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11am, August 25th, 2012  


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The below posts were in our 6pm email
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CuriousB "There Is Risk/Reward" - Dinar Speculator
Goodlife's Reasoning - Post By Leo GET Forum
NowstheTime Bookend for Checkmates message from PTR
Rockfl9 & Dalite Share Their Perspectives - Post By Dinar Detectives
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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
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[devildogmom] For anyone who missed it earlier... I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God bless the troops, God bless America and her allies, and God bless all of you!

laurelei: Great quote of the day: "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet." Mahatma Ghandi

[eleanor] BIGREDDOG Is anybody giving predictions?

[BIGREDDOG] eleanor some say this week ...some saying 1st week of sept. .... i dont really care when as long as IT happens... and it IS going to happen!!!

[eleanor] BIGREDDOG well the IS going to happen, is a certainty, its the WHEN that's giving us trouble

[BIGREDDOG] eleanor just gives me more time to tweek my plans fer post RV!! I will surely appreciate it much more after this long LONG journey lol

[eleanor] It appears to me that as we get near the end of this journey, more and more people are finding out about Dinar and soon it will be common knowledge. I don't think they, the PTB, want that to happen,so maybe the threat of that occuring will hasten the finish.

8-24-2012 SocalDinar: "Economic parliamentary - sell gold coins and other currencies in the CBI auction method to reduce the price of the USD against the IQD." Seems odd for Iraq to sell its gold reserves.

It can back its currency so why? Could be the Fed and IMF manipulating price of gold in a effort to keep the price down. Gold has been on the rise this month but still down $188 on the year.

Im sure we will see Italy and Germany and France dropping some Au soon. A run on Gold is not good for the USD . The Fed needs to keep the cost of gold down.

8-24-2012 SocalDinar: The rate is not correct. It has been manipulated. I don't believe the money supply to be 70 trillion. I dont care what the CBI documents clearly show. I believe the CBI has 2 sets of books.

guardian (6:44 AM):  waiting for the "political whirlwind" to end hmmmmm  does that mean Shabibi's political whirlwind?


rowboat: same here, guardian

guardian: if it is Iraq's that could take a long time



    Thanks XXX for opening this thread... Just for the record and not that it makes me any more knowledgeable about this investment because I learn and understand something new every day, I purchased my first 100.000 dinar in Spring of 2004.

I have slowly accumulated enough to cover any RV as low as 10 cents... and feel good about the time and effort of study and understanding this or any investment takes.

 I have never looked at this investment as a gamble. I would have never invested one red cent if my due diligence prior to my first purchase could not, to me guarantee I could at least get my money back. So I know that I was right in that assumption... I have actually made a little over time as others that got in early have too.

Topic/3sintel: Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.- Steve Jobs

cruiser] Jeff so what did I miss today being outof the loop. I had a great day with family.

[Jeff] cruiser oh nothing much one hedge fund leaving the market another one lost 500 m from an investor and then qe rumors made the market do a happy dance false flags lol

[paradisegirl] cruiser talk of gold on tv today. CNBC had a segment w/ Ron Paul and Bloomberg tv had a segment on gold and gold etfs, with emphasis on the fav position, GLD

[cruiser] paradisegirl getting the word out.

cruiser] paradisegirl They better hurry up. I have only 8 more days on my prediction and I do not like to be wrong. lol

[cruiser] Jeff Saw what the FED did, or should I say Bernake did. What a joke!!

5 Money Truths That Aren't Always Obvious   By David Ning

One of the beautiful things about life is that there are always pleasant surprises waiting to be discovered. Even with the sometimes mundane topic of money, there are many revelations to be had. Here are five such money truths that aren't necessarily obvious. (See also: 10 Monthly Bills You Can Slash)

Always Trying to Make More Money Is the Wrong Pursuit

The majority of us can name a few reasons why we want more money. Having the freedom to spend more time with our families, providing a comfortable environment for our kids, or having a comfortable retirement are just a few of the real motivations people have to earn more.

Yet, the way most of us try to make more actually undermines what we are trying to achieve because we always pour more hours into our money-making opportunities.

The Movie "Hit and Run" Opening in theaters this weekend.

At Intel4U:[catz] Dax Shepherd in "Hit and Run" talks about the dinar. He cut a lot of dinar jokes from the movie because people hadn't heard of dinars. He has a friend that is invested and despite people urging him to invest he hasn't. He talks about the dinar over half way down the page.

Section of the interview with Dax Sheperd discussing the Iraqi Dinar"

" DS: And some of them, look, they don't land, and I just stick with them. There was a big section of this that I did cut out. I assumed more people would know about it than did. It was Iraqi Dinar joke,. The guy I race my off-road car with, the navigator is this 50-year-old guy who has bought so much Iraqi Dinar currency, and he really believes it's going to become worth billions of dollars. I've been pitched so many times, the endless potential of a Iraqi Dinar, it's so absurd to me that people believe this, and so I wrote all of these Iraqi Dinar jokes.

Capone: There is one in the movie.

DS: Some stuck in, but there was this whole moment where Kris and I were in bed, and she's been offered the job, and I can't leave witness protection, and then I suggest maybe we should buy Iraqi Dinar. I have this money set aside. If it takes off the way the Kuwaiti dollar did in '97, it could be worth $300 million dollars, whatever. We tested that; no one knew what the **** Iraqi Dinar was or why that was funny, so that one I ditched. [laughs] There was a couple of racist jokes in BROTHER'S JUSTICE that people couldn't get behind. I left them in there because I think they're funny. Some of these things, you've got to have some kind of commitment to what you like."
Written by:  Mcptrman

A friend of mine came in my shop yesterday. He said, "aren't you into that Iraqi Dinar Investment thing". A friend of his told him it is about to RV and make him rich.

This is what I told him.

First off Yes I own the Dinar and have been buying since '06 and now hold more than the average person. BUT, I don't look at this as an investment but rather as a gamble.

When I bought my first Dinar the country was threatening a civil war, no government in place, killings every day. As the years went by things kept getting better and better so I gradually increased my holdings.

There seems to be some confusion on my comments about Sadam and some other
leaders who have been removed from power in recent memory in the middle east.
Sadam and others did many horrific and inexcusable things, killed an untold number
of people, and were brutal, horrible dictators. HOWEVER.....
That is not why these men were removed as leaders. The powers that be didnt care
that they were killing people or that they were dictators. No...they were removed from
power because they dared to plan to use something other then the USD to buy and sell
oil. THAT is why they were removed from power. If people were really removed because of the fact they are just brutal dictators....the US would be in Syria already and there would be intervention in Egypt right now as well. Thats the point I was trying to make.

justaguy] This stupid revaluation is making the Department of Motor Vehicles look like the model of effeciency!
[pat888] On the movie "Hit & Run" that came out on 8/22 which included the IQD's something interesting - it was originally suppose to come out on 8/24 .

 [mimi3] BOBGETZ6 BOBGETZ6 BOBGETZ6 I always love to hear what you are thinking!!???? so what do you think?

[BOBGETZ6] mimi3 I am thinking that we are as ready as we can be, just waiting for the decision to be made.

buckwheat] xyz Here is the PTR call today abbreviated version.

It is only 8 minutes long because I think they said everything in the begining of the call. I figure anything else would be redundant. Edited out the double speak and normalized the volume

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Ghadban calls for the involvement of private sector economic reform process

BAGHDAD / JD : The President of the advisers Tamer Ghadhban the need to involve the private sector in the process of economic reform that Tenchdha government in the coming period.

said Ghadhban said in an interview / for JD / that the economic reform process must be Itbnahy reformers from the private sector who have great experiences in the diagnosis of the determinants of development in all the productive sectors and service, pointing to the importance of private sector support directions and new visions.

adding that the form of the support that must be submitted to represent inter action stems from the vision and clear the State to give the private sector a package of legislation Tmankh from taking active role in economic development objectives.


Integrity Committee: Six officials furnished homes of balancing the Baghdad summit

BAGHDAD / JD : revealed the Parliamentary Integrity Committee for furnishing more than six houses belonging to government officials of disciplines Baghdad summit, noting that the budget summit has exceeded one million dollars.

said the Commission's decision and the Iraqi List MP Khalid al-Alwani's / JD /: The "amounts allocated to Baghdad summit had spent in the form of payments of up to (450 million dollars), but added it amounts to furnish homes officials and flowers exceeded prices real far.

said Khalidi "The sums are spent from the budget of Baghdad summit to furnish more than six houses belonging officials known in the Iraqi government, in addition to the purchase of more than (400) armored car.


Iraq pays (7.5 cents) to Iran in exchange for each hour processing power

BAGHDAD / JD : Ministry announced electricity paid (7 text cents) from the dollar to Iran in exchange for each hour processing power.

said Ministry spokesman electricity Musab teacher's / JD /: "The four lines supplying Iraq with electricity (line Erbil Khanaqin, line Diyala Krmenjah, line Building, Abadan Basra). "
said the teacher, "The unit price is calculated on the kilowatt per hour, and the price of an hour processing per 7 text cents."

said Ministry spokesman electricity "The amount Altgiz ranging from (1100-1150 ) megawatts. "


Of the Parliamentary Commission of Economy: Investing in Iraq requires effort involving all government ministries
Saturday, August 25 2012 10:19

Baghdad Ambassador: News: According to a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary deputy for mass Lahrarabd Hussein Resan Investing in Iraq needs government effort involving all state ministries.

said Resan in a statement received by the agency Ambassador Uznschh him on Saturday that "the country began creating political incorrect and began generated our authority far from institutions, laws or government, although what we need to invest in is power.


Deputy Kordestani: territory is open to dialogue, which includes radical solution of the differences
2012-08-25 14: 23: 33 Saturday

Irbil (News) : Kurdistan Alliance leadership confirmed Deputy/Kurdistan blocs Coalition/ashwaq dry, that the doors of Kurdistan open to dialogue that carries the radical solution to political differences and also between the territory and the Centre.

Dry said in a statement to the reporter (News Agency news) on Saturday: the clear position of Kurdistan political differences, and that the gate open to dialogue that carries the radical solutions and not with time, prosthetic ceilings stressing the need for the implementation of solutions in ceilings to prevent migrated to other parliamentary session and use electoral propaganda.


Chaos after the Americans leave
Saturday 08/25/2012 10:00 am

with continued political turmoil armed groups will seize the opportunity to step up attacks and destabilize the country. Goal of fueling sectarian tensions and retrieve lost strongholds. In and twenty-first of July the Islamic State of Iraq announced a new campaign of attacks, where insurgents targeted through the process of "breaking down barriers" restore areas where they lost in an attempt to undermine the government. July deadliest month in two years. The attacks coincided with the holy month of Ramadan,

Where the number of deaths in this month 411. When the jihadists began to enter the country before and during the US-led invasion in 2003, established the rules for themselves in the western regions. But before the United States decides to sustain momentum in 2007, to negotiate with tribal leaders to encourage them to fight the rule that these tribes no longer tolerate its excesses. This emerging movement - dubbed after awakening name - managed to deter insurgents and to allow the United States to focus on the fight against violence in and around Baghdad.


Kurdistan surprised Scott Shahristani toward the excesses of Iran oil
Saturday 08/25/2012 09:55 am

Demanded the Second Deputy Speaker Arif Tayfur, Friday, central government need attention oilfields old, especially in the province of Diyala, while he expressed surprise at Scott's Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani against the excesses Iran on oil fields in border areas . The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Burhan Mohammed political blocs resolving their internal differences and form a negotiating committee from each block to dialogue with other blocs, noting that the official meetings will be after the return of the President of the Republic.

Said Mohamed in a statement (of the Agency news): The Kurdistan region form a negotiating team from all parties in the region to negotiate with Baghdad, but until now did not specify the delegation's visit to Baghdad after.

added: all blocs to resolve their internal differences and the formation of committees negotiating with powers and authorized by the main bloc to present a paper to negotiate them with other blocs during official meetings.


Oil sets new regulations for licensing rounds contracts to facilitate the work of companies
Saturday 08/25/2012 09:36 am

Baghdad / follow-term economic : ministry revealed oil and put new controls in decades licensing rounds previous to encourage international oil companies to work in the sector exploratory, at the time confirmed among expert that feet the federal government to cancel oil contracts to international companies in the Kurdistan region hurt the oil sector.

The Federal Ministry of Oil to it seeks to perfect investment for gas to enable Iraq to be a first countries producing and exporting gas.

said spokesman of the Ministry of Oil, Assem Jihad, "Alsumaria News", "the Ministry is currently working on a review of previous decades, won by companies oil licensing rounds prior to the reformulation of the new, in order to give more flexibility and facilities for companies to work in the sector exploratory, "noting that" the licensing round next will be limited to patches exploratory gas. "


Welcome parliamentary sell gold coins at the central bank auction
Saturday 08/25/2012 09:34 am

Baghdad / term follow-up : confirmed a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP Ibrahim Rikabi orientation done by the central bank to sell gold coins and other money in addition to the dollar in the auction came to reduce the demand for dollar and reduce its value against the dinar.

Rikabi, (of the Agency news): a new strategy followed by the central bank to work on reducing the exchange rate U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar through the sale of gold coins and other currencies in addition to the dollar in the auction public, what makes demand to buy the dollar less and therefore will maintain currency stability local versus foreign currency.

The below posts were in our 6pm email

Mountainman & Mike "It's All Good News" - Post By Leo GET Forum

8-24-2012 Mountainman: We've waited so long for the news to turn in our favor and finally it has. We should all be very grateful for this. The new reform package will be presented at the National Meeting and then it's game over. Everything should fall into place fairly quickly once that happens, then we can all celebrate!! IMHO.

8-24-2012 Mike: The tide is turning against Maliki in a very big way and in a very international way - that's HUGE. He took so long to make his decision that it looks like those decisions are going to be made for him very shortly.

Parliament is going to be back in session shortly. Lots of things that need to get done very quickly, they will get them done. The crisis is in their back yard. Talabani will be returning but when he returns things will get done. He is the President, he will enact the things he needs to enact.

It's always been my position that he got out of the picture until these things were worked out. Now that it is being worked out, he will be back to put the finishing touches on this. It is all good news.

CuriousB "There Is Risk/Reward" - Dinar Speculator

XXXXX, I admire you for the hours and hours you have put into this investment.

What people don't understand is that as with any investment, there is risk/reward. I have land that has been for sale longer than I've owned dinars and I've owned dinars since November 2008.

The land also is an investment but the reward when it sells will pale in comparison to the potential of the dinar. An investment to be an investment, sometimes does take years to come to fruition.

When an investment deals with something as important as a country it must successfully navigate its way through everyone involved both inside the country and outside which takes great effort and time.

Goodlife's Reasoning - Post By Leo GET Forum

8-24-2012 Goodlife: Why would Iraq spend multiple millions on deleting 3 zeros just for the sake of having smaller notes when there are many countries with high exchange rate values eg Japan with a huge economy that get along just fine. It just doesn't make any sense to lop without just cause.

Its unnecessary and pointless to just remove the zeros for Iraq at this juncture. They do not suffer from hyper inflation and haven't done for some years. Iraq cannot tell the world its going to RV so you cannot have the proof you are looking for, just clues. This removal of zeros has got to be one of the big clues.

I repeat there is no good and sensible reason to remove these zeros unless there is something else at play which would require this action. There are far more important things to do in Iraq that would take precedence. I would also say that the IMF and World Bank or anyone with a brain would not advocate Iraq removing the zeros for no reason other than making it easier to trade with smaller notes.

It is impossible to win any debate with lopsters on this matter as the absolute proof you are looking for cannot be given by Iraq and they should know that.

NowstheTime Bookend for Checkmates message from PTR

Nowsthetime offers a bookend for Checkmate's message

Like many of you, I logged onto PTR this morning while waiting for the call-in program to begin. And I'm sure like a lot of you, I clicked on the "What's New" box to see what sort of news had come in overnight. There was the usual, but there was also something I had seen before, and realized that I had been missing lately.

That was the incredible, motivational video which Checkmate had posted awhile back - you know, the one about the football player carrying the other guy on his back for the length of the field. He refused to quit. He truly left it all on the field. From time to time, I suspect that all of us can use a reminder of that inner strength which we all have, somewhere deep down inside, and yet which we oftentimes tend to forget.

So, I'll stop for just a moment while each of you checks your pockets, or run back upstairs to see if you might have left it on the dresser somewhere. The main thing is . . . find it. Because we all have it -- that inner strength, that refusal to ever quit, whatever you want to call it. Find it and keep it close at hand. It won't make the journey any shorter, but it will likely be what you need to complete it.

Rockfl9 & Dalite Share Their Perspectives - Post By Dinar Detectives

8-24-2012 Rockfl9: The real cost of dropping the zeros is a wash. The life of a paper bill is less than 2 years. So, they would print a replacement bill anyway. The life of the plates for the most popular bills is also less than 2 years. They would have to be replaced in that period.

The quantity of replacement bills is reduced by 1000 +/-, a savings. The new coins will be an expense but they last 15-20 years and would reduce demand for 1,5,10 dinar paper. Add the extra security features , the languages and maybe the pride of being a totally Iraqi creation not a hold over from the US ocupation. Shabibi has it right. I think Jan.1 2013 is THE date!

8-23-2012 Dalite: (Dinar Vets)In May the money supply only grew by 19.5% over what it had grown in May 2011. In June, the Money Supply only grew by 13.6% over what it had grown in June 2011.

Bluedog Articles & Comments - Post By Janna GET Forum

Article from [Bluedog] that he asked me to share with the chat room: Then following are more articles with links and comments

Obama in his first visit to Baghdad Date: Friday 24/08/2012 02:09 pm

BAGHDAD - A citizen

The possibility Obama's visit to Iraq .. a telephone conversation between Clinton and Zebari to coordinate the visit

A statement from the Iraqi Foreign Ministry issued Thursday: Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari received on Wednesday a phone call from Hillary Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State in search through a number of bilateral issues between the two countries, particularly visits and meetings to come, and the upcoming visit of the delegation of senior U.S. to Baghdad.

Keylime "UNPRECEDENTED Event" - Post By Dinar Detectives

8-24-2012 Keylime (Part 1): #1: The Iraqi dinar was ARTIFICIALLY devalued when Sadam attacked Kuwait, therefore it went from $3.22(and no that wasnt just Sadam's rate) back in the 1980's to less than it even is now...which means it can be REVALUED over 100% at anytime to give it back its former "glory" so to speak.

#2: they have stated that the current zero notes will be good for another 10 years of exchange (so demonetizing the "old" currency is not going to happen like it would in a normal LOP scenerio where they give you 45 days to turn it in or your screwed, which also means this scenerio is not normal on any level).

8-24-2012 Tony (PTR): I got a call and some texts from Iraq. This thing should be happening. They are planning something for Sunday like the schedule said. They are pushing, pushing, pushing. They want this to happen NOW. They are doing it. I am just telling you what I heard.

He said stay close by your phone. This is not coming from the banks; this is coming from Iraq. We heard yesterday that it was scrolling across the television screens. They were showing the coins. They were showing the new lower denominations. I was told it was in an infomercial format explaining to the people how it is going to work. That's what I would do if I was going to make an announcement on Sunday or even next week. You give them time to learn. It may not be Sunday.

It might be before Sunday or go into Sunday because there are a lot of things scheduled for Sunday. So I know it is happening. There has been a change in the Iran situation today. There has been a change in the Syrian situation today where somebody has come into our belief now that wasn't before. Everybody is playing kind of nice so we should see some things happening.

PTR CC for Friday afternoon

It's a ☼NEW DAY☼ Fri Aug 24th 760 569 7699 pin 682612 #

MP3 Freecoference Playback LINK 70 Min

ArizonaHeat in chat at 3S's Friday morning

[ArizonaHeat] things are doing fime as far as the RV is conmcerned, shabs was in meetings with IMF and the BIS in refrence to the lower and higher denoms working side by side, should be implimented soon

[ArizonaHeat] maliki has NOTHING to do with this AT ALL

[wisewarrior] ArizonaHeat woot woot

[ArizonaHeat] problems with borders in the area

[catalina36] ArizonaHeat ty for the info so much would like to hear more

[ArizonaHeat] but being handled

[ArizonaHeat] no other news other than no rate has been isued and those who claim they see a rate at the banks are seeing a rate generated by the bank

[ArizonaHeat] the IMF and BIS have nat released ANYTHING

[dietcokeandice] ArizonaHeat you said Seept and durn it look like it huh

[ArizonaHeat] dietcokeandice yup

Does God Really Have A Wealth Transfer for Us? By DebTarHeelGirl

Many have asked me where we can see in the Bible regarding the wealth of the wicked being laid up for the righteous and also where it says that the wealth is to come to us from wicked nations or places such as Iraq. Now I am NOT saying all of Iraq is wicked, what I am saying that a country where GOD IS NOT recognized as LORD, the Bible considers it a heathen nation.

I want you to remember this - GOD has a mission, one is to DAILY WATCH OVER HIS WORD TO PERFORM IT. What the Lord shows us in Habakkuk 2:3 (NIV) - For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come it will not delay.

I prepared a study one time that God operates in His PERFECT WILL and His PERMISSIBLE WILL. For those of us, when we pray, who choose not to beg and scream as little children do, we will inherit His PERFECT WILL. Our Father God is such a loving God that when we kick and scream with impatientness, He will sometimes allow us to have our answers when WE want it, NOT when He wants it, hence, that becomes His PERMISSIBLE WILL ....

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, August 23, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - August 23, 2012

760-569-7699 Pin 769478#

Recap of the News tonight analysis
(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article listed below - the following is just a recap and Several Highlights)

Recap CBI/Economy
Straight Talkin Mike

CBI is not dealing with Iran as we have seen in the papers - thats Maliki that getting in trouble for that - they have no intention of doing anything but doing regular trade for the electricity that they are allowed to under the sanctions that are there..they don't want to break any of the sanctions -
and that they have the ability now to watch the money which gives them alot of power now to really figure out where things are going and I really think we are going to see a big difference in how the CBI starts to handle themselves..they are slowly but surely gaining the power that they need to manage the economy there

They are educating the people to get them educated in depositing money in the bank using the banking system - big education process so we like to see more of that going on

Cruiser and I4U Members News, Thoughts, and Opinions Fri. AM

[cruiser] Hi and good morning all!! Why Return to Gold Standard Is Seen By Some as 'Ludicrous':

[pappyy] cruiser gm so that this morning - IMHO I thought are they for real, if the rest of the world is moving in that direction the US has to also in order for the dollar to be worth something

[cruiser] This person also has to ask why, other Central Banks throughout the world have purchased records amount of gold this year. So now we will have this debate instead of the Qe3 debate. Got to love media. Now this I like : "In fact, is there enough gold in the world to back the U.S. debt?"

Now that is interesting. My thought is that Countries debt will be forgiven. Now I do understand our Debt is 15T, up from 491B in 1971, but the price of gold has gone up. In fact the U.S treasury value on gold is only $32.00. Wow. Think that rate needs to be realigned or adjusted.

[paradisegirl] cruiser that was my thought - debit forgiven - starting w/ a clean slate

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Deputy of the National Alliance does not want reforms in isolation from political blocs
2012-08-24 15: 24: 20 Friday

Baghdad (News) : Badr organization stressed Deputy Parliamentary//National Alliance, Anbar could perform Alliance, reform paper but wanted their implementation with the participation of all and not in isolation.

In a statement, said Al-araji (News Agency news) on Friday that the reforms are the solution to political differences and it's up to everyone to end the contentious issues, stating: the Egypt National Alliance for reform and can implement the provisions of the paper, but wanted their implementation with the participation of all and not unto them, because it is a national issue and we don't want the marginalization of one hand, and the Government of national partnership, not only for the Alliance.

Worksheet for Babylon Council to promote the plan includes the reality of projects and services in the County

Worksheet for Babylon Council to promote the plan includes the reality of projects and services in the County  2012-08-24 15: 06: 44 Friday

Babylon (newsletter) : Babil Province Council Member said Hasan had submitted working paper Comino to the Council containing a detailed plan for the advancement of real projects and services across the province.

According to Deputy Mayor (News Agency news) on: the worksheet contains details on balmshara they need maintaining municipal, housing and water and sewage systems and mechanisms for routine and administrative obstacles to the implementation of dozens of projects and special projects in the city of Hilla, street tiling that represent the status of Babil province. 

Political analyst: the relationship between Baghdad and Washington "very critical" and recent trying to arrange their leaves with Baghdad

Political analyst: the relationship between Baghdad and Washington "very critical" and recent trying to arrange their leaves with Baghdad Friday, August 24, 2012

Baghdad - and babysit : considered a political analyst and confident Hashemi current stage between Baghdad and Washington stage "very critical", and ascribed this to the issue of oil contracts for American companies that have concluded with the Kurdistan Regional Government and ignored the government in Baghdad, and Iraq's position Syrian issue and other interventions affairs outside.

And looks administration according to signals specialists to strengthen its influence in Iraq through further coordination and cooperation with the Iraqi government after the statements made by U.S. officials about the deterioration of security against the backdrop of bombings in Iraq during the last month, controversy between Baghdad and Erbil on oil exploration in the Kurdistan. 

Susan Saad: Washington's warnings of oil companies came late

Susan Saad: Washington's warnings of oil companies came late Friday, August 24, 2012

Baghdad - and babysit : and described a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary and MP for the Islamic Virtue Party Susan Saad warnings Washington to oil companies in Iraq as "late", and do not serve a 48 companies oil inside Kurdistan and contracts between the KRG and the companies.

Said Saad told news public opinion (and babysit): "I had to Washington directing these companies before signing contracts with the provincial government, especially after the Disclaimer and Washington to compel oil companies to contract with the government of the center and not with the provincial government."  

Obama in his first visit to Baghdad
August 24 2012

BAGHDAD - A citizen : The possibility Obama's visit to Iraq .. a telephone conversation between Clinton and Zebari to coordinate the visit

A statement from the Iraqi Foreign Ministry issued Thursday: Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari received on Wednesday a phone call from Hillary Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State in search through a number of bilateral issues between the two countries, particularly visits and meetings to come, and the upcoming visit of the delegation of senior U.S. to Baghdad.

The statement said also during the call, discuss the status of Syrian refugees and Iraqi and international efforts to provide humanitarian aid and assistance required.

Mass citizen: Talabani will not be able to resolve the political crisis

Mass citizen: Talabani will not be able to resolve the political crisis Friday, August 24 2012 10:11

Twilight News : exclude citizen bloc MP Ali inch, on Friday, to be able to President Jalal Talabani of resolving the political crisis fully after his return to the country, warning of the political blocs of fragmentation in the event of continuing differences.

He said an inch in an interview with "Twilight News" that "Talabani is not his magic wand, and will not be able to resolve the political crisis in full, but at the very least has expressed his willingness to bring in views between the parties."

Inch saw that "the political blocs have realized that people began to reject the move away from the aspirations and needs to have shown a readiness for dialogue, understanding and resolving differences and outstanding issues between them, and other they Sti_zy become a thing of the past" 

Iraq expects to receive the first batch of aircraft "F-16" 2014
24/08/2012 09:21

Arbil (Rn) : Iraqi official estimates suggest that the first batch of aircraft deal "F-16" that Iraq contracted to buy from the United States about two years ago will arrive to the country in 2014.

The recent political controversy was raised on the refusal of the United States to be Airmen Hieion between the Iraqi trainees to lead the aircraft, according to statements made by members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives belonging to the Shiite National Alliance.

But a spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command and the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Colonel Zia agent had denied such reports, as quoted by the newspaper the Middle East.

Huge bombing targets prayers in Sadr city

Huge bombing targets prayers in Sadr city Friday, 24 August 2012 13:19

Baghdad (AIN) : Security source confirmed that "A huge bombing targeted the persons who perform the Friday Prayer in Sadr city of eastern Baghdad on Friday."

The source stated to AIN "The explosion took place near the office of the Martyr, Mohamed Sadiq al-Sadr," noting that "The explosion resulted in killing the Imam of the Prayer, Sheikh Nasir al-Saadi."

The source did not clarify the type of the bombing and the number of the casualties.
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MP: Govt. violates arms purchase procedure

MP: Govt. violates arms purchase procedure 24/08/2012 13:13

ERBIL (AKnews : Any deal for purchasing ammunition and weaponry should be subject to prior approval of the Iraqi Council of Representatives but the government has so far violated this constitutional requirement, said a member of the security and defense committee.

The entire deals for arms purchase which the government has signed with the foreign countries are done without consulting the Council of Representatives, said Kurdish member of the committee Shwan Mohammed. 

Economic parliamentary: sell gold coins and other currencies in the central bank auction method to reduce the price of the dollar against the dinar

Economic parliamentary: sell gold coins and other currencies in the central bank auction method to reduce the price of the dollar against the dinar 24/08/2012 13:52:46 Friday

Baghdad (news) : According to a member of the economic and investment commission MP / National Alliance / Ibrahim al-Rikabi, said the trend that the Central Bank to sell gold coins and other money in addition to the dollar in the auction came to reduce the demand for dollar and reduce its value against the dinar.

Rikabi, (of the Agency news): a new strategy followed by the central bank to work on reducing the exchange rate U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar through the sale of gold coins and other currencies in addition to the dollar in the auction public, what makes demand to buy the dollar less and therefore will maintain currency stability Local exchange for hard currency. 

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