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6pm, August 18th, 2012  


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Med & Member Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
Mountainman & LoriC "Closer & Closer" Post By Dinar Detectives
BBG and Poppy CC for Saturday Afternoon 5:30 pm (ET)
Storm69 Chat at Sat. Early AM
Eagle 1 posted at PTR Saturday morning emailed to us
Saturday Morning Thoughts from Intel4U Members
The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 11am email
Randy Koonce Prediction - Post By STORM69
Tidbit Opinions From DinarLand - Post By Dinar Detectives
Mailman & Member Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
Diagnose Your Financial Health - By Craig Ford
News, Rumors and Opinions around dinarland Friday night
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Cruiser and Intel4U Members chat on QE3 Friday Night
Friday Night Dinar Chatter
The posts shaded in green...are on our Iraqi News page
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Med & Member Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator

Cheeks (5:29): where you going anything to bs about


daystar: I'm feeling the same way
cheeks: me either just change the rate i'm done..with thier bs..


cheeks: right

Mountainman & LoriC "Closer & Closer" Post By Dinar Detectives

8-18-2012 Mountainman: I couldn't be happier with where we're at today. The GOI is going to name the Interior and Defense Ministers, Parliament is pushing the Investment law through, Talabani is returning to implement the negotiated new Erbil reforms and the CBI is preparing the banking sector by updating to the latest electronic technologies.

When you put all of this together it is very clear Iraq is urgently preparing for something big and I think we all know what that is. I've been invested in Iraq for years and this is by far the most excited I've ever been. We are very close!!

8-18-2012 LoriC: We're getting closer to seeing a seated GOI and National Meeting and in my book, that's the best news we could have. Next week Parliament will get to work and we should see some very important investment laws passed as well as a version of the Amnesty and HCL submitted.

Talabani has been receiving updates on the reform paper they are negotiating and seems pleased which is also a great sign. Both the gurus and the newshounds seem to agree that between now and September is a great window for us. This is the first time I've been watching this closely in a long time.

BBG and Poppy CC for Saturday Afternoon 5:30 pm (ET)

VERY IMPORTANT Streaming Call this afternoon (Saturday Aug 18th 4:30 pm CST) - "Straight Talk Radio" with BGG and Poppy - Just click on the "Straight Talk Radio" banner @ and listen!!


Storm69 Chat at Sat. Early AM

[STORM69] This is some info that I recieved last night from a very good source

Aug 18 4:10 AM STORM69: ok, starting 5 yrs ago from today,,,and today is the end of the collapse of the economy which will start a new beginning........The stock market should crash or start to crash on monday..........and all futures expire next friday, --what ever that means, (chuckle) and our dollar should rise because we are buying it with dinar, which should equal the RV........................The global reset should be this weekend

[STORM69] And Ali even said over 1.5 yrs ago----that iraq will never rv untill they are producing 3+ million barrels of oil a day,,, and as of 3 weeks ago , they are

[STORM69] its really crazy to say that this RV never could of taken place until 3 weeks ago....crazy huh

STORM69: oh, he even thinks that the new treasury notes should be coming out between sept. 1st ---

Eagle 1 posted at PTR Saturday morning emailed to us

Eagle 1......his opinion...he was in international banking for years.

From CC with Frank 26 8/17/2012

Greetings to all of you!

It's been four weeks since I sent out the last update. Been meaning to bring everyone current with the news and developments, but things have really been a zoo for us.

Last night, Frank (Villa) and I did a world-wide conference call in which we discussed much of the following. I've clarified some of the issues in this email that we didn't really expand into last night.

This update probably could have been posted several days ago, but we were waiting to see if the Central Bank (CBI) actually followed through with its plan to begin selling off a portion of its gold. 12 days ago Dr. Shabibi announced his intention to begin selling some of the gold in their vaults, but it didn't actually begin until yesterday. This, along with some other developments, is a very significant event.

[mr_shoemake] i am generaly pretty smart but did not understand cruisers post last nite about qe3

[mr_shoemake] did a silent QE3 happen and they are hiding the rv in the silent stimulous is the plan

[Stitch] mr_shoemake my take on it.... the markets are being prepared with the suggestion of QE3 using that as cover for possible RV

[feda] yes cover for rv

[mr_shoemake] Stitch ok so it is a possible Qe3 is not an actual QE3

[Stitch] mr_shoemake yes, that is my understanding of cruiser's post.

[mr_shoemake] i dont care how they cover it it will be nice to have post rv discussions and talking about how we are making our world better instead of what we will do when it happens.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Attorney Yasiri: Diversity of hard currency reserves necessary to avoid the impact of dollar depreciation on the national currency

Attorney Yasiri: Diversity of hard currency reserves necessary to avoid the impact of dollar depreciation on the national currency 18/08/2012 12:55 PM

The member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Hussain Yasiri, to the need for diversity reserves of hard currency by the Central Bank international currencies such as the euro and the pound sterling to avoid the impact of increased U.S. dollar exchange rate on the economy and the national currency.

said Alaasrivi a press statement on Saturday: Although the dollar coin its general acceptance in all countries of the world, but reliable in all transactions is not true, because the increase in demand and increase its value will affect the local currency, so you should encourage the banks in dealing with currencies of other international such as the euro and the pound sterling, in addition to the dollar.  

U.S. oil price rally to score the third increase weekly

U.S. oil price rally to score the third increase weekly 18/08/2012 12:21 PM

Economic / Buratha News Agencies: Futures prices of crude oil the U.S. on Friday on the purchase to take advantage of the widening gap between prices of Brent and U.S. crude oil amid reports about the possibility of release of quantities of oil reserves and strategic expectations of recovery of North Sea production after maintenance work restricted production.

And the price of U.S. light crude for September delivery settled at $ 0.41, or 0.43 percent to 96.01 dollars a barrel, the highest close since 11 May. Over the week, the weekly increase in crude record of $ 3.14, or 3.38 per cent, the third weekly increase, respectively.

In London, the price fell, Brent crude contracts for October delivery settled at $ 1.56, or 1.35 percent to 113.71 dollars a barrel. Over the week, the weekly increase in crude record of $ 0.76, or 0.67 percent, the third weekly increase, respectively.

People with limited income .. Victim of the greed of merchants and shoddy goods

People with limited income .. Victim of the greed of merchants and shoddy goods  Saturday 18/08/2012 5:50

Baghdad / Mohammed Hamid: spread in the local markets of different types of commodities and goods, the absence of central oversight role of the real, there is no specific criteria for the import of goods in accordance with the requirements of the people, not control the quality and tariff Kmarkip, which flooded the market cheap goods in violation of the specification.

Reflected the phenomenon of material bad on the process of buying, as citizens hesitate a lot before you buy any electrical device, it does not trust the traders or commodity, especially with multiple (brands) and diversity, so that the consumer as if the process of catching the front of the absence of point of defending his rights.

Amar Salman, an employee in Ministry of Commerce, said the "long-Presse:" The electrical goods can not be trusted, "Valmistord local buys from the origins of bad, and whose sole purpose is to gain and charge interest of the consumer."  

Destruction of more than 1700 tons of cargo entering the territory of Kurdistan through Turkey

Destruction of more than 1700 tons of cargo entering the territory of Kurdistan through Turkey  Saturday 18/08/2012 5:58

Dohuk / term follow-up : The Directorate of complex Ibrahim Khalil border province of Dohuk destroyed and returned more than 1700 tons of commercial goods entering the territory of Kurdistan through Turkey during the month of July, noting that the decision to return and destruction was confirmed after laboratory results not Salahiha.

The Public Information Section at the Directorate said in a statement carried by "Alsumaria News", "complex destroyed during the month of July more than 131 tons of food and Altnzifah and medical entering from Turkey," noting that "the process of destruction has yet confirmed laboratory results to the disqualification of such materials . "  

Investor calls for facilitating entry procedures at border crossings

Investor calls for facilitating entry procedures at border crossings  2012-08-18

Baghdad/JD: Director stressed the need for investment companies facilitate the passage of supplies investment process when the border gates.

The Director of the Turkish Murat Ayhan company Cape for Bashir/JD/investment business that faces a sentence of challenges in Iraq stands in the forefront of complex at border crossings, which delays the entry of articles for two months, and the inability of the investment corporations to continue to work 24 hours a day, according to the plans of the investment corporations as well as the specific security procedures for the movement of construction materials arrive, pointing out the importance of developing sophisticated laboratories the results appear quickly, noting that these challenges are investors from investing in Iraq.

He should have the role of stakeholders in overcoming these challenges and reach the implementation phase of fast fit economic trends.

Dmcc: Iraqi dinar attracts our attention

Dmcc: Iraqi dinar attracts our attention  2012-08-18

Baghdad/JD: Confirmed the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre that attracted the attention of the Iraqi dinar currency, noting that the Chinese currency currency quality that cannot be excluded

He said the CEO of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Ahmed bin sulayem told a press sheet (statement) that the Dubai Gold and commodities looking to insert new currency contracts that meet the needs of the market, noting that the focus of attention for these products is focused on adding more sizes and values of trading, as brokers and members are looking to see large volumes of trading.

If the Russian ruble on the top priorities of the members of the stock exchange, we will be lucky to look at this, and the Iraqi dinar currency to attract our attention, but he noted the inclusion of such currency since the first month of the founding stock is wrong. 

De. or suffer losses of up to 32 million dollars because of its work in Kurdistan

De. or suffer losses of up to 32 million dollars because of its work in Kurdistan  2012-08-18

Baghdad/JD: Confirmed de., Norwegian oil losses up to $ 32.03.

The company said in a statement published by Reuters: they will announce losses in the second quarter of the year after payment of fees relating to the production sharing agreement in northern Iraq and closing pipeline in Oman.

The company explained that the agreement in July with the Government of the Kurdish self-governing in northern Iraq and repairs submarine pipeline failure in Oman led to quarterly losses of up to 190 million kroner (32.03 million dollars) after a profit of $ 307 million kroner in the previous quarter.

Global companies are operating in Kurdistan to penalties by the Central Government in Iraq and to contract with the territory without reference to Baghdad.

Iraqi ass famous "Smoke," which was adopted by the U.S. Army colonel spent in the United States

Iraqi ass famous "Smoke," which was adopted by the U.S. Army colonel spent in the United States 18/08/2012 12:08 AM

"Reuters" - Nebraska (United States): After an exciting journey from Iraq to the United States has attracted worldwide attention .. Over the life of ass (Smoke) in the state of Nebraska.

Smoke and tunnel this week on a farm Merkel Hills, north of Omaha where he lived a quiet life with a small horse.

"Smoke" kill him "Alhom Skegness"

Page attracted to Smoke on the social networking site "Facebook" Friends from around the world. 

Deputy: the final accounts of the Ministry of Finance is accurate

Deputy: the final accounts of the Ministry of Finance is accurate 08/18/2012 12:00 am

Baghdad morning : Deputy Finance Committee Chairman MP Ahmed Hassan Faizullah, that all final accounts submitted by the Ministry of Finance to the House of Representatives of the past years' incomplete and incomplete �, calling for resolving final accounts for the budget (2011) fully before submission to the Board .

said Faizullah through a statement quoted him (News Agency): No Year reminiscent of the year after (2003) was the submission of final accounts fully by the Ministry of Finance and mostly provide incomplete, noting that the budget (2008) provided the projects without having cover financial her what is difficult for the ministry to complete the final accounts for each year.  

Distribution of some 500 instrument covered by Article 140 in Muthanna

Distribution of some 500 instrument covered by Article 140 in Muthanna 08/18/2012 12:00 am

Committee calls for beneficiaries to promote transactions plots

Samawa - Shaker Alaaajipa : distributed to committee to implement Article 140 in Muthanna about 500 instrument between slides covered in this article by ten million dinars for each family, called upon the beneficiaries of Article 140, which took their instruments to review the Commission's headquarters to promote transactions plots allocated to them.

Read More

The below posts were in our 11am email
8:59 AM [STORM69] Just got this new information from Randy Koonce. Again he says after the coming meeting with Talibani, we will soon see the RV. How long will it take? Probably only a few days. This is very wonderful news to hear and I think the 1st ever RV prediction by Randy Koonce. -

Patrick [5:01:34 AM] freespirit0102: Patrick, In response to your recent post, a good theory and some things are close, when Talibani returns we will see a conference and then soon after that this whole thing is over. One of the biggest falsies is that the GOI has to be stable before it will RV. Truth is that the GOI will never be stable until they release the money. - Randy
8-17-2012 Footforward: I know for a fact that this is not in Iraq's hands. The National Conference happened a long time ago and we are just waiting for the RV to announce all these things.

There isn't a lot of new intel out there. There is no negative news, a lot of smoke. It's what we expected right before the RV. I haven't been given a specific date. I am still looking hour to hour and I don't see anything that says it will be further down the road. We are still looking for this right now.

8-17-2014 L.J.:  Ramadan ending on Saturday Eid follows after and will last til the 23rd. I think we are sitting in the most positive position we have been in up this point. Just the last article Debbie read and the concession made about the Oil & Gas Law. Whenever I read concessions have been made it looks really, really positive.

mailman17 (10:20 PM): EVENING

ksdunlap:  good evenng mm  how are you


ksdunlap: finally is right


This is for informational purposes only  - Please seek your own  personal  honest professional adviser to assist in your decisions

Diagnose and Improve Your Financial Health: A 10-Item Checklist  By Craig Ford

Most people usually want to do one of three things every January: They want to lose weight, improve finances, or quit a bad habit. Since this is a personal finance blog, I guess we ought to focus on the goal to improve your finances.

The problem with trying to improve your finances is that it is awfully broad. Where do you need to be focusing your time, effort, and attention? J.D. Roth suggests you focus on one task. That's probably a good idea, but what one task is worthy of your intense focus?

I'm going to put 10 financial tasks in order. It's just like a triage list. If you answer "no" to any of the following items, don't move onto the next until you can answer the question with a "yes."

[highlander65] Central Banks and Wall Street Insiders Are Preparing For Something Big.... cruiser ---

[cruiser] Wow!!! Did someone fix Europe??? European Shares Extend Best Weekly Run in 7 Years

[rustyc] cruiser there is a chart showing what you explained at

[CoolClownFish] . this is what I first saw when I checked a little bit ago. hmmmmmmmm!

 [CoolClownFish] about 10 minutes ago but now its back
Don't Miss our Streaming Conference Call Tonite (Friday Aug 17th 8:30 pm CST) -

Straight Talk Radio" with BGG and Poppy  Fridayt Aug 17th      MP3LINK
[cruiser] Hi and good evening everyone!!! Please pay attention to this. As Stated today, QE3 has happened along with the ECB Stimulus package (shadowed by the hint and speculated by the market). Explained this afternoon how and why and what indicators have shown us this. THE ACTUAL ANNOUNCEMENTS From the FED WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!

What will happen and what are you talking about will be the questions and for good concern. WE are at a time where Banking changes are occuring and have been for some time. Currency will be backed by gold and/or other hard assets. This means the USD will no longer be the currency that all other currencies and commodities peg/use as the tradeable currency.

With this change The USD will non existent and replaced with the UST Note/dollar ( Just like the opposite change of the UST note going goodbye and the FED dollar replacing it). How and when this will take place. I DO NOT KNOW.

[Jeff] cruiser wow flipping knew it but I could not verify thanks DUDE pard ole buddy LOL now I am wide awake yeppeeee

[MtnStar] cruiser that is spot on with what my international financer friends are telling me

[Josey Wales]lots of crazy stuff going on globally......should be interesting in the coming days

[cruiser] captaincaveman you would like this:

[Precious] What is.......Eid al-Fitr ..... SHABS....hmmmmmmmmmm 5 days ! ! ! Ramadan ends with the festival of Eid al-Fitr, which in 2012 occurs on Aug. 19. Literally the "Festival of Breaking the Fast," Eid al-Fitr is one of the two most important Islamic celebrations (the other occurs after the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca). At Eid al-Fitr people dress in their finest clothes, adorn their homes with lights and decorations, give treats to children, and enjoy visits with friends and family.

A sense of generosity and gratitude colors these festivities. Although charity and good deeds are always important in Islam, they have special significance at the end of Ramadan. As the month draws to a close, Muslims are obligated to share their blessings by feeding the poor and making contributions to mosques.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Baghdad twin blasts led to 102 causalities 


Baghdad twin blasts led to 102 causalities
17/08/2012 10:43

BAGHDAD (AKnews): The explosions of a car bomb and a motorcycle last night in Baghdad claimed the lives of 12 people and wounded 90 more, a hospital official said.

A car bomb exploded last night near a public coffee house in Zaafaraniya neighborhood, southwest of Baghdad. The coffee house is usually visited by youth after the Iftar.

The car explosion was followed by the explosion of a motorcycle, parked nearby.


Iraq seeks to win the new Secretary-General of OPEC
August 17, 2012

Baghdad / follow JD : delegates said the OPEC said the organization has delayed a meeting of officials to contribute to the selection of a new Secretary General has Off talks sensitive threatens to ignite competition for influence with quest Arabia, Iran and Iraq to win the job high.

Officials said a committee comprising officials were scheduled in initially to meet at FAO headquarters in Vienna during the month of August but has become more likely now that the meeting be held in October.


Khamenei: Israel will disappear from the map
Friday, August 17, 2012 14:34

Said the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Israel " will disappear from the map ", in a statement hours before the start of the marches" Jerusalem Day "scheduled for Friday in Iran against Israel and support the Palestinians.

Khamenei said in remarks quoted by Agence France-Presse that "this artificial tumor and fake will disappear from the map", in reference to Israel.

He said that what he described as the "Star of Hope" which shone in Iran during the Islamic revolution, and during its war with Iraq "shine as well as the Palestine Islamic lands will revert to the Palestinian people."


Jawad Albzona: political blocs have agreed on the security ministries and the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and government balance

Baghdad (news): Exclude independent MP in the National Alliance Jawad Albzona, to reach the leaders of the political blocs to resolve all outstanding problems, noting that the security ministries and the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and the balance in the state institutions could be solved.

And Albzona said in a statement (of the Agency news): You may get there understandings between the National Alliance and the part of the Iraqi List (House Speaker Osama Najafi, and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq) on a number of topics, but without giving other details.


Maliki flexes muscle as he orders closedown of Kurdistan's KRG representative office in Baghdad
August 17 2012

Tensions between the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the central government in Baghdad were taken to a new height on Wednesday when authorities in Baghdad closed the office of the KRG representation in Baghdad at the request of the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's office.

Iraqi officials said the office did not have legal support to exist in Baghdad. However, Kurdish officials in Baghdad said the office had the legal paperwork for the office and that was signed by the Prime Minister himself.

Yet, it is evident that the closure of the office was politically motivated and grounded in the recent tensions between Baghdad and Erbil as the office has been there for seven years now. The office was set up in 2006 after a visit by Maliki to the capital of Kurdistan Region, Erbil, where he agreed with Kurdish leaders on the opening of the office to coordinate relations between the two governments.


Deputy Governor of CBI: We have plans and programs to reduce the rate of the dinar against the dollar over the coming period
17/08/2012 11:53:43 Friday

Baghdad (news) : Deputy Central Bank Governor appearance of Mohammed Saleh, plans and scientific programs by the central bank to reduce the dollar exchange rate against the dinar for up to price natural market and adult (1190) in the coming period.

Saleh said (of the Agency news) Friday: The increasing demand for the dollar continues in the market, which led to get the case confusion in the market by increasing demand for dollar suddenly, leading to increased price even arrived (1300) dinars to the dollar during the last period.


U.S. embassy confirms Washington's support for efforts to ease tensions between Arbil and Baghdad
17/08/2012 19:07:09 Friday

Baghdad (news) spokesman of the U.S. embassy in Iraq Frank Vnfr support the U.S. administration to Iraqi efforts to calm the atmosphere of political tension between the political forces, including easing tensions between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

said Vnfr told PUKmedia, Friday : that the United States is seeking to find solutions between the political parties in order to reach solutions compatible with the Iraqi constitution and democratic means. confirmed Vnfr: U.S. support for the efforts of the federal government to improve the security situation across the country, stressing: that al-Qaeda and the terrorist groups other still active on the ground, and able to carry out its terrorist operations in Iraq.

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