the Finance Committee in parliament about the presence of serious reservations by the political blocs to approve the supplementary budget, pointing out that the Cabinet had allocated (24) A degree of functional interior and defense of the total (40) A score allocated to all institutions State.

The federal government has provided the supplementary budget to parliament last week for a total of $ 9.8 trillion dinars (about $ 10 billion) were distributed among two trillion dinars for the projects of the Ministry of electricity and 1.4 trillion for the ration card trillion dinars and allocations to the Ministry of Defence. The Cabinet had approved the third of this month on the supplementary budget of 10 billion dollars.


Source: Biden mediate between Maliki, Barazani
01/08/2012 23:05:00

Baghdad (NINA) : Informed political source said that US Vice President Jo Biden is joining in mediating between Baghdad and Erbil.

The source who refused to be identified told NINA on Wednesday, Aug. 1, that Jo Biden is in contact with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of Kurdistan region, Massoud Barazani.

A statement by the Presidency of Kurdistan region said that Barazani received on Tuesday evening, a call for US Vice President, Jo Biden, exchanging points of view on the political situation in Iraq and the area.


Member of the Parliamentary Education Committee Kazem Sayadi demanding the Iraqi List, replacing the current Minister of Education
01/08/2012 11:19 PM

The deputy asked the independent member of the Parliamentary Education Committee Kazem Sayadi "the leaders of the Iraqi List, replacing the current Minister of Education Mohammad Tamim, due to poor administration of the Ministry."

Sayadi said in a statement today, "said Tamim had failed in the management of the educational sector which is one of the important sectors in the country and therefore must find alternative efficient that it can manage this sector to suit the requirements of the current stage."


Reform Committee of the National Alliance held a meeting this evening, the home of al-Jaafari
01/08/2012 21:28:24 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : The Committee on Reform of the National Alliance meeting at the home of the National Alliance Chairman Ibrahim al-Jaafari at ten o'clock this evening, to discuss the paper of political reform.

A source at the National Alliance (of the Agency news) said on Wednesday: that a committee of reform will be discussed at the meeting and a paper of political reform and the current problems that are impeding the democratic process, and what emerged from the meetings, blocks the other political.


Daami: an agreement to send a high-level delegation to Kurdistan to resolve disputes between Baghdad and Erbil
01/08/2012 15:06:50 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : The MP said the / mass white / Mohammed Daami, that the meeting held yesterday between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the heads of political blocs, led to send a delegation parliamentary political high-level of the territory of Kurdistan, to resolve differences.

Daami said in a statement (of the Agency news): The meeting stressed the need to contain the problems between the Kurdistan region and the center in accordance with the Constitution.

He added that the conferees agreed to send a delegation of heads of political blocs to the Kurdistan region, asserting that "the atmosphere of the meeting was positive.


Deputy for the rule of law: the reshuffle has become a necessity .. And failure of some ministers as a result of political consensus
01/08/2012 14:06:42 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : stressed member of a coalition of state law MP / National Alliance / Kazem Bahadli, the need for a cabinet reshuffle, stressing at the same time there is no direction or desire of the political blocs to change the current ministers, despite the fact that a number of them fared is not good .

Bahadli said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: The current government was formed under the political agreements, and that the Minister visited Astazrua and not on the basis of professional experience, indicating the following: that a lot of ministers Ashglua ministries who are not their specialty.


Barzani meets Allawi and Chalabi, the latest developments and meet Palmtalk
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 23:53

Erbil : Met Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani in Arbil on Wednesday, met with the coalition in Iraq of the Secretary-General of the current Iraqi National Accord of Iyad Allawi and the Iraqi National Congress leader of the National Alliance member Dr Ahmad Chalabi and the delegation accompanying them.

A statement from the presidency of the province to discuss during the meeting, on the latest political developments and obstacles facing the political process in Iraq and the relations between the disputing parties, stressing the serious attempts to find a common solution and fundamentally to ensure a real partnership and joint action in the management of federal Iraq, in accordance with the Constitution and agreements, which are the solution optimal for the treatment of all problems and obstacles.


Parliament votes for former Provincial Councils' election law
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 17:17

Baghdad (AIN) : The Parliament voted on the former provincial law after a heated debate about it.

The debate among the MPs during Wednesday session started on the law draft of the amendments of the provincial councils' elections.


Maliki receives invitation from Russian President to visit Moscow
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 23:52

Baghdad (AIN) : The Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, received an invitation from the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to visit Moscow.

The invitation was conveyed by the presidential envoy for the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Mikhail Bogdanov, and the accompanying delegation during their meeting with Maliki on Wednesday.

A statement by Maliki's office received by AIN cited "Maliki confirmed the necessity of upgrading bilateral relations between the two courtiers on all levels."


Russian company signed agreements to participate in the production of oil with the Kurdistan Regional
01/08/2012 19:59

Erbil (Rn) : The Gazprom Neft's oil arm Gazprom Russian gas export monopoly it had bought a stake in Amtyazen Kurdistan Region of Iraq, following similar moves by international companies compete.

Gazprom Neft will take 40 percent of the concession area Ckramaan to be on an equal footing with Western Zagros Canadian franchise operators and 80 percent of the area Hachal. The Kurdistan Regional Government will retain 20 percent share in both Alamtyazen, according to Reuters.

The below stories were in our 10pm email

BWM and Shasta7 Q&A Wed. Eveningat 8:30PM EDT

tjlfolk] BOBGETZ6 ASKED ME TO POST THIS: Fireside Chat with BWM and Shasta7 @ 8:30 PM EDT 712-432-0900 pin 1) 681810# 2) 497203# skype callers use freeconferencing.7124320900 use either pin.

Bridge 3 530-881-1300 pin 951949# skype callers use freeconferencing.5308811300 pin 951949#

All questions must be submitted to: . 25 questions will be answered. Then a short live Q & A. Hope to see you there.

Adam Montana Q & A Chat - Post By KCW Dinar Vets

[Adam Montana] morning everyone! Wait... it's not morning. I'm not used to doing these in the afternoon :lol:

[Adam Montana] ok, so if you're a long time "Adam Montana" follower, you know I'm usually pretty much "right on" with my opinions... and one of my opinions is that NOTHING significant is going to happen during Ramadan

[Adam Montana] (No, I do not consider finger pointing and cane waggling 'significant' :lol: ) SIGNIFICANT would be the HCL, chapter 7, or anything related to that coming TOGETHER at this time. For now, during Ramadan, all we have is the normal planning, false stories, and posturing
... Read More

Poppy3 at Dinar Updates Thursday afternoon

[poppy3] ok rich friends i have just a few min and have to go but have to report some encouraging news many may have missed... LOOK in the last 6-7 days here are some things that have happened -----FRANCE--EXXON--CHEVERON HAVE ANNOUNCED they will do business with the Kurdistand region This is more lost business and bad news for the Leadership in BAGDAD.... NEXT WE HAVE mALIKI AGAIN CALLING PRACTICALLY BEGGING FOR THE pARLIMENT FOR A VOTE ON THE MINISTERS & THEY ARN'T LISTENING ?? THEN THE COMMITEE HAS SAID MALIKI'S interagation will not be delayed and this was repeeted in two separate articles .... The reason there is a brief delay on that is they are being sure the Courts will not be required to get involved during or after this proceedure, THINGS should become more clear before the end of this week..... BE PATIENT THE REWARD IS GETTING NEAR... POPPY3


[cruiser] Real Quick. This software issue is non snense. IMO. There were changes made to the alogorithims on different platforms throught the NYSE and these changes caused the problems. Could it be related. Possibly. But cannot prove it 100%. 2:15 EST. FOMC announcement. Do NOT expect anything to come of it!!!!

[Papa Bear] cruiser Right on Announcement between 115 and 130central. Agree no change

[Maryrose] cruiser ah mannnnnn...........I want THE announcement NOW!!! lol

[cruiser] Papa Bear IMO the announcement we are waiting for is tomorrow from the ECB. Fire that Bazooka

[Papa Bear] cruiser It depends on Germans following. Need reset and then can go

[booyah] Papa Bear what announcement pls?

[cruiser] booyah FOMC announcement.

[ready4riches] cruiser what is ecb please?

[cruiser] ready4riches European Central Bank

[ready4riches] cruiser i see. thank you

[pappyy] Papa Bear cruiser appreciate your insight, all makes sense to me

[Maryrose] Papa Bear I can only imagine how ticked the Germans are for having to bail out countries that continue to spend like there is no tomorrow with little to no fiscal responsibility.

The IQD Team & LJ's Next Step Team~~Highlights Summary Replay Conf Call July 31~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - July 31, 2012
760-569-7699 Pin 769478#

The IQD Team plus LJ's Next Step Team
Two Teams, One Vision Working Together arriving at the same place for the Dinar Community

Highlights from some of the News Articles Discussion and Analysis
(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article listed below - the following are the highlights after the articles were read)

"Bankers are preparing the country's entry of global banks a real incentive to invest"

Great article.....When you look at Iraq this is fertile ground...this is why people want to go there...brings people into the country...brings money into the economy and brings money back to the countries that invest and put people in - If I am the US and am building eventually that money moves back to the countries that invest and eventually that money comes back to the US
Love to see these articles..we've talked about the international flare and the international banking and their willingness to be inside the international truly great to see these things getting into the ground and when we talk about Shabibi wanting to be in this global banking system and being out there and having banks coming in
he has to make the environment good for these banks to come in, he has to insure that they will make money, that they will be able to do these deals, that they will be able to guarantee the funds to the customers, and eventually he is going to have an economy that is going to have people putting money into their banks thats going to make the whole world go round....Great article

Read More

Papa Bear] Old age is like a bank account. You withdraw from what you've put in. So, my advice to you would be to deposit a lot of happiness in the bank account of memories!

[Papa Bear] From every unfortunate hail storm in life one can find a new roof when insured against risk LOL

[Papa Bear] 4 of the most profitable banks in world Chinese. one of which just bot. 80% of Bank of Asia in Cal. Want more?

[Papa Bear] xyz Projection FOMC leaves things unchanged today. In BOX

[xyz] Papa Bear until when?

[Papa Bear] xyz Change = opportunity

[Papa Bear] 4 of the most profitable banks in world Chinese. one of which just bot. 80% of Bank of Asia in Cal. Want more?

[His girl] Papa Bear That's the problem....we always want more!

Papa Bear] His girl The problem is can u take it and are u ready
Read More
The below posts shaded in green are on our

Car bombs in Baghdad kill 14 people: officials

Car bombs in Baghdad kill 14 people: officials August 1 2012

Iraq's interior ministry said the twin blasts in Baghdad's central Karrada area have killed 12 people and wounded 27.

Twin car bombs in Baghdad killed 12 people and wounded at least 27 others on Tuesday, while another attack west of the capital left two people dead, security and medical officials said.

The latest violence brings the number of people killed in attacks across Iraq in July to at least 271, according to an AFP tally based on security and medical sources.

An interior ministry official said the twin blasts in Baghdad's central Karrada area killed 12 people and wounded 27.
Read More

Iraqi Kurdistan trained Syrian Kurds, says official

Iraqi Kurdistan trained Syrian Kurds, says official August 1 2012

Activists say more than 20,000 people have been killed since an uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime began in March 2011

Iraqi Kurdish forces gave basic training to Syrian Kurds to fill any "security gap" should the Syrian regime fall, a top official in the party of the Kurdistan region's president said on Tuesday.

A "very small" number of young Syrian Kurds "were trained in basic training in camps in the region in order to fill any security gap after the fall of the Syrian regime," Hayman Hawrami, the head of the external relations department in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), told AFP.
Read More

Gunmen kill local TV journalist in northern Iraq

Gunmen kill local TV journalist in northern Iraq August 1 2012

Iraqi officials say a local journalist has been shot dead by gunmen who broke into his house in the country's north.

A police officer said Tuesday that the 29-year old TV presenter, Ghazwan Anas was having his Iftar - the evening meal that breaks the dawn-to-dusk fast during the holy month of Ramadan - when the gunmen broke into the family's home Monday night in the city of Mosul. His mother, wife and baby were wounded in the attack.

The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory said in a statement that Anis, from satellite channel Sama al-Mosul, was killed and that his four-month-old son was among family members who were wounded.
Read More

Amnesty slams 'unfair' conviction of British-Iraqi

Amnesty slams 'unfair' conviction of British-Iraqi August 1 2012

Amnesty said Ramze Shihab Ahmed was found guilty of "funding terrorist groups" on June 20 in the ninth in a series of trials after being acquitted in all the previous ones

Amnesty International on Monday condemned the "grossly unfair" sentencing of a 70-year-old British-Iraqi man Ramze Shihab Ahmed to 15 years in prison after a hearing it said lasted just 15 minutes.

"Amnesty has obtained and examined court documents and believes the trial proceedings were 'grossly unfair,' "the London-based rights watchdog said in a statement.
Read More

U.S. audit: $200 million wasted on Iraqi police training

U.S. audit: $200 million wasted on Iraqi police training August 1 2012

U.S. auditors have concluded that more than $200 million was wasted on a program to train Iraqi police that Baghdad says is neither needed nor wanted.

The Police Development Program- which was drawn up to be the single largest State Department program in the world - was envisioned as a five-year, multibillion-dollar push to train security forces after the U.S. military left last December. But Iraqi political leaders, anxious to keep their distance from the Americans, were unenthusiastic.

A report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, released Monday, found that the American Embassy in Baghdad never got a written commitment from Iraq to participate. Now, facing what the report called Baghdad's "disinterest" in the project, the embassy is gutting what was supposed to be the centerpiece of ongoing U.S. training efforts in Iraq.
Read More

Vice: You will be voting on the international treaty to combat money laundering after the Eid al-Fitr

Vice: You will be voting on the international treaty to combat money laundering after the Eid al-Fitr 01/08/2012 10:03:01 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : Stressed member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Auzmn Hassan al-Bayati, the need for the adoption of international treaty to combat money laundering to reduce the illegal operations of the funds and maintain the local currency of deterioration, likely to vote after the Eid al-Fitr.

He said Auzmn (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: The law against money laundering, which was its first reading in the House of Representatives is one of the international treaties of the United Nations imposed on Iraq, certain obligations to accept the money and foreign remittances of coins and be in accordance with international controls specific.
Read More

The central bank went to the national adoption of international support divided

The central bank went to the national adoption of international support divided 08/01/2012

BAGHDAD / JD : Director confirmed the balance of payments at the central bank to complete all sacrificed Abdul Altkhaddarat in cooperation with the Association of Banks of the adoption of the national system of divided support from USAID and the World.

She said in an interview with Abd / JD / that the system will be applied in all Iraqi banks during the first half of next year, which provides for the adoption of advanced payment systems and open the gates with advanced banking systems adopted by private banks and access to services in the global payments system.
Read More

U.S. sanctions on the Iraqi Islamic Bank Elaph to dealing with Iranian banks

U.S. sanctions on the Iraqi Islamic Bank Elaph to dealing with Iranian banks 08/01/2012

BAGHDAD / JD : Included the United States, the Iraqi Islamic Bank Elaph sanctions imposed on Iranian banks.

He said a newspaper report published in the site (cnbc) Arab demanded Beijing the United States back on its decision to impose sanctions on Bank Kunlun of China who is accused by Washington to deal with the bodies of Iranian-linked to Tehran's nuclear program, and urged the Chinese Foreign Ministry the United States to stop the damage to the interests of China and Sino- U.S..

The United States tightened its sanctions on Iran because of "lack of commitment to its international obligations." The White House that the sanctions imposed on the oil sector, Iran's petrochemical, aimed at preventing Iran from the creation of mechanisms intended to pay for the purchase of Iranian oil to circumvent the sanctions currently imposed.
Read More

Central denies two foreign companies choose to print the currency after you delete the zeros of which

Central denies two foreign companies choose to print the currency after you delete the zeros of which Wednesday, 01 August 2012 09:06

BAGHDAD / However: the Iraqi Central Bank denied the news about the two foreign companies choose to print the new currency after deletion of zeros from them.

The bank said in a statement today, "he did not choose any company so far and it is in the process of gathering information and preparing designs and consultation with the Government in the case of re-structuring of the currency and delete zeros of them," adding that "he had seen on the statements published to the Governor Shabibi noted the error attributable to the governor that he chose two foreign companies for the printing of currency. "
Read More

Gunmen kill five Iraqi women from same family

Gunmen kill five Iraqi women from same family August 1 2012

Gunmen shot dead a women, her three daughters and her daughter-in-law in the Iraqi city of Samarra on Saturday evening, security and medical officials said.

The women were killed at a house in al-Shuhada area of Samarra, north of Baghdad, after iftar, the meal in which Muslims end their daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan, a police lieutenant colonel said.

The source said the gunmen were targeting the older woman's husband, Hamid Majid, who is the director of a school in Samarra, but that he was not there at the time.
Read More

The below stories were in our 10am email
[smokin60s]  "Silence is Golden" and I'm looking for Gold today lol

FIRECRACKERMAN56] smokin60's I'm looking at anytime now. I feel that were sitting on top of it. imho.

[childofgod] I dont think there will be formal announcement. I think the codes will be sent out and thats how we will know.

[moonchild] why does anybody think that there will be an announcement. It is far more likely to simply appear very quietly.

[wheezer2] SCgunner moonchild i think there will be some announcement of some new banking process , etc and this will just show simultaneously imho

[Papa Bear] GM Dinar Family

[Papa Bear] FF call GREAT Listen if can

Dinarsaur: IRS hit with audit for mismanagement and fraud

INDIANAPOLIS -13 Investigates has learned the tables are turned on a federal agency feared for its ability to audit taxpayers. The IRS is now the focus of a year-long audit, thanks to federal employees who are blowing the whistle.

Howard Antelis does not look intimidating.

The soft-spoken, gray-haired Midwesterner stands five feet seven inches tall, wears khakis and drives an old SUV. He spends most of his free time on a softball diamond, playing with his dogs and delivering meals to the elderly. But behind the laid-back, guy-next-door image is a longtime federal employee with a dogged personality and a tenacious sense of duty.

And right now, Howard might just be the IRS's worst nightmare.

"I'm horrified and ashamed and embarrassed by what I've seen. It's not supposed to be like this," he told 13 Investigates. "We're supposed to protect taxpayers, so somebody had to say something."

See full story at above link.
8-1-2012 Fnbplanet: Anyone remember the currency (printing) machines that they bought for $15 million last October? What if they weren't for printing the NEW currency, but for printing the OLD currency?

They would already have had the approval and designs grandfathered in, so they wouldn't have the required Kurdish language on them. They could be used as a "bridge" currency until the NEW stuff is printed.

It may be that they're sitting on some of the OLD smaller denoms (I can't find proof it was ever printed, can you?).

� on: Today at 12:49:07 AM �QuoteJeffrey: Direct from SS no Bushes have cashed out. The National meeting has not taken place per a contact in Iraq and the RV will not happen until after this meeting takes place.

I expected the RV of the dinar between last Wednesday and tomorrow [Wednesday]. We are very, very close. I now think the RV will be from the end of Aug to the middle of Sept. Syria has thrown in a cog.

Today is the first day in over a week and a half we had a lot of legitimate chatter on HCL and the RV in the short term.

Hammerman: Major events over the weekend Sunday Monday, very strong meetings with 40 world financial leaders whole purpose, date, time, plan, sequence was how to get er done implementation of the RV of currencies.


Provided for those asking for start time of the Ramadan 2012...

When is Ramadan in 2012 ? Date and day of Ramzan 2012

Ramadan (Ramzan) 2012 will be Celibrated on:

Date: 20th July 2012 (Friday) to Date: 18th August 2012 (Saturday)

Note that in the Muslim calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Muslims will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of Saturday, the 21st of July.
Although Ramadan is always on the same day of the Islamic calendar, the date on the Gregorian calendar varies from year to year, since the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar and the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar. This difference means Ramadan moves in the Gregorian calendar approximately 11 days every year. The date of Ramadan may also vary from country to country depending on whether the moon has been sighted or not.

What is Ramadan?
Ramadan is the name of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. During Ramadan, all observant Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan between dawn (fajr), and sunset (maghrib).During Ramadan evenings, Muslims eat small meals and visit with friends and family. It is a time of worship and contemplation. A time to strengthen family and community ties.Ramadan ends with the festival of Eid al-Fitr.

(TY Deb from The IQD Team for sending this to us)


JULY 31, 2012


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Access Code: 702073#



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JULY 31ST, 2012


CALL BACK 530-881-1399  PIN  111646#

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The below posts shaded in green are on our
IRAQI NEWS page   
House of Representatives votes today on a number of draft laws
Wednesday 1 August 2012

BAGHDAD - and babysit : House of Representatives voted in its 12-day legislative term of the number of draft laws.

A statement from the Department of Media, "The Council will vote today on the draft laws of the Federal Supreme Court and the Supreme Judicial Council and the Second Amendment to the provincial election law and the number of districts and areas (36) for the year 2008."


A military commission to resolve dilemmas between Baghdad and Erbil 
01/08/2012 08:40 AM

Babinaoz (Reuters) : announced for security and defense committee representative for the formation of the Military Coordination Commission between the federal and provincial government to resolve dilemmas final after the banning of the Peshmerga forces the Iraqi army from spreading to grab the border between Iraq and Syria.

According to committee member MP Abbas al-Bayati, the Commission is working well and Sttaty are field with the file of the deployment.


Association of Banks: claim tax information for customers are illegal

Baghdad - Al-Sabah : expressed the Association of private banks in Iraq for surprise to demand the GCT private banks by providing them with Bmalhumic concerning customers of banks Alkhashlagrad tax.

came in a statement issued by the Association and received the morning, a copy of it and said this Alajraitard with Article 49 of the Banking Act, which states: ( prohibits the bank to give any data in ways that directly or indirectly for its customers only with the written consent of the customer concerned).


Expert: the development of the national economy lead to the alleviation of poverty in Iraq

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah : suggested an economist Majid picture, developing a plan for sustainable development for all sectors of the economy to provide jobs for the unemployed and reduce the poverty rate, indicating that the proposal to establish a private bank for the poor alone Aigll of poverty rates.

said Suri: The idea of establishing a specialized bank for the poor worked by all countries of the world, especially that are suffering from an economic crisis such as Spain and Greece, the distribution of financial aid and food supplies and is not his task distribution of loans and advances to no avail.


Criticism of the international report confirms Iraq with falling oil prices

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah : criticized the economists Iraqi report internationally confirmed the ability of the Gulf countries and Iraq bear falling world oil prices.

The economist said Hussein net that "the general economic situation and the international crisis as well as the security situation in the region and the expected decline in oil prices make the economic growth for the Middle East and Africa slow "
and "The Report of the Global Asset Management HSBC noted that the Petroleum Exporting Countries will have to bear down a potential in prices globally and this does not apply to Iraq because Iraq from countries whose economies Rieia and adoption only to oil"

and pointed out that "any reduction in prices Oil will impact on Iraq reversed the Gulf states that have a surplus.


High trading volume increased by 27 percent .. The first sector banks in the sale and purchase of shares

During the quarterly report for the Securities Commission

Baghdad - Haider Fleih al-Rubaie : said the Securities Commission that the stock trading volume rose during the second quarter of this year to approximately (239.7) billion dinars (187.9) billion dinars during the first quarter of the same year, an increase of (27.6 percent), recording the volume of high total (12.3 percent) compared with the second quarter of the year, asserting that the banking sector came through this chapter of the year ranked first in terms of volume, which reached about (172.5) billion dinars at a rate (71.9 percent) of the total, as was the industrial sector II with a trading volume (28) billion dinars at a rate (11.7 percent) of the total, and occupied the agricultural sector the third place through the achieved volume close to (20. billion dinars at a rate (8.7 percent) of the total .


Amend the investment law this month

Committee on Economics Announces Agreement thereon

Baghdad - Al Sabah : announced the Economic Commission representative to provide Act to amend the investment law to Parliament for approval this month.

According to the Commission's decision Mahma Khalil in a statement the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "the law of the current investment does not meet the ambitious investors, one of the important laws, particularly with the trend to transform the Iraqi economy to a market economy, "noting that the constitution encourages investment in all sectors.


Deputy Coalition: the decision to compensate Kuwait null and illegal ... Will pay the rate (5%) Of the general budget
2012-08-01 12: 04: 33 Wednesday

Baghdad (News) : The State of law coalition member of National Alliance MP//Salman al-Musawi, Kuwait State compensation resolution No. (833) "void".

He said al-Musawi (News Agency news) on Wednesday: Kuwait compensation decision was "unfair" and the new Iraq is illegal and has no sin to pay for the actions of the former's invasion of Kuwait, calling: the Iraqi Government claims Kuwait compensation relief or the use of these funds by the Kuwait investment projects with participation of national firms in Iraq.


Aldenbos: Nassif waging a propaganda war on Iraq even though it was close to Allawi

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity: Between the MP for the Iraqi List MP Adnan Aldenbos that high Nassif media waging a war on the list even though it was one of the members of primates in the list, and is very close to Iyad Allawi.

The newspaper said Aldenbos's "integrity of electronic" today that talk about the disintegration of the Iraqi List, guesses have no basis in truth and Iraqi coherent and there is no splits, adding talking about the disintegration of the Iraqi List, and converts it into several poles is no truth to it.


Parliamentary committee believes that the decision to form a �Investment Commission of Electricity� serves the economy and provides energy .. The proposed law be excluded from the customs tariff
01/08/2012 9:48

Described the decision of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary decision of parliament to form a special body to invest in electricity serves as an important economy and believe in energy.

The member of the Committee that the Law Commission proposal consists of 3 paragraphs and includes an exception to the customs tariff law, noting that the Authority would be a "government" and determine the tariff rate of sale.

He criticized the government coalition parliament's decision, describing it as not realistic and not feasible at this stage, revealing the lack of consultation with the government to take.

The spokesman electricity decision as late by about 5 years, he saw economic analyst that the enactment of the Investment Commission of electricity crippling for the time being, belief that the solution to the electricity crisis lies in contracting with companies to generate a giant by the private sector that the government buys power from them.

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