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10pm August 21st, 2014    


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DreamWeaver:  Jt, hopefully XXXXX isn't insulted as I did not direct this at him personally, but the concept that Maliki is out of the country and there's some type of rouse to keep it looking as though he is ... well it's nonsensical to me in light of reports and my own intuition. 

And as far as that great friend to dinarians being back in the country. 

Anyone who read the threads yesterday already knows that Shabibi, the friend to our community, is about to be exonerated, so that point need not have been quite so cryptic and veiled in mystery, as there is no way for us to yet know if Shabibi is back in the country.  All of this is just my personal opinion.

I'm not at all vested in any one viewpoint being true, as I'm coming from a purely objective perspective, so Mystic, there is nothing for me to let go of as I'm not holding any preconceived concepts. 


(Thank You For Sending To Recaps)

You are welcome to post the below info if you agree it should help dispel some fears. Thank you!

  As a computer challenged senior I am and have always been a phone person, though I am kind of ok with direction. I called the US Treasury to find out if indeed the Sept 2nd "bail-in is true.

After being given phone numbers to call (none for the Federal Reserve Board and nothing posted at their site) I tried the Treasury dept. who directed me with numbers to check with the fed res. banks as they'd have been given this info.

No, was the  same response from all three after they put me on hold to investigate my questions.

Phila. Fed Bank, Chicago and Richmond all dispelled and I was directed to Newsweek which would give an explanation of the actual game plan for Nov of the G20.

I am providing the link after doing my own due diligence.

I believe this should dispel some fears ( as I had before my calls and research). I  am now passing this on as I am comfortable with the Newsweek's (today's) report. Hope this helps and feel free to share the link and dispel Sept 2nd! It is not true! Have a blessed day!

Peace,   Mary



Guesses to Exogens Picture Clues  3:31 PM EST Thursday

omegaman one thing left...push the button...release the Kraken...

G T Here's the Clues....
The lights are on but nobody's home

Their Checkin' off the "TO DO LIST"

The WORLD is watching and their on PINS & NEEDLES

The Jackson Hole meeting that's happening now IS significant

The TRNs are being discussed (when can they go Live) because the CURRENT USDs are not acceptable


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The Big Call

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter



Looking for answers to why the RV/GCR hasn't gone live???

Posted by Olewiseone on August 21, 2014 at 3:21pm


Maybe we are looking too hard...Maybe the RV/GCR is being held up so those who own large amounts of gold can make one more big killing before gold prices plummet. Think about it...if the RV/GCR goes live, the USD goes down immediately but the new TRN/USN that are asset backed go live.

What is that going to do to gold? Prices go down since the new currency has value, right? So, if there is a big scare that the banks are going to collapse on Sept. 2, what do people automatically do? They go into fear mode and start buying gold, which pushes the rates up.


The Economist explains How Jackson Hole became such an important economic talking shop (THEY ARE MEETING RIGHT NOW)

Posted by EXOGEN on August 21, 2014 at 2:44pm

The Economist explains How Jackson Hole became such an important economic talking shop    Aug 20th 2014, 23:50 by G.I. and T.W.

O N AUGUST 21st many of the world's most powerful financial players will gather for three days in Jackson Hole, a mountain resort in Wyoming. The annual conference, which has been going on since 1978, is a chance for central bankers, finance ministers and academics to talk about the world economy in a public but informal setting.

The tone is low-key: Jackson Lake Lodge, the relatively spartan setting for the talks, remains open to the public throughout the event. And there is little chance of an 18-course dinner like the one consumed by G8 leaders a few years ago at a summit in Japan on ending starvation.


The I.Q.D. Team Connection
Straight Talkin Mike, L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question, Deliver
"Connecting ALL The Pieces"

Conference Call - Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014    8PM EST

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate,  Question & Deliver the "Straight Talk" "CONNECTING ALL THE PIECES" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Economy, Dinar, CBI, Govt & the RV... Pre & Post RV... Followed by Live Q & A

Call in Number: 760-569-7676 / Pin: 769478# or
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911 and Securities Fraud For Dummies...

Posted by Lucky8 on August 21, 2014     By Michael Rivero

The American media has been remiss (intentionally) in reporting on the mortgage-backed securities fraud, even though it is the initiating event in the economic disaster which continues to engulf the world. But while the government can pretend none of this ever happened, the civil suits will drag the scandal into the public eye, and well it should!

For the newer readers, here is a summary of how DC and Wall Street got us all into this mess.



[Papajack] I don't give financial advise but yesterday an article came to light about how the Cabal got laws passed to steal your money in the banks.

PAY ATTENTION it is a real possibility. These demons are desparate. Their kingdom of fraud is crumbling around their ears but this is not a time to let your guard down.

Do your homework and find a safe place to put your blessing. I am doing my checking to find strong banks that didn't do derivatives or toxic mortgages.

There are private high net worth banks that are solid but you have to find them. Some local small banks are honorable as well but only you can decide. Keep in mind these demons are experts at smoke and mirrors, they live there.



tmellraney   Hi Frank. Once they revalue and people start exchanging and the currency returns back to their country. Hopefully they are smart to give a good rate to counteract the inflation. That why IMO the rate should be high. To balance against inflation and still have a good value. Maybe that's why Kuwait had a high rate. It was high enough to pay the countries and pull back the currency to destroy. Plus high enough to avoid a bad inflation once people exchanged

Frank26:  True.......... But many of the OLD TIMERS that did the KW math in the 90's are BACK with o and the CBI.

In the 90's they brought the KW dinar back too high in value ........ Weeks later they had to bring it back down to free float slowly. It was very successful after that wiser move.

IMO ......... 3+ will solve many things but at an unsafe speed. These are neophytes in the GOI and CBI.

I love the advancements but caution to chew slowly.IMO at 1 to 1 ........... 3+ would follow right behind it within a physical year of time or much less.    KTFA,   Frank


An international expert: ready for the development of the banking sector to be absorbed

[tlm724] is expected to join Stnadr Bank to the activities of the Association and leading to the development of its relations with international banks.

[tlm724] pointed out that the statistics prepared by the CBI for Number of branches of private banks has reached 600 branches across the country,

[tlm724] indicating that their capital amounting to up to six billion dollars *wolfwhistle*

[tlm724] what has been implemented from the recommendations of the Conference of the Iraqi banking Lebanese


Subject: Nadita File - 08/20/2014 - The Spin Starts Here :)   Brought From Dinar Daily
Nadita File - 08/20/2014

Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here Smile

Ukraine Crisis : Wiljor reported Ukraine says government troops have taken control of a large part of Luhansk, a rebel stronghold. Also fighting to gain control of rebel held city of Donetsk.
Israel - Gaza Showdown : A-J516 is not surprised when Israeli military says Palestinian militants fired dozens of rockets at Israel since yesterday. Israel carried out some 30 airstrikes in Gaza overnight.

Fighting resumed Tuesday after Hamas fired dozens of rockets at Israel hours before cease fire was about to expire. Israel then withdrew from Cairo truce talks.

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."  Wayne W. Dyer

Personal Growth    Judgement     OMTimes

Shift Your Perspective: On Judgment    By Diana Wing

Judgment is a debilitating practice-whether the judgment is toward others or toward yourself.  It happens whenever you label someone in a general way.

It is a snap evaluation of that person based on your past experiences and core beliefs.  You draw a conclusion about something before knowing all the facts or considering it within the context of the situation.  It is merely your perception of that person, and not the only truth.

When you judge others, it serves to close you off from a connection with that person and from the lesson held within that interaction.  Whether it's about the actions, beliefs, or efforts of another, judging serves to limit understanding.  It also directs negativity at that person.  Live and let live to avoid judgment.

To read more please visit our WISE WORDS page




RANSOM � August 21st, 2014, 2:09 am 

It's time to learn a new catch phrase family .... Can you say MTE.....(Mid Term Elections)

We've waited for Maliki to be removed....

We're watching the new government form...

We're hearing from the CBI...

We are aware of a three day weekend approaching....

And now hopefully the events will unfold for the success of the MTE..
Can you say... Mid Term Elections? Where the democrats hope to regain power?

What better way to gain points with the US citizens than to see economic growth from the RV....
Another one to caulk up to T. I. M. I. N. G

To Judge or Not to Judge    By Carl Studna

That is the question! Is it possible that at the route of most physical, emotional and mental dis-ease and discomfort lay some form of judgment? When we hold onto any form of judgment toward ourselves or others, we create a constriction in our entire continence.

Our bodies tighten, our thoughts become muddled with defense and our emotions bring forward dark clouds of resentment, anger, and depression.

So why do we choose to take this path of doom and gloom so readily throughout our daily lives? Judgment is such a pervasive response, akin to a knee-jerk reaction.

To read more please visit our WISE WORDS page.


    Millionday 8/20/14   Part 2

        [millionday] HERE WE GO

        [millionday] Economist calls for the adoption of regulations needs in a move designed to facilitate the granting of import licenses and reduce fraud and to maintain the smooth flow of imports, the Ministry of Commerce on the application of the system of "single window"

.aota at a time in which he stressed economic expert on the need to develop statistically clear to the country's needs of consumer goods and services,

precedes the procedures for the granting Alajazac.alkhbayr economic Mahmoud Alloush stressed the importance of taking into account the reality of the national output in the granting of import licenses preceded regulations specify goods needed by the country,

according to the specialty, any grant for each dealer, according to his specialty, viewing it as "regulatory process."

Millionday Wednesday Night News Part 1

   Millionday 8/20/14   Part 1

        [millionday] confirmed the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank International decaffeinated Wishart that Iraq has investment opportunities are large and this requires the availability of local banks sober able to meet the requirements of these investments .

jae it in an interview with him in front of a gathering of experts banks and their directors and members of the Association private banks in Iraq, and expressed hope that beyond the banks of civil obstacles that hinder their growth and development. and on the question of (morning) for areas that can be provided to the banking SECTOR



[SpecialAgentGibbs] Here's the post that is causing the stir.....

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Vinman August 20, 2014 Be careful to navigate the traps from the bank bail-ins projected on Sept. 2 Watch US Fed calendar for Sept 2 changes after 9am. Vietnam banking currency bill takes effect on Sept 2 as well.

[sagefemme] what the helk is a bail in.... i understand bail out but bail in please explain if you can

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Here's a synopsis posted by Sednet1....<<< Please be aware; The Frank/Dodd Act is law. The top five banks: Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Wells-Fargo and 5th Third all have trillions of dollars invested in derivative trades. The courts have ruled that banks involved in derivative trades are required by law to place the derivative trade ahead of all depositors.



Who did what to stop the roll out of the GCR on 8/18?

Theory Posted by Donna S. on August 20, 2014

The roll out started on 8/18 per Exo intel.  Tony and DC talked about someone going to far that stopped it.  Hmmmm....I have a possible scenario.  Please let me explain.  On 8/18 President Obama was to deliver a speech and it was reported that no one knew what it was about.  I believe it was a pre recorded speech, and I believe it was to be the announcement of the gold and asset backed currency.  

What happened to that recorded speech?  I am proposing that whomever Tony and DC were talking about when they said they had gone to far, they were talking about someone stopping the airing of that announcement.  I don't know how they stopped it, maybe taking the tape, destroying it or some other means.

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