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10am, August 22nd, 2012  


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Good Morning Dinarland,

Rock bottom is good solid ground, and a dead end street is just a place to turn around.  Hang on - we know this is very near .-HANG ON if you feel you are hitting the dead end = TURN AROUND keep moving the target is in site! Hugs everyone!

I encourage you today - release ALL disappointments - release and let go of everything you thought didn't come to pass -

BELIEVE  like you have never been disappointed.

EXPECT like you have never been disappointed.  

You can do it, it is a choice - one you often have to make numerous times...but nevertheless it IS a choice - choose to expect what God says and nothing less.

GREAT EXPECTATION - that is what God is calling for and He knows you can do it - come up higher - expect great things...they are there...if you only expect them.

Chuck Pearce: Thus sayeth the Lord "I am coming with a diamond head drill-bit to break through that hard pan that has held back what needs to be loosed for Kingdom advancement this hour.  

Thomas said "if I see in the natural, I will believe"; but I say " believe and you will see." What are you seeing with your spiritual eyes in your present circumstance?
This is what I see for you. I see break through, victory, abundant provisions, miracles, spiritual inheritance and the supernatural reality of My Presence manifesting in your life. If you can come into agreement with what I see, then believing what you see will release its reality. The same Spirit that raised Me from the grave lives in you, so turn to Me. Receive My embrace. Receive My love. Let Me press My heart against yours and fill you with My Holy fire, compassion and destiny. Come My Love and walk with Me by faith; for it is the eyes of faith that will guide you forward.


[~healthy3] I must say even though there is no intel coming in, the education that guys like JW, cruiser, dealdoctor, Jeff and etc. are giving us really helps to understand this process a little better ty

dckb75] Anyone notice the CBI still has not updated since the 16th?

BigB] One has to remember that everyday we don't see the RV, we are on day closer!

[2012jesus] BigB i got 2 calls from good sources ,saying this week and if not by sept 5 ,,but both think sooner

[BigB] 2012jesus I like that kind of talk!!!!!!

[BigB] 2012jesus Cruiser thinks this week also. I have always felt a weekend would be more likely than a weekday.

[2012jesus] BigB iraq loves fridays ,,this friday look s great

[BigB] 2012jesus I'm totally OK with this Friday - I will keep my calendar open.

[2012jesus] BigB me to

cruiser] Hi and good morning everyone!!! Is China Already in the Midst of Stimulus No. 2?

[Precious] August 21, 2012 Thomson Reuters Corp.'s electronic trading platform, one of the two largest systems used by currency traders around the world, experienced an outage Tuesday. A system notice sent to Thomson Reuters's clients said the firm's currency- matching service was unavailable between 2:47 p.m. EDT and 4:30 p.m. Despite the global reach of the outage, traders noted little market impact. "We have identified the cause of this disruption in a third-party database and have made sure extra controls are in place to ensure there is no repeat of this occurrence," a spokesman for the company said in an email.

[Precious] hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

[Precious] Trade Bank of Iraq- first bank in Iraq to join Thomson Reuters global foreign exchange trading service Baghdad & Dubai - Thomson Reuters today announced the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) will be the first bank in Iraq to connect to the international foreign exchange (FX) community using Thomson Reuters Dealing trading service. This deal reinforces Thomson Reuters strong position in the FX dealing space and further expands its global dealing community. (old article)

BWM: the whole purpose is to get ppl ready to "BREAK FREE" once this is done... we know the relationships you have formed are special but we also want you prepared in every way for this to be over...  

4formizzou: BWM oh trust me, I am very prepared for this to be over! :-)  

dinarrocks: BWM I AM prepared in EVERY way for this to be OVER, as in "OVER & OUT!!!rofl

BWM: 4formizzou dinarrocks well it will be easy hopefully when this if finally done

BWM: dinarrocks good question... we really won't know... I have explained what I believe both "options" for code cashin to be... first, the code would change the rate, second, the screen would be blank until code is entered... THIS of course IF THE CODES really work  

8-21-2012 Dinar Updates:   BGG Dinar Updates Mod Call

MP3 Replay Link

Mod Team Conference Call Playback With BGG, XXXXXX, Newmonies, Milndollarbabe, SWFloridaGuy, Double B, Mona Lisa, CoolSpot, Satrib, Basejmpr99, Chattels, Leonardo, Loveit2, Rileyjones, Sugar Pie & more. 

530-881-1400 PIN - 231766
Foot Forward  BIG CALL  Replay  (760)569-7699 Pin: 169061# (Current recording only)
Runtime 107 Min     MP3 Recording LINK

8-21-2012 Intel Guru Footforward   A lot coming out is smoke, there isn't bad news out there.  A lot of good words coming out. When they talk about the removal of the zeros, they are taking the 3 zero notes out of circulation.  They are not talking about making the currency worthless.

 Our money will be worth what is printed on them.   It's always been in the plan to revalue the dinar, they need to pay for the war, they are desperate to have control of their country back. 

We are looking for this to happen shortly.  China is one of the countries that is making the biggest push for this to happen.  This is out of Iraq's hands, we are not waiting for sanctions to be lifted, chapter 7 to be lifted.  My contact is directly involved in this process, not second hand info.  Something needs to happen sooner rather than later.
Tues 9 PM w/DAN 760-569-7699    187369#

Mp3 Freeconference Playback   LINK    64 Min
The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Washington delivered the first batch of F-16 fighter jets to Iraq in 2014 
22/08/2012 07:55 AM

Babinaoz - agencies: receives Iraq in September 2014 the first batch of American fighters F-16, according to U.S. officials said on the occasion of the visit of Prime Joint Chiefs of Staff to Baghdad.

According to these officials, who preferred anonymity, the United States and so far approved sell Iraq $ 12 billion weapons and training contracts, including 36 fighter F -16.
, adding that Iraq also willing to get radars new and more air defense systems.

The announcement came on the delivery of F-16s to Iraq in time to visit the Chief of Staff U.S. Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey Baghdad. General held talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his Iraqi counterpart, Gen. Babacar Zebari.

, the first visit to Iraq since the end of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of December last year.


Maliki Dempsey: Hurry arming the security forces to secure Iraq
22/08/2012 07:57 AM

Babinaoz - Agencies: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki when he met Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the U.S. military on the need to accelerate the pace of arming the Iraqi security forces, helping to secure Iraq's sovereignty over the entire land and waters and airspace.

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki in his official office Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, and his accompanying delegation. And, according to a government statement for "Twilight News", that al-Maliki stressed the need to accelerate the pace of arming the Iraqi security forces, helping to secure Iraq's sovereignty over the entire land and waters and airspace.

Maliki said that "the strategic framework agreement painted all these tracks and we monitor the implementation of what was agreed upon, whether in the field of military cooperation and armaments or in other areas," stressing that "building the capacity of Iraq and equip troops with modern equipment so as to ensure its goals defense contributes to the stability of the region and its stability."


Awadi: the provincial government not to contribute to the destruction of the Iraqi economy lure oil companies to work in the province fictional profits
08/22/2012 1:41 pm

He called for a coalition of state law, Ihsan al-Awadi, the Kurdistan Regional Government not to contribute to the destruction of the Iraqi economy Bagraha for oil companies to operate in the Kurdistan region fictional profits.

Awadi said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {} on Wednesday that "the Kurdistan Regional Government followed a wrong policy by giving oil companies astronomical sums to work the oil field in the region to the detriment of the Iraqi economy in general."

He added that "a lot of foreign companies investing in the oil field began selling its stakes in areas of southern Iraq and resort to work in Kurdistan because the provincial government granted astronomical profits are radically different from what gives him the Government Center."
Read More Link on Right



A member of the parliamentary Finance: accusations against the central bank similar to the rest of the political independent bodies
08/22/2012 11:00 am

A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee accusations against officials at the central bank with corruption as "political".

A member of the Committee Iraqi List MP Ahmed electrodes told all of Iraq [where] "I do not think there are irregularities or health of what was raised from charges and excesses of officials at the central bank operations money laundering or the financing of terrorism which fall within the political pressures and certain destinations."

He added that "these accusations and pressures on the central bank similar to what has been practiced against some independent bodies."


Kurdish MDC is optimistic that the national meeting
08/22/2012 10:59 AM

Expressed Kurdish opposition MDC pessimistic attitudes of the possibility of holding a national meeting, which renewed the call to be held by President Jalal Talabani, three days before.

A member of the movement Mohamed Tawfik "We do not know what this was based on President Jalal Talabani and talked about the possibility of holding a national meeting after the holiday." Tawfiq said that the "political positions on the same have not undergone something new even say that there is a possibility to hold a national meeting after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr."


Sadiq gum: After the end of the crisis, we will see who is working for Iraq and is working to create crises
08/22/2012 10:10 AM

The MP said the coalition of state law approved gum after ending the current crisis, we will see the blocks that work for Iraq and resolving crises and are working to create crises and put obstacles in front of not solved. "

He added frankincense told all of Iraq [where] today that "that puts obstacles represents foreign agendas, a trader policy and A�mh Iraqi people's interests, noting that" he will be inviting all the political blocs to put recent paper comprehensive reforms and will be the fertile ground for a national meeting expected post-holiday of Eid al-Fitr and the return of Talabani of his treatment in Germany. "

He explained that "this paper overall will be the ground predisposing and fertile for the convergence of views between the political blocs to end the current crisis, noting that" after the bilateral meetings that took place between the political parties there will be a creation of a meeting between blocs doing the National Alliance for Tndij visions and develop a mechanism for this meeting to determine time limit for him. "


Retired: our clip of the grapes we want she entertained us

JD/Abbas the traveler: Retired Iraq didn't expect they will face this fate unknown to the end despite the unified retirement law No. 27 of 2006 and published in the journal Gazzette issued number 4015 on 17/2/2006, and more than six years on its release it in abeyance on the shelves waiting for government departments, even enacted the first amendment of the common retirement Act promulgated by Act No. 69 of 2007 and published in the journal Gazzette issued number 4056 on 27/12/2007.

The tab came law more in line with the articles and items, and clear the legislature's override lapses amended law (law of retirement consolidated) which has not been cancelled, but merely the legislator amended, was the first eliminated, then enact the Act to replace the common retirement law taking into account the legal materials which have not been cancelled or modified.


Withdrawal (150) member of the national accord movement in Babylon
2012-08-22 14: 19: 08 Wednesday

Babylon (newsletter) : Announced (150) Member for their withdrawal from the Iraqi national accord movement led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, in Babil province of Iraq, joining the coalition.

He said the withdrawal in a statement received (News Agency news) on Wednesday: that withdrawals were all counties and districts in the County and they have taken this decision because of the policy of marginalization in which they work in offices movement.

It added: the withdrawals they want to contribute to the building of the new Iraq through participation in the forthcoming elections.


Expert: collecting surplus budgets and reinvested in services will be better than the payment term that will flood the State debt
2012-08-22 13: 55: 45 Wednesday

Baghdad (News) : The Economist suggested, counting all mock Majed funds available in the country and surplus budgets and invest in infrastructure projects, the service better than recourse to payment term projects as it would unnecessarily burden the State debt.

He mock (News Agency news) on Wednesday: there are surplus funds achieved in all previous financial budgets and funds disbursed from certain ministries and governorates and retrieved to the State, can be grouped into a Fund and counting to see total and then being invested in projects that serve the country.


America plans to stop supporting Iraq for Iran economically

Baghdad/JD: Watching a number of countries in the world economy of Iran decreased due to international economic sanctions imposed on it, but u.s. officials say Tehran is still in contact with international banking transactions, thanks to Iraq.

David Cohen, Assistant Treasury Secretary for financial intelligence network (CNN) that they "will continue the unconscious efforts to prevent Iran from avoiding us and international financial sanctions, whether by Iraq or other States."

The US State Department said more than once that "the country was clear and explicit with Iraq on Iran's attempts to circumvent the financial penalties, citing cooperation from Iraqi officials."

The below posts were in our 10pm email
[BIGREDDOG] heartfelt months ago my bank mgr. told my Wife that we would be rich!!! she was a skeptic till then!!!  He works for WF!!  ayechihuahua you want the story.... i caught hell from Gen 64 fer tellin it!!

[ayechihuahua] BIGREDDOG sure, spill it!

[BIGREDDOG] da58 ayechihuahua ok i tell the Wife to open a dodd frank acct. she bucks and doesnt wanna.  i put the paws down and she says ok.  i told her to only speak with a mgr. or above

[BIGREDDOG] she goes to WF and asks fer mgr. .... has to wait for 45 mins. lol she is texting me ... " ive been waiting 20 - 30 40 - 45mins " lol

[ayechihuahua] BIGREDDOG ugh, poor wife!

[BIGREDDOG] finally she gets the mgr. .... he asks her to his office. as they are walking into office Wife  says " my husband thinks we are going to get rich off this iqd he has"  she says " he wants me to open a Dodd frank acct.

[BIGREDDOG] WF Mgr. looks over his glasses at the Wife and says " He is right" lol

[BIGREDDOG] W calls me all out of breath jumpin up n down and hyperventilating lol

[BIGREDDOG] that is my bank story .... and it s the Gods honest truth !!! lol

[ayechihuahua] bigreddog priceless! thanks for repeating it, it's a great story!

BIGREDDOG] its the truth... W would not do what she did that day on the phone if it was bunk!!! lol       sooo we wait!!

[ayechihuahua] BIGREDDOG just one question though...why didn't you go with her? :)

BIGREDDOG] ayechihuahua i was drivin a truck to atlanta!!

The BH Group Conference Call   
Chairman Brad Hebner  Tuesday morning 08-21-12  (transcribed)

    BH: I hope everyone is handling their frustration of our investment with a calmness that always comes before the storm. Today I will focus today on a few key issues as there is no doubt in my mind that the process of the RV is over and we are just waiting for the banks to initiate the process to bring the blessing to a reality.

How's that for coming out of the box with confidence and no taking up your time with idle chatter ? I do believe the process for the RV is over, so let's see what happens.

As you know I have several contacts that gives us the pulse of the evolution of our journey on a daily basis and there is nobody that could make up all these things that are going on behind the scenes, but let's just talk about some of the key facts that we know for sure that will bring our hopes and dreams to fruition.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Deputy of the national alavrhaza of Al Assadi: Ministry of the Interior. And Security Ministers crisis nearing completion
2012-08-21 20: 38: 44 Tuesday

Baghdad (News) : He said the National Alliance Deputy//Hasan Kazim Mahmoud, the frontrunner Interior Ministry senior Undersecretary Adnan Al-Assadi.

In a statement, said Mahmoud (News Agency news): the security ministries crisis nearing completion after consensus among political blocs on many controversial issues.

He added: the appointment of the first Prime Minister of security, reforms, noting that a number of candidates for the Ministry of the Interior, but frontrunner Ministry senior dealer Adnan Al-Assadi.


Finally the Ministry of Interior will buy devices "real" to detect explosives from Europe
21.08.2012 6:13 p.m.

A source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, on Tuesday, that the government has allocated 250 million dollars for the purchase of modern sonar system to detect explosives, stressing that the committees will graduate oversees the process of buying these devices Mnascie European.

Hardware new and Hssp same source will be distributed at the entrances to the capital and static checkpoints in Baghdad and a number of provinces. "And the source that he" will open channels of communication with European countries and international companies to buy these advanced devices. "The source explained that" buying new machines will contribute significantly in the detection of explosives used by terrorists in the VBIED. "


Qutaiba Jubouri stresses the need for the formation of specialized committees to resolve differences between Baghdad and Erbil
Tuesday, August 21 2012 08:45

Baghdad: Euphrates News: MP for the Iraqi bloc free Qutaiba Jubouri the need for the formation of a specialized technical committees to resolve differences between the Kurdistan region and the central government.

Jubouri said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} on Tuesday that "these committees will be able to calculate the amount of oil exported from the Kurdistan region and the amounts obtained from him and sent to the center," noting that "the mass with calm and resolve problems between Erbil and Baghdad diplomatically and through dialogue and away Media for the escalation. "

It is said that the past few months have seen an escalation between the Kurdistan Regional Government and a coalition of state law specifically against the background of export region oil without the knowledge of the central government, which reflected negatively on the general situation in the country and in the light of political crisis and the repercussions and consequences of events in the region.

Click for Link


Motallebi: President Talabani invited to hold a national meeting made us optimistic at this stage
08/21/2012 11:55

Member of a coalition of state law Saad logistical

"Portal Iraq" BAGHDAD : A member of a coalition of state law WIN in the National Alliance Saad logistical Tuesday that "renewal invitation of President Jalal Talabani and officially to hold a national meeting and within the constitutional conditions and under the terms of previous agreements that are consistent with the Iraqi constitution makes us today optimistic in this stage. "

He added that "things started moving towards the political blocs that have understood that the process of continuing the policy crises Tdharha are as detrimental to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki," pointing out that "there is an opportunity for all through invitation of President Talabani to hold national meeting to find solutions to resolving all crises."


Maliki meets secretly Bslimani and final offers training the Iraqi army in Iran after ridding it of Baathists
08/21/2012 5:08

According to sources close to the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that Maliki studying the option of training the Iraqi army in Iran,

said a source familiar with the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the readings: Iraqi Prime Minister met secretly during the past few days, Major General Qassem Soleimani commander Quds Force of Iran after the recent bombings, which affected many cities in Iraq, has offered Soleimani on Maliki training the Iraqi army in Iran on condition ridding it of what he called "Moundsin followers of the criminal Saddam"
and published by Agence France-Presse statistical prepared according to security and medical sources Iraqi, revealed the death of at least 409 people and wounding about 975 others wounded in a series of bombings and shootings in Iraq during the month of Ramadan.


Detection Israeli plan to attack Iran over Iraqi territory
August 21 2012

Revealed British sources, on Tuesday, the Israeli plan to attack Iran via Iraqi territory, noting that the attack would lead to chaos unprecedented in dotted Middle East. Sources said the British in comments for "newspaper The Sun," the British, seen by "Twilight News ", that" Israel is planning to launch a ground assault on Iran through Iraqi territory. " and added that "the attack will be launched from Iraqi territory, to be played by the forces of commandos Israeli navy."

The sources added that "Israeli officials believe completely that they attack Iran this year , and that this attack will lead to chaos unprecedented in the Middle East. " said a senior British official, unnamed, told the newspaper, "We know that the Israelis were very active in the Iraqi desert, and it was their activity closer to training and preparing for a ground assault on Iran."


READINGS reveal .. After the feast, and the orders of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces .. Major upgrade jurist Ali Athari to the team and handed over the task of security Baghdad
08/21/2012 9:55

Decided to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to appoint Major General jurist Ali Athari director of VIP protection in the Ministry of Interior position of commander of Baghdad police,

sources close to the leaders of the Dawa Party, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the changes in the military comes in the framework of the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission on Security and Defense, which included demand a change within the military to ensure improved management of the security file, referring to al-Maliki postponed dimensions and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Intelligence Hussein Kamal from office, fearing that explain the Kurdish forces participating in the government push Kamal step to exclude Kurds from participating in the management of the security file.


Family dispute between the Mutlaq .. Hamid al-Mutlaq wants to be secretary of defense
08/21/2012 12:45

Sources private sparked great controversy between Saleh al-Mutlaq and his cousin, Hamid al-Mutlaq on the background of non-nomination of the latter for the post of defense minister,

the sources said in an interview with Sri site readings: that Hamid al-Mutlaq, a member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary told his cousin Saleh al-Mutlaq need his battle for obtaining the approval of Maliki on his nomination to the Ministry of Defense, and the source said Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq rejected the demand, which led to anger his cousin Hamid and left immediately from the place of their meeting,


U.S. newspaper: Iraq ranks tenth among the most failure in the world
08/21/2012 17:45

The newspaper York Times Alamirakh report has explained the occupation of Iraq ranked tenth among the most failure in the world 

the newspaper said Iraq got ranked tenth among the failed states out of 177 countries in the world and was the highlight of failed states and the order in Somalia Chad Sudan Zimbabwe Republic of the Congo and Afghanistan and Central Africa, Guinea, Pakistan, Iraq ranked last

The below posts were in our 6pm email

Randy Koonce Update - Post By Leo GET Forum

8-21-2012 Randy Koonce: Nothing will happen until Talabani comes back. Najafi, Talabani, Maliki and Allawi need to be present to set up the new government. We're waiting for Talabani to return and for a National Conference. This is event driven, not date driven.

I think once Talabani returns, we'll have a National Meeting and the RV will happen right after. As far as the rumors about people who have already cashed out, that's the biggest bunch of garbage I've ever heard. Don't listen to that nonsense.

When Talabani returns they will have to show the Ministers (which must be done publicly) and the power sharing by law must be in place. Once that is done this should be over within 5 days tops. If you think you can guess the timing go for it but you won't get it right. Sit back relax and wait for the event (National Meeting) to take place. I do think Obama needs this for his election.

The GateKeepers Team CC Info

The Gatekeepers Team Conference Call Tuesday @ 8 pm est 8/21/12

Skype:skype:freeconferencecallhd.7676 or Call (760)569-7676 Pin: 378652#

DinarLand Tidbits - Post By Dinar Detectives

8-21-2012 Freebird: Like everyone else, I'm thinking we may have a real breakthrough when Talabani returns. He's leaving Germany in good spirits after a successful surgery and receiving constant updates on the resolutions the blocs have reached.

It will be official once he returns and then bingo... a National Conference finally!! I still think September will be our month as I've said all year. Keep the faith.

8-21-2012 Dan (PTR): I'm hearing that we'll see it before September 1st. I don't believe this just from experience. I am still encouraged that this is not going backwards.

I know it's about to revalue but I also know that it could go into September. If you own dinar, don't get out, it's going to take place. I still believe very strongly in where we sit, but I don't see it in the next 30 days.

8-21-2012 Milndollarbabe:
Iraq has been added to the treasury boycott list. Meaning they are not being boycotted against, they are being added to an alliance of countries banned together to protect sanctions and boycotts as a unit.

Joined with Kuwait, Saudi, Quatar, this was added a couple of days ago. I'm thinking this was a proactive measure to keep Iraq in line.

FootForward On the Big Call Tonight and in Intel4UChat Tues. PM

The Big Call at Tuesday - 6 pm cst - with Foot Forward 1-760-569-7676 pin 169061# Call will be recorded 1-760-569-7699 pin 169061#

[Shuttles] footforward Nice to have ya back!! Settle in, get some coffee, and tell us some good/great news!!!

[footforward] Shuttles not much to tell. most of what you see is smoke

[1blessed1] footforward have you had any success re canadian banks

[footforward] 1blessed1 not to the level i would like but that will come post rv

[geterdone] footforward I think tensions are high all the way around..... hopefully things are getting ready to pop.

[andisgram1] footforward Are you comfortable with where we are? Do you have any thoughts on Med's post on recaps?

[footforward] andisgram1 ya and i'll cover that tonight on my call. just easier to explain

[annabelle] footforward At times it's hard to understand all the stuff out there. Is this tied to Iraq or out of their hands IYO?

[footforward] annabelle out of their hands




[stlou] ***yes


Thoughts and Opinions from Intel4U Members Tues. Afternoon

[Josey Wales] like all of the sites....the info has dried up, and not many are discussing the latest news.......also...things have been hashed and rehashed over and over....there really is not much else to we keep each other grounded until we hear updates......

[OKMama] Josey Wales I am actually encouraged that there is no "new" news. This tells me that we are there, it is done, and we are just waiting.

captaincaveman ] Intel on Iraq issues and banking issues are all done. Everything is finished in that aspect. We are now waiting on other situations to be resolved. Matters of national security and security of the region around Iraq

WCW] i had rather have no intel than to have a lot of BS that s not true

[cruiser] Interesting turn of events today in the Market. Nasdaq hits 12yr high. SP hit 4 year high. Dow hit a 4.5 year high. Then opps. Time to SELL. Do not think people will like the fed minutes tomorrow.

[ready4riches] cruiser iyo what does this all mean? what is fed minutes?

[cruiser] ready4riches fed minutes were from their last meeting as the end of July. What makes it important is that we will see and hear if the FED is really going to announce anything soon or at least see if there is some sort of plan. Does it affect the RV, No. But what it will do is bring the markets down.

Dinar Updates Mod Call

Tuesday Night 8:30pm CST

530-881-1400 pin# 231766

Dan's/Checkmate update for Tuesday afternoon

Update Call w/ CheckMate 760 569 7699 187369#

MP3 Freeconference playback Link 18 Min 

The IQD Team~~Conference Call Tues Aug 21~~8PM~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Its All Good

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question, Deliver
Conference Call
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 8PM EST

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate, Question & Deliver the "Straight Talk" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Dinar, RV & Our investment..... Pre & Post RV.....Followed by Live Q & A

Call in Number: 760-569-7676 Pin 769478# or
Back Up 760-569-7676 Pin 712222# (listen only)



Please Remember to Click on the"CC NEWS ARTICLES" Tab
On our website
Approx. 5 Minutes Before the CC Tonight...
And Then Click on Today's Date
So You Can Follow Along With the News!

The IQD Team
"As Always...All The Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News
and More...Pre & Post RV...Followed by Live Q & A"
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 8PM EST

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to keep the Dinar community informed with the "STRAIGHT TALK" Truth and the Facts based on the News

Shasta7 and 3SIntel Members Chat Tues. AM

shasta7: NO one I believe is going to have an advantage over others... think of it this way... IF a huge whale who has billions of dinar gets the highest rate given... then why wouldn't the Groups get that as a Large combined group? Remember Banks are for the most part GREEDY...

shasta7: I personally feel we all need to take advantage of these bankers as it may be the only time in history we will... (they would do it to us if they could) this time the tables have turned... just mho

shasta7: I think we all need to understand that just about ALL intel comes from three sources... Bankers, Gov't (agency's), or Media... - ALL 3 I do NOT trust!!! .... I believe in the RV & think we are very close... IRAQ can not go much longer in current situation

Tuesday Morning Dinar Chatter

[Papa Bear] I have been waiting on New Guru with a shined Guru decoder ring to enter the scene but seems there isnt any. May be a should bring out SON LITTLE BEAR AND LET HIM SPREAD HIS CLAWS

[blessedandhighlyfavored] "We've got enough noises coming out of governments and central banks to suggest they are going to do something, they just need to figure out how to do it". If that statement is not positive, then I do not know what else to say!! We are waiting on the big boys to do this thing!! A hit dog will holler

[cruiser] Why is everyone going to the safe havens and hard assets in the market? 1.77T in treasury's yesterday. Gold up 4 days in a row. Silver almost at $30. Oil approaching 100. Hmmmm

[trex] Gold +17.10 + 1639.30, Silver +.42 = 29.23

[2012jesus] cruiser iraq wants oil at 103.00

[captaincaveman ] Cruiser China injecting record breaking amounts of liquidity into economy on speculation of US recovery

[cruiser] captaincaveman Seen that lst night. Good catch!!

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Oil Expert: Intransigence between Baghdad and Erbil cause delay oil and gas law .. And will begin soon with the assistance of the Federal Court and the United Nations

Oil Expert: Intransigence between Baghdad and Erbil cause delay oil and gas law .. And will begin soon with the assistance of the Federal Court and the United Nations 21.08.2012

Baghdad (news): attributed oil expert Hamza jeweler, delay enactment of the oil and gas to the intransigence severe between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, confirming the existence of any obstacles in the articles of the law. said jeweler (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: The Federal Government submitted a draft on oil and gas law and the Kurdistan Regional Government also submitted a draft of the law and when examining drafts turns out that drafts identical (80%), but as a result of the intransigence between the region and the center last legislation law. , and added that both the center and the region believes that the draft presented to him, correct and both of them looking for special interest to his government, and not for the benefit of Iraq in general, prompting the postponement of the law. said: that the draft submitted by the federal government is close to the logic corresponding to the interests of Iraq in general. pointed out: that the solution to the crisis depends on the agreement of the parties before the Federal Court and the United Nations which will crisis soon . and between Jeweler: that all oil experts have studied the Iraqi drafts, and found that the two approaches drafts some (80%), a percentage that promise resolve the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil.

Ihsan al-Awadi: draft rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers completed .. And sent for a vote

Ihsan al-Awadi: draft rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers completed .. And sent for a vote 21.08.2012

Baghdad (news): A member of a coalition of state law the National Alliance MP Ehsan Awadi, from the end of the writing of the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers of the final draft, noting that the security ministries will be resolved after the feast. said al-Awadi said in a statement (of the Agency news): After the launch of the Alliance National reform project and the formation of negotiating committees things started moving toward a truce and agreed, noting that the political blocs working in a realistic manner away from the political intolerance. , and added that the follow-up to the numbers of the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers has completed the draft and sent to the Council of Ministers for the purpose of the amendment and then vote on them.  

Dry: Talabani is determined to raise the political parties in preparation for the meeting of national
Tuesday, 21 August 2012

BAGHDAD - and babysit : confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance MP Ashwaq dry torque President Jalal Talabani collect all the parties at the same table in preparation for the meeting nationally.

The Dry told Radio (public opinion): "The National Anakadalagtmaa or not, depends on the willingness of the blocks to highlight the real intention to solve the problems, as many of the parties expressed their willingness to achieve radical solutions and start a new page in the political process."

Deputy for Iraq: a new political meeting in Najaf or Erbil to determine the final guidelines for the interrogation of al-Maliki and submission of the application

Deputy for Iraq: a new political meeting in Najaf or Erbil to determine the final guidelines for the interrogation of al-Maliki and submission of the application 21.08.2012

Baghdad (news): MP for the coalition in Iraq and Walid Abboud, that the parties (Arbil _ Najaf) will meet after the Eid in Erbil or Najaf to put the final guidelines to question the prime minister, adding that the national meeting just procrastination and "numb" the time will not work. said Abboud statement (of the Agency news): The national meeting just waltz time and anesthesia will not work because it will not hold and will not solve the outstanding problems between the political blocs. added: that the parties (Arbil _ Najaf) would meet after Eid in Erbil or Najaf to determine the final guidelines to question Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and apply questioning. , and MP for the coalition in Iraq: that the mass is moving toward gathering information that will question the Prime Minister to the lack of feasibility of the National Congress and reforms. , and was a member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP / coalition blocs Kurdistan / Rh g Mahdi, declared that the political blocs which met in (Arbil - Najaf) will renew their meetings after Eid al-Fitr to find solutions to the political situation. said Mahdi in an earlier statement (the news): The reform paper prepared by the National Alliance did we receive until now been amplified for the sake of falling the other parties about its position on the real reform , indicating: that the parties (Arbil - Najaf), but did not stop her meetings and consultations it would renew its meetings after the Eid holiday to find solutions to the current political situation.

Jawad Albzona: There are a political consensus to resolve differences .. The atmosphere became adapted to hold a national meeting

Jawad Albzona: There are a political consensus to resolve differences .. The atmosphere became adapted to hold a national meeting 08/21/2012 15:32:34 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) : Take independent MP inside / National Alliance / Jawad Albzona, the current atmosphere suitable to resolve the political crisis by holding national meeting.
said Albzona in a statement (of the Agency news) to: a political consensus among most of the blocks on most of the points of disagreement, unlikely to be able to political blocs of resolving all differences. between Albzona: the political situation, and quiet media political, are opening for a national meeting, in the presence of understandings and consensus between the political blocs, calling to expedite the convening national meeting. was President Jalal Talabani has renewed his call during a speech on the occasion of Eid mushrooms to meeting national and stop all media campaigns mutual and stay away from the speech convulsive. , and among the last few days have seen the beginning of "the decline of the state of crisis," stressing the need to resort to the Constitution and the Convention of Arbil and eight points in addition to the reform paper.

Economist highlights feasibility of measures taken to face rise in Dollar price

Economist highlights feasibility of measures taken to face rise in Dollar price Tuesday, 21 August 2012 10:21

Baghdad (AIN) : The economist, Basim Jamil Antoine, stressed that "The measures taken by the Government will participate in limiting the rise in the US dollar price, yet they need long time."

He stated to AIN "These measures are related to the general economic situation in the country and the control procedures as the Central Bank of Iraq cannot decide since there are many economic and security sides that the Bank should cooperate with to face the high cost of dollar." 

Baghdad and Erbil: Maliki prefers (dictatorship) that runs a divided country

Baghdad and Erbil: Maliki prefers (dictatorship) that runs a divided country Tuesday, August 21 2012

Le Monde: To what extent can the dispute between Iraq and Krdstana that up?!, Clashes between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the President of Iraq's Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, where escalated since the withdrawal of U.S. forces at the end of 2011, which led to speculation about the announcement of the establishment of the State independent Kurdish.

The occurrence of an armed conflict between Iraqi government forces, and the forces of the autonomous region, "Peshmerga" is certainly not a hypothesis can be excluded.

One of these examples of the current tensions, occurred last month when the banned Kurdish Peshmerga Iraqi army national access to a disputed territories, which were seeking to cover the area militarily in anticipation of tensions border as a result of being a region adjacent to the Syrian border, and confirmed Iraqi source that Kurdish authorities seeking illegal to buy anti-aircraft weapons and tanks "with the help of a foreign country," he said. this to point accusing fingers to Turkey, which supports Iraqi Kurdistan, in its dispute with Baghdad. 

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