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11am August 22nd, 2015

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MIllionday News Time 8/21/15

Welcome to for News Time with Millionday!

Millionday: Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib said the new projections announced by the International Monetary Fund to increase the Iraqi economic growth rate until the end of this year by 0.5% in line with reforms aimed at reducing operating expenses package.

The International Monetary Fund forecast on Wednesday, the Iraqi economy growth of 0.5% by the end of this year, thanks to expansion in the oil sector, and increase the contraction of economic activity in the non-oil.

Post From Chat Room 8-21-15
Wealthwatch Afternoon Chat  8-21-15 

Fit2beFit: "We categorically reject and postpone work this time for the Law of the customs tariff because it is one of the important economic laws of the country, because he Seder big money of the state and stimulating the economy."

Fit2beFit: Deputy: we refuse to stop the work of customs tariff Fri Aug 21 2015 08:45 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad It refused to economic and investment commission in Parliament, to stop the work of customs tariff, as pointed out that activated Cedar money and stimulating the economy. "

 A member of the committee MP Ali Mohammed told JD: "There are demands by some quarters to postpone the work of customs tariff," noting that "the law has been postponed since 2010 has been activated with the beginning of the month of the current year."

Round Table Chat w/BGG (mid-day) 8-21-15

 Welcome to for Round Table with BGG!!

BGG: Sadr's movement calls for Maliki to surrender to eliminate

BGG: The political body of the Sadrist movement Nuri al-Maliki called for a surrender to justice. The authority said in a statement; that "al-Maliki on the surrender of the judiciary and to appear before the competent court and face the charges against him." She said the body; "The court will determine guilt or innocence of al-Maliki."

Thanks My Ladies for letting us share from your private chatroom


Fears over global slowdown hammer US stocks for 2nd day


NEW YORK (AP) - The Dow Jones industrial average has plunged more than 530 points and is in a correction amid a global sell-off sparked by fears about China's slowing economy. Oil tumbled below $40 per barrel for the first time since the financial crisis.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell to 16,459.75, and ended down 3.1 percent on Friday. The Standard & Poor's 500 index dropped 64.84 points, or 3.2 percent, to 1,970.89. The Nasdaq slid 171.45 points, or 3.5 percent, to 4,706.04.

The Dollar Will Not Be Overthrown in October (Part II)

The Dollar Will Not Lose Reserve Status In October

POSTED   AUGUST 20, 2015

As we explained yesterday, including the yuan in the IMF's Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket will not disrupt the international monetary system and will not overthrow the dollar as the leading global reserve currency.

 But it is an important sign of respect and does represent enhanced prestige, which China desperately wants.

The U.S. has veto power over the IMF's decision to include the yuan in the SDR. The U.S. has used its clout to put China on its best behavior before the decision is made. 

This means China has to put an end to its currency war with the U.S. and peg the yuan to the dollar. China has done this at an exchange rate of about 6.2-to-1.


  • The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
    Post From Chat Room 8-21-15
    Wealthwatch Morning Chat  8-21-15

    chattels: Official statement: National Alliance leaders affirm their support for the reforms and beaten with an iron fist on the spoilers 21.8.2015 10:52 Official statement: '

    National Alliance leaders affirm their support for the reforms and beaten with an iron fist on the spoilers [Baghdad-where] the National Alliance leaders stressed the need to support the current reforms and beaten with an iron fist on the spoilers 

    A statement by the Office of the Prime Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "alliance president and Foreign Minister al-Jaafari chaired a meeting of the leaders of the National Alliance in his office in Baghdad on Tuesday in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and Nuri al-Maliki, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, and Hadi Ameri, and Hussain al-Shahristani, and Prince Kanani, and Ammar Tohme, and Khaled al-Asadi, and Faleh al-Fayad, 



    Martha:   8/21 part 2 basket of currencies sooner than later

    I forgot some additional information. Do you all realize that everything that has happened this year is really a repeat of last year? (deja vu?)

    There has been a lot of repeat information from one year ago and the time frames almost match those of last year. What I would say is what should have been... is now.

    IMO- China wants very badly to ascend as a reserve currency but at the same time it is part of a bigger plan that was designed by the IMF that was created in 2012 for 2014? But if you see the numbers are actually for this year 2015!

    With that being said,it has been a difficult year for the world and its leaders.

    So here is what I did said in the past and am now saying: (Please go back are re-read my news letters) ( Mnt Goat's Posts at Recaps)

    a. In the past I said - Do not even expect ANY window for an RV until as least a June 2015 timeframe. This does not even say there was a window, does it? Go back and re-read my news letters. This statement was predicated on the fact of a June second Paris Conference to take place. This was an evaluation of the Iraq progress by debtor nations and the IMF. At that time many gurus were saying any day, any time for an RV. I said Really? I told you this was ridiculous since there was still so much progress to be made on these reforms and they were not even having a status meeting on them until mid June. Oh, but these same gurus told you these reforms were all done, as they now also tell you. Really?

    Then why so many articles on this topic telling us otherwise? I can back up everything I tell you with FACTS not some "intel" from some "secret " sources from Iraq and the government.

    b.Then when June came and news from the Paris Conference was publicized, Iraq told us that many of the reforms needed for currency reform had timeframes of mid August to mid September, having September as the outer most timeframe for the reconciliation reforms to be completed.

    (Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

    UU6731 - "Week Ending Update 8/21" by Mnt Goat

    Hello Everyone,

    Many intel gurus have said the news from Iraq was scarce this week. Really? You have to be kidding me !

    The news has never greater as these reforms progress. Maybe some should consider getting new sources and change their "secret" contacts for their source of information?

    Today's News

    Today is Friday August 21st and still we have no news of an RV.     

    So the news of this week is the coming of the second set of reforms as Abadi promised. Like I have been saying now for many, many months - watch for the completion of these reforms and you will see the light at the end of this RV tunnel.

    So what are these recent reforms?

    aggiedad77 » August 21st, 2015,

    Friday News Summaries and Commentaries

    Wow we woke up this morning to see a photo of Maliki sitting to the right of PM Abadi....did that surprise you.....really....we've been taught that we keep our friends close....but our enemies why be surprised....

    This was a meeting for playing "Red Rover Red Rover".....remember that game.....Maliki wanted to come over to the team that is leading Iraq....but he was rebuffed when he ran to them....they held fast and he was told no....not had your did his thugs that attended the meeting as well.....strong news from the clerics today in support of reforms and of Abadi.

    Jaafari presides over a meeting of the alliance to support the government's reforms and respond to the demands of the demonstrators


    Iko Ward :
    ( Early Friday AM)  GM Sugar, Markets down again. China down 4.27%. Japan down 3%. Africa down 3%. This can't go on much longer without somebody saying enough is enough.

    : another bad day you think iko. Iko Ward wrote 3h ago For the markets? Yes. For us, maybe not.

    Iko Ward :I don't know if you guys are reading Tony Robbin's book, but if I had all my money in Mutuals right now I'd be one nervous Nellie. Nothing to do now except wait for 7AM polling. GN

    Iko Ward
    :  UK..wish I knew the actual boiling point of Wall Street. Maybe we'll find out in a few hours. Back to bed, guys...later.

    The dollar won't lose its reserve currency status in October

    James Rickards, The Daily Reckoning

    Aug. 20, 2015, 8:37 PM

    Blogs, newsletters, and inboxes are cluttered with dire warnings about an event in October 2015. That will supposedly overthrow the dollar as the global reserve currency and cause a catastrophic meltdown of the international financial system. In fact, nothing of the kind is about to happen.

    There are important and significant events happening behind the scenes in the international monetary system. Monetary elites are meeting in Washington, Beijing and Lima, Peru. Decisions are being made that will impact global capital markets in the years to come, and there is a plan underway to solve the global debt problem by stealing your money through inflation.