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10am August 19th, 2015

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Dinar Updates: 

wmawhite :  Well, well , the U.S. News and World Report is reporting the same thing:.. "US News & World Report - Iraqi selling intl bonds and redominating currency...Reacting to the crisis, Iraq plans to issues bonds worth $7 billion - $5 billion in international bonds... Iraq also revived a long-delayed plan to redenominate the Iraqi dinar by knocking three zeroes off the nominal value of its banknotes, said Ihsan Shamran al-Yassiri, the head of Iraq Central Bank Issuing and Vaults Department

The significance is that the IQD will be on the bond market. The bond market is twice the size of all of the world's stock markets combined.  

When the IQD is on the bond market the individual bonds are able to move freely.  This is the first step of the IQD reentering the world currency markets. Exciting and nice news.


The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s for Tuesday Night 08-18-15

The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s for Tuesday Night 08-18-15


Playback number: 641-715-3808  
access code 123456#
67 Minutes

The Big Call

Millionday News 8/18/15  Part 2 of 2

Millionday: Continue prime minister Haider al-Abadi, its reform, which launched the first Hzmadtha in the ninth of this month's series, the center of local and international welcome continuously from the moment of taking these actions «bold» and »rare».


Millionday: The last reformist steps of the Prime Minister, taken yesterday and canceled under positions advisers in ministries and reducing their number in the three presidencies (the Republic, ministers, parliament) to only five per presidency, instead of the number of advisers who were full of them that the governing bodies and government cabin also.



Millionday News 8/18/15  Part 1 of 2
Welcome to for News Time with Millionday!!

Millionday: and between the main team composed of Nine people were specialists in more than a detailed economic, there are sub-teams technical and economic aim of the issuance of policies and measures to support the private sector package, and policy development to ensure the implementation of Article 25 of the Constitution included reform of the Iraqi economy according to modern foundations and the diversity of sources of income and support the private development sector and encourage investment in the various sectors .
Millionday: Handal said the package was launched from several directions the most important shared national vision between the public sector and the private sector beyond political considerations factional and personal interests narrow, and that the postponement of the reform will have a negative effect, 

pointing to the need to strengthen the capacity of the national economy on a sustainable growth and modernization of technology of production and diversification of income sources as well as providing employment opportunities as well as to preserve national wealth of material and human resources and development.


Post From Chat Room 8-18-15
Wealthwatch Evening Chat  8-18-15

chattels: The head of the House of Representatives during his visit to the Office of Financial Supervision that Iraq is today a state of reform, pointing out that these reforms will remain ink on paper and mere slogans if they are not activated to contact the actual reality, pointing out that he can not talk about reform without reform the judiciary. -




OOTW: B. A Diversified Economy and a Bigger Role for the Private Sector 35. Iraq's transition to a market economy is incomplete. Iraq still presents elements of a transition economy, such as a financial sector dominated by large state-owned banks, pervasive state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and a business environment not conducive to growth. 


F. Scott Fitzgerald to Ernest Hemingway  "The wealthy are different than you and I."

Ernest Hemingway to F. Scott Fitzgerald  "Yes, Frank. They have more money."


We are a wealthy country. As many researchers have documented, wealth in the United States is extraordinarily dynamic. The old wealth of chemicals, steel, and banking is replaced by new wealth from software, communications, and technology.

In the next twenty years, over $15 trillion of wealth will pass through inheritance from the Greatest Generation (those who endured the Depression, and fought the Second World War) to the Baby Boomers.
Incentive compensation in the form of stock options is a key factor in recruiting, retaining, and motivating corporate employees, from top executives to brilliant young engineers. When leading corporations are successful, these individuals may find their wealth grow into six or seven figures literally over-night, as their option grants vest or their companies go public.


Dinar Updates:

tman23   The new currency must come first as a prelude to the deletion of the 3 zeros from the currency... This is the biggest statement ever made yet so often overlooked!

If they are speaking of new lower denoms, then they would need a rate other then 1166...and if they come first, then the 3 zero notes will carry high value before removing the 3 zeros at the exchange window...what is the time limit...72 hrs...7 days...who knows...but it is possible!

The other scenario is seeing a 50,000 note come in October...if that hits the streets then it is not looking good no matter how anyone tries to spin it... Make no mistake...the world is on the edge of financial disasters... it is real and live!

There are 33 consulates now opened in Erbil... All these countries are lining up at the feeding trough. ..IMO it is bigger then Iraq...something BIG is being prepared... and TIME IS A FACTOR!


The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
Post From BondLadys Corner By Admin Tlm724

IMF Executive Board Concludes 2015 Article IV Consultation with Iraq

Press Release No. 15/382   August 18, 2015

On July 29, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the 2015 Article IV consultation1 with Iraq.

Iraq is facing a double shock arising from the ISIS insurgency and the plunge in global oil prices. In 2014, real GDP contracted by 2.1 percent mainly due to the impact of the conflict, while oil production and exports increased slightly compared to 2013. This year, overall economic activity is expected to see a modest recovery of 0.5 percent thanks to oil sector expansion, while non-oil activity is expected to contract further.


Post From Chat Room 8-18-15
Wealthwatch Afternoon Chat  8-18-15

Tootsie: Maliki Rejects Mosul Report Former Iraqi PM blames Ankara and Erbil for fall of Iraq's second largest city18.08.2015 17:20 BAGDHAD - Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Tuesday rejected the parliamentary report blaming him and others for the Islamic State (IS) takeover of second city Mosul last year. 

"There is no value in the report that emerged from the parliamentary investigation committee on the fall of Mosul, which was dominated by political differences and was not objective," Maliki said on his official Facebook page. 

"What happened in Mosul was a conspiracy planned in Ankara, which then moved to Erbil," Maliki said in a second post. 

The former premier is currently in Iran, where he was due to meet Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday, an official from his office said. IS seized Mosul in June 2014, then overran a third of the country in a devastating offensive that swept security forces aside. 


Dessert after the Bible Study CC tonight:

From Frank:

The Monetary Reform remains in front of us

It is our opinion that Dr. S will be returning but we just don't know when

Again, IOO (In Our Opinion) the reforms will need an RI to start them

From the article earlier today, "Let it Float".....this will put things in the hands of the international world and with this will come a faster rise in the rate....IOO

With the actions being taken by PM Abadi in the form of his reforms expect to see the removal of many things people, policies, laws, etc he will make sure that nothing stands in the way of his reforms as we move forward

That is all for the time being

Aloha    Randy


Morning News Comments 08/18/2015

New CBI site up and running!!   

Thank you emmaduke !

News of landing thousand US troops to besiege "Daash" in Mosul

[tlm724] this is according to " quoted (Sputnik) Russian liberation "journalists have Nineveh network,"

[tlm724] that the air landing of US soldiers on the outskirts of Mosul, which is considered the leadership of the organization "Daash" center of operations in northern Iraq. He said al-Bayati, who spread the word as an eyewitness, the soldiers, the military's full and that their numbers exceeded one thousand.

[tlm724] that this military build-up, comes under the Edit Nineveh and Mosul, its operations plans, 


Iko Ward: The Post-RV Blues

The conversation today was about the pitfalls of sudden wealth. I work with veterans in crisis, and often our research and study comes across related articles and modalities useful in our veteran workshops but also apply to other situations.

We often deal with loss and mournng. The loss of a buddy in combat and the conflicting emotions of staying tuff to stay alive and mourning a friend, letting your guard down, is a common theme, but I wonder how many of we Dinarians are prepared for the loss we are about to experience.

I'm talking about the loss of our old lives, maybe some of our old friends, moving out of the old neighborhood. Things like this will happen.


The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter


Walkingstick » August 18th, 2015, 3:32 pm   Here come Iraqi bonds


A monkey chews on a 50 Iraqi dinar banknote at Baghdad's animal market.

Iraq is getting ready to sell $6 billion in debt.

According to a report from Bloomberg on Tuesday, Iraq is preparing to offer bonds at some point this year in what would be its first debt sale in nearly 10 years.

Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the program, said Iraq plans to meet with investors as early as September.


Iko Ward:
  Forex did not revert to the CBI rate of 1166. It has stayed down in the low 1120's now for over 24 hours. That is new. When it polls now it only moves a couple points, not 30 or 40. This is supposed to be a big week. I think they are reflecting that...... if we get below 1110 we are well on our way IMO.... The best we have ever seen was 1105 back in January

Bobinfanu:   The US dollar is reacting to market activity. Our US treasury is not buying dollars. The Euro is inflated accordint to their economies. China needs to adjust the my buying wood saws for 35 cents or they will be too high for the market.

Iko Ward: Concerning the new CBI site. There is no need for a professional site developer working for the hottest government on the planet to "test" live on the web. They might need to make sure the gateway operates across the web but not the architecture. They may be setting people up to grab their emails or ever start charging membership fees.

Post From Chat Room 8-18-15
Wealthwatch  Morning Chat  8-18-15

chattels: Former Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, has rejected allegations that he was responsible for the fall of Iraq's second city Mosul to Daesh Takfiri militants last year. Speaking in a press conference in the Iranian capital Tehran on Monday, Maliki called into question the integrity of a recent report by an Iraqi parliamentary investigative committee, 

which held him and a number of other senior Iraqi officials accountable for the setback. Instead, Maliki blamed Turkey and Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for the fall of Mosul, saying Daesh's takeover took place after the KRG ordered Kurdish fighters to retreat from the conflict zone.  chattels:

4 Habits of Billionaires That You Should Follow

We can all learn a thing or two from examining the habits of the most successful people in the world.

While it's unlikely that you or I will ever be a billionaire, there are some things we can learn from how the richest of the rich live their lives. 

When examining the investing, spending, working, and lifestyle habits of billionaires, it becomes apparent that there are some common factors. 

We asked four of our writers to shed some light on billionaire habits that you can implement in your life, and here is what they had to say.