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10pm August 12th, 2014    


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Exogen and Stage3Alpha Members: "Coincidence or Not???"
The Big Call for Tuesday Aug. 12th is at 9PM ET
The below posts were in our 6pm Newsletter
Bits and Pieces Tuesday Afternoon
Tlar Updated Email To Family & Friends
Tlar & Friends News & Comments Part 2
Tlar & Friends News & Comments Part 1
The I.Q.D. Team Connection ~ Conf Call Tuesday Aug 12 8PM ~ Dinar RV Govt Economy Election News ~
"2014 Will Be the Year of the Currency Reset and Gold-Backed Trade Note" Posted by John MacHaffie
Tidbits from Frank26 and KTFA Members Tuesday Afternoon
Thoughts from Papajack at OOM&F Late Tuesday Morning
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The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
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News, Rumors and Opinions Tuesday Morning
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News, Rumors, and Opinions Late Monday Night
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Posted by EXOGEN on August 12, 2014 at 5:01pm

(*)(*) not that we need the reminder (as we are smarter than the average bears )August 7, 2014

Precious metal investors have been patiently awaiting the end of the London Silver Fix, which is set to end on August 14th. We knew that something would be ushered in to replace it, but until now, the community has been left in the dark.

The lights have been turned on and the darkness exists no more. It was only a matter of time before the system scrambled together a new system to replace the one that stood for over a hundred years. The "powers that be" could not simply stand by and allow the free market to propel the price of silver to its true fair value, which undoubtedly would be much higher than current levels.

Those taking up the torch, are the CME Group and Thomson Reuters, who will begin administering the new system on August 15th.

The Big Call for Tuesday Aug. 12th is at 9PM ET
We will discuss the latest about the dinar and dong ... and talk about how to be ready for our exchange. Join us tonight to be part of the discussion!  
Participant Line is 559-726-1150
Listener Only line 530-881-1150

o access code is needed for either line. Q and A is still working fine  
Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456#
Link will be given to Dinar Recaps following the call.  
Thank you for posting. We appreciate Dinar Recaps for the wonderful effort they make!  
The Big Call

The below posts were in our 6pm Newsletter

8-12-14 Soundoc: OK we ended up being part of the misinformation stream yesterday.

Banker says: It should have gone last night, and yes it was stopped for the following reason,
 ARRESTS at the FEDERAL RESERVE as part of a 3 letter agency sting operation. I saw 7 people get arrested at our FR office.

Will the button be reset ready to be pushed tonight? Banker: I don't know as of 10:30 PST but will get more info later. There is a big audit taking place tomorrow that could affect the RV roll out. More info coming later - hang on!

James4Hush:  I know one thing for sure, it was supposed to happen last night!


Today at 2:00 PM     Tlar's Updated Email To Family & Friends: From Currency Chatter

Tlar Comment - This may be a bit premature but I don't think so. Everybody should know by now that Iraq is busy forming its next government. The three presidencies are filled but there is one more step before we have a complete government.

The Prime Minister nominee Abadi is the last of the three presidencies. He was chosen yesterday as the PM nominee by the largest block, the NA.

Maliki and the leadership of the SOL refused to recognize him as the nominee still clinging to Maliki as the rightful nominee. Yesterday it was beginning to look like there might be a showdown in Iraq. storm was brewing.

Revbo:   I think it's time we all stop worrying so much about Maliki and just sit back and enjoy the implosion. This man is coming unglued, and I, for one, have never enjoyed observing a psychotic break so much. Come to think of it, I've never enjoyed watching a psychotic break at all.

Maybe that's why this is so much fun. Never been big on schadenfreude, but if anyone deserved to lose it, it's this guy.

Lojak::  Well said Revbo, and I HIGHLY doubt Maliki will get any position in govt.  I still believe that he will see the light pretty shortly and vamoose.(is that how you spell vamoose?)) lol.

I do agree its kinda fun watching this clown, melt down--hey I'm a poet and didnt know it !

rissas dad: I would normally agree with you guys, but the article this morning of the MPs afraid to show up for the CoM meeting says Maliki is not out of this process and has intimidated them enough that they fear showing up for the meeting which I assume has to do with the new CoMs under Abadi.

Schiz:    Citizen bloc spokesman: There are attempts to persuade Maliki to occupy another post

12/08/2014 10:13:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / The official spokesman for the citizen coalition, Balq Abu Kala said that there are dialogues with ongoing Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to persuade him to occupy other positions in the new government.

 He added in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "the objectors to assign Haider Abadi are al-Maliki and his team, not all of the state of law also no one of the main leaders objected , Alkhozai, Badr bloc despite not signing a document's nomination of al-Abadi. "

 He said the leaders of the Dawa Party and the coalition of state of law tried to persuade al-Maliki to step down, but he rejected that strongly and rejected any other candidate.

The I.Q.D. Team Connection

Straight Talkin Mike, L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question, Deliver
"Connecting ALL The Pieces"

Conference Call - Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014    8PM EST

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate,  Question & Deliver the "Straight Talk" "CONNECTING ALL THE PIECES" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Economy, Dinar, Govt & the RV... Pre & Post RV... Followed by Live Q & A

Call in Number: 760-569-7676 / Pin: 769478# or
Back Up: 760-569-7676 / Pin: 712222# (listen only) 


Every Tuesday & Thursday 8PM EST 


2014 will be the year of the currency reset and gold backed trade note

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On Dec. 26, financial analyst and statistician Dr. Jim Willie provided a look at major economic events that will take place and shape the global financial system in 2014.

Of the several key changes set to occur in how nations trade amongst one another, the two primary events. that of a currency reset and the implementation of a gold backed trade note, will be the catalyst for China's vision of a de-Americanized financial order.

The next year will feature many powerful new effects. The Indirect Exchange will become a prominent fixture, its channel filled. It will direct many $billions in USTreasury Bonds from large scale asset acquisitions by Eastern and BRICS players, sent back to New York and London.

walkongstick :   Net: 2014 budget will be realistic   August 12, 2014 BAGHDAD

Finance Minister agency purity of net debt, balancing the budget in 2014 will switch from anticipatory planning to realistic budget based on real numbers.  LINK

Frank26: Ya You cheater (see article below) .....Cause You got a sneak preview of it last month !!!

Realistic Numbers huh?  1166 is NOT REALISTIC ......... Is is an Artificial Programmed Rate for You to use until The AoP (Authors of the Plan) are 100% satisfied with Your MR (Monetary Reform)  process.

IMO ....... You Have QUALIFIED to now use ........... Realistic Numbers........ That You studied with Mr New PM.   Hmmm............. And he is trying to make peace with M today?

Impressive .......... He is ......... So Quickly.
    KTFA,   Frank


[Papajack] Good Morning, remember when you were a little kid at Christmas and those last few hours before Christmas morning seemed like a century?

Well this is kinda like that.

 Remember how I have been telling you Iraq has nothing to do with the RV except being given the honor of the announcement? Well look who tried to stop the new PM, don't you know absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You see the only power Lucifer has is FALSE power, and that is what he gives to his minions. That is why everything is secret with these guys because truth and light exposes them for what they are.
And when Lucifer can't use them anymore he throws them under the bus. Is this not what you are watching first hand?


Landons Nana:  8-12-4 BGG:   Everyone - including the formerly "pro-Maliki" SJC has started the process of distancing themselves from him... much of this bluster about lawsuits is just that. [if the seating of the COM doesn't trigger the RV I give up guessing.] it doesn't "have to". [Prob need to implement some laws first?] Not IMHO. IMHO - once Maliki is "gone" - completely, is when our possibilities are more likely.

Landons Nana:  8-12-14  Chattels:  From the language of the constitution, article 76: The Prime Minister-designate shall undertake the naming of the members of his Council of Ministers within a period not to exceed thirty days from the date of his designation.

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
aggiedad77 � August 12th, 2014, 9:10 am 

Tuesday Morning News Summaries and Commentaries

Waking up this morning was hard to was a nice 52 degrees here this morning.....was hoping to read more of Abadi's efforts but not yet it seems....Maliki meanwhile is still on the loose, be wary of the snake and his minions.

Maliki seeks asylum .. after the establishment of hundreds of citizens .. lawsuits against him!

So the snake appears to be playing smart and laying low....mostly wise on his part it would seem.....hundreds seek the Iraqi courts to file suits against Maliki for any number of reasons.....word has it that he is wanting to seek asylum....what country will offer him the best protection and not allow Iraq to extradite him back for prosecution for so many alleged crimes.....just don't forget the snake....has a temper....and when pushed into a corner can be provoked to strike.

Serendipity August 12, 2014 at 4:25am What does everyone think about this comment on Dinar Detectives? It was a reply to  Jester's post. Supposedly some gold/silver seller is claiming that the FED is done on the 14th. The comment is below.

"Aug 14th is when Deuches banks 55 trillion in derivatives goes belly up and starts the 200 plus trillion derivatives market crash because of the US freezing of Deuches's financials due to a so called penalty the US is imposing on them.
This is the manufactured crash the Cabal let's loose every time they starts losing control or is about to be found out. Like 9/10/2001 when Rumsfeld made an announcement we lost 2.2 trillion (besides many other planned outcomes) and we don't have a clue where it went.
Then 9/11 hit. All news changed and the new world we live it raised out of the ruins. Aug 14 is the trigger."



[SpecialAgentGibbs] Imagine this world devoid of the top ten illnesses???

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Imagine this world devoid of hunger & starvation???

[chucker7] SpecialAgentGibbs how wonderful would that be?

[PatriotGirl] SpecialAgentGibbs Would be awesome!! Hopefully will happen

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Imagine this world with equal opportuniy for education???

[sandytob] SpecialAgentGibbs What is the USA holding up in the new financial system?

[SpecialAgentGibbs] sandytob grasping it

[sandytob] SpecialAgentGibbs ??? understanding it or resisting it?

[SpecialAgentGibbs] sandytob The USA is the hotbed of the cabal system, it will fight what is right tooth & nail
Millionday News 8/11/14  Part 2

    [millionday] HERE COMES MORE


    millionday] Hashemi Iraq seeks to open the horizons of cooperation banking on the Arab and international levels through the establishment of a banking relationship with them aimed at increasing the volume of transactions offshore banking by opening letters of credit and the issuance of letters of guarantee and the conduct of investment and remittances Aforeigh.ovi this context

The general director of Rafidain Bank on behalf of Kamal al-Hassani: that the bank is seeking to achieve greater achievements in support of the national economy and keep abreast of what reached by the developed world in the systems of banking, adding the final touches to complete the project of activating the service MasterCard and coordination with the company's global smart card.
Millionday News 8/11/14  Part 1

    Welcome to for news time with Millionday!



    [millionday] Central Bank of Iraq, Monday, private banks and financial trading companies to adopt mechanisms to the financial statements in accordance with the international regulations accredited. The central bank governor said the agency Abdel Basset Turki for "Tomorrow's Press",

"The adoption of this mechanism also comes in application of article twenty of Law No. 93 on the Prevention of Money Laundering in force."



Anonymous: The new PM that was elected this past June, sat down today,

He has 30 days to place the full government, all he needs to be seated is just 3 so that shouldn't take him so long.

 It was announced in their Gazette  and that makes it official

It was announced by President Obama, and Vice-president Biden sent his support and blessings.

Change is now officially underway.

Banks are sorting out certain world tasks while the timing is unwinding at a fast pace to get all projects sent out quickly soon followed by the revaluations of all 204 countries known as the GCR.

Please do not worry about it being stalled for that will not occur again.

Pleasant evening. You may share if you like.



J D G August 11, 2014 Did Obama actually say anything

Emily B > J Dan Gregg August 11, 2014 He said that Al Abadi has been named PM... Isn't that what we've supposedly all been waiting for, the announcement of the PM?

omegaman > Emily B August 11, 2014  THAT, and the public announcement of the TRN; as the TRN HAS been live only for Corporations up til now, and as of a couple weeks ago; as well; FOREX MUST go, but can't until TRNs...are pub..lick...

BN > omegaman August 11, 2014 When are we expecting the TRN's to be live for the PUB..Lik?? :)

Marcia > Emily B August 11, 2014 That is what we were waiting for. Now that it happens with no RV, we are waiting for something else. Maybe rest of government to be seated? See what happens with 4X tonight.
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