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10am, August 24th, 2012  


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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 10pm email
More News, Rumors and Opinions at Intel4U Thursday Evening
News, Rumors and Opinions at Intel4U Chat Thursday Night
LJ's Next Step Roundtable Recorded CC for 8/23 from EC
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The posts shaded in green...are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 6pm email
National Prayer Call Tonight at 10PM EDT
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Bdboy "New Opinion"? - Post By BrunetteGranny PTR
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The GET Team Roundtable CC Transcript - Post By Janna GET Forum
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[Diverdown] Gm jw any goods news over night?

Josey Wales] Diverdown keep an eye on the coins, when we have confirmation of them being distributed to holding points....I believe we are there

[booboo ] Has anyone else seen the Hit and Run Movie?

[blessedandhighlyfavored] booboo No, It comes out today where I am at.

[debneureka] What does the movie say about dinar?

[booboo ] It talks about an investment that they can take 1000 and make millions when it revalued just like Kuwait

[xyz] Sinan al-Shabibi ... is on an allegation, placed by deputies of the Central Bank of corruption and laundering money through sale of iraqi currency in the auction of dinar.

[captaincaveman ] No matter which youre Iraq's hands or out of Iraq's hands....I think we can all agree that they will be the one that makes the announcement to the world


The Big Call with Footforward

Thursday August 23rd


760-569-7699   189061# pin

48 Minutes
    Med (8:34 PM): HEY DS




A quick update call with BGG - more "Straight Talk Radio"

[dealdoctor] bluwolf Do you have anything to share with us concerning the situation between Iraq/Iran/Syria as it relates to the release of IQD for our currency exchange?


[hog1] bluwolf : Do you know anything about the big high level US people going to Irag.


[hog1] bluwolf : Was is a good meeting?

[bluwolf] YES

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 10pm email
MP alzeyady: national meeting deadline will be determined after the resumption of meetings of the Parliament
2012-08-24 09: 17: 33 Friday

Baghdad (News) : According to the State of law coalition member of National Alliance MP//Faleh alzeyady, that determines the national meeting held after the resumption of the meetings of Parliament, referring to a willingness of all political blocs to sit at the negotiating table.

Alzeyady said in a statement (News Agency news): bilateral meetings between political blocs continues but no date has been set after the meeting, noting that the date will be determined after the resumption of meetings of the Parliament.

Added: next week will see the dynamic political, particularly after the political blocs has given positive signals to accept paper reforms and want to sit at the negotiating table, which was rejected by some blocks.


Khalid shwani differences on the concept of terrorism in the amnesty law. The law will eventually
2012-08-24 10: 48: 33 Friday

Baghdad (News) : Deputy Chairman of the legal Committee ruled on the Kurdish blocs Coalition Tikrit, Khalid is the vote on the amnesty law in the short term due to differences on the concept of terrorism, noting that ultimately will approve this law.

In a statement, said Tikrit (News Agency news): the political blocs have yet to reach final consensus on the amnesty law, particularly with regard to the concept of terrorism and the extent of the governed article (4) of this Act of terrorism.

He added: the legal drafting of this law have been completed but political consensus on this law have not been making difficult to pass during a short period unless there is a consensus.


Economist: calls to increase salaries and granting loans and advances will increase inflation in the country
2012-08-24 11: 23: 22 Friday

Baghdad (News) : Salem Al-Bayati warned economist might increase when inflation index increased salaries for staff, retirees and financial loans and advances continued to increase rateb percent of money supply in the market in the absence of a local product.

He said Al-Bayati (News Agency news): the annual inflation index in Iraq due to the lack of a clear economic policy in the country and the process of pumping funds by the Government to the citizens either salary or loans are random ways without a feasibility study which lead to increase the money supply in the market.


Kurdistan: America fears the Kurds have been taken into account in the decades arming the Iraqi army
Friday, August 24 2012 09:37

Twilight News : revealed deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance, Friday, taking the United States fears the Kurds into consideration in decades arming the Iraqi army with the federal government.

The MP said Hassan Jihad, a member of the Committee on Security and Defense parliamentary in an interview for " Twilight News "that" the United States took into account the concerns of Kurdish in contracts entered into with the federal government to equip the Iraqi army, including non-use of such weapons in internal conflicts. "

Jihad said that "the Kurds do not reject arming the Iraqi army are part of this country and the army itself but have concerns political that have historical roots," but he also said that "in the event proved Iraq was a democratic state and establish the principle of human rights and peaceful coexistence will be no fears ".


Decline in futures prices for U.S. crude oil in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange
08/24/2012 - 7:54 am

Aloguetsadio / Buratha News: Futures prices fell U.S. crude oil below $ 96 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange on Friday, with receding hopes that the Federal Reserve launched a new round of monetary stimulus measures next month in the largest state in the consumption of oil in the world.

By the time of 0020 GMT, the price of U.S. crude oil futures crude for October delivery October 95.90 dollars a barrel, down 37 cents, after falling 99 cents at the previous day's settlement to $ 96.27.

The price of Brent crude oil for October 59 cents to $ 114.42 a barrel after gaining 10 cents to $ 115.01 at the settlement on Thursday.


Iran shipped about two million barrels of fuel oil to Singapore
08/24/2012 7:51 am

Economic / Buratha News: According to an Iranian source port, told Reuters that Iran had begun moving about two million barrels of fuel oil to Singapore in the first shipment of its kind since May.

Singapore won the largest maritime trading center for fuel in Asia for an exception to the U.S. financial sanctions on Iran in late July, after you press the oil companies working to reduce their dealings with Iran.


Iraqi demands except for his country of sanctions on Iran
August 24, 2012 11:59 PM

Confirmed the CBI that it is not for Iraq interest in breach of international sanctions imposed on Iran, calling for an exception country of those sanctions according to the Charter of the United Nations, on the grounds that his dealings with Iran are purely civilian. transfer center Bri for IMN government, the deputy central bank governor the appearance of Mohammed, yesterday, saying: There is a kind of shuffling papers is in the accusations directed to Iraq on circumventing the sanctions imposed on Iran.

He added that there is no benefit to the Iraqi government from any angle in such matters (any sanctions-busting.) and considered that all that is being talked about is either an attempt to shuffle the cards or stems from a lack of knowledge in the trade deal between the countries.


Iraq resumes oil exports through the Turkish port of Ceyhan
08/24/2012 11:26 AM

According to official North Oil Company yesterday that Iraq resumed oil exports through the Turkish port of Ceyhan after an hours-long stop to address a technical glitch near the city of Mosul.

Said the official, who preferred anonymity, was last night the resumption of Iraq's oil exports from the fields of the North Oil Company in the city of Kirkuk after the repair defect near the city of Mosul and at rates ranging between 350 and 450 thousand barrels per day.


Dry: the enactment of the oil and gas the only way the word conflict between the center and the region
August 24 2012

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News : Confirmed an MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Ashwaq Dry, Friday, that the enactment of the oil and gas is the only way the word disputes and outstanding problems between the Kurdistan region and the federal government.

Dry said told / Baghdadiya News / "All blocks must move away from the style of political accusations and threats to it Atjda help," he said, stressing that "the enactment of the oil and gas is the only way to resolve the crisis between the provincial government and the federal government. "


Economic representative: sell gold coins and other currencies in the Central Bank auction method to reduce the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar
2012-08-24 13: 52: 46 Friday

Baghdad (News) : Member of the Committee on the economy and investment/National Alliance Deputy Ibrahim Al-Rikabi, said the move by the Central Bank to sell gold coins and other money in dollar auction came to reducing demand for dollar to reduce its value against the dinar.

Rikabi said (to news agency news): there is a new strategy followed by the Central Bank to reduce the US dollar to Iraqi dinar by selling gold coins and other currencies besides the dollar in public auction, what makes demand for buying the dollar less so it will maintain the stability of the local currency in exchange for hard currency.

[cruiser] Tonight @ 7:30pm on CNBC there was a report on the Gold Standard. There is also an article on CNBC that supports it as well..

[cruiser] Why is this important? What does this mean? It is important for many reasons. 1) being that it was actually talked about in the U.S media. 2) The Republicans are suggesting it and tieing it to the Audit the Fed Bill. 3) the Republican national convention is next week and during the TV interview, it was to be a big topic during the convention.

What it means is that all of the talk and speculation about the gold standard, is no more. It is a main topic, even thought to the public, just brought up. Expect to hear alot more about it tomorrow, possibly stopping talk of a QE3. Time for the public to know, now it is a matter of how much info they want to get out there on it.

dealdoctor] cruiser Was that just a generic report on CNBC or was it about the Republican convention and gold standard?

mw1973] dealdoctor good thing? considering fed contract is up this year?

[cruiser] Republicans Eye Return to Gold Standard:

[rustyc] cruiser is it time to go to the bank!?

[cruiser] rustyc not yet.

[kids] My friend received a text today @ 5:38est saying big mtg today with central banks, legarde, bis...process confirmed but want to get further confirmations

[diverdown] kids is your friend from HIGH PLACES?

[kids] diverdown the txt came from very high

[MtnStar] kids interesting - do you know the source???

[diverdown] kids NICE I Like High

[kids] yes

[kids] lets put it this way a person who sells dinar

[kids] it was a well organised text

LJ's Next Step Recorded Call

(LJ, Don, Barney, Tim, ST Mike and Debbie) 

Call Details:  Minds wide open on Iraq.  

Recorded August 23, 2012


PlayBack Number: (530) 881-1499
Access Code: 583907#

111 Minutes
The big call at 6 pm cst - foot forward will attend Join us tonight, Thursday august 23rd - 1-760-569-7676 189061# pin

Will be recorded 1-760-569-7699 169061# pin 8-23-2012

TerryK: Couple things going on out there - Iraq is shipping things over to Iran - commodities and money. USA may cut off economic funding to Iraq because of this - if this happens could slow things down quite a bit. Got a call from one of my sources, stated there is a certain currency showing up on their screen, $4.65 or $4.85. Waiting for him to call me back.

[turkeyhtr] if the coins are being distributed to the people Sept. 1, then logically, the rv must be in place on or before the coins go out--

[Dinarblessed] pmw1973 History question for you! What was the date that the RV for Kuwait was announced in the new york times?

pmw1973] on a friday 10 days after ...march...

Dinarblessed] pmw1973 Bingo!!!!

[pmw1973] Dinarblessed march 25 1991

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Iraqi sources: Dempsey's visit leads to the return of U.S. special units to Iraq

Twilight News reported Iraqi political sources, Thursday, that the visit of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. Army Gen. Martin Dempsey could lead to the return of units to a private American to Baghdad to train police and the army on the new weapons that will sell Washington to Iraq soon. Sources said the newspaper al-Hayat seen by "Twilight News", that "Dempsey discussed with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki a new mechanism to help the federal government in maintaining the security of its citizens, especially after the escalation of violence." and stressed that "made proposals contribute to the development potential of the security forces, after processing with modern weapons, as well as radars sensitive and sophisticated and this falls within the agreement strategic framework, which was signed Baghdad with Washington in addition to training Iraqi forces. "


Central Bank announces increase the foundation's annual inflation for the month of July to 140.7%

Alsumaria News : Baghdad Central Bank of Iraq, Thursday, for the high annual inflation basis for the month of July to 140.7%, attributed the reason to the high price of housing, electricity and food, while considered height reasonable and controlled by. said Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in interview for "Alsumaria News", "annual inflation basis rose in the month of July to 140.7% compared with annual inflation basis for the month of June, who scored 139.6%, up by 0.8%," noting that "this inflation went up by 5.9 percent for the month July of last year 2011. "

Saleh added that "the central bank excluded from the inflation indicators petroleum products from the oil and gas within the Department of fuel and two sets of fruits and vegetables sub within the Department of Food and non-alcoholic beverages as prices volatile and unstable," adding that "the annual inflation basically unknown universally represents pressure spending continuing. " and attributed the benefit of reasons for the high inflation to "price pressures at home from services such as housing, electricity and cost of food after prices of industrial goods to the dollar in the base year 2005 by 35%," stressing that "encourage housing and land distribution will ease of cases of high inflation in Iraq. "


Parliament: the new investment law will not work as a result of a law instance since 2006

Baghdad (news): said member Economic Commission MP for the coalition in Iraq Qusay Fri Abadi, that the new investment law does not require activation as a result, the presence of law certified and legislator since (2006). Ebadi said (of the Agency news): The multiplicity of laws on the same subject would disrupt work of the Iraqi economy, pointing to the existence of a law to invest a year (2006) does not require a new law, but amendments to the old law only. explained: that the new investment law was issued by the General Authority for Investment and of the House of Representatives nor the executive branch, but came from some investors, calling for amendments to the Investment Law (2006) instead of issuing a new law is running the parliament does not change anything from investment contracts, but merely "a waste of time."


Alfalh: We have reached a final formulations for three key issues

Baghdad : Orr News announced bloc "National Alliance" to reform committee set up by the weeks before reached a final formulations for three key issues. A member of the bloc "state law" MP Ali Falh "The three sub-committees emanating from Reform Committee set up by the National Alliance had prepared a working paper for the three basic issues related bodies independent and rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers as well as fill the security ministries." and explained that "these committees will raise the final formulations for its work to the President Ibrahim al-Jaafari bloc after the Eid al-Fitr for approval within the coalition to be presented to the rest of the political blocs. " He pointed out that "a breakthrough in the crisis will be in a few days." He called Falh the rest of the blocks to "deal positively with the National Alliance calls for reform. Stressed that the need to reform initiative concerted intentions." But mass "Iraqi" led by Iyad Allawi still believes in the reform initiative to try to gain time. Said deputy Ahmed al-Alwani's "life" that "the political blocs were disappointed because of the lack of initiative of the National Alliance for reform that he promised." He explained that "the coalition did not provide any formal initiative to the political blocs and being just bilateral meetings. Should begin implementation of reforms within the government."


A census would end the controversy over the region's share of the budget and the number of seats in the elections
08/23/2012 16:08:21 Thursday

Baghdad (news) : confirmed legal expert Tareq Harb, that a census would end the controversy over the share of the Kurdistan Region of the budget, as well as an end to the controversy over the number of seats in the election and a lot of problems.
said war in a statement received (of the Agency news) on Thursday : Commenting on what he said other about share of Kurdistan of the annual budget and the issue of the distribution of seats for each province at a provincial elections and elections for the House of Representatives and has been increasing the number of seats Erbil and Nineveh in the House of Representatives election for the year 2010, while no increase seats a number of provinces such as Basra and Salah Religion, for example, and in order to determine the merits of each component in the positions of sovereign and independent bodies and special grades and given the passage of more than a quarter of a century on the latest population census happened in 1987 in Iraq, has been more than four years on the issuance of Law No. 40 for the year 2008 is the law of the general census of population and housing, and to give everyone his right and entitlement and to rely on the evidence minutes for a stake in the budget and the number of members of each province and the number of episodes of each province and because existing data Gerdqikh, It was time to wake law census of slumber that includes its own data statement Almzhba also if we want to end many disagreements and differences.


Future meetings of the blocs will put the final touches on the reform sheet items
08/23/2012 12:59:17 Thursday

Baghdad (news) : The leader of the coalition of state law MP / National Alliance / on the Keywords, that the coming days will witness the meetings of the political blocs will be developed through the final touches to the terms of a paper reform politics.

said Keywords in a statement (of the Agency news) on Thursday: The previous meetings held between the political leaders resulted in a convergence of views between the blocs, noting: that most embrace the notion of reform and initiative of the National Alliance have an impact arena political.


Trade Minister: We will cut off trade relations with Iran and Turkey due to water

BAGHDAD / JD : Iraq announced it would cut commercial ties with Iran and Turkey in the event of continuing to reduce Iraq's share of water.

The trade minister said Khairallah Babiker in a statement seen by / JD /: not left any agreement for economic and trade cooperation in the light of practices and behaviors carried out by neighboring states and dictated by respect for international laws. "

He explained: The Ministry of Commerce will press both Iran and Turkey to give Iraq its share of water and stop the drought disaster that will "expressing surprise at the silence of the legislative and government on what was happening in Iraq's rivers.


Central Bank: Iraq has no interest in breach of sanctions on Iran
23/08/2012 02:27

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network : said the Iraqi Central Bank that Iraq does not have any interest in violation of international sanctions imposed on Iran, calling for Iraq is excluded from the sanctions according to the UN Charter on the grounds of his dealings with Iran are purely civilian. said bank vice governor appearance Muhammad's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that "there is some kind of confusion through the accusations directed to Iraq on circumventing the sanctions imposed on Iran," he said, adding there was "no interest to the Iraqi government from any angle in such things."


Talabani will return early next month

Baghdad : Orr News predicted "the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)," led by President Jalal Talabani, to intensify meetings officials to resolve the political crisis, after the return of President expected in early September next, said a spokesman for the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Jundiyani "The return of President relies on doctors, but was close, may be two weeks from now, "and added that" political leaders expect near solutions to the crisis. " and explained that "the meetings will be conducted by Talabani with the leaders of the forces in preparation for the national conference and will coordinate first with regional president Massoud Barzani to determine the point of view region ". , the expected leader of the Patriotic Union of Saadi beer return Talabani "in the first week of September next," noting that "the President will begin his meetings quad between the National Union and the Democratic Kurdistan and the Shiite house and fraternity of the year, to open a new page and reconsider relations convulsive crisis and begin to dissolve. "


Barzani invited to gather Iraqi leaders for meeting in Erbil once more
23/08/2012 09:37

ERBIL (AKnews):  Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) Bloc at the Iraqi Council of Representatives has called on Kurdistan's President Massoud Barzani to gather all political leaders of Iraq in Erbil for negotiations to overcome the political crisis in the country.

Awena news agency quoted KIU Bloc Leader Najib Balatayi saying they are looking forward for the suggestion to be enforced.

Balatayi said the meeting will pave the way for another meeting between Barzani and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The below posts were in our 6pm email

National Prayer Call Tonight at 10PM EDT

National Prayer call Posted by DebTarheelgirl

Dinar Investors! Join us tonight, Aug. 23rd, at 10 pm EDT for the next Dinar Prayer Call...

Conference Line: 1-805-360-1000 Code: 1016947#

Feel free to forward to other Dinar Intercessors

Psalm 1 King James Version (KJV) 1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper

Cruiser Statement at Intel4U Thurs. Afternoon

[cruiser] First of all. The fed minutes are released and done!! Secondly. QE3 has been released via the market and media speculation. Not via The Fed! There has been no money printed( and there will not be)and treasury bonds were purchased by the U.S banks on Monday.

The purpose for that is to keep the politicians out of it. That simple. Now we are seeing the affects. Dollar is down 3 points since the high of the end of July. Markets are coming off their highs. Dow 4.5years SP 4 years. Nasdaq 12 years. That was all on Tuesday. Now since those highs, the Dow is down 300 points (around). Now Gold is up almost 100 points since last Thursday. So much for oil going t $100.00.

May have to wait til next week for that. Euro, is up. Pound is up. And again the Dollar is down against all. I will be back tonight for a little while. Talk to everyone then.

Bdboy "New Opinion"? - Post By BrunetteGranny PTR

New Opinion Posted by bdboy:

One aspect that very few people are addressing (there are some) is the revenue sharing between Kuwait and Iraq for their new shipping port. Working together...IMO this will increase value to both currencies.

Kuwait rate is approx. $3.55 and of course we know that Iraq is 1000th of a penny. Kuwait's Incentive for partnering (defining/borders, coming to the table, etc) would be a rise in value of it's currency as well.

Port production would be an added asset for both countries. SO what if both countries increased the value of their respective currencies to $5.00. The additional value to Kuwait will be used to pay back for war atrocities mandated by the UN. Win for Iraq, Win for Kuwait, Win for both for accounting purposes (splitting the profits), win for us...for obvious reasons.

Even numbered accounting keeps it simple all the way around. I think this would also make it an easier transition for the Iraqi people in calculating change. You give me five US dollars for a loaf of bread...I give you back no change. You give me 1 dinar coin or on Kuwait dinar for a loaf of bread...I give you back no change...Same Same. When will it happen....of that's the $64000 or 12800 dinar question. Just trying to use KISS method (Keep it simple)...of disclaimer...its only an opinion

[3:01:08 PM] OkieSonShine: ********************

[3:41:51 PM] Kini: Pg 3 Vic ...

[vic1tgk] My OOM and FRIENDS!!! I LOVE and RESPECT YOU...ALL!!! I Thank you for allowing me to speak... My HEART... is Here... in the FORM..of Proper Governance... and Goodwill through...the COOPERATION... within the Holy Spirit... That Protects...this CHAT!!! I Thank ...OKIE...SAMBO...and ALL The WINGMEN...and MOD'S!!! Blessings... Flow, When the Prayers have GONE UP!!! Thanx... To DEBTARHEEL...GIRL! We are ALL... In PRAYER! I want to say...THANX...TO ALL THAT Provide...Their information...through proper...channels! Those that do not.... OK!!! GOD IS GREAT, ALWAYS!!!

[.schooler] vic1tgk Thank you so much for your edifying ! I must now run for appt... BBL

Part1 Vic1tgk in chat at OOM&F Thursday afternoon email to us

[Marshal Dillon] Folks.. Lets allow Vic to have the floor for a bit please! Please remember we are in capture mode!!

[vic1tgk] Marshal Dillon Thank you...

[.gypsymama] vic1tgk GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!

[vic1tgk] .gypsymama OK!

[vic1tgk] What happens if...the Dirt is checked from...Syria? Say it Proves...positive...for Chemicals? What did our President say? ALL bets are OFF! I have called UK! To get me Tehran!!! The NAM...MEETING! Ban Ki MOON...will be in Tehran!!! The 29th... the meetings begins 30 and 31! Ban...will be there on 29th? Why? NOW.... High LEVEL... TEAM!!! Going to Baghdad!!! No...real Ambassador there YET? MCGERK... to run the show... WAIT!!! The PRE

Adam Montana Q & A Chat - Post By KCW Dinar Vets

[Adam Montana] MAN it has been hectic for me... everyone, thanks for being patient and forgiving me for the short chat yesterday

[Adam Montana] I wish I had some seriously concrete news to share, but there is NO confirmed RV or anything else that is immediately pressing.

[Adam Montana] The biggest thing on everyone's mind (both here AND overseas) is the news about Maliki - well, I shouldn't say "news", it's more like a Hollywood gossip rag and that's exactly what my Iraqi contacts are saying.

Everyone is making a big deal about who's doing what over there, and some people even think it means something when they read that maybe Maliki is crooked (duh! He's Iraqi AND a politician!!!)

Quick Okie Post at OOM&F Thurs. Afternoon








8-23-2012 Frank: Kuwait and Iraq both need their currency to be in the $3+ range in order to do fair and equal commerce and trade business between the two of them. I am here to tell you that the removal of the three zeros from the dinar notes he's (Dr. Shabibi) kept a log for it and he did it and he has two sets of books: one of them with the three zeros listed and one without it.

He has to test run it. He is running the country with these two books. One runs the country and one is paying for the bills. This month (August 2012) the CBI said the project to delete the three zeros (to add value to their currency next month) will pass after the end of the political crisis.

When is the end of the political crisis?
The moment that you see Talabani come out of the hole that he is hiding in the political crisis will come to an end.

Vic1TGK and The GateKeepers CC Tonight 8PM EST


VIC1'S CALL WITH THE GATEKEEPERS Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday @ 8:00pm EST 5:00pm PST 760-569-7676 Pin# 378652

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question, Deliver
Conference Call
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 8PM EST

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate, Question & Deliver the "Straight Talk" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Dinar, RV & Our investment..... Pre & Post RV.....Followed by Live Q & A

Call in Number: 760-569-7676 Pin 769478# or
Back Up 760-569-7676 Pin 712222# (listen only)


Please Remember to Click on the"CC NEWS ARTICLES" Tab
On our website
Approx. 5 Minutes Before the CC Tonight...
And Then Click on Today's Date
So You Can Follow Along With the News!

The IQD Team
"As Always...All The Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News
and More...Pre & Post RV...Followed by Live Q & A"
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 8PM EST

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to keep the Dinar community informed with the "STRAIGHT TALK" Truth and the Facts based on the News

Frank's Conference Call Replay Info

Franks Conference Call Replay from Wednesday @ 7 pm est. 8/23/12

shortened version of Franks CC start just past investment talk

Run time 65:23 MP3 LINK

Steve I. & Ray's Update - August 22, 2012 from PeoplesDinar Forum

(Dinar Recaps Note: We may have posted snip-its of this earlier, but here is SteveI's complete post.)

Let's start with a few facts. PTR says that I met Ray at a gas station here in Phoenix (location will not be disclosed as you will all want Ray to clean your windows), DV says we are the same people. That is way cool, DV's Mrs. Montana says it will RV at least ten cents, and PTR says at least $12.00 plus.

So there you have it, predictions all over the board.

All we can share is what has been provided to us by whom we trust. According to both of our sources, the feeling and word on the street is that the new coins will be introduced on or about September 1st.

For the new members of this site, including the current loyal members and the ones here to just "cut and paste" this post to get bashed, so be it. If this is your only source of enjoyment, then God help you.

Here is some of Ray's contact's information:


Just wanted to pass a little info to you about Iraq. Was talking to some of my contacts today about what was going on over there and was able to come up with the following.

They said the people over there are still looking at Sept. 1 as an RV date. They haven't been told anything different yet. 

SWFloridaGuy Continued Update - Post By Dinar Detectives

This is Parts 4 & 5 added later - If you wish to read and refresh your thoughts from Parts 1 -2 & 3 they can be found here at Recaps from 8-22--2012 SWFG POST

8-22-2012 SWFloridaGuy (Part 4): Similar to fixed exchange rates it would provide a transparent nominal anchor, would promote integration into world markets (initially a great move) and would have an advantage over floating exchange rates with an automatic accommodation of fluctuations in world markets for the export commodity.

Best of both worlds. They should peg directly to the relevant commodity which is oil or do a hybrid solution. As I mentioned though, they would have to stabilize the real price of oil domestically.

This would be beneficial not only within Iraq but regionally. If Iraq's economy is developed and integrated into the rest of the world it would help if the monetary anchor for Iraq were the same as the monetary anchor for the Gulf states.

Thursday Morning Dinar Chatter

Harpo: Attention! This is a MOVIE ALERT!!!! I was just at a premiere showing, late last night, of the new movie "HIT AND RUN", A N D, in the movie, the RE-EVALUATION of the Iraq Dinar was sewn into the storyline! Unbelievable!!!!!!! My wife and I were STUNNED! ( and kind of rather excited ! ) -

IMBD: Hit and Run is a comedy about a young couple (Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard) that risks it all when they leave their small town life and embark on a road trip that may lead them towards the opportunity of a lifetime. Their fast-paced road trip grows awkwardly complicated and hilarious when they are chased by a friend from the past (Bradley Cooper), a federal marshal (Tom Arnold) and a band of misfits. -- (C) Open Road

[ModelWoman] Harpo So I guess now those who didn't know will know since Hollywood let the cat out of the bag :.

[Harpo] dwg14 ModelWoman - Good I guess - if people in the audience were really listening, they learned about it for sure!

[ModelWoman] Harpo Were people in the movie living like millionaires, if so I'm sure it caught alot of the audience's attention.

Harpo] ModelWoman - :) ' can't give the movie away -- but it is in PRE RV time, so no not yet!

[Harpo] mbillions -- " Hit and Run ", with Bradley Cooper, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

[Remi8] Harpo I looked it up --- looks like a good movie --- lots of good people in it

[Harpo] ModelWoman Remi8 mbillions -- yeah , check it out!

[ModelWoman] Harpo Wonder if Producer of Movie will be charged a fine for going public with it?

Harpo] ModelWoman - doubt it! Kristen was one of the producers and Dax wrote the script! .

Welcome To The G.E.T. Team Conference Call ~ We Appreciate Our Members
The G.E.T. Team Roundtable Conference Call Transcript 8/22/12 PART 2

[kktwahoo] Historian is up now - Good Evening everyone

[kaycee] Usual pattern emerging
[kktwahoo] Not a huge amount out there
[kaycee] banking scandals things changing in the banking system

[Agent 007] Update on World's Safest Banks by Global Finance: Global Finance | NEW YORK, August 16, 2012 | World's Safest Banks 2012

See Top 50 - WF is #48 and other large US banks are not there

[kktwahoo] Canadian Banks are all there - big ones

The GET Team Roundtable CC Transcript - Post By Janna GET Forum

Welcome To The G.E.T. Team Conference Call ~ We Appreciate Our Members
The G.E.T. Team Roundtable Conference Call Transcript 8/22/12 PART 1

TK - Thanks everyone for making the call

[kktwahoo] Couple things going on out there - Iraq is shipping things over to Iran - commodities and money

[kaycee] Shipping commodities Things could slow down a little An hour ago got a call from one of my sources states there is a certain currency showing up on their screen 4.65 or 4.85

[kktwahoo] USA may cut off economic funding to Iraq because of this - if this happens could slow things down quite a bit About one hour ago -contact - WF contact said a certain currency is showing up on screen at 4.65 or 4.85 Back screens - heard pros and cons

[kaycee] Waiting for him to call me back A lot of little things going on Called my WF guy but he was already at home and did not have access to bank computers

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