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11am, August 19th, 2012  


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Six Common Excuses For Not Saving Money - By Tara Struyk
Money Problems: Why They're All Your Fault - By Tara Struyk
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The posts shaded in green...are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 6pm email
Med & Member Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
Mountainman & LoriC "Closer & Closer" Post By Dinar Detectives
BBG and Poppy CC for Saturday Afternoon 5:30 pm (ET)
Storm69 Chat at Sat. Early AM
Eagle 1 posted at PTR Saturday morning emailed to us
Saturday Morning Thoughts from Intel4U Members
The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
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[tdooly] Looks like we are posting some "predictions" this AM! Well, here is mine: Prior to the IQD being DEvalued from approx $3.22 to toilet paper values, the IQD was roughly on par with the value of the Kuwait Dinar. Shabby and in general everybody has said that the IQD would be "strong", "strongEST", etc, post RV. THEREFORE, IMHO, nothing short of the value of the Kuwait Dinar is feasable, THUS IMHO the RV will be in the HIGH $4 range. I have other information that confirms a $4.75 value. NO additonal info re that value or source.

[Sparkles] tdooly I will take it and ruuuunnnnn!

[Sparkles] tdooly When is the question

[tdooly] Sparkles When is easy!!!! On or before September 1 which, I believe is the new fiscal year for the USD such that on that date we may see a change over from the FRN to a USTN US Treasury Note -- however, that may come later after many have exchanged their IQD for FRNs such that when the conversion to USTN happens at a 2:1 exchange the UST will take 50% of our cash in --- known as "slick taxation"!!!

8-18-2012 BGG: Saturday morning early Iraq time he [President Talabani] had a big public announcement. He is very satisfied over the last few days over the beginning of the regression of the state of crisis. Basically he is talking in depth kind of laying the groundwork for this National Meeting coming fairly soon.

Talabani is folding the whole convention of Erbil and the constitution and this last meeting in Erbil, he is folding that all together and he is saying we are going to apply all these principles to this National Convention.

The next few days should be very critical to us determining where we are at in this investment.


Picture Sometimes even the simplest common sense knowledge can be forgotten and a gentle visual reminder can be helpful and get us back on track -  "Seeing" in print can have a little more impact and makes for easy future reference -- Information such as this could be very helpful to a young adult who might not know it all just yet lol lol lol

6 Common Excuses for Not Saving Money   By Tara Struyk

Have you ever settled on a new exercise program, only to get a bad cold a few days in and happily throw yourself on the couch, relieved to have a handy excuse? Excuses must be human nature; I know I usually make them when I'm facing something that's new, that's hard, or that I just don't enjoy. And I've certainly made excuses when it comes to money.

In the years that I've been writing about personal finance and investing, I've also heard my fair share of excuses, mostly from readers who don't agree with my advice.

The problem is, unlike good financial habits, excuses are easy to come by, even though most of them just don't stand up to reason. Check out some of the ones I've heard most frequently so far.
Read More  Wise Words Link


Picture The truth can be a little uncomfortable - hard to swallow - and  down right tough to deal with but in reality doing so always makes us a better person - It is much  better and  easier if we can make this awareness and acknowledgement on our own -- Maybe this article will be enlightening for you and assist you in making any helpful changes to improve your quality of life -

Your Money Problems: Why They're All Your Fault  By Tara Struyk

I love writing about money - not because I'm obsessed with wealth (or my relative lack thereof), but because I think the way we spend our money reflects who we are, good or bad. That's probably why I bought the very first condo I saw. I'm known to be impatient, impulsive even, in just about all things.

Was it a mistake? So far so good, but I left a lot more to fate than is probably wise in a six-figure purchase. And let's just say that I hope to exercise a little more self control next time. Of course, whether it'll actually work out that way is another story altogether.
Read More  Wise Words LINK




    mailman17: HER BIRTHDAY?




    mailman17: I KNOW YOU ARE...YOU SHOULD BE



    mpw: throw away




[BWM] the last couple of days have been absolutely out of hand... it's come to the point between the gurus and sites that it's almost cannibalistic...

[snobwarrior] eeeewwww

[BWM] let me give you the run down of how this is gonna go down in dinar world...

 [BWM] you have the ppl who swear it's in iraq's hand and we're waiting for the goi, etc.

[BWM] and you have the ppl reading the articles waiting to see the announcement of some meeting...

 [BWM] and the intel provider's saying the banks are ready and codes are coming down the pipe

[BWM] so..

[BWM] here's the real deal so you'll be prepared, won't care, and can move on...

[cruiser] Hi and good evening everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a great Night!!! Banks are at it again!!! Deutsche Bank's Business With Sanctioned Nations Under Scrutiny

[cruiser] This was from earlier. Not sure if it made it out there. Please take a look. For those wondering if the gold standard is coming back?

jetpack] crusier what u thinking tonight ?? Rv before sept?

[cruiser] jetpack I really hope so!! For all of us. Just so that wach of us can move on with our lives.

[cruiser] jetpack did you see the CBI screenshot from last night?

[weimar_police] cruiser I did, but wasn't it a test screen shot?

[cruiser] weimar_police not sure. Kind of strange IMO. Why only 20 minutes and why only the USD.


Financial IQ Test: How Healthy Is Your Financial Plan?  By Nora Dunn

What aspects of personal finance does your financial plan cover? Are you focusing on the right things and bouncing your ideas off somebody knowledgeable and trustworthy? Does your financial plan excite you? (Because it should.) Or do you have a plan at all?

Following is a Financial IQ Test to help you determine how healthy your financial plan is.

Simply look at each statement, and answer it with a YES, NO, or NOT SURE. Keep track of your answers, and we'll see how you score at the end.

[dealdoctor] HEY guys VERY interesting article on the front page of the New York Times says Iraqis Are Helping Iran Skirt Sanctions. Bottom line Maliki is in BAD trouble with Obama. Maliki, Iraq's PM, is aligned with the religious and political leaders of Iran

[ontime] dealdoctor That sounds like a repeat article we read last Nov?

[dealdoctor] It is Maliki PESONALLY and his political party. Shabbi at the CBI and the other factions are not so suportive of Iran. I am not sure what this means for our investment but it coming out NOW might mean something. We need to all think about this and how it affects the RV.

[dealdoctor] ontime Perhaps but it is detailed and a follow up to the one about the bank in Iraq that was funneling money into Iran that got Obama so upset. Now it seems there may be as many as 4 of the banks doing the same thing. It has mixed messages in the article but coming out NOW..who knows?

[thudz04] dealdoctor hmmm not sure I like the sound of that...

VERY IMPORTANT Streaming Call this afternoon (Saturday Aug 18th 4:30 pm CST) - "Straight Talk Radio" with BGG - Just click on the "Straight Talk Radio" banner and listen or 760-569-7699 pin   287713#

Mp3 Freeconference Playback   LINK   15Min
[Papa Bear] Good evening Dinar Family this is Staurday Night Live with Papa Bear. My phone emails and textshave been fillrd with FEAR people are receiving.Please have faith and know that All will be OK .Those who want to let fear run their lives will always be around. IT is a choice you make in your life. Please chose to live life to its fullest without the CHICKEN LITTLE SYNDROME. We have all heard the sky is falling many times. But WE WILL PREVAIL. PRAISE THE LORD

Papa Bear] Smoke is good now look for fire

[xyz] Papa Bear as long as i dont get burned lol

[Papa Bear] xyz Always hot but some need the heat to stay warm.LOL

[dealdoctor] Papa Bear We have faith not because there will be no problems but because we will triumph THROUGH those problems and be better on the other side. All giants will FALL...all floods SUBSIDE...All storms end in CALM

[DebTarHeelGirl] ♪♫**�**.��♥ ��.**�**♫♪Deck The CHAT Here Comes The RV, Fa La La La La, La La La La♪♫**�**.��♥ ��.**�**♫♪♪♫**�**.��♥ ��.**�**♫♪Deck The CHAT Here Comes The RV, Lets Cash In Lets Cash In! Lets Cash In! ♪♫**�**.��♥ ��.**�**♫♪

[DebTarHeelGirl] Hello everyone GOD Bless you all tonight - hope all are doing well and have your hopes up high!!!

SocalDinar:  The first line is interesting to me.

Said the Iraqi Central Bank: "The sale of the dollar to banks aimed at withdrawal of liquidity from the market as is the case in which the majority of the world's central banks and the bank said in a statement yesterday:" The majority of markets where the price of an official and the price of a parallel, and the bank seeks to minimize the difference between the two rates through inspection teams,  But what does through inspection teams mean??|en&

Maggie123: SocalDinar I am no Stryker Just guessing here...

"Two Rates" = old dinar new dinar? "Inspection Teams" = cash in officials?

I love the part about "withdrawal of liquidity from the market". I hope they are talking about dinar!

In the years I have been involved in this blessing, I have heard this saying so many times I could cringe.  "I am SOOOOO tired of waiting on this, aren't you?" Well, here is your sign .... lol  I feel like answering "Nah, I like the suspense and the agonizing over what day it is going to happen, week after week. I just don't know what I will have to agonize over after this thing pops!"

Of course I am as tired of waiting as all of you!  But, you see, the difference may be that I have been involved in so many business deals that took years to develop in the past that this one is just not as stressful on me.  I need the money, just like you.

 I have been attacked by Obamanomics just like you have. But, I get up every morning with faith and hope that we are where we think we are and that soon the blessing will come and I KNOW it will!

I received messages from prayers that this is indeed going to happen soon and that our patience will pay off.  I, personally introduced this opportunity to a dozen people or so.  Thank GOD I did not do any more than that because then I would have to answer that many more texts and emails every day.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Placeholder for the Iraqi Government demanded an amnesty law on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr
2012-08-19 09: 16: 00 Sunday

Baghdad (News) : Student/MP Waleed Al-muhammadi Iraqi coalition, the Government passed a law granting amnesty to enter the joy to the hearts of Iraqis.

Mohammadi said in a statement received (News Agency news) on: we hope that holiday cheer with a completed amnesty for detained innocent people who tketd their prisons, and that their children and their parents joy and their wives.

And here the Center Alliance Deputy Iraqi people Eid they asked God to help us all to serve Iraq and its people and to unite Muslims in Iraq row and other Muslim countries.


Deputy: economy, investment Committee presented a project to create a government investment bank with capital of 3 million dollars
2012-08-19 09: 41: 52 Sunday

Baghdad (News) : Detection of Member of the Committee on the economy and investment representative Aziz Paul, its intention to legislate a law to establish an investment bank by the Federal Government with capital of 3 million dollars.

Paul said in a press release received (News Agency news) on: there are mkotlah subtracted from Commission on economy and investment for the purpose of study shall establish a specialized investment bank shareholder by the Government with a capital of over 3 million dollars for granting interest-free loans citizens and to create smaller projects or build housing for them.

He added that the work of the national investment Commission and provincial bodies discouraging investment and do not have programs to attract companies and providing the facilities and there are no significant achievements on the ground before them little compared to funds allocated to them, stressing that all conduct of testimony and travel outside Iraq.


Awadi: Close the Representation of Kurdistan is positive to change the mechanism of action and are suitable for the current phase
Sunday 19 August 2012

BAGHDAD - and babysit : MP for a coalition of state law Ihsan al-Awadi, Iraqi Kurdistan close representation as positive to change the mechanism of action and be suited to the necessities of the current stage.

And al-Awadi said in a press statement that "the closure of representation in Iraqi Kurdistan Council of Ministers introduced a measure is administratively to put it in the right place, which has set up for him Kmmthleeh administrative coordination between the governments of the center and Kurdistan."


News agency, public opinion congratulates the Iraqi people by al-Fitr festival
August 19 2012

BAGHDAD - and babysit : moving the family editor and news agency, public opinion (and babysit) my warmest congratulations and blessings to all the Iraqi people on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, hoping the Lord (glorified and exalted) that prevail in our country safe and secure and pay by Kidd hate .... Every year, you is fine ...


Free Iraq: no return to the list of the mother at all and the defense portfolio maturity of component and not block
Sunday 19 August 2012

BAGHDAD - and babysit - confirmed that the Iraqi bloc free it has no intention to return to the motherland and that the existing differences with the leaders of the last is purely systematic.

The MP said the Iraqi bloc free Qutaiba Jubouri in a press statement that "the mass will never go back to join the list of Iraqi mother is in expansion to form a national project for a real liberal to preserve the national project, the original Sowich leaders of the Iraqi List."


Maysan Oil: Advertising rehabilitation project pipeline for transporting crude oil, "Bazargan - FAO" on companies
Sunday 19 August 2012

Architecture - and babysit - Maysan Oil Company announced a project to rehabilitate pipeline transporting crude oil Bazargan - FAO on companies and contractors.

The Director General of Maysan Oil Company Ali Qubool in a press statement that "this long tube, which is estimated at about" 293 kilometers ", the only outlet for the export of crude oil produced from oil fields in Maysan to the outside."


Babylon Investment review with the new city of Hilla, a global consortium
Sunday 19 August 2012

Babylon - and babysit : reviewed by the Investment Commission of Babylon, city of Hilla, the new site as an investment opportunity strategy during her meeting with a delegation of Federation included two international companies Torch German and Lebanese diamond.

He said Director General of the importance of the Ala spear investment opportunity, which he described considerable ability, and with its important strategic location and its association with some of the remaining ports development in the province of Babylon


Decision Finance Committee: foreign remittance through the Bank exclusively to reduce the laundering
2012-08-19 10: 55: 12 Sunday

Baghdad (News) : Decision Finance Committee advised Deputy/Iraqi/coalition, Iraqi traders tracks Ahmad not to convert their money through offshore banks but across the Central Bank to control the illegal operations as currency smuggling and money laundering.

He said tracks (News Agency news) on: foreign banks which Iraqi merchant to handle transfer of funds when you import its goods have led to illegal operations, such as money laundering and currency smuggling to countries surrounding Iraq and suffering from a political and economic crisis such as Syria and Iran to the difficulty of controlling the work of those banks.


Sectarian Walid Tabtabai accuse Shiites of Kuwait coup and the Council of the nation's reply to him: Adthamatk reflect the pervasive sectarian mold yourself in the patient
19/08/2012 11:14 AM

At the gates of Holiday Al-Fitr which is supposed to be a suitable for cleansing the hearts, returned MP d . Walid Tabtabai again to raise the frequency of "sectarian discourse," through "charges " for the children of Shiites preparing for a military coup, which is obligatory storm rejection and condemnation of parliamentary and popular, amid claims to take legal action against Tabtabai who announced that he had "serious information that the parties associated with Army Reserve sectarian in Kuwait, you are buying weapons from the black market in the areas of liver and Jleeb and Bneid in preparation for the zero hour . "

In an attempt to give his stamp of credibility Ajtzo Tabtabai sections of the statement by the Secretary General of the pool constants Shiites Faraj shoot and in which he emphasized that "the sons of the Shiites will stand firmly against those who ride roughshod over Kuwait and the royal family, "adding that "there are those who seek to incite Shiite citizens against me and those friends of mine because I warn people said himself that his army sectarian It seeks to buy weapons to arm his army . "


Kordestani Vice-Shahristani's remarks criticizing his claim to reduce the share of the Kurdistan region to 13%
19/08/2012 10:59 AM

Criticized the Kurdistan Alliance MP Hassan Jihad Amin told Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, his demand to reduce the share of the Kurdistan region of 17% to 13% in the budget of the province.

The Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani called on to be the share of the budget of the Kurdistan region of 13% and not 17%, latest figures by the Central Bureau of Statistics indicated that the region's share of 13% and not 17%

The below posts were in our 6pm email

Med & Member Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator

Cheeks (5:29): where you going anything to bs about


daystar: I'm feeling the same way
cheeks: me either just change the rate i'm done..with thier bs..


cheeks: right

Mountainman & LoriC "Closer & Closer" Post By Dinar Detectives

8-18-2012 Mountainman: I couldn't be happier with where we're at today. The GOI is going to name the Interior and Defense Ministers, Parliament is pushing the Investment law through, Talabani is returning to implement the negotiated new Erbil reforms and the CBI is preparing the banking sector by updating to the latest electronic technologies.

When you put all of this together it is very clear Iraq is urgently preparing for something big and I think we all know what that is. I've been invested in Iraq for years and this is by far the most excited I've ever been. We are very close!!

8-18-2012 LoriC: We're getting closer to seeing a seated GOI and National Meeting and in my book, that's the best news we could have. Next week Parliament will get to work and we should see some very important investment laws passed as well as a version of the Amnesty and HCL submitted.

Talabani has been receiving updates on the reform paper they are negotiating and seems pleased which is also a great sign. Both the gurus and the newshounds seem to agree that between now and September is a great window for us. This is the first time I've been watching this closely in a long time.

BBG and Poppy CC for Saturday Afternoon 5:30 pm (ET)

VERY IMPORTANT Streaming Call this afternoon (Saturday Aug 18th 4:30 pm CST) - "Straight Talk Radio" with BGG and Poppy - Just click on the "Straight Talk Radio" banner @ and listen!!


Storm69 Chat at Sat. Early AM

[STORM69] This is some info that I recieved last night from a very good source

Aug 18 4:10 AM STORM69: ok, starting 5 yrs ago from today,,,and today is the end of the collapse of the economy which will start a new beginning........The stock market should crash or start to crash on monday..........and all futures expire next friday, --what ever that means, (chuckle) and our dollar should rise because we are buying it with dinar, which should equal the RV........................The global reset should be this weekend

[STORM69] And Ali even said over 1.5 yrs ago----that iraq will never rv untill they are producing 3+ million barrels of oil a day,,, and as of 3 weeks ago , they are

[STORM69] its really crazy to say that this RV never could of taken place until 3 weeks ago....crazy huh

STORM69: oh, he even thinks that the new treasury notes should be coming out between sept. 1st ---

Eagle 1 posted at PTR Saturday morning emailed to us

Eagle 1......his opinion...he was in international banking for years.

From CC with Frank 26 8/17/2012

Greetings to all of you!

It's been four weeks since I sent out the last update. Been meaning to bring everyone current with the news and developments, but things have really been a zoo for us.

Last night, Frank (Villa) and I did a world-wide conference call in which we discussed much of the following. I've clarified some of the issues in this email that we didn't really expand into last night.

This update probably could have been posted several days ago, but we were waiting to see if the Central Bank (CBI) actually followed through with its plan to begin selling off a portion of its gold. 12 days ago Dr. Shabibi announced his intention to begin selling some of the gold in their vaults, but it didn't actually begin until yesterday. This, along with some other developments, is a very significant event.

[mr_shoemake] i am generaly pretty smart but did not understand cruisers post last nite about qe3

[mr_shoemake] did a silent QE3 happen and they are hiding the rv in the silent stimulous is the plan

[Stitch] mr_shoemake my take on it.... the markets are being prepared with the suggestion of QE3 using that as cover for possible RV

[feda] yes cover for rv

[mr_shoemake] Stitch ok so it is a possible Qe3 is not an actual QE3

[Stitch] mr_shoemake yes, that is my understanding of cruiser's post.

[mr_shoemake] i dont care how they cover it it will be nice to have post rv discussions and talking about how we are making our world better instead of what we will do when it happens.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Attorney Yasiri: Diversity of hard currency reserves necessary to avoid the impact of dollar depreciation on the national currency

Attorney Yasiri: Diversity of hard currency reserves necessary to avoid the impact of dollar depreciation on the national currency 18/08/2012 12:55 PM

The member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Hussain Yasiri, to the need for diversity reserves of hard currency by the Central Bank international currencies such as the euro and the pound sterling to avoid the impact of increased U.S. dollar exchange rate on the economy and the national currency.

said Alaasrivi a press statement on Saturday: Although the dollar coin its general acceptance in all countries of the world, but reliable in all transactions is not true, because the increase in demand and increase its value will affect the local currency, so you should encourage the banks in dealing with currencies of other international such as the euro and the pound sterling, in addition to the dollar.  

U.S. oil price rally to score the third increase weekly

U.S. oil price rally to score the third increase weekly 18/08/2012 12:21 PM

Economic / Buratha News Agencies: Futures prices of crude oil the U.S. on Friday on the purchase to take advantage of the widening gap between prices of Brent and U.S. crude oil amid reports about the possibility of release of quantities of oil reserves and strategic expectations of recovery of North Sea production after maintenance work restricted production.

And the price of U.S. light crude for September delivery settled at $ 0.41, or 0.43 percent to 96.01 dollars a barrel, the highest close since 11 May. Over the week, the weekly increase in crude record of $ 3.14, or 3.38 per cent, the third weekly increase, respectively.

In London, the price fell, Brent crude contracts for October delivery settled at $ 1.56, or 1.35 percent to 113.71 dollars a barrel. Over the week, the weekly increase in crude record of $ 0.76, or 0.67 percent, the third weekly increase, respectively.

People with limited income .. Victim of the greed of merchants and shoddy goods

People with limited income .. Victim of the greed of merchants and shoddy goods  Saturday 18/08/2012 5:50

Baghdad / Mohammed Hamid: spread in the local markets of different types of commodities and goods, the absence of central oversight role of the real, there is no specific criteria for the import of goods in accordance with the requirements of the people, not control the quality and tariff Kmarkip, which flooded the market cheap goods in violation of the specification.

Reflected the phenomenon of material bad on the process of buying, as citizens hesitate a lot before you buy any electrical device, it does not trust the traders or commodity, especially with multiple (brands) and diversity, so that the consumer as if the process of catching the front of the absence of point of defending his rights.

Amar Salman, an employee in Ministry of Commerce, said the "long-Presse:" The electrical goods can not be trusted, "Valmistord local buys from the origins of bad, and whose sole purpose is to gain and charge interest of the consumer."  

Destruction of more than 1700 tons of cargo entering the territory of Kurdistan through Turkey

Destruction of more than 1700 tons of cargo entering the territory of Kurdistan through Turkey  Saturday 18/08/2012 5:58

Dohuk / term follow-up : The Directorate of complex Ibrahim Khalil border province of Dohuk destroyed and returned more than 1700 tons of commercial goods entering the territory of Kurdistan through Turkey during the month of July, noting that the decision to return and destruction was confirmed after laboratory results not Salahiha.

The Public Information Section at the Directorate said in a statement carried by "Alsumaria News", "complex destroyed during the month of July more than 131 tons of food and Altnzifah and medical entering from Turkey," noting that "the process of destruction has yet confirmed laboratory results to the disqualification of such materials . "  

Investor calls for facilitating entry procedures at border crossings

Investor calls for facilitating entry procedures at border crossings  2012-08-18

Baghdad/JD: Director stressed the need for investment companies facilitate the passage of supplies investment process when the border gates.

The Director of the Turkish Murat Ayhan company Cape for Bashir/JD/investment business that faces a sentence of challenges in Iraq stands in the forefront of complex at border crossings, which delays the entry of articles for two months, and the inability of the investment corporations to continue to work 24 hours a day, according to the plans of the investment corporations as well as the specific security procedures for the movement of construction materials arrive, pointing out the importance of developing sophisticated laboratories the results appear quickly, noting that these challenges are investors from investing in Iraq.

He should have the role of stakeholders in overcoming these challenges and reach the implementation phase of fast fit economic trends.

Dmcc: Iraqi dinar attracts our attention

Dmcc: Iraqi dinar attracts our attention  2012-08-18

Baghdad/JD: Confirmed the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre that attracted the attention of the Iraqi dinar currency, noting that the Chinese currency currency quality that cannot be excluded

He said the CEO of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Ahmed bin sulayem told a press sheet (statement) that the Dubai Gold and commodities looking to insert new currency contracts that meet the needs of the market, noting that the focus of attention for these products is focused on adding more sizes and values of trading, as brokers and members are looking to see large volumes of trading.

If the Russian ruble on the top priorities of the members of the stock exchange, we will be lucky to look at this, and the Iraqi dinar currency to attract our attention, but he noted the inclusion of such currency since the first month of the founding stock is wrong. 

De. or suffer losses of up to 32 million dollars because of its work in Kurdistan

De. or suffer losses of up to 32 million dollars because of its work in Kurdistan  2012-08-18

Baghdad/JD: Confirmed de., Norwegian oil losses up to $ 32.03.

The company said in a statement published by Reuters: they will announce losses in the second quarter of the year after payment of fees relating to the production sharing agreement in northern Iraq and closing pipeline in Oman.

The company explained that the agreement in July with the Government of the Kurdish self-governing in northern Iraq and repairs submarine pipeline failure in Oman led to quarterly losses of up to 190 million kroner (32.03 million dollars) after a profit of $ 307 million kroner in the previous quarter.

Global companies are operating in Kurdistan to penalties by the Central Government in Iraq and to contract with the territory without reference to Baghdad.

Iraqi ass famous "Smoke," which was adopted by the U.S. Army colonel spent in the United States

Iraqi ass famous "Smoke," which was adopted by the U.S. Army colonel spent in the United States 18/08/2012 12:08 AM

"Reuters" - Nebraska (United States): After an exciting journey from Iraq to the United States has attracted worldwide attention .. Over the life of ass (Smoke) in the state of Nebraska.

Smoke and tunnel this week on a farm Merkel Hills, north of Omaha where he lived a quiet life with a small horse.

"Smoke" kill him "Alhom Skegness"

Page attracted to Smoke on the social networking site "Facebook" Friends from around the world. 

Deputy: the final accounts of the Ministry of Finance is accurate

Deputy: the final accounts of the Ministry of Finance is accurate 08/18/2012 12:00 am

Baghdad morning : Deputy Finance Committee Chairman MP Ahmed Hassan Faizullah, that all final accounts submitted by the Ministry of Finance to the House of Representatives of the past years' incomplete and incomplete �, calling for resolving final accounts for the budget (2011) fully before submission to the Board .

said Faizullah through a statement quoted him (News Agency): No Year reminiscent of the year after (2003) was the submission of final accounts fully by the Ministry of Finance and mostly provide incomplete, noting that the budget (2008) provided the projects without having cover financial her what is difficult for the ministry to complete the final accounts for each year.  

Distribution of some 500 instrument covered by Article 140 in Muthanna

Distribution of some 500 instrument covered by Article 140 in Muthanna 08/18/2012 12:00 am

Committee calls for beneficiaries to promote transactions plots

Samawa - Shaker Alaaajipa : distributed to committee to implement Article 140 in Muthanna about 500 instrument between slides covered in this article by ten million dinars for each family, called upon the beneficiaries of Article 140, which took their instruments to review the Commission's headquarters to promote transactions plots allocated to them.

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