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6pm August 18th, 2015

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Walkingstick » August 18th, 2015, 3:32 pm   Here come Iraqi bonds


A monkey chews on a 50 Iraqi dinar banknote at Baghdad's animal market.

Iraq is getting ready to sell $6 billion in debt.

According to a report from Bloomberg on Tuesday, Iraq is preparing to offer bonds at some point this year in what would be its first debt sale in nearly 10 years.

Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the program, said Iraq plans to meet with investors as early as September.


Iko Ward:
  Forex did not revert to the CBI rate of 1166. It has stayed down in the low 1120's now for over 24 hours. That is new. When it polls now it only moves a couple points, not 30 or 40. This is supposed to be a big week. I think they are reflecting that...... if we get below 1110 we are well on our way IMO.... The best we have ever seen was 1105 back in January

Bobinfanu:   The US dollar is reacting to market activity. Our US treasury is not buying dollars. The Euro is inflated accordint to their economies. China needs to adjust the my buying wood saws for 35 cents or they will be too high for the market.

Iko Ward: Concerning the new CBI site. There is no need for a professional site developer working for the hottest government on the planet to "test" live on the web. They might need to make sure the gateway operates across the web but not the architecture. They may be setting people up to grab their emails or ever start charging membership fees.

Post From Chat Room 8-18-15
Wealthwatch  Morning Chat  8-18-15

chattels: Former Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, has rejected allegations that he was responsible for the fall of Iraq's second city Mosul to Daesh Takfiri militants last year. Speaking in a press conference in the Iranian capital Tehran on Monday, Maliki called into question the integrity of a recent report by an Iraqi parliamentary investigative committee, 

which held him and a number of other senior Iraqi officials accountable for the setback. Instead, Maliki blamed Turkey and Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for the fall of Mosul, saying Daesh's takeover took place after the KRG ordered Kurdish fighters to retreat from the conflict zone.  chattels:

4 Habits of Billionaires That You Should Follow

We can all learn a thing or two from examining the habits of the most successful people in the world.

While it's unlikely that you or I will ever be a billionaire, there are some things we can learn from how the richest of the rich live their lives. 

When examining the investing, spending, working, and lifestyle habits of billionaires, it becomes apparent that there are some common factors. 

We asked four of our writers to shed some light on billionaire habits that you can implement in your life, and here is what they had to say.

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter

No RV you say, SO ask this question, what is really gauging my joy level, my happiness level... are you content in yourself, are you grateful for where you have been and where you come from, are you sincere right where you are?

Let's take 5 minutes to do yourself a favor... Sincerely, l et's get our eyes off of this RV for a minute and read what I wrote below.  THEN, I want you to reflect on what has transpired in YOUR life and what is MOST important to you right now that's NOT RV RELATED...

You know, no matter what life throws at us, God's incredible sovereign love and His creation never ceases to amaze me when I reflect on it. 

I've been blessed to look upon 3 oceans, seen the "flying fish" in Seattle, walk through the Olympic Mountain Rain Forest, tackled climbing a mountainous sand dune in Kill Devil Hills, climbed a lighthouse on the Outer Banks of NC, stood next to and actually drove through giant Sequoias and Redwoods in CA.


TNT: (Late Monday Night)

smitzi :
 A.B. has there been any new news on what the cap will be?
SpiritBear : AB - some folks have a quite a bit of ZIM and that could end up to be an extremely powerful amount of money!



Post From Chat Room 8-17-15
Wealthwatch  Evening  Chat  8-17-15

Tootsie: Abadi EU: no return on the path of reform which we began Monday, 17 August 2015 22:43 Baghdad Stressed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, he did not return from the path of reform that began it, with the European Union expressed its willingness mission to Iraq to assist in the transfer of the experiences of many countries that have seen political and economic transformation in the reform. 

Ebadi said Office in a statement issued today, and received Alsumaria News, a copy of "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received, on Thursday evening, in his office the President of the European Union mission in Iraq Jana Hapaschkova mark the end of its tasks The Abadi, according to the statement,


Round Table Chat w/BGG 8-17-15
 Welcome to for Roundtable with BGG!!

BGG: Hey gang - Let's do News Time a little different tonite??  Shall we??
BGG: More like the "Original Round Table" Calls...  lemme call Mr White.

BGG: Guess not - let's do this though - you all bring the News that you are interested in (and there's a lot of it!!) - I'll make some comments and then open up for ??'s on it??   deal??

BGG: Hold 1 sec and I'll get a piece of News to start us off...

BGG: Jubouri: We have no right to delete any name from Mosul report

BGG: The head of the parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, on Monday, the House of Representatives does not have the right to delete any name mentioned in the report of the fall of Mosul, while pointing out that the report was written neutrally and did not exclude a paragraph or a name and did not succumb to pressure...


denaridori » August 17th, 2015, 10:06 pm

KTFA MONDAY CONFERENCE CALL 8-17-15   Transcript by denaridori

  CBI if you build it they'll come....I believe the CBI should stand for COMING BACK INTERNATIONAL because deep in my heart, I've been telling you a long time - simce they supposedly got rid of him, fired him, accusing him of lying and stealing everything else they were it and HE WILL COME BACK.

In my strong opinion, Dr. Shabibi has been the quarter back, but for the past 2 years it's been pretty much petrified, if not, can blame Obama or even Maliki for a plethora of reasons. Obama wanted his campaign promises, but I think O may have kept them there if Maliki had given him immunity for our soldiers....but he refused to.

So, O said let me not waste a crisis and used it for his campaign to bring our troops home. Maliki had an opportunity but now you will find yourself in the same hole where your predecessor is today. I'm sad for you and hurt for you. I'm a Christian for my heavenly for him to go to waste and to have to be wasted.


The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
Thanks My Ladies for letting us share from your private chatroom

MEMPHIS: Yesterday (or was it the day before) I wrote a bit about the inherent problems that always arise with a reserve currency that also serves as a domestic currency.   Armstrong has today written directly on the topic and I would be remiss in not pointing to it.

It is well known to those here that the world is slowly transitioning away from it's dependence on our currency and so my intent is that we have an appreciation for the "why" for it is in this level of understanding that we can appreciate the vastness of what is taking place.

In so doing we can hopefully discern some of the effects that this will have on us personally for this shift away from the USD is a planned one.   It is being carried out with great intent and purpose and in further study we can (I believe) draw some conclusions as to what the future will hold by looking back to history!


Post From Chat Room 8-17-15
Wealthwatch  Afternoon Chat  8-17-15  Part 2 of 2

BB824: global currency reset...lmao

Winnerdinar: '@BB824' ' I do believe their will be a reset of some kind of the dollar loses its reserves status

BB824: with more then one currency at the same time....won't happen
BB824: currencies are not like the Dow
BB824: one country value doesn't relate to all or some others

Winnerdinar: '@BB824' I wish I knew more about this
Winnerdinar: I have read stuff on the supposed GCR
Winnerdinar: And especially on the dollar losing its reserve status


Post From Chat Room 8-17-15
Wealthwatch  Afternoon Chat  8-17-15  Part 1 of 2

Fit2beFit: I wanna know if Maliki will return

zidziljian: because we have seen a big clean up of the corruption these past days, I wonder if this will buy the GOI more time to pass laws and pay back the loans from the IMF, going longer than the anticipated October date

Tootsie: I was encouraged that the market rate for IQD today is 1214. Lowest I have seen in ages and ages ~~~ 3015 17-Aug market price 1,214 auction price 1,166 volume (usd) 250,535,253 cash 40,675,000 remittances/credits 209,860,253

Tootsie: from article I am reading, he is still in Iran
Tootsie: '@Fit2beFit' ^^


Millionday Roundtable 8/17/15

Welcome to for Roundtable with Millionday!!


Millionday: Stop the Central Bank of Iraq, Sunday, dealing in dollars with bankers Iranians, while kept his handling of standing with them in dinars. 

The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords in a written statement to "tomorrow Press," that "Based on the decisions issued by the UN Security Council The book US Treasury, dated July 15, 2015 decided to suspend trading in US dollars with banks Iranians. ~~~


(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

UU6729 - "Reform Package #2 Coming This Week" by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Today's News

Today is Monday August 17th and still we have no news of an RV ad will not see any RV window at least for a few weeks or more.  I can positively, irrevocably and in my hearts of hearts (LOL) tell you here will be not even be a chance of an RV until at least mid September timeframe.  I do not care what other "gurus" are telling you to hype you up again. It is impossible to significantly increase the IQD currency prior to this date. No- I am not predicting a date and I simply said we might be in a good window at that time but let's wait and see what happens between now and then.

So the news of this week is the coming of the second set of reforms as Abadi promised.

I also want to remind everyone that I told you the cuts in salaries has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the RV and everything to do with just saving money and trying to balance the budget. These cuts were also to standardize government employee salaries to a fair pay scale ridding Iraq of favoritism and unnecessary perks.


Post From Chat Room 8-17-15
Wealthwatch  Morning  Chat  8-17-15

chattels: good morning

chattels: Jubouri: all the names contained in the report will be the fall of Mosul trial History of edits:: 8.17.2015 13:34 * 11 visits readable Jubouri: all the names contained in the report will be the fall of Mosul trial [Baghdad - where] Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said Monday during a press conference that all the names contained in the Commission's report will be the fall of Mosul Mhakmtha..itba


chattels: [Baghdad-where] Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri confirmed not to exclude former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of referral to the judiciary as stated in the recommendations of the Commission on the fall of Mosul, a report or delete his name from Altgarir..itba



Iko Ward :
  Forex is misbehaving. Hasn't polled since 7:07 this morning. Still at 1122. On OM last night a woman shared about her friend who made 11M as a newbie on Forex and then lost it all in ten minutes.

Forex may not be setting the rates, but they sure are attempting to influence them....

Usually (at least for the passed few weeks) Forex resets to 1166 between 10 and 11AM.

When Forex doesn't follow an established pattern radar comes on. Neither the Dinar nor the Dong has polled since this morning at 7:07. Normally, the Dinar polls sometime between 10 and 11AM and returns to the CBI rate of 1166.

Also, if it had been following the trend of the past three weeks it would have opened last night around 1110. Instead, it opened at 1130, an odd (uncharacteristic) number.

So somethings up. Doesn't mean we RV tonight; does mean Forex is undecided.