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6pm, August 13th, 2012  


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Chattels' Perspective - Post By Dinar Detectives
Dalite (Dinar Vets) Comments - Post By Leo GET Forum
SWFloridaGuy in chat at MIG Monday morning
PTR CC for Monday afternoon
Feel Happier At Work - By Matthew D. Della Porta, Ph.D
Nobody Cares About Your Money More Than You - By JD Roth
What Do Americans Complain About Most? By Emily Levy
BWM Thoughts and Opinions at 3Sintel Chat Mon. AM
Millionday Sunday Night Chat at PeopleInvested
Monday Morning Dinar Chatter
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Bulldog75 Late Sunday Night at OOM&F from Spiritual Warrior
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Bluedog Articles & Comments - Post By TONI1960 GET Forum
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SWFloridaGuy posted at PTR emailed to us
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Soonerfan62 Chat at Intel4U Sunday Evening
Many Layers To The RV - Post By Shawn/BrunetteGranny PTR
Poof for Sunday Aug 12
Duckboy Update - Post By Leo GET Forum
The posts shaded in green...are on our Iraqi News page
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Chattels' Perspective - Post By Dinar Detectives

8-13-2012 Chattels: Large sums of local currency to buy dollars from the CBI. "Chalabi expressed his fear of Iraqi banks paying large sums of money from the very sources of the local currency to purchase those quantities of dollars from the CBI.

The Iraqi banks to pay large sums for the purchase of very dollar raises fears of sources of local currency that was provided to purchase those quantities of dollar from the CBI.

We have to ask where you got these banks on these massive amounts of Iraqi dinars to buy dollars at an auction in the CBI.


Dalite (Dinar Vets) Comments - Post By Leo GET Forum

8-13-2012 Dalite (Dinar Vets): "CBI says that the increase in its reserves of hard currency to 67 billion dollars, gives the dinar extra strength." At 1.3 the reserves necessary to back the exchange rate, they are saying they have 130% of what is needed to back the Dinar in circulation.

That said, the amount in circulation should be 30% less than what 67 billion USD can back, so your 50 trillion estimate should be in the ball park. Unfortunately, I don't have a calculator that can handle figures that large.

Also, at 130% of what is needed to back the exchange, they can afford a 30% increase in the exchange rate and still back the currency 100%. This is probably the number to keep an eye on. The Foreign Reserves will continue to increase, and as long as they do not increase printing of the dinar, the potential for improving the exchange rate increases in proportion.

Since 2006, they have gone from 0 to 67 billion USD. They can definately increase the exchange rate; just not as much as the Pumpers promise (daily) - unless they thumb their nose at the IMF and other debt holders and choose to back at less than the required 100%. Many are suggesting that they will burn their bridges and take that choice.


SWFloridaGuy in chat at MIG Monday morning

[SWFloridaGuy] billuke In my opinion there is a huge difference between debating actual information we can all provide evidence, a link or at least a precendence for than going into rooms telling eveyone the RV is minute to minute, day after day, month after month, year after year, refuse to give any explanation except planes, trains, manna from the heavens etc. Wouldn't you agree?

[bookings] here my take on intel, and articles which ever it may be, none of either has been right yet, so why fuss about who's right or who's wrong. I just want a rv who cares who's right or who's wrong. We all humans and thats our choise to believe who and what we want to!!!!!!

[billuke] SWFloridaGuy somewhat. But what's the "actual information we can provide evidence"? Artilcles only?

[SWFloridaGuy] bookings Which articles have been wrong?

[billuke] SWFloridaGuy this is the way I look at articles in Iraq. How much of the US media (articles) do you belive to be true?
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PTR CC for Monday afternoon

Replay number 760-569-7699 pin 355484#

MP3 Freeconference playback LINK 70 Min

Feel Happier at Work With These 3 Tips By Matthew D. Della Porta, Ph.D for You Beauty

If you feel unhappy at work, you are not alone; work-related stress is one of the most common problems reported by working individuals.

Some have demanding clients and constant, short deadlines. Others have bosses who are incompetent, unsympathetic or who expect subordinates to ignore or cover up unethical practices.

Still, others simply don't enjoy the work that they do, finding it boring, unfulfilling or meaningless.
Read More Wise Words Page
Nobody Cares More About Your Money Than You Do By J.D. Roth

This article is the 12th of a 14-part series that explores the core tenets of Get Rich Slowly.

I've read a lot of stuff lately about how scammers take advantage of other people. (Here, for example, is a brief summary of seven psychological tricks con artist use.)

Seven Psychological Principles Con Artists Exploit By Lloyd Morgan

Inher­ent human vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties need to be taken into account when design­ing secu­rity systems/processes, sug­gests a study that looks at a dozen con­fi­dence tricks from the UK TV show The Real Hus­tle to deter­mine recur­ring behav­ioural pat­terns con artists use to exploit victims.

The study was a col­lab­o­ra­tion between Frank Sta­jano of the Uni­ver­sity of Cam­bridge Com­puter Lab­o­ra­tory and Paul Wil­son, writer and pro­ducer of the afore­men­tioned TV show (Wil­son was an IT con­sul­tant for twelve years before mov­ing into entertainment).
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What Do Americans Complain About Most? By Emily Levy

No one likes a scam. How about 289,732 of them?

In a recent report, the Consumer Federation of America studied 289,732 consumer complaints from 37 state and local consumer protection agencies across the country. These agencies work to "prevent scams and rip-offs," and, when possible, "track the culprits down and retrieve victims' money."

The Federation wanted to know: What did Americans complain about last year?

The top complaints of 2011 were auto-related. Americans complained about faulty car advertisements, insufficient car repairs, and towing and leasing controversies. Most common were complaints about misrepresented used cars.

Read More Wise Words Page

BWM Thoughts and Opinions at 3Sintel Chat Mon. AM

BWM: I have spoken on the phone to some ppl whom I never, ever thought I would converse with on the phone (not to brag but simple facts that a simple man in Mississippi doesn't expect to speak with certain gov and ex gov officials) the very idea that they would discuss the dinar just totally pumped me up and made me think "wow, this is the real deal" and they even gave dates during that time when they expected it too happen

BWM: but they have admitted that dates have come and passed and they have no good reason many times to why it didn't happen... these were ppl whom I thought should know. So where do we turn if these ppl you trust to know can't get it right.

Well, you have to consider ALL the information because at this point no one person has been right... (and don't let someone tell me who last year said it would go into this year tell me they were right, they still have no idea WHEN this is happening they just throw another date OUT there later to have more time to talk)

BWM: let's take last night for instance... I honestly had no LESS than 15 ppl tell me it was happening.
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Millionday Sunday Night Chat at PeopleInvested:

** Be sure to join our daily chats at 6:30 PM EST and our Round Table Chats every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM EST at **

[millionday] Science "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network" from Kurdish sources said the central government sent signals "very positive" for dialogue with the body set up by the Kurdistan region recently. The sources said: "The government confirmed the central importance of a dialogue with the provincial government or its representative and represents the citizens in the region to reach a comprehensive agreement on the points at issue." The Joint Committee of the parliamentary blocs in the Parliament of Kurdistan held with Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives yesterday meeting, to form the Supreme Council to negotiate with the federal government. According to a transfer site the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), "The meeting discussed the role, functions and objectives of the Council, both legal and political." The meeting was held under the supervision of Arslan Baez, President of the Parliament of Kurdistan and the presence of Rose Nuri Shaways Deputy Prime Minister

[millionday] Dr. Hassan Mohammed AL Vice-President of the Kurdistan Parliament and First Ahmed secretary of the Kurdistan parliament and heads of blocks and components in the Parliament of Kurdistan Kurdistan and the Federal House of Representatives, and Mohammed Ihsan representative of the provincial government in Baghdad and Saad Khalid coordinator of relations between the provincial government and the Parliament of Kurdistan. The Joint Commission, formed after the meeting held last week under the chairmanship of Arslan Baez, President of the Parliament of Kurdistan and the presence of Prime Minister and the Secretariat with the representatives of political parties, parliamentary blocs in the Parliament of Kurdistan. And revealed the head of the Kurdish bloc in the Parliament of the Kurdistan region of stability for two opinions on the special authority of the Supreme Council for negotiation and dialogue with Baghdad.

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Monday Morning Dinar Chatter


[pappyy] Praying and believing!!! Let this be the week!!! AMEN!

[Josey Wales] Good monday morning all......The Olympics are now over, so let the real game begin.......This would have been a great distraction to roll out the Global revaluation, but I truly think we are on our final lap of this race to the finish line.......Lets all keep the faith, and hope that Okie's fuel tank is on Vapors....... lol

[Josey Wales] At this point we have to be close.......there really is not much else say that has not already been its time to enjoy and support each other.

[BOBGETZ6] GN MIG. I am here this morning because I dare to dream and am invested like all of you. I truly believe that we are close on this, but there has been a lot of things behind the scene, which needed to be cleared up for OUR security as well as the entities that will be handling the eventual revaluation and exchange. On a more positive note, I am sitting on the patio, drinking my coffee, and watching the birds happily landing on the waterfall ledge, and getting much needed water.
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The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Fears of fraud of the coin with the start of the deletion of zeros

Fears of fraud of the coin with the start of the deletion of zeros
Monday, August 13 2012 10:52

Ambassador : Attorney Joseph Tai expressed his fear of fraud of the Iraqi currency with the start of the process of removing zeros from the currency.

Said Tai in a press statement yesterday that the process of deleting the zeroes are important, but not at the moment, because of the outbreak of financial and administrative corruption in Iraqi banks, fearing for forgery of Iraqi currency, especially from the neighboring countries, which began preparing for this process to inject counterfeit currency and hit the dinar Iraq.
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Presidency of the Parliament: House of Representatives revealed all disclosed their financial interests

Presidency of the Parliament: House of Representatives revealed all disclosed their financial interests
Monday, August 13 2012

Ambassador : Presidency of the Council of Representatives confirmed that all members voicing disclosed their financial interests through documents Exact supervised by the legal department of the Council.

The decision of the House of Representatives said Muhammad Al-Khalidi: "All members of the House of Representatives revealed their net worth in order to provide financial transparency in the work of Deputies."

He explained that "the Presidency of the House of Representatives monitor the work and is working to provide all the disclosure requirements of Deputies for the money that Bzmmanm."
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Vice Kurd: Barzani is ready to sit down with al-Maliki to address the crisis

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity: MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Qasim Hussein Burgess said Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, ready to meet with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, if requested to do so by the central government to address the crisis taking place between the center and the province in Iraq.

Qasim al-Hussein's newspaper "integrity of electronic" Today there is no information on the horizon there is a meeting between Prime Minister Maliki and Barzani to solve the problems occurring between the Government Center and the region, noting we are with any initiative or asked who would address the crisis in the country.

He explained that all the problems occurring between the blocks in the political arena comes as a result not to sit around a table and one to solve the outstanding problems in the country.

Mustafa al-Araji

Spy program monitors the Middle East banks

Spy program monitors the Middle East banks

Integrity electronic / technical world: Said researchers in the field of Internet security and anti-virus monitoring program has been developed to spy is following financial transactions in banks in the Middle East .

The Foundation "Kaspersky Lab" which is engaged in anti-virus software and secure networking and the Moscow-based that the spying program, which it called "Gauss" was discovered last month, but moved to the stage of latency after switching off the servers "command and control" that works through .

The news magazine "Computer World," the U.S. for roll Hovanberg is a senior researcher at the Foundation Kaspersky saying that the "Gaussian" share the same qualities of spy program last advanced is known as "Flaam," a spy program digital targeting Iran and scans data systems to steal information .
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Representation of the United Nations in Iraq, criticized the delay in passage of the law of the parliament's oil and gas
Monday 13/08/2012

BAGHDAD - A fraternity: UN representative said Martin Kobler, "The oil and gas law and ending its location since 2007."

Kuebler said in an interview while attending the celebration of World Youth Day which was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports at the Rashid Hotel on Sunday, said that "Iraq has a wealth of national youth large and vast natural resources and Mainqs gas law is approved and work on it."

He said the "very important to find oil and gas law and the laws of the wealth-sharing and not delay it this way because the direct benefit back to Iraq and to increase his wealth

Parliamentary Integrity: The Central Bank operates independently, and agents of the Ministry and directors of two years behind the corruption, the Ministry of Electricity

Parliamentary Integrity: The Central Bank operates independently, and agents of the Ministry and directors of two years behind the corruption, the Ministry of Electricity
August 13, 2012

MP Sabah al-Saadi said Astqalah the Iraqi Central Bank of the government behind the target in the media accusing the government of Iraq of trying to control the stock of this bank, stating that the electricity issue is not political, but there are agents and managers and the Ministry two years behind the issue of corruption in the ministry

Said Saadi, who is a member of the Integrity Commission Parliamentary through the morning meal a political channel Baghdadi, "There are seeking a government to control the stock of Central Bank of Iraq, adding that the independence of the Bank of the government behind the target in the media saying that the central bank is the only operating independence so today," according to he put
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Iraqi candidate for Defense: the security ministries will decide the candidates after the Eid al-Fitr

Iraqi candidate for Defense: the security ministries will decide the candidates after the Eid al-Fitr
2012-08-13 13: 29: 50 Monday

Baghdad (News) : Iraqi coalition candidate, said defense attorney Talal Al-zawbai, the candidates of the ministries of the Interior and defence will be after the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

He said Al-zawbai (the news agency news) on Monday that the security situation is a serious trend went recently and form factor of political pressure on the blocks to move to nominate Ministers for the Interior and defence that managed proxy failed and requires the presence of Ministers and constitutional responsibility to bear and diagnose error, no justifications are unrealistic after each assassination, bombing.
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Member of the Finance Committee: the Central Bank about big money overseas unaccounted for and I answer incomplete causes problems

Member of the Finance Committee: the Central Bank about big money overseas unaccounted for and I answer incomplete causes problems
2012-08-13 13: 28: 37 Monday

Baghdad (News) : Student member of the Finance Committee/National Alliance MP Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri,/Central Bank to answer all questions directed to him regarding the smuggling of funds and the process of removing zeros, not give answers "incomplete" to Select Committee members sent to the Central Bank to investigate the violations that have occurred recently.

He said Al-yasiri (News Agency news) on Monday that the Central Bank gave incomplete answers to members of the Select Committee that sent to investigate violations and problems, the Central Bank, the Bank give complete answers about sale of foreign currency and convert them to the outside and the aim of increase in stocks of foreign banks (97) billion dollars.

Urgent ... A high-ranking military source disclosed "news": closure of borders and stop flights ...And reinforcements from the border to resolve the departure of Bashar Al-Assad
2012-08-13 14: 34: 53 Monday

Baghdad (News) : A senior military source in the Ministry of defence, from taking the Iraqi Government, among other security measures in case of change of the political system in Syria.

Almosdorf said in a statement in particular (News Agency news) on Monday that the Government had taken in consultation with the leaders of the security services in the Ministry of the Interior, defence and national intelligence and command of the border troops, the civil aviation authority and a set of actions that can be performed immediately after the change of the political system in Syria (the fall of the Lion), and notably the closure of all border crossings with Syria, stopped flights, and the intensification and increase military troops on the border with Syria.
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The below stories were in our 10am email

[DelawareMeMom] wow.... As Winston Churchill said, "Never give up!" I just knew if I hung in here long enough, you would come! Long time no see, friend!
[Bulldog75] DelawareMeMom : WAS IN JAMACA 

[.~dinarmama7] Bulldog75 Do you want to see the pictures? I have not sent them yet, except the lunch with the Pope
[Bulldog75] .~dinarmama7 : HOLD PICS. USE EM FOR BRIBERY

[wennbarb] Bulldog75 yes how was the honeymoon...details....details....

[Lvn42day] Bulldog75 I think I can speak for all of your OOM family .... we wish you both many years of happiness and good joy. Congratulations to both of you.

[weathernut] Bulldog75 I'm serious! Did you golf in Jamaica? I heard they have good golf courses!

[junebug] [8/12/2012 11:15:31 PM] 8-12-2012 Divemaster5734: This was sent to me from a friend that is not invested and refused to invest when I discussed the Dinar with him. He is a financial planner, and does very well for himself. I have heard, just like the rest of you, about global monetary overhauls for a couple years. The news was always attached to some self proclaimed "guru" or some global consciousness thing.

I have never heard this from non-invested serious money people before. I won't venture to guess anything other than to say it would make a LOT of sense to have an RV right now, it's probably the only chance O-bots have to get the clown re-elected.

CNBC Stand-In Reporter Admits Financial System Changeover: "They're Going to Put the Old System In a Coma"! Stephen: This IS amazing! A stand-in finance reporter for CNBC, Kevin Ferry from Kronus Futures Management - after being told, bizarrely, by Squawk Box host Joe Kernen, twice, "whatever you do don't screw this up" - has just disclosed that the current financial system and, importantly, the Libor, is about to be overhauled.

 After saying that a Pandora's Box is going to be opened up in the Libor area (in reference to the separate story posted below on the subpoenas now heading JP Morgan Chase's way) Kevin Ferry told Joe Kernen - and the rest of us: "I think what they're going to do, Joe, is basically put the old system in a coma, and work to devise something that's a little bit better, and it's going to be tricky." Essentially, he is saying that things are going to be seriously overhauled.

Separately, I have personally heard from several different sources in the past two days, that big things are about to happen this coming week with regards the world's financial system. A good weekend indeed!

God has a path for you, a plan for you, a destiny for you and it is vital to the Kingdom of God that by FAITH you choose to stay on that path and fulfill your destiny and vision. DO NOT let any delay in waiting for HIS blessing to us move you off the path of life HE has ordained for you.


Psalm 119:1 says You're blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God. (Message Bible)

Father GOD we choose to let YOU REIGN in each of us as we labor through the faith hurdles in the manifestation process of YOUR BLESSING.  The word 'blessed' means empowered to prosper.  Therefore, this scripture tells us that we are empowered to prosper when we stay on the course and walk steadily on the road You have revealed to us, the one YOU have destined for our life.

FOLKS The enemy will, at times, attempt to get us off the course God has for us.  If we allow ourselves to get off the course God has for us, we will never reach our destiny...we may do good work, but the God work that is destined for us will go undone.

(*) bluedog 1:09 am cdt 8/13/2012

[1:10:08 AM] toni  (TONI1960): [bluedog] Parliamentary Finance warns of economic crisis .. The budget next year will be the new currency ........................ She said Najib, that "oil prices saw a decline in recent months due to lower prices in world markets, pointing out that when you approve the supplementary budget in the House of Representatives and the $ 9 trillion two hundred and fifty billion, demanding that the government keep the surplus in case of any urgent matter, the economy is facing the future."

She explained, that "the recommendations issued by the Finance Committee to the Central Bank include issuance of new Iraqi currency over the next year, and recommendations related to other indebtedness at the completion of the new currency."


[Agent 007] nothing really  we were discussing a post from the BH Group\

[rgone] TerryK The number 90 Trillion is being bandied about in terms of what may be circulation in IQD. The dinar seems to be slightly thicker than the greenback, so here's the question based upon something we know as mathematically true.

A one trillion stack of greenbacks laying flat, one on top of the other, would reach to the moon and back four times, so 90 trillion would reach to the moon and back 360 times. Since the IQD seems to be somewhat thicker than our greenback, that distance would expand, not that it matters at 360 round trips.

8-12-2012 SWFloridaGuy: Articles vs. Rumors. I had a debate with someone earlier today who said I was wrong for reading articles. Obviously we need to have a certain amount of skepticism when it comes to certain reports that come from Iraq and must consider the source. However, gurus will tell you that you can't believe any articles or do your own research and that you should solely depend upon them for "intel," which of course they very conveniently never share with you and probably for the best because up to this point their record is fairly abhorrent.

They never specify which sources we should ignore. So, I wonder if they're referring to the GOI, CBI, Finance Committee, CoM, some random economist, National Alliance MP's, Iraqi List MP's, IMF reports, SIGR reports to Congress, political risk consultancy firms, Iraq historians, currency reform research papers, IMF/World Bank reports, the study of macroeconomic analysis (such as OECD development center documents) or confirming which laws have been passed and read into the gazette. If any guru would like to make the case that their rumors have been more reliable than these sources and wishes to debate me on this, I would be more than happy to oblige.

[dealdoctor] The banking industry has been so full of scandals worldwide and none has been more stinky than the manipulation of the LIBOR rate which is the foundation of loans worldwide to the tune of $360 TRILLION. So tiny faction of a percentage point can mean tons for banks. See

[dealdoctor] The public is now increasingly aware of just how dirty the international banking cabal is at its core levels. Confindence in the honesty of bankers is almost as low as confidence in politicians. Changes are on the way IMHO

[RdRiver] dealdoctor totally agree

[bebba] dealdoctor we can hope so...

[dealdoctor] bebba the French revolution was a startling example of the fact that kings, or any other leaders, are only as powerful as the crowd that is willing to allow them to lead. When corruption and greed hit a certain level and pain hits a depth the populus will not bear violence and revolt follow.



[highlander65] Soonerfan62 aah that sounds great and yes love the secret millionaire and want to play that role very soon! Thanks for coming in to see us tonight!

 [sln1987] Soonerfan62 that's an awesome show & a great way to pick worthy causes

Posted by ShawnW:  The Many Layers of this RV

I was thinking the other day about how to describe this RV so that it would make some sort of sense, when looking back and it finally hit me. I am sure most of us have seen the movie "National Treasure" Well there was a part in that movie where Nicholas Cage had to use a certain set of decoder glasses in order to view hidden words or sections on the Declaration of Independence.

With the naked eye there is the standard Declaration of Independence, complete in all its glory for the public to see. Next you apply one lens and it will add another layer to it and completely change what you thought you were looking at it.

Greetings and Salutations,

No need to feed into all this hair on fire stuff, the folks in the rafters created the smoothest transition into the new system, possible. The Matrix locked in absolutely last sat night, some insiders still don't know how it works yet, as evidenced by a few trying to steal recently audited and fully collateral backed account of a vip. Within secs the insiders were nailed and jailed, never to see the light of day anytime soon. This is the same back up to every receiver's account, so no need for concern. Some hacker was trying to steal names out of the data base.....he is now in an undisclosed location. The evidence you want to 'see' won't happen until the word is given to start the 'announcements' the east and the west. This is 'synchronistic vibrosity' at work.

8/12/2012 Duckyboy: It's been a couple of months since I put anything out. For the past 6 weeks, I have been travelling around the country with my work.... TX, CO, WY, SD, MN. I'll be back in sunny FL soon.

I have been following everything. I have also gone back and looked at last years posts and do you know what I found? It's the same old predictions coming out coming from the same old gurus.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page  
Tomorrow .. To hear more witnesses in the case of al-Hashemi

The defense intends to reapply for a certificate of number of officials from

Baghdad, Qassim Hilfi: resume the competent court on Tuesday, its a trial of the accused Tariq al-Hashimi and his chief in absentia, while preparing the defense to re-request for a hearing the testimony of the President and other senior officials. and chief counsel of the accused Tareq al-Hashemi, a lawyer pro Izzi told (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): The whole will renew to its request for hearing the testimony of the President and his former vice president, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, in addition to the President Office of the President Naseer al-Ani, five deputies from the Iraqi List, by providing correct decision of the Court of Cassation, which received the request, noting that the meeting tomorrow will listen to the number of new witnesses in the case, did not specify their number or their attributes, according to what I told him the Presidency.


360 billion dinars for the implementation of environmental and agricultural projects in Baghdad

Ministry of Environment is a strategy to combat desertification

Baghdad - and Wafaa Amer and Jinan-Asadi : spotted the province of Baghdad 360 billion dinars for the implementation of environmental projects and other related sectors, agriculture and water resources within the projects for the current year.

This comes at a time announced the Ministry of Environment said it was coordinating with international organizations to prepare a strategy to combat desertification.


The government wants a comprehensive dialogue to resolve problems with the Erbil

Center welcomed a parliamentary form a special council of the Parliament of Kurdistan

BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab : science "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network" from Kurdish sources said the central government sent signals "very positive" for dialogue with the body set up by the Kurdistan region recently.

They said: "The central government confirmed the importance of a dialogue with the provincial government or its representative and represents the citizens in the region, including to reach an agreement on the points at issue. "

The Joint Committee of the blocks of Deputies in the Parliament of Kurdistan held with Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives yesterday the first meeting, to form the Supreme Council to negotiate with the federal government.


Next Thursday on an official time in all provinces

Holiday in Kurdistan, 5-day

Baghdad - morning : decided the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to cancel the holiday, which was scheduled next Thursday and make it on time officially.

said channel (Iraqi) TV: "The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers decided to resume official working in Baghdad and the provinces on Thursday 16/8/2012.


Build houses for the poor through the payment on credit

Adoption of the Law Infrastructure after the holiday

Baghdad - Al Sabah : said the Economic and Investment and Construction parliamentary completion of the final version of the Law of the infrastructure to be submitted to parliament for a vote after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

and the draft law includes a provision to build houses for the poor and the needy through the payment on credit, according to Committee member Nahida Daini in a statement the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network."


European tour of the owners

BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai : announced yesterday for the determination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's visit a number of European states to attract companies to invest in Iraq in accordance with the requirements of the current stage.

and MP for the coalition of state law Hussein al-Asadi said in a statement "of the Center for Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ", the Prime Minister for receiving several calls from different countries is that he was going after the holidays to visit a number of European countries to attract European companies to invest in Iraq, the service sector, electricity, according to the requirements of the current stage. was Prime Minister has a European tour in May of 2009.


Political agreement to pass the amnesty law

BAGHDAD - The morning : revealed the Liberals and the Bloc National Dialogue Front, the existence of a political agreement to pass the amnesty law after the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

coincides this information at a time continued the meetings and contacts between the side of political leaders to end the current dilemmas.

has Search the National Alliance Chairman Ibrahim al-Jaafari in a telephone conversation with President Jalal Talabani, the overall political situation in the country and efforts to resolve the outstanding problems between the political parties.


Wasit Council distributed more than one billion dinars grant for orphans and widows on the occasion of Eid
Sun 12/08/2012 18:35

Walcott / WAP : Deputy Chairman of the Wasit province, Mehdi Ali al-Moussawi, said that, the provincial council began distributing grants for orphans and widows on the occasion of Eid al-Adha on orphans and widows, which passed through the month of July the current and included giving each orphan 25 thousand dinars, and each widow of 50 thousand dinars .

Al-Moussawi said the news agency Baghdad International / father / said on Sunday that "the total amount awarded was more than one billion dinars, will be distributed to more than forty thousand people, according to statistics prepared by the Information Centre in the Council and in accordance with the mechanism contained granting 50% of the amount of covered from his residence Kut district center the province and the remaining amount is distributed in the rest of the covered areas of the province. "

Mention of the provincial council used the revenues arenas garages belonging to the province of proceeds allocated to the humanitarian aspects and the operational work and some charity work for the people of the province.


Maliki's announcement about end of war on terrorism in Iraq is surprising, says parliamentary committee
12/08/2012 08:28

BAGHDAD (AKnews) : The security and defense committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives has expressed its surprise about Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's announcement about the "end of the war on terrorism in Iraq".

Maliki announced in a meeting held last week with a number of officers that fighting terrorism is over, adding that the remaining cells that are looking here and there for an opportunity or a gap are managed by some countries that are taking advantage of the circumstances happening in the region.


Kurdish MP: request to withdraw confidence from the government will be after the feast
Sunday, August 12

Baghdad / Orr News: A source from within the parliament of the Kurdistan Alliance and the questioning that the option to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister is still on the table, indicating that the request will be submitted after the feast of confidence to the lack of real interaction by the other parties and on her head, the Prime Minister.

The source told (Orr) that "the process of no-confidence or questioning is still up to now and the committee formed to prepare and prepare for questioning in preparation for the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister continuing and nearing the completion of its work," adding that "the reason that had been postponed to proceed in this matter is not a movement It also promotes the current and some rather busy month of Ramadan and the Council to convene consecutive sessions to pass laws and vote against it. "

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