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10pm, August 20th, 2012  


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The posts shaded in green...are on our Iraqi News page
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8-20-2012 JayLee202: Not to debate or knock down any believers of the low rates but If any low rate at all came from any articles I've seen here on DV and other sites was a rate of 1 to 1. I'm staying with my belief of a range of $1.13 to $2.47 (Just my 2cents) just because of Iraq's pride of never thinking small.

This is amongst the wealthiest countries in the world and they would care less what outsiders make off the RV. They do not need to come out low and I don't believe they are going to come out low.

I am no guru and definately not a lopster, just relaying what I was told this morning.

Where I work I sometimes get the opportunity to talk to people from different countries and I have tried hard to find someone from Iraq to try to get information for us all.

I have talked to people from Israel, Jordan, Africa and finally today I found one from Kurdistan and here is what he stated to me, a lot we already knew or speculated about:

Kurdistan is more or less operating as a seperate state from Iraq. They are exporting oil through Turkey via trucks.

Erbil is done, but he stated they aren't telling everyone.

  8-20-2012 Dalite : I am painfully aware of that rumor, as is everyone in dinar land. All of the improvements in production, and they still can't feed their people, and the GOI runs deficits. Why, or how could they afford to take in less for payments than they currently are now, and still continue to develop.

The CBI is required to back the exchange rate at 100%. That is what all the noise about increasing Foreign Reserves is about. They are finally able to do so, with additional reserves left over for future expansion.

Currently, if they abide by the restrictions placed on them by those they have borrowed from, they can support the value by approximately 130%. If you figure on 1200 dinar to a dollar, the value could be supported to the level of 1200 - (1200 x .30).

Some notes from Monday 8-20 PTR CC with Tony Posted by SWI

Tony: It was a great weekend whether you know it or not. A lot of information going back and forth across from Iraq to the US. A lot of things happened in the other outlying countries over the weekend which are moving things forward. We were waiting for the end of Iraq's Ramadan and then the three day holiday which actually ends today or tonight.

We have some information that we should see some upcoming announcements between now and the end of the month. Actually shorter than that, but between now and the end of the month is a good time. It seems like agreements are in place. Proof of those agreements have been coming out all over. I'm excited. They're excited. They already an announcement schedule, they already have a television schedule.

A lot of people already know what's being said and done. One the other side there is a lot of smoke and mirrors and things that are being put out this morning as far as rates, dates, times, groups and things like that. Some of it is true, some of it isn't true. It doesn't make any difference because as long as we get paid that's all we care about.

The facts - viper51

I can see that many have reached a point of high frustration and concern with the Iraqi Dinar endeavor. It is just not with some here at PTR but on every board you go to. It has been a long and continuously trying road with many highs and lows. I will try to give some facts as to why I believe in this RV. Lets look at some of the facts about this Iraqi Dinar venture and what the reality of the RV is based on. I'am not perfect so feel free to respectfully add or debate any of this info. I will make this as short as possible.

In 1932 the IQD was pegged to the BP and at $4.86 USD. and held there until 1949 when due to conflict after conflict interupting progress the IQD dropped to $2.80. The IQD held there until around 1971 when there was major realignment of world currencies which caused a devaluation of the USD which then boosted the IQD to $3.39. By 1982 the IQD had devalued by around 5% and ended up around $3.22 USD per IQD. Some countries did not recognize these rates and bartered rates with Iraq.

Now lets jump up to the first Iraq - US war over Kuwait. At this time the instability of Iraq run by Saddam caused the IQD to become unstable due to sanctions imposed before and after this conflict. The result of the 2nd Iraq-USA war was total destruction of Iraq's financial system and infrastructure. Once the war was over Iraq was allowed to print and issue new currency in 2003-2004 which is the currency we now hold

pdreher): PTR 8/20/12  Dinar Exchange Rate & Buy Dinar Info

Sorry but the articles coming out and posted by mnay do not say anything about the HCL. They merely stated Maliki is finally caving into the previous oil contracts as disputed. Yes it is a step in the right direction.

HCL is alot more than oil company contracts and allowing oil companies to drill. When we see the ratification of the full law by parliament than we are in the sweet spot and do the happy dance.

Posted by Marksman: Very Important - WORD OF CAUTION

Comment on Tony's Call 8-20-2012 regarding withdrawing large sums

Tony made a comment on the call that it is okay to withdraw 9000 dollars per week to "stuff your mattress" or whatever you want.

This might have been okay a few years ago, but today you can be prosecuted for "structuring". This is a crime where you arrange your deposits or withdrawals to avoid federal reporting requirements. It is very dangerous to flirt with "structuring".

[1biz4u] cruiser do you see the release of the lower denoms in Iraq as a indicator of our CE being near??

[cruiser] geterdone over the next month. that has been happening to often. 4 times since the end of March.

[cruiser] 1biz4u If it is actually happening, yes. it wouldbe a real good thing.

[1biz4u] cruiser why would it matter if they are not in control of the release??

[cruiser] 1biz4u Because than the people who are in charge gave them permission to release it. Which means we would be at the banks already.

[geterdone] cruiser Do you think it is true that they "market" is going way down as in a major crash; to bring in the new banking system?

[cruiser] geterdone yes

[cruiser] geterdone I think the banks will bring down the market. Causing a new change in currency, software etc.

[justaguy] cruiser Isn't there a point in time when even a global reallignment would be a moot point?

[cruiser] justaguy hope not. Lol

[cruiser] justaguy to be honest, all is a moot point. Time for it to happen.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Government sources: Sinead interfere with the appointment of security leaders and impose specific names
20/08/2012 3:01 p.m.

Revealed, government sources are responsible, on Monday, that the Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary Hassan Sinead, "intervene" to appoint security leaders through the "imposed" the leaders in the security file on the Baghdad Operations Command and the Middle Euphrates.

The sources, who asked not to refer to its name for "Twilight News "," The reports of high level signaled to the intervention of Hasan al-appointed leaders of the security and imposed by the appointment of the leaders in important centers, "adding that" Sinead disturbed by the issue of the return of former army officers as a result of the inclusion of the names are not known. "


Kurdish lawmaker: We continue to adhere to and satisfied to stay within a federal Iraq, a federal
20/08/2012  1:50 PM

He attributed the Iraqi List MP for the worldwide abolition Ziad cause security breaches taking place in the country to hold the managers of the security file Pinhjhm and their management since the beginning of the security crisis and without taking into account the views of the political partners.

He said in a statement to all of Iraq [where] "Some of the security agencies are encouraged to return to violence and the return of al-Qaeda, because of their actions and practices with the citizens, since there is no cooperation among the security forces and citizens, and this is a great imbalance will not be able through which to achieve any progress file security. "


Ministry of Oil: Iraq desperately needs to oil and gas law because it gives our contracts with foreign companies sobriety and puts an end to the jurisprudence of the oil wealth
20/08/2012 9:16

Said the official spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, Assem Jihad, the approval of oil and gas law in the current period is very important to Iraq because it enhances the contracts entered into by the Ministry of Oil with foreign companies.

And Jihad said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {today} "oil and gas law is aimed at proper management of oil wealth, which are the property of the Iraqi people and emphasizes the coordination between the center and regions and identify the tasks and responsibilities for each of them."

And stressed that "Iraq needs to approve oil and gas law because it gives the contracts entered into by the Ministry of Oil with foreign companies, power and immunity, as well as put an end to the many interpretations that come from here and there with regard to Iraq's oil wealth."


Will the President to end the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil?
08/20/2012 16:17

Baghdad (private) : may not be the current crisis between the province and the center Cassapgaha of crises and perhaps up to the breaking point between the region's president and head of government, especially after the case of disagreement between the parties and which was accompanied by a lot of events at the forefront of closure of the Representation of the Kurdistan region in the prime minister, but some Iraqi politicians are still counting on the initiative of the President believe that it anticipated that will bring a lot of solutions.

Member of a coalition of state law Mohammed Ugaili in a special statement (Gate of Iraq) said that the Kurdistan region may overcome many of the border and the powers and had to be the federal government to take a tough stand against the actions of the province because the Kurdish politicians are trying to strike out from under the belt, adding that the crisis between the Governments of the region and place increasingly tense because of Marwagat Massoud Barzani, who uses all the statements convulsive which tries through which weaken the government and the center and called Ugaili all the political direction to the language of dialogue and understanding in order to get out of the crisis and create a letter rational serve everyone and keep the political process and then the trend to serve the Iraqi people.


Dabbagh: Iraq is committed to the implementation of the sanctions imposed on Iran
08/20/2012 16:10:49

He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh that Iraq has no intention of violating international sanctions imposed on Iran.

Dabbagh said at the same time that trade is high between Iran and Iraq makes the implementation of sanctions imposed on Tehran is very difficult, and said that the absolute commitment of all sanctions practically not possible, for this there are exceptions with regard to States which ties a great business, he said.

He acknowledged the existence of breaches of banking Dabbagh in Iraq, but emphasized that the Iraqi government is investigating these violations, in accordance with constitutional procedures and legal.


Iraq: 40 thousand industrial project stopped working since 2003
August 20, 2012

Estimated Iraqi Federation of Industries of industrial projects stalled by 40 Alpha, pointing out that more than 80 percent of the factories Stopped working since 2003 to this day, because of power outages and scarcity of fuel and the high cost of transport and the lack of raw materials, as well as the migration of the owners of capital.

The boss Qais al-Khafaji, that most of the factories have stopped due to international economic sanctions early nineties of the last century, and began another section back into action after the entry of U.S. troops into the country, but there are about twenty thousand project turned off because of the need for rehabilitation mechanisms and availability of raw materials, workers and technicians who emigrated After the occupation as a result of the deterioration of the security situation.

And the number of employees affected by this stop, Khafaji said there was no government statistics, but without a doubt the number is estimated in the millions, with estimates of the International Monetary Fund that Iraq is ranked fifth among Arab countries high unemployment rate, which is 18 percent, ie, about 5.4 million Iraqis. He added that the most important sectors affected are the textile industry, sewing, construction, food, chemicals, paper and printing.


Mutlaq demanded Washington to abide by the writing-off �MEK� from the terrorism list
Monday, August 20 2012 03:09

Ambassador : Student Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq yesterday, the United States to the implementation of its commitment to write off the "MKO" Iranian opposition from the terrorism list in order to facilitate the transition of its members residing in Iraq to a third country. "The ball is now in the court of the United States is primarily a", "I already gave Washington and promises in the event of transfer (MKO) from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty near Baghdad, it will be removed from the terrorism list, and when it will facilitate the transfer to outside and from Iraq to any place they want. "

The below posts were in our 6pm email

Austin-Powers-For-PM Entertains DinarLand - Post By Leo GET Forum

Thank You Austin-Powers-For-PM for this wonderful dose of laughter today! It is so refreshing to see talent and energy used in a positive way - Your vivid descriptions show evidence that you have been involved in this investment for a good while to have learned these intel providers so well! This was all done very tastefully and in the good spirit of entertainment - We hope our readers enjoy it as much as we have - Dinar Recaps Team 
8-20-2012 Austin-Powers-For-PM: The Dinar RV is sort of like an earthquake along the San Andreas Fault in California. We know it's coming, we don't know when, and we don't know how big. So if the guru's were all earthquake experts, how would they be reporting this to us?

Let's take a look: Bluwolf: Would be standing right on the fault screaming "Any Second Now," but nobody would be paying attention to him anymore.

Footforward: "The earthquake should have already happened."

Dan (Checkmate): Would be talking incessently about why we need to get our earthquake preparation kits in order and why all the other earthquake guru's are wrong

Tony: "It's a great day for an earthquake."

Vic1tgh in chat at OOM&F Monday afternoon

vic1tgk] Many here are siiting on Pins and Needles! When the the room is heated up... with certain questions..that move many to get OFF... Focus, I 'am Bothered!

Do me and yourselves a FAVOR!!! Either we talk with GOOd Governance... or we exit the Chat! I'm NOT...a RATE or DATE... CALLER! I try and do my BEST in interpreting very much STUDIED Articles!!! Either... We BELIEVE in Them...or we DO NOT!!!

When the few providers are PRESSED... for an EXACT Date and Or DATE.... That is NOT ...correct and or FAIR!!! I have always been in the mind set...That WE.... are in this together! I get a TON... of E-mails.... trying to PIT one Against another! That is NOT...COOL! If... I see with my OWN EYE'S and Hear with my OWN...EARS, Then it is MY...resposibility... To Make UP my OWN MIND!!! We are all ADULTS... NO ONE Twisted...our arms into this!!! Remember.... Either, UNITED WE STAND... or DIVIDED...WE FALL! It is your Choice!

Nowsthetime: Monday Morning Wrap-up. Part 2

One week ago, I wrote a post which I called "Monday Morning Wrap-up." As I had explained at the time, my sincere hope was that this was going to be a series consisting of only a single episode. OK, OK, I hear that snickering in the back row. No one needs to point out the obvious to me - we're back to Monday and we're still waiting, at least for awhile longer. I think that sometimes hope and anticipation may get a little out of synch trying to follow one another's dance steps. And perhaps that's the reason that the enthusiasm I noticed last week just feels a little dampened this morning.

BUT wait just a second. Hold your horses, or at least I need to get ahold of mine. I have recently spoken with proven reliable sources who continue to affirm that we are still in the best window ever for release of the RV. Let's go back and review the checklist of RV chores that I've written about in the past. If we do that, we're still looking pretty damn good.

Reviewing that checklist, one by one:

8-20-2012 LoriC: This past week we've seen more progress than ever before. The GOI has reached an agreement and is just waiting on Talabani to return from Germany. The Finance Committee is supporting the CBI's plan to redenominate after the reforms are passed.

The redenomination addresses the introduction of the new currency and does not mean a "lop." The word lop is not even real financial terminology. This is a common misconception in Dinar Land.

Iraq redenominating is a given and the grand debate is simply over how much/if they will raise the value of the currency. Of course we believe the RD will include a revaluation of the exchange rate and the target date is September to January. 2012 is our year!!

[guardian] yes ok

[guardian] yes

[guardian] i saw it a few times on the net

[guardian] was it i think it was there


Tidbits From DinarLand - Post By Dinar Detectives

8-20-2012 Milndollarbabe: The RV helps them to supply more goods and services and rebuilding the structures. A RV brings to them more purchasing power and finalizes their debt release from the Paris Club countries as well as donar countries.

They in essense become virtually debt free and free to begin anew with a currency that has value and can be traded internationally also with more purchasing power. The HCL will come into play giving the peoples monies from oil proceeds and these things will truly benefit the people of Iraq greatly.

Freebird: National Meeting is a go finally!! We have had reports from every bloc inside of Iraq that as soon as the President returns, they will hold a National Meeting and sign the reform package (modified Erbil agreement) into action. The GOI will get this done in time for the CBI make there move starting in September. The UN is also helping Iraq put the HCL into action. We truly are close now. Keep the faith.

PTR CC for Monday afternoon

Another Monday 8/20~ 760.569.7699 pin 157766#

MP3 Freeconference Playback LINK 72 Min

Millionday and RobinRedHed Sunday Night Chat

[millionday] Gulf Air announced to re-launch its services to some cities in Iraq including Baghdad, Basra, Erbil and Najaf as from September 20, 2012. The airline is so pleased to restart its operations to Iraq and expects to fly many Iraqis business and leisure travelers in Bahrain and the GCC countries. Gulf Air affirmed its flights schedule for Iraq: The service to Najaf will start from September 20 with four weekly flights. The service to Baghdad will begin from September 21, 2012 with five weekly flights. The flights to Erbil will operate with four weekly flights from September 23, 2012. The Basra route will operate with three flights a week as from October 29, 2012

[millionday] -MP, Burhan Mohamed Faraj, of the Kurdistani Alliance called upon "The political blocs to unify their stances and resolve the disputes through negotiations so as to reach an agreement and present it in a national meeting to be held after the return of the President, Jalal Talabani, who is currently in Germany for a medical rehabilitation." Faraj stated to "All the political blocs are waiting for the return of Talabani to start intensive political movement in order to bring views closer among the political sides."

[millionday] Talabani has direct contract with all political sides through his Vice President or by his office in Kurdistan Region," he added. He assured that "All the political blocs look forward for someone working to bring politicians' views closer with each other," confirming "The person who is accepted and respected by all politicians is Talabani."  

News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Monday Morning

[Papa Bear] Prayer will tear these walls down and provide a wonderful future. Leave all fear behind and move forward knowing who is in charge

[artmeister1] PapaBear: Any good word today. Do ya think it will definitely happen by end of month??? Based on what you are hearing?

[Papa Bear] The weather is good for a torrential downpour of manna

[Papa Bear] artmeister1 OK

[williamB] Papa Bear manna thanks

[artmeister1] Papabear: What does O.K. mean. That we will see it this month?? Thanks,

[Papa Bear] LOL

[artmeister1] I guess that means Smile, because we will all be happy in August !!!!!

[Papa Bear] AMEN

[heartfelt] It seems like everyone is agreeing [or at least more then 80% of the providers] that this should be done by Oct 1st or, here's that word...SOONER!!

[hopeful2&2] i'm hoping for sept 1st

[hopeful2&2] thats when shabibi lets the 1's 5's and 25's out to be used

[JamVox] I can not see the "The modern debt jubilee" given the people Pre RV dinars. They must be post RV dinars, otherwise they will all be millionaires.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Chief of Staff U.S.: We will not return to Iraq and the Iraqi leadership has realized its need for us to develop the security services

Chief of Staff U.S.: We will not return to Iraq and the Iraqi leadership has realized its need for us to develop the security services Monday, 20 August 2012 13:31

Baghdad: Euphrates News: announced the chief of staff of the American military Gen. Martin Dempsey, who will visit Iraq later that "Iraq told us of his intention to strengthen military ties with the United States, eight months after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from that country."

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki discuss by telephone Friday with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden range of topics, including the crisis in Syria and agreed to hold consultations between the United States and Iraq more and at a high level, and that the light of the common interest of the two countries with regard to developments in Syria and the region was also stressed that the strategic partnership of long-term between the United States and Iraq represent an important source of stability in the region . said Dempsey told reporters before his visit to Afghanistan and then heading to Iraq, "I think the Iraqi leadership realized she missed the opportunity to establish more normal relations with us."  

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan denies news on the health of Talabani

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan denies news on the health of Talabani 08/20/2012 9:27 p.m.

Denied Patriotic Union of Kurdistan news published by some media agencies and social networking [Facebook], related to the health of President Jalal Talabani.

The spokesman of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Jundiyani in a press statement moved the Central Information Office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan today that "Talabani's health is stable and very good."

The student Jindiyani "the Kurdish people and cadres and supporters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), in particular, not to believe the news is far from the truth."

He explained that "the aim of the publication of these reports by some quarters to sow chaos and work on planting a state of anxiety among the people of Kurdistan."

Bahr al-Ulum: the need to form a committee of experts and Iraqi Ammin to the enactment of the oil and gas

Bahr al-Ulum: the need to form a committee of experts and Iraqi Ammin to the enactment of the oil and gas 20/08/2012 12:21:19 Monday

Baghdad (news) : Description and former oil minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, the efforts of the United Nations to be a party to third to help the enactment of the oil and gas and resolve the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil "positive step", calling on the UN to start turn after the holiday directly.

Uloum said (of the Agency news) on Monday: The duty of the United Nations to resolve differences and international internal conflicts and resolve differences between its center and the region to the enactment of the oil and gas is a "positive step" and must be accelerated. 

Oil Ministry: Iraq desperately needs to oil and gas law because it gives our contracts with foreign companies sedate and puts an end to the jurisprudence of the oil wealth

Oil Ministry: Iraq desperately needs to oil and gas law because it gives our contracts with foreign companies sedate and puts an end to the jurisprudence of the oil wealth Monday, 20 August 2012 09:00

Baghdad: Euphrates News: said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said oil approve oil and gas law in the current period is very important for Iraq as it strengthens contracts entered into by the Ministry of Oil with foreign companies.

And Jihad said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} today that "oil and gas law aimed at proper management of the oil wealth that belongs to the Iraqi people and emphasizes the coordination between the center and regions and identify the tasks and responsibilities of each of them."

And stressed that "Iraq needs to approve oil and gas law because it gives the contracts entered into by the Ministry of Oil with foreign companies and the power of immunity, as well as putting an end to the many interpretations that come from here and there with regard to Iraq's oil wealth." 

Throughout the host's central bank governor, for reasons unknown

Throughout the host's central bank governor, for reasons unknown  Monday, August 20 2012 8:17

Baghdad / Orr News: Vice revealed in the Economic Commission for Parliamentary across host central bank governor until the end of the work of the regulatory problem of the sale of the currency.

A member of the Committee Ibrahim Rikabi The Committee postponed a host central bank governor to allow them to be found directly on the activities of the bank from the sale of the currency.

He added that "the Commission will adopt it also acts on the results of the parliamentary committee to monitor the problem of selling the dollar at the central bank." 

Central Bank stopped an auction for selling the dollar because of the holiday Eid al-Fitr

Central Bank stopped an auction for selling the dollar because of the holiday Eid al-Fitr 20/08/2012 14:17

A source at the Central Bank stopped an auction of the Central Bank because of the holiday Eid al-Fitr. According to the reins a source familiar with the "agency Euphrates News) said on Monday.

said Almusdrlmrussel Agency Iraq's central news agency (WAM) that "the auction the central bank stopped because of the holiday Eid al-Fitr, where will resume bank auction on Sunday."  

Early September start project in water meter in a House Kurdistan

Early September start project in water meter in a House Kurdistan  2012-08-20 14: 54: 47 Monday

Irbil (News) : Kurdistan Regional Government decided to cut electricity for any House not to pay the water bill, after the counters.

Director General of water and sanitation in Kurdistan (News Agency news): his plan to install water meters in houses, start from Erbil and the rest of the districts of the territory.

He added: the project in early September next, if not to pay water bill will be separated from the owner of the House.

He noted that the second phase will include: unification my Bill (electricity and water) in one Bill.

A bank adviser: foreign banks remittance offices turned ... And fictional profits

A bank adviser: foreign banks remittance offices turned ... And fictional profits  2012-08-20 14: 24: 03 Monday

Baghdad (News) : North Bank Adviser slammed for financing and investment, wholesome Elias Abbou foreign banks participate for Iraqi banks, banks do not build its considered Iraq's economy but came to personal benefit and foreign transfers only.

He said Abbou (News Agency news) on Monday: there are foreign banks with Iraqi banks capital capacity too large webarbah fictional but not for the benefit of the economy of Iraq but only for personal benefits, indicating: the banks involved only simple and small lending operations and transfer large sums of money out of Iraq and work similar to money transfer offices internationally with significant benefits. 

Deputy for the law: the government and parliament since Cklta Bdaathma way splitting and reject any agreement outside the Constitution

Deputy for the law: the government and parliament since Cklta Bdaathma way splitting and reject any agreement outside the Constitution Monday 20 August 2012

Follow-up - and babysit: Said a representative for a coalition of state law that "the formation of the government and the House of Representatives came in a quota system."

The MP added Hadi Yasiri that "everyone, without exception, seeking to pull Iraq back from sectarian or partisan because of Iraq in accordance with this approach is not acceptable and desirable, but in the real tell, frankly, that since the beginning that the method of forming the government and the House of Representatives and state institutions came in a quota system, starting But in return there is a work of reference in the Constitution and otherwise be the case rejected the Iraqi street. " 

Bank adviser: foreign banks became offices for remittances .. The fictional profits
Monday 20 August 2012

Agencies : adviser criticized North Bank for Finance and Investment wholesome Elias Abou, the work of foreign banks participating banks to the Iraqi civil Mattabrha banks are not built the economy of Iraq, but came to the benefit of personal and external transfers only.

He said Abbou: There are foreign banks participate with banks Iraqi civil capital is very large and profit fictional, but not for the benefit of Iraq's economy, but for personal benefit only, indicating the following: that the work of these banks shared the only lending operations are simple and small and the transfer of large sums of money out of Iraq and its work is similar to the offices transfer funds internationally significant benefits.

The below posts were in our 10am email
National Prayer call Posted by DebTarheelgirl

Dinar Investors! From Apostle Winston: 

Join us Today, Monday  Aug. 20-2012 , 1:00 pm  EDT

Conference Line: 1-805-360-1000  code: 1016947#

Feel free to forward to other Dinar Intercessors
The Difference Between Your Accountant and Your Financial Planner By Nora Dunn

Many business owners surmise that their accountant can do the job of both accounting and financial planning (or vice versa) when in fact, the two roles complement each other. Neither professional can do the entire job of the other.

When I was a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), I prided myself on the designation which took me years of both study and professional experience to earn. I boasted a broad base of knowledge that included some pretty intricate tax planning idioms and strategies. When it came time for me to file my taxes, I obviously knew more than enough to get the job done well.

However, in developing a repertoire of accountants who I could recommend to my clients, I figured the best way to recommend a professional is to attest to their service from experience.

sunshine] praying TODAY IS A GREAT FOR ALL OF US....LORD make it happen today RV. praying

[heyu288] soooo Now down to business...... what in the in world is going on??? roflmao Talibani is back/ No he's not... yes he is... M is under control/ No he's not.. yes he his.... coins out Sept 1/ No there not.. yes they are... gezzzz I'm getting a stiff neck from jerking back and forth.. rofl

[cruiser] Hi and good morning everyone!!!! Why are the banks going this? Could be they need to raise their tier1 capital (Basel III Requirement) Banks Use $1.77 Trillion to Double Treasury Purchases

[meggie55] cruiser Is this a good sign with the banks

[cruiser] meggie55 Absoulutly!! The banks are showing that they are moving towards the requirements for Basel III.

greek1212] cruiser was there a date put out that US banks have to be Basel III compliant?? or is it just a movement in the industry at this point

8-19-2012 Doc: The question remains as to is this reported information real.  As always only time will tell and we should see additional hints over this next week.  We would love to see an agreement on Ebril announced next week and Parliament ratify it ASAP. 

We contend this would start the ball rolling very rapidly.  We also love the CBI pushing forward despite the obvious stall tactics by Maliki.  We also are encouraged by reports the CBI is once again reducing liquidity.

 All this is extremely encouraging and points to Shabibi pulling the trigger in the near future.  Nothing reported suggests to us a different timing than previously reported as September to EOY.

vic1tgk] .gypsymama Thank you, All we need is to SEE...Some AFTER... BURNERS!!!

[vic1tgk] Let me try...this! ((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) TO ALL.... My Family @ OOm and ALL MODS... OKIE...SAMBO...and Fellow, WINGMEN!!! I SALUTE...YOU ALL!!!

[tgbuff] vic1tgk Great Call by the way! Thanks!

[vic1tgk] tgbuff Thank you...Really, I ask you ...CAN WE SEE CLEARLY NOW?

[vic1tgk] From The East coast to the West coast...ALL THE Great People on this... OOM Site. We are IMHO... READY to SEE THOSE, AFTER BURNERS... What do you'll say too That?

[AmazingGrace] vic1tgk tonight?

[vic1tgk] AmazingGrace Any Time is a good time for MICHELOB... the commercial use to say... Heck why not for a CEX... Stop!!! That means... Currency Exchange!!! No PUN...intended!!!

[woodguy 6250] 64 million Dinar question, Are we going to see this alusive RV before the end of this month. It's done, close,very soon,asn,amn, are we?

[cruiser] Hi and good evening As Dodd-Frank Looms, Asian Banks Look to Cut US Trade Ties:

cruiser] Tension Over Aid to Greece Could Unsettle Markets:

[cruiser] Wonder why this disappeared from bloomberg today. It was only on for about a hour: Seems like the lawsuits will begin:

shasta7] Bigdog55 ... just hearing same as usual... anytime from now till 23rd... I think something is going on... it is almost as if you can feel it in the air... like the Phil Collins song... lol

Greetings and Salutations;

You know I don't write these missives because I can't let go of some 'urban myth'. The st germain trust all along was preparing for the 'shift of wealth' of the world when europe was still digging out of the dark ages. The dragons started storing up for the shift, before the crusades.

So, it's not a case of their not being enough. This has been the longest banking war, the world has ever known. The methods of the 'art of war' have been applied and when you have your enemy surrounded, you let them know and then prove it to them, they have no way out, except surrender or utter loss.

The western mind believes you should kill 'em all and let God sort it out'. The trick is, you win the battle but you don't end the war...might take a generation but the war returns just with new faces. This very time is about ending it for all the foreseeable future..So the war is at heated pitch and those who are holding on to the past are suffering masses losses to their forces


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The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Expert: Iraq's economy creates poverty, combat it
Monday 20 August 2012

Follow-up - and babysit : experts said that Iraq's economy depends on the distribution and not on the investment and production, which means, according to one of these experts, that the economy creates poverty, combat it ..

This is what the words of one of the most important economists in Iraq, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed.

Saleh said Iraq depends 95 percent on oil revenues as explained by saying that the distribution started after 2003, driven by a moral to involve the largest possible number of people of wealth, hence the operation of more than four million people in state institutions, a good number if we consider that the number of capable to work are eight million people.


Parliament is preparing to interrogate al-Shahristani, after the holiday
Monday 20 August 2012

Follow-up - and babysit : Iraq's parliament is preparing to question the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussein al-Shahristani, after the holiday on the "file corruption in the contracts of electricity," while the "Al Hayat" that the report of the Energy Commission recommended his dismissal.

Iraq is gripped by a severe shortage of electric power, as the supply rate of less than 6 hours a day. Iraq needs more than 15 thousand MW, while the Ministry of Electricity production varies between 500 and 5,300 MW.

She emphasized the Kurdistan Alliance MP longings dry that the interrogation of al-Shahristani, who was attending for months, does not include the two and a half years of the life of the government but also includes open file of electricity during the past nine years.


Chief of Staff U.S.: We will not return to Iraq
Monday 20 August 2012

Follow-up - and babysit - president of the Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, the American, who will visit Iraq later that "Iraq told us of his wish to strengthen military relations with the United States, after eight months of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from that country."

Dempsey said in remarks to reporters before his visit to Afghanistan and then heading to Iraq, "I think that the Iraqi leadership realized they missed the opportunity to establish more normal relations with us."

He explained: "I do not mean that we will come back to Iraq."

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